Ep86: The Belief in Blocks Is What’s Keeping You Blocked

Dec 1, 2021

Have you ever felt like life keeps throwing blocks on your path or plan? How do blocks work? And what are the mindset shifts you can use when you feel blocked?

In this episode, Heather shares her thoughts and the truth about blocks and feeling blocked. She will give her amazing road trip analogy to explain how blocks work. Heather will share mindset shifts that will allow you to embrace blocks and ascend into what the universe is calling you to do. She will give her thoughts on giving yourself permission to unlearn habits, find new paths, and embrace new ways to do things in your practice and in your life.

Listen to the whole episode and be inspired by Heather’s personal experiences on blocks, running a 7-figure business, and being excited about taking the detours of life!

Soul Stirring Quotes


“You’re not blocked, you’re just attached. There’s nothing actually stopping you from moving forward!”

“You’re not blocked, you’re being asked to do something differently.”

“Blocks are requests from the universe for you to open up to a new way, a new road, a new avenue of getting there. That’s all it is.”

“You’re not blocked. You just have an old habit you need to break.”

“Give yourself permission to understand that you don’t have to have all the answers, you’re going to be thrown detours, and you should be stoked when they happen.”

“I trust myself and I know that I’m here to learn and the detour is how I learn. The detour is the gas. The detour is the point.”

“The fastest path to alignment with your higher self is to constantly bump up against the unknown.

“Embrace your blocks. That is when and that is how you are allowed by the universe to ascend into the new way of being.”

“I think that the fascination and the obsession with limitation are almost like an excuse for not moving forward at this point for a lot of people.”


Episode Timecodes:

  • 00:25 Heather shares her thoughts on blocks and what inspired her to share this episode.

  • 03:16 Heather shares the analogy of a road trip to explain what blocks really work.

  • 07:00 Why being attached to a path or a plan is what makes you feel blocked.

  • 07:41 Mindset shift: You are not blocked. You are just being asked to do something else.

  • 10:40 Heather shares an activity that will help you recognize what you think are blocks.

  • 11:41 Mindset shift: You are not blocked, you just need to unlearn old habits.

  • 13:41 Heather shares her personal experience in unlearning old habits.

  • 18:12 Heather shares her thoughts on giving yourself permission that you need to learn from detours in life.

  • 20:47 Mindset shift: You are not blocked. You are finding new ways and opportunities on the path to alignment with your higher self.

  • 23:16 Seeing blocks from your 5D self and why blocks are non-existent.

  • 25:46 Heather shares what running a business taught her about limiting beliefs, ego, and giving herself permission to learn.


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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather Alice Shea intuitive life coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Atmana coaching academy. Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone claim your self confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it.

Hello, everybody. What’s up. Intuitives how are you? It is our last week of November. For all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving. If you’re in the states, I hope you guys had a great time with your family. I sound so shy, but I’m like, I cannot believe that we are rounding out the last week in November. Almost into December, if you celebrate Hanukkah, happy Hanukkah.

I know we have a few people in the group who do celebrate that tradition. So I wanna say happy Hanukkah to you. So let’s jump into it. So today I wanna chat a little bit about blocks the show today will be all about our belief in blocks. And I wanna offer you a way to think about. Blocks that is pretty revolutionary because when we begin to understand and really view this whole concept of being blocked from your higher self’s perspective, you begin to realize that what creates our blocks is our belief in blocks.

Now I know that sounds really heady and kind of meta and super philosophical. But I promise you by the end of this, it’s gonna make a little bit more sense. And then I’m gonna offer you a couple of mindset shifts here at the end. That’s really gonna help you get a new mindset and a new heart around the notion of, of being quote blocked from whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish in your life.

This covers all areas of our lives. Whether it’s in your coaching practice, whether it’s in your personal life, whatever it is you are trying to accomplish or manifest or feel in your life, it might be something you want to do. It might be a way of being that you would like to embrace, whatever it is. My intention here is to help you once.

