Ep99: Positioning Your Brand For Purpose & Profit

Mar 30, 2022

Are your marketing services attracting clients that you are not excited to work with? Are your offers to the market not making the sales where you want them to be?

If this is you, settle in for this episode of The Everyday Intuitive as Heather discourses with Bobby Chandiramani, a visionary, entrepreneur, and coach, about positioning and messaging, positioning mistakes and repositioning indications of your service-based business.

The son of accomplished entrepreneurs, Bobby Chandiramani spent his formative years helping out in his parents’ jewelry store showroom, developing an innate ability to recognize a hot product, engage customers, and close sales earlier than most kids read or write. 

Today, as a sought-after coach and creator of the Position for Profit system, Chandiramani employs his expertise to help service-based entrepreneurs scale their own businesses and fast-track success – upward of $50 million in sales of their own thus far – via coaching program designed to walk clients through five critical steps to building or advancing their service-based businesses:

  • What is positioning?
  • Why is positioning important?
  • What are the benefits of great positioning?
  • What are some common positioning mistakes?
  • What are some indications it’s time to reposition?

Enjoy episode 99, beautiful souls!

Episode Timecodes:

  • 01:21 The slap bracelet story
  • 06:05 What positioning really is
  • 07:39 What it means to be hyper-relevant
  • 09:30 Your “why” in the world
  • 12:43 The difference between positioning and messaging
  • 14:06 Frictionless selling
  • 19:20 The symptoms and the time to reposition
  • 26:22 Positioning mistakes

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Episode Transcript:


Heather Alice: Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather, Alice Shea intuitive life coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Atmana coaching academy. Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone claim your self confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it.

Bobby. Thanks so much for coming on the show. I have a feeling that you are going to do on this episode, what you do every time I talk to you, which is drop some major knowledge and channel in some high truth about all things, positioning and messaging. So thanks so much for coming on and sharing your wisdom today.

Bobby: Thanks for having me. It’s always fun to, to get, to hang out with some good friends that are super smart, too. Happy to be here.

Heather Alice: Awesome. Yeah. Okay. So today we are gonna talk about positioning and why it is important and how we can really through understanding, positioning better. You’ve got so many awesome ways that I personally experienced it in just our chats.

You and I getting to know each other, how you really have this. Beautiful art of pulling out of people, their message and what they’re here to say and how they can create a business that supports that message. But before we get into that, I want you to tell our audience about your slap bracelet story, and it really gives people an insight into, I think, your history and how you really started and came into the work that you do today.

So tell us about the slap.

Bobby: Yeah, my parents were in the jewelry business and I think for fun, as I was growing up in the jewelry business, they brought in these, they started manufacturing, these slap bracelets. We all remember those fun, funky slap bracelets. When we were. And one day I was like, man, I see all these kids in school wearing these slap bracelets.

And I see ’em here at my parents’ showroom. So I just grabbed a cellophane wrap of probably like a few thousand of these things and all different colors and whatever. So I, I started realizing I’m like, man, everybody has these, I’m gonna start selling ’em for a dollar, a piece to everybody in school. And, and, and it’s funny because I was actually really shy, but it gave me an opportunity to get outta my shell.

Offer a product that people wanted. And I was like, I’m gonna go to the most popular kid in the school I’m gonna sell ’em or give him some slab bracelets. He’s gonna be wearing ’em and everyone’s gonna want ’em. So I did that and it allowed me to interact with the older kids in the school. And I was a little cool cuz I was had affiliation with that.

And so I was selling all these damn bracelets and. I get, uh, and everyone in the school is wearing these bracelets. I get called up to the principal. I’m in first grade, I get called in to the principal’s office and, uh, I would sell ’em for a dollar, a piece and, and the principal’s Bobby. Empty out your backpack.

And I started the day with a shit ton of these bracelets and, uh, I was like, what do you mean he’s dump out your backpack on my desk? And so I dumped out my backpack on his desk and it literally was piles and piles of ones. And he is like, the hell’s going on. This guy’s in first grade, he’s selling

Heather Alice: weed.

