Ep95: Daring to Dabble with Nichole & Elise

Feb 28, 2022

How can you stop being stagnant and start growing in your life? How does dabbling help you become a better and more connected version of yourself?

Dabble, according to this episode’s amazing guests, is a way to discover something new and more exciting about yourself. Heather brings in two powerful intuitive coaches who are not afraid to dabble, Nicole Hope Sylvester and Elise Suronen. Nicole and Elise are the hosts of the Daring to Dabble podcast, and they guide and inspire individuals to break through the boredom box they are living in, so they can create a joyful and fulfilling life of experiences, allowing them to align and grow throughout all of life’s different phases. Nicole and Elise met while getting their Intuitive Life Coach Certification Atmana Academy, and instantly hit it off.  

Nicole Hope and Elise bonded over their love for the outdoors, dabbling in new things, and their desire to help others.   

Nicole is a nature lover, mother, and intuitive, mindfulness guide, who dabbles in chalk art, adventure, and working to support others through group fitness, volunteering, and friendship.  

Elise spent a decade of her career protecting natural resources as an ecologist and conservation program manager, and now is an entrepreneur who is dedicated to promoting the regenerative movement and helping people align their inner and outer self-expression.

In this one-of-a-kind episode, Nicole and Elise share how they started their friendship and dabbling together. They will share their thoughts on the benefits of dabbling and having the willingness to try new things and get into different adventures. Nicole and Elise will talk about how to navigate through the resistance and fear of trying something new. They will share how nature helps you reconnect with who you are and be more mindful. Nicole and Elise will also share how intuition helps in the process of dabbling.

If you are ready to dive into discovering something new, become one with nature and yourself, and hone your intuition, then this podcast episode is for you!

Soul Stirring Quotes:

“I still have to keep trying new things because every time I did it, I felt better about myself, more confident, and it drove me to try more.”

“I found myself is through dabbling. It’s how I’ve generated more authentic me.”

“We want to share our stories and encourage people to get out there and try new things.”

“In different phases of your life, different things are going to fill your cup, so it’s worth choosing to try something new.”

“You have to keep up-leveling to some degree, your connection with you so you keep that drive and stay excited.”

“Every year you’re gaining more information and life experience.”

“All of this is about building momentum, you have to just be brave enough.”

“When you go out next to trees and next to grass or whatever components are out there, you just feel better and it sets a calm motion.”

“When you’re out in nature and you take a moment to really be present and take that information in with all of your senses, it actually is helping you fractal patterns.”

“I really want to encourage people to start getting to the heart of what’s their driving force, what’s holding back, and what’s not allowing you to connect with your deeper self.”

“This is a really big change but it was easier because I was so in tuned with my intuition.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:26 Heather introduces two amazing and creative intuitive coaches, Nicole and Elise.

  • 03:06 How did Elise and Nicole start with dabbling and what are the benefits of it?

  • 09:52 Elise shares how their different life stories make their bond unique and the importance of having the willingness to try new things.

  • 14:16 Why you need to keep up-leveling your connection with yourself.

  • 17:17 Nicole and Elise share their thoughts on how to navigate the resistance and fear that comes out of trying something new.

  • 21:12 How can nature help you get reconnected with who you are?

  • 25:46 Nicole and Elise share some ways for you to find your way back to your oneness with nature and become more mindful.

  • 30:59 How did intuition aid the process of discovering something new for Nicole and Elise?

Links Mentioned:

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Daring to Dabble Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/daring-to-dabble/id1600990994

Daring to Dabble Instagram: @daring2dabble

Nicole’s Website: https://nicolehopebhn.wixsite.com/mysite

Nicole’s Instagram: @n.hopeguidance

Elise’s Website: https://mycoachelise.com/

Elise’s Instagram: @elise.suronen


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