And for all, never again, think that you’re blocked from anything, because guess what? You aren’t. That’s a pretty controversial thing to say, right? Because in the personal growth and development space for the love of Pete man, like we’re coaches, this is what we do. We help people overcome limitation. We help people, you know, get in direct relationship with what is limiting them with what is holding them back with what is keeping them stuck?

How the hell can I sit here and say that there’s no such thing as blocks, but I’m telling you there, isn’t the idea that you’re blocked from anything is a myth. It’s a myth. Okay. So that’s what we’re gonna pick apart right now. You ready? So I wanna use the analogy of a road trip to sort of bring this into focus.

So I live in Jacksonville beach, Florida. And one of my goals is to take my husband, Brandon on a road trip through Kentucky. He’s desperate to do a bourbon tour. He really he’s a bourbon connoisseur. He’s your quintessential Southern man that man loves football bourbon. And barbecue. Okay. and so one of his like fun, you know, kind of bucket list goals is for us to take a road trip through Tennessee and Kentucky and go to all of their bourbon distilleries.

Right. So let’s assume let’s use this as kind of our road trip analogy. Right. So I sit down. I grab Google maps and I map out we’re gonna load up the car and we’re gonna drive north on 95, interstate 95 to head up to Northern Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky. We’re gonna hit all the stops. Right. We’ve got 10 DEC distilleries.

We’re gonna go to right. And I, yeah, I know where I’m gonna go. I know where I want to go. I have a general idea, right? I can literally map this out, down to every single road. And I have my plan and there I go. I’m gonna get in my car. I’m gonna drive and there’s not gonna be anything in the way. Right. I’m not gonna have any obstacles.

As I set out in my journey, I can’t see where there’s gonna be a car accident or a road closure or a bad storm or whatever that’s going to take place. When I actually begin that journey now, can I, I can plan. I can have a vision. I can say, okay, this is what I need to do. And I can see that and hold that in my mind.

But when I start that journey to go on that road trip, you and I both know what’s gonna happen. What’s gonna happen. Is the actual journey there. The actual road, there is going to be filled with events, people, places, things. That do not map on to my original plan of what I’m gonna do, right? From Heather’s perspective, my little 3d Heather’s perspective.

Now we need a roadmap. We need a plan in order to get ourselves moving. It’s not wrong for us to do that. But what we have to do is realize that in application, in our application of what we’re trying to manifest of what we are wanting to experience. That’s when it becomes this co-creative thing. And we, in the now moment, we begin to interact with the world and everybody else’s co-creations and everybody else’s desires, you know, and pandemonium ensues or beautiful synchronicities, right?

Depending on how you look at the event, it could be something desired or not desired. And so what we do is we experience these things that are just. The life itself merging to meet us in the space based on our attachments and our preferences and how we think things should be. We can experience these very neutral events as impediments to advancing our own Ascension or our own plants.

And so, so much of what we’re calling a block so much of what we think is a quote unquote problem for us. Is really just our own rigidity and being too attached to the three dimensional plan, you know, the best we could do, you know, sitting here just of our own accord to make a plan to move forward. We get attached to that plan.

So if you feel blocked, here’s a nugget for you. If you feel blocked in an area of your life right now, I want you to ask. Where am I being too attached to what I want or what I think is the quote unquote right way, best way, good way. The only way that it has to happen, you’re not blocked. What you are is perhaps attached to something happening the way you think it should happen.

It’s okay. That you think it should happen a certain way. You’re allowed to have a say, so we need that, but the minute that it stops working, what should we do? We should Chuck it, we should let it go. Not be attached. So there’s one mindset shift for you blocks are really just attachments to things that don’t work.

That’s it. You’re not blocked. You’re just attached. There’s nothing actually stopping you from moving forward. So let’s take it back to our road trip analogy. I’m on 95 and I’m going up and let’s say that the interstate is blocked. I can’t go up that way. Ah, I’m blocked. I can’t go the way I thought I was gonna go.