What is

Bobby: doing over here? And he said, I never forgot. He said, Bobby, This is first grade, this isn’t a business. And I was like, mm, I begged to differ cuz there’s a lot of money on your table right now. that’s great. It was so fun because it was like, man, when you have a hot product and you get it on the right people and you get the exposure and I just have always.

Been into business. I grew up with entrepreneurs and my dad taking me all around the world, learning about business at such a young age. It’s, it’s always been fun for me. Like I look at business as an opportunity and sales for that respect is an opportunity to connect with your clients, make a difference for them and offer them something that’s really exciting.

And, and that kind of brings us to where we’re at today is we, I teach service based business owners, how to reposition their services in a way that. Their dream clients really excited to buy from you. And throughout that history of first grade to now, I’ve been responsible for over 50 million in sales and worked with thousands of service based entrepreneurs from around the planet, and really just love helping them.

Sound exciting to the market. So much to shift from a nice to have to an absolute must right now. And that’s basically what we teach people is how to have this, what I call frictionless selling experience, where you get to make offers to the marketplace. And instead of trying to convince someone that they need to buy from you, they’re already ready to and excited to buy from you with their credit card in hand and ready to rock and roll.

Heather Alice: Yeah. And I love your story because I think it speaks to that when you get in touch with the part of you, that’s really excited. About your proverbial. We’ve all got our thing that we’re offering the world. We call these things, products and services, but it’s the big thing we’re here to give. When we get in touch with our inner slap bracelet, we can’t wait to go sell this and we will walk up to the most popular kid in the room and we will barge into the cafeteria and plop down next to a group of kids that maybe you have never talked to before in your entire life.

Cuz you’re like, yo. I’ve got a hot pink snap bracelet with your name on it. Are you ready? Do you want, do you want this got polkadots bitch is my last one. Come on. I’m gonna sell, I’ll give, I’ll give it to you for, you know, a dollar 50. It’s a dollar 50, cuz this one’s so great. Yeah. Like you, do you get in touch with that part of you?

So I, I think that’s really, I love that story because I think it is emblematic of. The fact that we all have this ability to do it. And when you get in touch with it, like you’re saying this frictionless thing happens, people talk a lot about effortlessness and flow and alignment. And I it’s, a lot of that to me, I think is people selling it, it might not be the easiest thing in the world, but it can be like you’re saying something that is frictionless, something that happens organically right through you putting your effort into the world.

So talk to us, you had used the word position. Talk to us about exactly what positioning is.

Bobby: Yeah. So that’s a phenomenal question because I think there’s a lot of misconception around positioning and what it’s about. So I love starting there to me, I define positioning is how are we shaping the perception of who we are and what our services stand for in the marketplace to our dream clients, right?

How are we shaping that experience? And if we are not intentional with shaping that experience, Your clients will start to make assumptions and decisions about who you are in the marketplace that may not be favorable, uh, to you or your business or your sales of your business. Mm-hmm so positioning is, is really taking the intentional stand of really taking the time to craft.

How do we wanna be perceived in the marketplace and how do we want our clients to experience our brand in the marketplace from a differentiated way, from a hyper relevant.

Heather Alice: I love that from a differentiated and hyper relevant. Can you say more about those? So it’s not just, oh, here I am. Yes. I’m so glad here’s my product.

Yeah. And I’m different because I filled in the blank on some bullshit optin that, you know, some guru

Bobby: told me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And, and Heather, I think this is why we get along so well, I’m not what you’re gonna experience about me and my coaching and my, my teachings is that no fluff, no BS, super direct type of person.

That’s gonna give you the information that you need to move your business forward. And so with that said, no one cares about what you have to. No one gives a shit that you have cool fancy earrings that you’re on some weird yacht or having a smoothie at four in the afternoon. That’s all organic and that’s cool and fun, but like hyper relevant means like, so your clients are already supposed to over 10,000 marketing messages a day, according to ports magazine, how do we Pierce through that noise and really get in the radar of the types of people that we’re looking for.

