Ep8: The Truth about Anxiety & How to Heal It

Dec 23, 2019

In This Episode

Dr. Russell Kennedy joined Heather Alice Shea today to talk about something 40 million American adults (roughly 18% of the population!) experience: an anxiety disorder.

Dr. Russel is very rare among physicians in that he specializes in the very disorder he suffers from himself. Dr Kennedy has degrees and advanced training in medicine, neuroscience and developmental psychology. He knows more about the understanding, treatment and healing of anxiety from more perspectives than anyone else in the world. It’s not all science though, as he is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher and was a professional stand up comedian for over a decade.  While under a therapeutic dose of LSD he discovered how he could heal himself from anxiety and now he shares those insights with others who struggle with chronic emotional pain.

If you suffer from anxiety, or know someone who does, you’ll definitely want to tune in!

You’ll hear a refreshingly progressive, psycho-spiritual, psychedelic and neuro-scientific look at the issue. Dr. Russel’s extensive professional research and personal experiences with anxiety give him an unparalleled and unique perspective that will forever change the way you look at trauma, the mind-body connection, bio-hacking, anxiety and self healing. 

Episode Timecodes:

  • 9:27  – Anxiety is not a “mind” problem, it’s a mind-body issue

  • 10:00 – The difference between “alarm” and “anxiety” and why it’s important

  • 17:23  – How and why your mind creates “run away” stories that create panic… and what to do about it

  • 20:00 – Stop throwing gasoline packets on your anxiety fire

  • 25:12 – Dr. Russell gives an awesome trick to deal with anxiety in the moment

  • 39:18 – How you can “hack” your stress response through understanding some basic super interesting neuroscience!

  • 32:47 – Why mindfulness is not enough to help alleviate anxiety (what it “misses”)

  • 35:38 – Why anxiety makes us blame, shame, attack ourselves ourselves. The “J.A.B.S” of how we internalize anxiety

  • 43:52 – Compassion as the healing antidote to anxiety – and some tips on how to get started

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