Well, guess what? Silly. All you have to do is exit on the interstate, take a back road and you can still get there. I’m not blocked. I can still go on my tour. I’m just not going the way I thought I was gonna go. Are you following me? Do you see this mindset shift? It’s very nuanced, but it’s also incredibly important.

Because what it is doing is, is helping us see that we create our own problems. Stay with me. Now, I know this is challenging. This is how your hire self sees it. It’s ridiculous to think you’re blocked. You’re not blocked. You’re being asked to do something differently. That’s all. You’re being asked to think, feel, say, and do in the world differently than what you planned , which is so hard, cuz everything is so chaotic anyway.

Right? It’s hard to navigate an infinitely complicated world, right? Every single moment, something new popping up in our, our moment, our experience right out of the woo right. Life is always throwing new things at us and it’s only human to want to have a plan and have it work out the way we want. But what if it’s better that the road is blocked?

What if that’s how the magic gets in. What if in taking that detour, you meet somebody you never, otherwise would’ve met. You had an experience you otherwise never. Would’ve had, you had an opportunity to pull your car off the road and see a Vista that you never would’ve seen, even if it’s just sunlight coming through a aspect of the forest, you never would’ve had a chance to know.

Was there, even if it’s just something that simple. Who are we to say that that detour is a detour. It’s not a detour, it’s your destiny. If we begin to see life that way. So we have to be open to allowing things to be different than what we think and not see it as a mistake or something wrong. It requires so much trust, but no matter what.

Do not tell yourself, do not begin to believe that that’s a block. It’s not a block. It’s a request from the universe for you to open up to a new way, a new road, a new avenue of getting there. That’s all it is. We make it a block by thinking there’s something wrong with this different path. The second way, the way that we create blocks for ourselves.

When they aren’t really there is that we’re really attached to ways of being and ways of doing. Now this one’s a toughie. Okay. Because again, it’s only natural that we as human beings feel this way. So, so much of blocks of what we consider to be a block is really just a habit that we have that no longer serves us anymore.

A. I want you to sit down and write a list of every quote, unquote block that you feel you have right now. I want you to sit down and write down every way you think that you’re stuck. You might have 10 things on that list. You might have 50. I have two, some people are gonna have a lot. Some people aren’t gonna have a lot.

Right. I feel like I could write a page full of things. in the ways that I feel like I’m stuck in certain areas of my life right now. Old habits. I’ve tried to break that. Dammit. I just can’t seem to get over them things I’ve struggled with for years. Right. So sit down and write that out, sit down and write down all of those ways that you think that you’re blocked.

And here is the mindset shift. This one’s gonna blow your mind. Okay. Here’s the second one. You’re not blocked. There’s nothing standing in your way from changing those things. There’s not one thing in your way. I don’t care how many times you’ve failed at it. I don’t care how many times you’ve tried and feel like you’ve lost.

You are not blocked. That road is perfectly clear for you. What you have are habits that aren’t helpful anymore. It’s not a block, it’s a habit. That’s not helpful. That’s a completely different way of viewing this. When you approach life and when you approach the things that you’re trying to change with this belief that you are quote, unquote blocked, it is like you’re trying to drive to Kentucky to go on your tour and you just put a mountain down right there in the middle of the road.

Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why are we putting a Boulder right there? Why are we creating this issue? It’s not an issue. We just have habits and believe me, you have that habit. You have that habit for a reason, by the way. And I would even go so far as to say, it’s not a bad habit. It’s an old habit.

It’s not a bad habit. It’s an old habit that do you see the subtle difference here? The nuance, it’s very important how we talk to ourselves and how we allow ourselves to feel about things. You are not blocked. What you have are old ways of being that don’t work for your new set of goals for your new destiny, for your new way of being you’ve outgrown this old way of being.