So hyper relevant. Are we relevant to the market that we want to serve in the moment in time that they’re looking for us. And if we’re talking about all these other things that don’t really matter, our clients, we have such a short window and, and Steve jobs talked about this so beautifully when he was on this planet, that we have such a short window to communicate who we are to the market.

And let’s not waste that. So positioning is really taking that intentional. Of saying, this is who we are. This is what we stand for. This is how, the difference that we can make for you, but not just from a, this is why I’m unique, but from a place of this is why I’m hyper relevant. This is why you need to pay attention.

This is what really makes me different from a place of how it can serve you and make a difference and, and really make a difference for, for the types of clients that we serve. A lot of your people are coaches and consultants and things like that is it’s not just about being different, cuz I’m Indiana, I’ve got salt and pepper hair, right?

It’s what is it about. How is he uniquely qualified? And what is it about him that who he is as a person that can really help me solve my problem in a way that’s really going to get me to that end result in a quicker, better, faster way.

Heather Alice: So two things are coming up for me right now. So let’s tease this out.

The first is. because I think you’re really drilling down on something that we’re missing. Two things come up, people always say, share your vision, or you’ve gotta, you’ve gotta share your why with the world. What’s your, why? What’s your, why? Why are you doing this? Give them a vision. Talk to us about why that doesn’t necessarily work.

And what I’m hearing you say right now is vision is great. And your why is great. But that might not explain to a person why you’re REL relevant to them, to their experience. And that’s the difference? The hyper relevancy it’s. Yeah, absolutely. And

Bobby: I think why is important? I don’t believe that you should lead with why, because that’s no one really cares.

It’s like how many social media videos do you see if people saying I stand for this and this is what, why it’s important to me? Who cares? No one cares. There’s so much noise. I’m busy. I’ve got shit going on. Why do I need to stop the scroll, pay attention to you for the next three seconds and really start to really hone in my attention.

Our attention, your client’s attention is the most valuable asset that you can really start to take control of. And everybody’s competing for it. Facebook, Instagram porn is competing. You’re competing for that same score as entertainment, Netflix, scheduling Facebook, social media, like they’ve got, they literally hire the best in the world of engineers to figure out how they can stimulate your dopamine in your brain to get you to keep paying attention and keep looking at that phone.

Those dings, those red. Little four, you’ve got four messages with the little icon thing. That’s all competing for attention and that’s what we’re fighting with. So if you sit there and start talking about, Hey, this is on your soapbox, this is what I stand for. And I’m about this. That’s great. But talk to me about why I need to pay attention to you and talk, talk to me about why I need to slow down and hone in on your message.

If we don’t start with positioning and we start going in and messaging and we start talking about our offers and why we’re different and our why we’re gonna miss 90%. Of our effectiveness in actually converting people into clients. And if we don’t make sales, I think sales are the most important thing in your business because at the end of the day, whether you like sales or not, if you don’t have ’em, you don’t have a business.

And if you don’t make sales, you’re not able to make a, really a, a transformation for your clients. So you have to really start to understand the first step of a transformation is really getting their attention. And we do that through position. Mm,

Heather Alice: mm-hmm yeah, I love what you said. You just said about sales and we’ll jump into that in just a second, but, but I do love what you just said in.

I think a lot of our listeners. I know when I started my business, I wasn’t on fire to be a businesswoman. I didn’t really think about like positioning and marketing and sales and all of these things that I had to consider and grow into as my business group or learn to care about, or it wouldn’t grow.

And I think a lot of our listeners are like, I don’t sales is something that I quote unquote have to do, but I have learned to really love the process. Because once you’re really doing it from a place of being positioned in a way that works and then you’re messaging in a way that works. It does become something.

Um, that can be a lot of fun. And I think we missed that. So talk to us a little bit about the difference between positioning and messaging. So I think we have a clear idea of what positioning is, what is a difference between positioning

Bobby: and messaging. And I love that question because I think a lot of people.

With the wrong side of the equation. Like they, they come into our programs and they’re like, okay, how do I fix this Facebook ad? So it converts, even if you got in front of your dream clients, like when I did this on, in one of my launches is one lady said, I said, what do you think the issue is? Why your business isn’t where you want it to be?

