Ep97: From Corporate Career To Intuitive Coach With Nichol Stark

Mar 16, 2022

Are you in a corporate job that no longer fulfills you and does not align with what you know is your purpose in life? How do you shift from your corporate career into coaching?

  • In this episode, Heather brings in an inspiring guest who shifted from her corporate career to intuitive life coaching, Nichol Stark. Nichol started coaching in 2018 when a corporate career of 23 years was no longer making her happy and was literally sucking the life out of her. With over 15 years of coaching and mentoring, her experience tells her that there’s a disconnect between passion, life, emotions, spirituality, and authentic self. She coaches and empowers women in life, business, and positions of leadership to intuitively connect all aspects of their life so they can attract the life and business that they not only desire but deserve.

    Nichol shares her journey from leaving her high-paying corporate job and shifting to intuitive coaching. She shares her thoughts on empathy, how she is using it now and creating a greater impact through coaching. She shares her experiences so far in her coaching and what she loves most about it. Nichol also shares her words of wisdom and advice to anyone who is thinking of shifting to coaching but is still on the fence.

    Get to know more about Nichol and how you can also shift from your corporate career and answer your calling as an intuitive coach by listening to the episode above!

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:26 Heather introduces her inspiring guest, Nichol Stark.

  • 01:19 Nichol talks about her corporate background and why she shifted to coaching.

  • 05:50 What Nichol experienced and discovered when she shifted to coaching.

  • 09:54 Nichol shares her thoughts on empathy and creating a greater impact through coaching.

  • 13:17 What does Nichol love most about being intuitive?

  • 19:49 Nichol talks about her word for the year last year and how it reflected in her coaching journey.

  • 20:57 Nichol’s advice for someone who is on the fence of becoming an intuitive coach.

  • 25:31 Nichol talks about the impact of coaching not only on her clients but also on her family.

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