So it’s not, you’re not blocked. You just have an old habit you need to break. And that habit isn’t even a bad habit. That habit kept you alive. That habit helped you thrive at one point in your life. You should be grateful for that habit. You should be so grateful. I’ll give you an example. I broke the sesamoid bone in my foot.

Last Christmas. It’s been about a year ago. I broke it. I have problems with my feet. My father’s a diabetic, you know, there’s a lot of ancestral stuff there. Right. And I broke the little sesamoid bone in my foot and I couldn’t run anymore. I love running. I’m an avid runner and I was not able to even hardly even walk on this.

Okay. I had to go to an orthopedic surgeon. I healed it, you know, over a six month period of time, it was really challenging. I refused surgery. I refused all of the Western medical ways that, you know, were telling me all you need to just have I said, no, I’m gonna do it. And I did heal it on my own, but one of the results of this experience was that I didn’t get up in the morning and go to the gym anymore.

And that became a habit. So guess what? Sitting here today, a year later, I don’t go to the gym in the morning anymore. And it bothers the crap outta me, cuz I’m like, why am I not going to the gym in the morning? Like I used to, but here’s my point. I needed to not go to the gym in the morning. I needed to let my foot heal.

That was a new habit. A new way of being Heather was going to the gym in the morning at 6:00 AM. But guess what? And everybody, by all rights would say that that’s a good thing, but not when you have a broken foot. No, I needed to let that old way of being go. And I started sleeping in, right. So I used to get up at like five 30.

Now I get up at like seven in the morning. It’s crazy. It feels like I’m sleeping in. It feels so indulgent, but you know what? That is what I needed at the time I needed to sleep until seven. Okay. So my foot is healed now. So guess what? I need to get back in the gym at five 30. And it’s really hard, cuz I really like sleeping till seven.

It’s really nice. My body’s not used to getting up at five 30. I got out of that habit, but I don’t have a bad habit of sleeping until seven. It’s not bad that I sleep till seven. It’s what I needed at the time. And now, now that my foot’s healed and now it’s not what I need. Could you imagine if I sat here and had tripped myself and said, oh my gosh, I’m blocked from going to the gym at five 30.

Why can’t I seem to get out of bed? Why is this so hard? Oh my gosh. I think I need to go sit and, you know, meditate for 10 hours and journal for two years about the fact that I do. You see how we create our own problems? Do you see how we create our own blocks? It’s so easy to think that way too, by the way, I’ve caught myself doing it a thousand times.

Like, oh my God, Heather, why can’t you get up and go to the gym at five 30? What is wrong with you? Why aren’t you? Well, because I needed a year off, my body needed that. So it’s not that you have bad habits and it’s not that you’re blocked. It’s that you have old ways of being that no longer fit for the circumstances you are in.

So here is your second mindset shift. How do we undo this? Okay. How do we think about this whole getting rid of old habits and acquiring new ones? Here it is right here. Okay. You ready? For the nutshell, you do not have a block. You have a new skill that you are learning. You are learning new skills. New skills.

It takes time to learn things. The entire point of being alive as a human being is to learn things pretty cool. Huh. See how much grace and compassion comes with that. When you can look at yourself and say, it’s okay. Yeah, it’s hard. It is hard to learn new things. Human beings currently learn through repetition.

Right? I would love to be able to, you know, sit the book on top of our head and let it absorb in by osmosis. But now what we do is we learn through repetition. We learn through trial and error. We learn from doing things over and over again. And so we should give ourselves permission to do that. Give yourself permission to learn.

You’re not blocked. You’re just learning something new and it’s messy and it’s scary. And it’s hard sometimes because we wanna get it right. And we’re attached to getting it right. We have desires. We have things we wanna see born in the world, but you’re not blocked. You’re just trying something new. So, so much of what we think is that we think is a problem.