She said, I just need exposure. And I said, are you sure that’s the problem? She said, yes. And there was like 76 people live on here and I go unmuted her. I go tell us what you do. And over the next five minutes she gave us. Weird confusing message. And, and I go, how’d you think it, she goes, I did great. And I, I said, raise your hand.

If you know how she can help Nancy can help you. And literally, no, one’s raising their hand. And she, I see her pressing the buttons, scrolling through pages and pages of zoom. And I said, so you would’ve just spent $50,000 marketing yourself to get in front of your dream clients, which you just had the opportunity to mm-hmm and you think the message that you have is, is landing.

And it’s really. And I said, this is where so many people make the mistake cuz they think they just need to throw more money on ads. They need to just spend more money to get in front of stages. Now that things are opening up again, they’re gonna spend 5, 10, 15, $20,000 to get in front of their dream stages.

But if you don’t do this work, we have this entire system called the frictionless selling system where the business breakthrough system, where we actually teach this category of one positioning. what I call a sales based message, cuz I think that’s what you really need. And then this idea of mastering the art of collaborative enrollment, which is actually how you get your clients to decide for themselves that working with user next best step.

But all of that is housed under this idea of frictionless selling. So once we position in a category of one as hyper relevant, as an exciting person to listen to in the marketplace, now that we’ve gotten their attention, what do you wanna say about it? So first comes the positioning. Now based on the positioning, you have to craft a beautiful message and the message even before we get to message, we have to identify what I call your diamond clients.

Because if you start to formulate a message around just how you wanna make a difference for people, aren’t gonna self-identify with that message. And it’s not gonna be a sales based message. Your message should either create demand for your services. Or make more sales for your company. And if you have a message that doesn’t do one of those two things, it’s just, you’re just speaking for this.

It’s just like going back, telling people your why when no one really cares. And that’s great. I think you should tell your why, but once you’ve created that rapport, once they’ve really interested in working with you, or maybe they wanna find out more that then start to unravel about that stuff. Mm-hmm but people are struggling right now in their own pain.

And if you’re constantly talking about yourself, You’re never even gonna be able to help them. And once you understand who your diamond clients are, you can start to create language around that. And that’s where you start to create that sales based messaging. It’s not just understanding your avatar, Susie in California, who drinks, smoothies shops at all foods does Pilates and yoga and watches.

Naked and afraid. No, that’s not. That’s a made up avatar, uh, that doesn’t even exist. Let’s really get down and really clear about who is it that we’re making a difference for. And how is it that we can use our unique positioning to make a bigger difference for them. And then how do we create a message around that really truly communicates the value?

Of who we are in that market in an exciting way. That’s the other thing, that’s what makes it sales based? Is it clear? Is it exciting? Cause there are messaging coaches that are like, I’ll help you clarify your message, but they’re they’re they haven’t done the positioning work. So they’re just creating clarity out of a messy situation, which never can really do you any good or it’s never gonna result in your highest level of, of growth in your company.

Heather Alice: And I think that the messaging piece of this too, and you and I have talked about this previously, that so often the messaging and I think of what I’m starting to pick up on with this is that if you don’t have your positioning figured out first, that’s where you get a message that sort of maybe for lack of a better way to say, it sounds like everyone else, even if you are using different.

Words it’s, it’s essentially communicating the same thing, which is what’s making it not exciting, even though you might be using a different buzzword or a different word altogether, right? It’s the, okay. It’s not really hitting it. There’s no thud to it. Like you’re saying it’s not really grabbing the person and helping them see why it is relevant.

And I, I share to some extent I’m not a, I do offer obviously business coaching, but it’s nothing like what the people I bring on the show. It’s nothing like what you do. Mine is very. Helping you just get started. But the number one thing that I hear a lot too is I just need to, to know my message. Hmm. I just need to understand how to tell people what I do and what I always say to that is it’s not so much, like you’re trying to figure out what you think people wanna hear.

