Ep84: Accidentally Becoming an Intuitive Coach with Doug Beitz

Nov 3, 2021

Have you ever cried out to the universe, ask for what step you need to take next, and get an answer instantly? Crazy, right? How do you handle it? What steps are you willing to take to answer the universe’s call?

This is what our special guest experienced and he gets to share it here in this episode! In today’s episode, Heather brings in Doug Beitz, one of Atmana’s amazing intuitive coaches. Doug’s life mission is to help you become the Hero you’ve been looking for and to inspire you to live your life with less fear, and more courage. He shares his lived experiences on his podcast “Conversations with Doug”.

Doug shares his experience from the moment he asked the universe for a sign of what path he needs to take next. He will share how he discovered Atmana and what attracted him to the Atmana Intuitive Coach program. He will also share the amazing time he discovered the beauty of coaching.

Make sure you listen to the whole episode and look out for truth bombs and words of wisdom from Doug and Heather!

Soul Stirring Quotes


“The universe just answered me so quickly and I just knew coaching was a hundred percent for me to do.”

“I had a go at coaching and absolutely love that I was enthralled.”

“It was the courage it took me to sit down and try and explain what I was going to be up to next.”

“If you have cried out to the universe, you better take some action or you’re in for shit.”

“Life is sped up so much right now. We used to do that sort of stuff years ago and it would take a year or two. Now it takes minutes.”

“​​There’s a time coming where we are going to be needed here to help humanity, and I know that this is my time.”

“I’m part of the mop-up team of what’s going on here now.“


Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:26 Heather introduces Doug and his amazing story of discovering his calling to be an intuitive coach.

  • 2:22 Doug shares what inspired him to become a coach and how he found Atmana.

  • 7:04 Doug talks about not having goals, what helped him say yes to the leap, and the obstacles he had to get over to become a coach.

  • 10:35 Doug shares his experience being in the Atmana Intuitive Coach Program and how he fell in love with being a coach.

  • 15:13 Doug gives his thoughts for a person who is still on the fence about becoming a coach.

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