Is really just remedied by giving ourselves permission to understand that we don’t have to have all the answers that we’re gonna be thrown detours, and we should be stoked when they happen. And that we really are here to go through the process of learning these new ways of being and that what we’re doing in the personal growth community, in the coaching industry, especially I think is what we’ve gotten into the.

I do think this is a old habit that we can break is we’re pathologizing the human experience. We’re pathologizing living. We’re pathologizing things, not working out the way we want them to we’re pathologizing, just not having all the damn answers. We’re pathologizing. oh, Heather, you know, you won’t get outta bed.

You won’t get this done. We’re making it a problem. We’re saying that there’s something wrong with us. Oh, you must be blocked. That must be some type of major issue. No, our attitude about it is what’s causing the very thing. That’s holding us back because it all goes away. The minute that you say to yourself, I am excited for this adventure, the adventure that I am about to embark on, I have a.

I know what I’m doing, I’m showing up. And I also know it’s gonna go straight to hell the minute that the tires hit the road. And I’m stoked for that too, because I trust myself and I know that I’m here to learn and the detour is how I learn. The detour is the gas. The detour is the point. That’s the point.

Very few things in life are gonna go off just the way you envision and what I would say if you’re living a life where things are going off. Exactly how you envision, you might darling, darling intuitive are running around in circles, inside your comfort zone, where everything is known, which is why everything is working out the way you want it to.

Right. Because you know everything already. So you’re just spinning your damn wheels. How about that? How about if you aren’t experiencing what we have been taught to call a block that is spinning your wheels? Because all a block is, is the universe giving you a really big surprise about how to do something different and a chance to learn something new.

So embrace your blocks. Anytime you feel stuck. I want you to sing a praise of hallelujah. Because that is when, and that is how you have an opportunity to ascend into the new way of being that the universe is calling you into. Okay. The fastest, fastest path to alignment with your higher self is to constantly bump up against the unknown.

Okay. See it as a great thing when it happens and give yourself an opportunity to give it a shot, fall down, dust your knees off. Stand back up, try again, fall down, dust your knees off. Stand back up. Learn a little, try again. Try again. Take another step forward. Fall down. Laugh your ass off this time as you fall, because you finally understand you can’t be held down.

Dust your knees off. Get back up, learn a little bit, try again, grab hands with people on this path. Move forward, fall down. Now you’re all laughing in a fit of hysterical, levity and fun and joy because you realize this whole thing is a game. It’s all a game. Get back up. Learn a little bit, go again. That’s life.

It’s the greatest gift in the world. It really is a present. If we’ll see it that way, it really is. It’s such a gift to be able to be alive, so, okay. So you’re not blocked. You just have some things you’re learning. You just have detours, which always were, it always was from Spirit’s perspective, the path you were supposed to take by the way.

When you begin to align and understand that your life is led by God spirit, you will come to know that the roadmap you put out was the one, not, I guess we could say the wrong one, quote, unquote, if we have to pick between right and wrong, it’s about trusting what happens, not what you thought should happen.

My way is not the higher way. My way is not the higher way. The roadmap that I set out for myself is the lesser way. I know that the moment I begin the journey and I trust that whatever is about to happen is God’s will not my will God’s will, if it appears in my life it’s God’s will. My job is to get into alignment with it and see it in its perfection.

Okay. That’s our job. As people who want to walk in faith and walk in the light. Blocks, literally do not exist. They are like ask yourself this question from the higher self perspective, fived perspective, you know, however, if you wanna look at it from an interdimensional perspective, from the fived perspective, are there blocks in fived?

That’s silly. It’s a silly concept, right? We’re not blocked only human beings think that only humans do. When we feel blocked, what we need to do is go, oh, I’m not getting my way right now or what I thought didn’t work out right now. Or I’m not as proficient as I thought I would be at something right now, or I’m being impatient about not giving myself time to learn a new way of being right now.