Yes. And that’s the problem you’re like, you have to, and I don’t, again, you’re like the Jedi master, which is why I have you on the show today. But I do know enough to say this. We should at least start with, what the hell do you feel like you’re here? Yes. To offer people like from a place of true, like truly in your heart and soul, what do you believe?

About what you are trying to do and how that is actually literally the best solution that this person like, I believe. And man, you can chalk me up as being delusional. If that makes me delusional, then I don’t wanna be sane. I actually believe with every fiber of my being that Atmana academy is the greatest life coach training school ever.

And I believe that because of what I see and give people’s lives and I can go into that as to why I believe that. But I at. And I know that’s not the message or the position, but I at least walk in that energy. Yeah. And I think that’s something with it too. What is the energy you’re walking in?

Bobby: Yes. Yes.

That’s so important. And, and so many people and, and these are great indications that it’s time to, if you’re brand new, that it’s time to position, or if you’re an existing service based business, which we work with a lot of both mainly existing. But if, if you. These are symptoms that you need to reposition yourself in the marketplace.

Heather Alice: So what are those symptoms? Yeah. Yeah. Let’s talk about how do you know it’s time to do this, right? Yeah. Number

Bobby: one, if you’re marketing your services and you’re attracting clients that you are not excited to work with. That’s number one. Mm. Okay. Number two, you’re making offers to the market and you realize that your sales aren’t where they could be or where you want them to be.

Here’s another one, like. You’re putting yourself out there and people are giving you high fives, but not credit cards.   

Heather Alice: oh, wow. That’s interesting. Yeah. I think that’s a

Bobby: big one. Mm-hmm yeah, it’s something I learned when I was doing it back in the fashion business. Like you would always have someone come into the showroom and say, oh, you should consider making this bag.

Like this a little bit longer here. I’m gonna be like, cool. I can make it for you. You wanna buy it? No, I’m not really looking right now. Then you really doesn’t. But. When they’re like, here’s my credit card, make this bag like this, or here’s my credit card. This is exactly what I want. Like, and you’re so dialed in on really making a difference for them and they can understand it.

And the translation is there. If that’s not happen, if you’re not consistently making sales in your business and people are just saying, Hey, great job. That’s so cool. It’s like, you’re in the friend zone, right? It’s like, no, like that’s a. Pay attention to your results. If your results aren’t equating to more and more people like what was so amazing about Heather’s an amazing person, but what was so cool is we have a relationship and she’s an incredibly nice person, but she also knows that I bring value to the marketplace.

So she was willing to move things around to get me on the show so I can make a difference for you. Why is that? It’s because I’ve uniquely positioned myself and I’ve really dialed in my messaging so I can communicate my value. And based on that, I can build my relationships and I get calls on podcasts all the time.

It’s this idea of frictionless. If you are struggling to grow your business and you’re putting out all these videos and it’s not AMA, you might get likes, but you’re not getting transactions. Like it’s time to reposition your services. So those are all like, really good symptoms and there’s a lot of mistakes that people make in the positioning part as well.

Heather Alice: Talk to us about those then. What’s those, what are the positioning mistakes? And I love what you just said about social two eight, before we move on the mistakes on positioning, what would you say to a person who’s I just need to do more reals. Yeah.

Bobby: I I’d say how’s it working for you so far?

Heather Alice: Yeah, I just need to be on social more.

Bobby: Yeah. You need to do more reels. If your reels are converting into sales, you need to do more reels. You’re absolutely right. But if you’re reals, if you’re not making sales or people getting on the discovery calls or inquiring about your services as a coach, then you might need to look at your Strat. See, this is the thing that no one talks about.

They talk about tactics like Instagram and Facebook, right. And LinkedIn, and now YouTube and now Facebook ads are bad and now YouTube’s better. It’s okay. But what’s the strategy behind the tactic that you’re. And it, this is what we’re talking about in, in the system that we support our clients with is it’s the strategy behind your marketing that makes your marketing so much more effective.

And I’ll give you a, a really short sweet story is I actually got a message from this Facebook specialist. She’s like a Facebook genius for coaches and entrepreneurs. And she sent me a voice note. She goes, whatever you’re doing, I wanted to tell you’re doing a phenomenal job and I’d love to talk to you.

