Ep82: Time-Tested Secrets Of Great Marketing With Danielle Cevallos

Oct 14, 2021

Marketing yourself as a coach might seem overwhelming, especially with all the trends you see in social media – the dances, the reels, and all the content that looks like working for other businesses. You might start to doubt your brand and your message, but this doesn’t have to be the case!

In this very special episode, Heather will bring two amazing people together who will give marketing a better and more purposeful meaning. Heather brings in Atmana’s very own marketing and sales expert, Sasha Lipskaia, who will interview Danielle Cevallos, Chief Marketing Officer at Kelly Roach Coaching.

Danielle oversees a marketing team of 12 to implement organic and paid marketing efforts for multiple companies under the KRC umbrella. She leads the innovation team on developing and bringing new products to market, and started and leads the done-for-you organic marketing and PR agency, helping clients increase visibility and build their iconic online brands. Danielle works with 7 and 8-figure clients on their go-to market strategy, positioning, and marketing team management.

In this episode, Sasha and Danielle will talk about their experiences in marketing and building brands for service-based businesses. Danielle will share how she started her career in marketing and why she became so passionate about building brands. She will share her thoughts on personal brands, the core of marketing, becoming viral, and using formulas and templates. Danielle will also share what it means to show up in social media and how to be consistent.

Get your pen and paper ready – this episode is chock full of tips, strategies, and words of wisdom that can help you elevate your brand and take your marketing game to the next level!

Soul Stirring Quotes

“You are crafting a narrative around who you are. You are building a persona around you.”

“When you show up authentically and you intentionally build the brand around your strengths, who you really are, and around your convictions, you will automatically attract your people.”

“While I a hundred percent believe you should learn principles from those who are more successful, who’ve been where you want to be, you have to be a critical thinker about how you apply the principles.”

“Marketing, when whittled down to its core, is two things – deeply knowing your market and being able to communicate how you can help them.”

“There is no formula, and if anyone tells you, there’s a formula, that’s a marketing tactic. The formula is understanding the concepts.”

“Your content is your storefront. It’s literally all you have to get people to understand what you do and who you are.”

“You don’t have to show up everywhere. You can be consistent and show up in one place with great value.”

“You have to build discipline. Understand that it is part of what you are doing to create the discipline to show up.”

“Remember that you are asking people to make significant investments in you with their money, time, and hope to accomplish a goal.”

“When you feel like it’s hard, it might just mean you’re still building muscle. The more you build, the more flow you feel.”

“I believe that my people deserve better. I am going to commit to not only speaking about it, but I’m going to commit to creating something that will actually help them.”

“When you’re talking about things you have a conviction about, a belief and that’s real and you did it in a way that’s normal to you, you come across authentically.”

“I think that what you need to do when you’re considering coaching is really look at where your blind spots or where your limits are.”

“You need to have some vision, you need to elevate what you think is possible, because I don’t believe we’ll ever outwork what we believe is possible.”

“Build intentionally. Learn to soak up all the goodness, all the wisdom and all the strategy, and learn to apply it your way.”


Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:26 Heather gives a brief intro about the episode and her awesome surprise for this episode!

  • 03:20 Sasha gives an intro about herself and Danielle. Danielle also talks about who she is, what she does and how she started her career in Marketing.

  • 07:01 Sasha and Danielle share their thoughts on why we are all personal brands.

  • 9:30 Danielle speaks to why branding is the most important thing you can do to your business.

  • 12:20 What is one of the biggest mistakes that budding entrepreneurs make in branding and marketing?

  • 15:44 Danielle talks about the core of marketing and her thoughts on using formulas, steps and templates to stand out.

  • 21:08 Danielle and Sasha share their thoughts on having more followers on social media and becoming “viral”.

  • 22:02 How do you stay consistent in showing up?

  • 30:26 Sasha and Danielle talk about launches, Mozart, muscle memory, building flow, confidence and mastery.

  • 34:12 Danielle talks about Kelly Roach’s upcoming book and how it talks about marketing and making better service through commitment.

  • 37:01 What does Danielle stand for and what does she aim to do in her life and her business?

  • 39:40 Danielle shares why you need to tap into your own conviction and be authentically you.

  • 42:17 Danielle and Sasha share what they think about marketing and content “templates” and why they don’t work.

  • 44:40 Danielle talks about why new entrepreneurs need coaches and support.

  • 48:11 Danielle and Sasha share some of the best parting words of wisdom.

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