That’s what we need to be saying. Not I’m blocked. Yeah. You’re not blocked blocks. Don’t exist. They literally do not exist. They are literally non-existent. They are literally made up in our own mind. We create them. They don’t exist the minute we say they don’t exist, they stopped existing. Right? Like a block.

Is this realist, like there’s a purple OPA Lupa sitting next to me on my desk. Is there no there isn’t right. I could pretend there is, I can make one up, but it really isn’t sitting here on my, I can act like there. It’s something we’re making up, right? And then the whole self personal, the spiritual community and the personal development community reinforced this bullshit belief that you’re blocked.

You’re not blocked. All of this crap is garbage. Everything you hear, oh, this and that, that a thousand hackings at the leaves are one strike at the root. You can continue to play with all of that shit and sit here and do meditation after meditation. Or you can just cut through to the bottom line and realize.

We’re not allowing ourselves to learn and we’re not allowing ourselves to be in float. It’s that simple. It really is. Right. I think that the fascination and the obsession with limiting, like the limitation, it’s almost like an excuse for not moving forward at this point for a lot of people, like it’s way easier to pretend like you’re blocked than it is to actually just start getting in the flip and reps and doing the work of learning something new.

Or checking your own ego enough to be like, girl, come on now, universe is asking you to do it a different way. I know you’re scared. I know you had a plan, but you gotta let it go. Does that make sense? So, you know, this is a circle of trust here. I’m giving you guys in this training, right. But that’s the truth of it.

It’s a very unpopular thing to say, but it is true. And it, you know, it requires a lot of ego strength to hear this, right? Like you have to have a pretty strong sense of self to call yourself out like, oh, wow. You know, kind of like it’s way easier for me to think I’m blocked than it is for me to realize.

I’m just not giving myself a chance to learn something new. So man has really taught me this a lot. Like what do I know about running a seven figure company? I don’t know shit about it. I don’t know anything about, I have literally no, nothing. Do you know how terrifying that is for me to admit. Terrifying.

It’s much easier to be like, well, I’m blocked. I’m this? It’s my limiting belief. No, actually you just don’t know what you’re doing and that’s okay. It’s okay. That I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve never done it before, but guess what? I can learn cant. I, I can learn learning is the superpower here? Learning is the answer.

right. So, so much of like the things we’re afraid of. It’s just like, well, duh, you just have to give yourself a chance. You know? So I like that attitude, cuz I think it’s way more. It’s kind of how children see the world, right? Kids don’t get upset when they’re not good at something instantly. They just play.

They’re just like, ah, let me, they make a game out of it. They don’t take it so seriously. So we lose that in our adulthood. So much of that alignment with higher self is really about reclaiming that attitude. Right? Realize this every moment of your life you’re led and you’re just learning new things along the.

I love you guys together. We rice that is a wrap for today’s show. Thank you from the bottom of my feels for showing up today in your power and in your willingness to let your intuitive self lead. And if you are still working your way to your first 50 to 100 K in your coaching practice, I have two incredible free resources to help you fast pass.

This process, the first is to join our free and fun Facebook group, the Atmana intuitive coach collective, where myself and our om instructors do free trainings every week to help you turn your obstacles into opportunities with each and every step you take so that you can begin to achieve success on your own terms, and finally make the money that you know, you deserve.

So, if you’re interested in joining our group, just pop onto Facebook and you can search barman, atmana intuitive coach collective, and we will pop up or you can check our show notes for a link. And the second resource is a V I P ticket to our next upcoming five day workshop experience. Live your purpose, launch your practice, where you are going to.

Four keys to claiming your intuitive confidence calling in clients with authenticity and integrity. And then you’re gonna create your very first or one of many signature programs that help you sell your services with ease and grace. That also helps you go high ticket. So head on over to Heatheraliceshea.com/intuitive coach launch to get your V I P ticket, or you can check the show notes where you can get your hot little hands on a link to both the Facebook group and the five day workshop until next time I see you.

I love you together. We rise.