And I’m. I’m like, what’s this about? So I call her and she goes, for some reason, the clients that I’m managing their ads that are also working with you for some reason, their ad cost is literally half of all the other clients that I work with. Now, I don’t teach ads. I don’t teach Facebook ads, but all these other strategies that go into the Facebook ads that go into these other tactics that you’re using to grow your business, literally can transform your results that fast.

And what’s so crazy about that is. When you have that, see, you gotta look at Facebook and Instagram and YouTube and podcasts and all these things that we’re talking about as amplifiers to your positioning as amplifiers to your messages. Amplifi. To your business and they’re not replacing your strategy.

Mm-hmm, , they’re amplifying strategy. So once you’ve dialed in your positioning, your messaging, you’re gonna get so much better results when you do that. Cause if you’re confused about your message around your positioning, you’re just gonna amplify that confusion. And you’re gonna tell people, right? I don’t know who I am.

I don’t know how I can help. And I don’t know why I’m different or why you should pay attention. And you’re just gonna be shelling out money every single day. Wondering why you’re not getting good results. And unfortunately, sometimes question your ability to make a difference for people.

Heather Alice: Yeah. And that’s the tragedy and the sin of it is then what we do is we just take a, a bad strategy, a bad tactic, which you, by all rights, it’s not your fault.

Okay. We didn’t, we weren’t born with a button. We could put push on our foreheads that all make us genius, businessmen and women. But I think we go into self blame and then we doubt our ability to make a differe. And then that is, is really the crime. When I think what it really is, we just need to be taught proper strategies.

And actually, I think it’s even beyond strategy. I think it’s proper philosophy of business. My dad was a serial entrepreneur. He also struggled with a lot of undiagnosed mental illness. So not a lot of it ever took off, but he really had that entrepreneurial spirit in him and my grandfather, his dad, and then all the way back to the eighth.

Literal 17 hundreds. They were clam farmers shrimpers and clam farmers. And that’s what they, that is what they did. They went out, they hunt, they killed Gators, caught shrimp and clammed. That’s how they survived. And I remember when I was little, my dad, he was in business. He was a taxidermist and I would ask daddy, how do you make sure people don’t screw you over?

Like, how do you protect yourself? And he said, Heather, we don’t have, we didn’t have those problems. We knew how to do business. We looked a person in the eye and he talked to me about the philosophy of how he did business. And I say this so much to my clients, but I hear it in what you are saying as well, Bobby.

It’s an approach you take, it’s a way you view yourself and what you’re bringing forward. That shit is never gonna change the stuff that my dad told me about clam farming is relevant today. Absolutely. And need training, intuitive life coaches. It is the exact same thing. Like commerce. Isn’t new. It is not new.

It has been going on since the beginning of time. And I, I think what we’re doing is we’re forgetting the humanity of it, the human connection of it, and that we actually desperately need each other. Yes. Desperately need one another. You have a gift. I will never have. I will never have the gift you have.

So the world needs your gift. And I have a gift that no one else is ever gonna. Yeah. So I think it’s confidence in that. And then it’s figuring out these timeless business principles that you’re talking about that are going to work regardless of the fing algorithm. And that’s regardless my wish, whatever.

So that’s super pro. Okay. So let’s go to what we were going to with position positioning, positioning, positioning mistakes. Yeah. Let’s hit those. And

Bobby: I love where we ended up because people will look at the results because they didn’t do the good messaging or they haven’t done the positioning. And then they, their message is off.

Now they’re getting poor results. And then they start to position based on their results in a really small container and because of their results, aren’t very good. They start to show up in a small. As small to the industry and they don’t step into their confidence because they’re looking at the results.

And so that’s one of the mistakes that people make is they’re basing their positioning based on their poor results. And you need to start from vision. You need to start from making a difference for the types of clients that you want to get clarity vision. Like we, we have a workshop coming up. I’d love to invite your guests to yeah, absolutely.

