Ep75: The Glorious Service Of Non-Sleazy Selling With Annie P. Ruggles

Aug 30, 2021

Do you find yourself shying away from selling your services? How does selling make you feel? Sleazy, uncomfortable, or uneasy? Like most intuitive and soul-based entrepreneurs, you might find it hard to reach out and sell your services to those you want to serve.

Let’s stop this mindset and start embracing selling as a beautiful part of your business with this episode featuring a fellow intuitive entrepreneur, Annie P. Ruggles! For almost a decade, Annie P. has harnessed her Hulk-like disdain for hard-sales, tacky self-promotion, and overly competitive sleazeballs as inspiration to help people find better ways to grow their small businesses. As the Founder of The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy, she’s guided hundreds of people toward making deeper connections, lasting impressions, and friendlier, more lucrative transactions and conversations. Her podcast, Too Legitimate to Quit, serves up actionable small business strategies with a pop culture spin every Monday.

In this episode, Annie shares how she started her journey as an intuitive and an expert in non-sleazy selling. She will share her thoughts on why most intuitives, empaths and healers see selling as sleazy and how to change this mindset. Annie will talk about the Big M aka Manipulation through an awesome analogy. She will get into the unfortunate truths about sales, why intuitive, empaths and healers are not bad at sales. Annie will share her thoughts on why experiencing imposter syndrome is not a bad thing and how you can sell beautifully to the people you want to serve.

Listen to the episode below and be ready for some mic drops and an assignment that can help you get over the sleazy, icky feeling of selling and embracing it as a glorious service.

Soul Stirring Quotes

“We were shoehorning good people into trying to make them sell like everybody else and that’s just not going to work.”

“Selling is not an exertion of greed.”

“None of the arm twisting is required if you actually look at what selling requires you”

“Selling is manipulative but you have to look at what manipulation actually means.To manipulate is to bring about a feeling or thought. That’s it.”

“In order for you to sell, the prospect who needs to become the client must think and feel certain ways.”

“Selling is coaching. We have to guide others through the steps.”

“Your number one job in a selling situation is to shut your mouth and to listen. Hush and let your intuition filter into the conversation.”

“Be quiet, let your client drive. Relax into it, be present, remember it’s coaching.”

“If done beautifully, selling to your client in and on itself can also be an act of healing.”

“There’s so many moments in the selling process when you can delight and surprise your clients just by not doing what they expect you to do in terms of sales.”

“You are not allergic to sales, you are allergic to being sold to by buttheads. You are not bad at sales, you’re bad at the bad kind of manipulation.”

“Most people who think they are bad at sales are actually amazing at sales because they are completely client focused.”

“We think we have to put on another personality when selling. You should not have to change any part of yourself except for a little bit of courage.”

“I believe that beautiful people can completely redefine selling in the coaching and healing industry.”

“If you are not willing to sell in a beautiful way, you take all of those people that you want and you literally hand them to people that care less than you do.”

“Sales is a glorious serving. Selling puts the icing on the cake of all the work you’ve done.”

“You’ve dedicated to healing and opening not only yourself but the planet. Please do not hide your gift at this crucial, final moment.


Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:27 Who is Annie and what she does to help other fellow empaths and intuitive business owners.

  • 2:26 Annie shares how she started helping empaths and intuitives own their voice in their sales process.

  • 6:19 Annie’s thoughts on why intuitive people feel that sales is sleazy or immoral.

  • 8:16 Annie talks about the Little M and the Big M (aka Manipulation), and the favorite book or movie analogy.

  • 12:47 Annie shares a few of the unfortunate truths about sales.

  • 15:55 Annie shares her thoughts on light leaders, empaths, healers and intuitives who think they are bad at sales.

  • 17:41 What Annie thinks about empaths, healers and intuitive experiencing imposter syndrome when selling.

  • 19:23 What happens if you learn how to ask and do not sell beautifully to the people you want to serve?

  • 21:21 What is sales for Annie?

  • 25:46 Annie shares some words of wisdom about what selling really is.

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