Ep76: Cleaning Out Your Inner Junk Drawer

Sep 8, 2021

As a coach, are these questions familiar – “How can I become a coach if I still have so many things to figure out?” “I still feel powerful, negative emotions, so how can I coach others?” “Am I still qualified as a coach when there are things that still trigger me?”

In this episode, Heather touches on some of the myths surrounding these questions coaches ask a lot and how to address them by cleaning your junk drawer. She will bust the three main myths and how each affects you as a coach. Heather will also share her inner junk analogy and how to “clean” it. She will talk about the red flag of people who are not ready to be coaches or practice coaching. Heather will also talk about her own experiences in healing and doing the inner work.

Be ready for another fun episode as Heather talks about cleaning your own junk drawer, busting myths, sharing her own experience in healing, and so much more!

Soul Stirring Quotes

“You do not have to have every nook and cranny of your life figured out in order for you to be a coach. That’s impossible.”

“If you are breathing air in your lungs and you are vertical, you’ll have lessons to learn.”

“It’s okay to have things to work on, just make sure that what you are teaching on is all figured out at least 90%.” 

“Give yourself grace, there’s no such thing as being perfect.”

“You are a human being. May you forever be honest with yourself about those negative feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.”

“Be aware of your triggers, give yourself permission to work on those things, and bracket those responses when you show up as a professional coach.”

“Respond, not react.”

“You will always have triggers that will stay with you for the rest of your life.”

“Nobody is firing on all cylinders with their cup flowing over in every aspect of their life.”

“Every person on earth has a junk drawer and it’s the same with what you are working on as a coach.”

“When you haven’t had a chance to process anything in your inner world, then that means you have to hire a coach and not become one just yet.”

“The most powerful healers in the world are powerful because they’ve done their inner work. They’ve walked the walk so they can talk the talk and lead in an authentic, inspiring and congruent way.”

“No matter where you are in your journey, whether you are already coaching, thinking of becoming a coach, or you are in your own healing journey, know that all of that is a beautiful thing.”

“You will be shocked at how prepared you really are when you allow yourself to embrace and accept all the experience that you’ve had, and when you see that healing is something that you will always do with yourself.”


Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:27 Heather gives a brief intro for this episode and the “big question” most often asked by many coaches.

  • 2:21 Myth #1: You have to have all your own “stuff” figured out before you claim your authority as an intuitive coach.

  • 3:40 Why you need to figure out the area that you’re coaching in.

  • 6:01 Myth #2: You need to be at one and at peace with everything in your life to be a coach and you do not experience powerful negative emotions or thoughts.

  • 7:25 Heather shares how a coach responds to negative emotions.

  • 9:32 Myth #3: You still get triggered by some things, so you are not fit to be a coach.

  • 13:33 Heather shares her inner junk drawer analogy.

  • 15:11 What is the red flag that will let you know you are not ready to be a coach.

  • 19:50 What you need to realize when it comes to healing yourself.

  • 20:31 Heather shares her personal experience when it comes to healing.

  • 22:16 What is the real goal in doing your inner work?

  • 23:52 Heather’s beautiful wish for you as you clean your own junk drawer.

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