Actually walk through this entire process of how do we really start to understand. What I call your zone of brilliance. It’s different than your zone of genius, bro. Zone of brilliance looks at so many other facets and really starts to qualify you as a unique expert in this space. So it’s, that’s where you need to start positioning from not your results, cuz your results are based on who you’ve been in the marketplace.

And if you. Create a position from that. You’re just gonna repeat your results. Mm-hmm so that that’s one of the mistakes that people make in positioning is they’re very like small in the way that they’re showing up in the market because they’re basing it on their results. And you are not your results.

I wanna say that too. Your results are just a reflection of. How you’ve been currently showing up, but that’s not you as your identity. That’s mistake. Number one, the first mistake is that people don’t even take the time to position. So they’re just putting their self out there. They’re putting their message out there and they’re doing all these fill in the blank templates of who my avatar is and what I should be saying.

It’s been interesting because I get most of my clients from other high ticket masterminds that I’m in, that people are paying like 50 GS plus to be in. And they still don’t have this stuff dialed in and they’ll work with me privately. I go through this experience of positioning and messaging and then they’ll go, they’ll be back in that program and their business just starts soaring.

So I think the other big mistake is that people don’t even take the time to position. So the, you are leaving it up to the market to interpret what you’re trying to say. And what you’re trying to say is coming from a confusing place in the first place, and you don’t get the results. And then you’re trying all these different things.

And then you start to say, oh, maybe it’s that no one wants my thing. Maybe it’s that no one wants this type of coaching. Or, and it’s not that at all. I could take somebody with a real, you’ve gotta have something that people want. Number one, I’m very, I’m a realist in that point, like. Just because you have this creative idea that you wanna offer the world.

If no one wants it, you rethink your idea. But if you can make a difference and you you’re called to really support and serve, and you really care more about your clients and making a difference for them, and you want to use your gifts to make a difference for them, we could take who you are in the marketplace and make you so exciting and juicy and give you the message that you need to communicate with the market to where every time you open your mouth, people are like, oh my gosh, this person’s different.

I need to work with this person. How do we, how do I take that next step with you? And that’s a huge thing is like you be intentional. How you’re showing up in the marketplace. We’re gonna teach you how to position yourself in our upcoming, uh, workshop as well, by the way, we’ve sold this workshop for over $3,000 in the past, because you’re, Heather’s guest.

You get to sign up for it for no

Heather Alice: charge at all. Tell us when it starts. Yeah. Tell us when it starts and the date and how we can, and we’ll do, we’ll put the link in show. So tell us about, tell us about it.

Bobby: Yeah. Yeah. So PO it’s called position for profit. We’ve taken over 5,000 service based entrepreneurs and it it’s all women and maybe one or two cool guys, but it’s, it’s really specifically designed for service based business owners that are women that are really looking to stand out in the marketplace, differentiate themselves, attract more clients and grow their sales.

So it’s really gonna teach you like on day one, we discover what’s called your zone of brilliance, where we go through that beautiful exercise to really underst. How do we make you hyper relevant to the marketplace? Day two is really about accelerating demand for your services. Day three is really about like, how do we elevate your offer to attract a high ticket, a more committed buyer to your services.

So instead of trying to sell these $29 courses, you’re selling a higher ticket experience, how do we elevate your offer to. A higher ticket buyer and then day four, we talk about a, a specific step by step sales system, which we talked about ly selling, but we go deep into it. And then day five is really powerful.

I think your clients are gonna love is. How do we shift into the type of person that our clients feel confident investing in? So it’s our way of being to the market. That’s going to let people say, and Heather is phenomenal. I wanna work with Heather. Like I believe in what Heather’s doing and what she’s showing up for it.

And I know she can make a difference for me. It’s a sense of energy. How do we step into that being? So people feel confident investing in our services.

Heather Alice: Yeah. I love that. I love that you’re hitting on and I know. That my amazing, awesome, intuitive listeners really live and walk in that every day that it really is being first.

And that, that will do the heavy lifting for you. I swear to God, if you can just get in, I don’t know if you, I’m sure you agree with this. Um, and it’s not arrogance. I promise it, but if you’re not high on your own shit, why should somebody else be high? If you’re not, you should be high on your own shit.

Yeah. And I also think that and what, and when you were speaking and so let’s, we’ll drop the link here in a second. I want you to tell us the link to register, but when you were speaking earlier, I was thinking, do you wanna be, and I’m not the first person that’s come up with this metaphor, but you reminded me of it.

Do you want to be a thermostat? Or a thermometer mm-hmm do you wanna just take the temperature or do you wanna set the temperature? Yes. I wanna be a thermostat. Yes. I wanna come in and go to know the tone of this room is what I, uh, is this, the vibe is going up here is what is possible. Here is our vision here and here’s, what’s possible for you.

Here’s what’s possible for you. This is what we’re. This is what happens when you step into the morphic field of AANA. This is what happens when you step into Bobby’s perfectly salt and pepper haired world. Okay. I’ve been giving him crap about his hair. It’s amazing. I’m like, how do I get that? I wanna go cry.

It’s awesome. So it’s about really giving. Permission. And I really wanna encourage everybody to come to Bobby’s workshop because I have personally been on calls with you where you have been so generous and gracious and just dropped nuggets of truth that have been so life changing for me that have really helped me see the difference in how I was even thinking small without man and how I show up, like you even gave me, like, I’m not even gonna say it out loud cause I wanna trademark.

Bobby: Cause I wanna, yeah, you should trademark that

Heather Alice: but Bobby was like, Bobby was. You should call it this. And I was like, oh my God, that is so

Bobby: perfect. Really? That’s what I love you having good love. I love going deep with my clients and, and we have these VIP sessions where you can work with me. Um, one on one where we go really deep with you.

And I just start getting these in incredible. And I don’t say this in my marketing because, but it, I start getting downloads. Once I go through this process, I get so much crazy clarity that things just. Working through me. And I’m like, like, it just starts flowing and I’m just like, and we, we always record the sessions because it’s just so fast, the way it lands and it comes out and it starts to sound so juicy and exciting by the time we’re done with it, that I literally had people take that recording.

Type it out, practice it and on their very next networking call, they say it the way I teach ’em how to say it, what they do. And literally they have floods of clients like begging to work with them. And they’re like, I’ve been in this thing for a year. No one’s ever asked me to work with me. And then I just started using your sales based messaging.

People start, like they’re begging to work with me and there’s now I have a list of a line to work with me. And it’s just, it’s such a beautiful thing that I, I love working with service based entrepreneurs and specifically women, because I feel like if I can empower you with the right message with the right positioning, with the right sales conversations.

You’re gonna really what that translates to is you making a bigger difference on this planet. So I love to just be a, a part of that experience. Well,

Heather Alice: welcome to the land of Chan of intuitive. Woo Bobby. You are, here’s your crown king. We know that you’re doing it too. So I, you do absolutely. I’m like, man, you’re a little intuitive.

You’re like, I guess I am. So you are you pick up on the vibe. Okay. Tell us where we can register. If you, do you have the link

Bobby: or should we just, yeah, I’ll put it here. Yeah, we can put it it’s long so I can put it here, but it’s. It’s breakthrough positioning.com it’s slash training, but I I’m gonna go ahead and put the link there for you so you can share it with your audience as well, and really looking for it.

It’s right around the corner. Make sure our orientation calls on the first, but to jump in, fill out your information and, and just make sure to mention that you’re Heather’s guest so we can get you all situated and, and ready to rock and roll. Yeah. Yeah.

Heather Alice: Cool. Bobby, thank you so much for teaching us.

Thanks for having me about positioning about messaging. It was a blast as. I’ll talk to you later. That is a wrap for today’s show. Thank you from the bottom of my feels for showing up today in your power and in your willingness to let your intuitive self lead. And if you are still working your way to your first 50 to 100 K in your coaching practice, I have two incredible free resources.

To help you fast pass this process. The first is to join our free and fun Facebook group, the Atmana intuitive coach collective, where myself and our Atmana instructors do free trainings every week to help you turn your obstacles into opportunities with each and every step you take so that you can begin to achieve success on your own terms, and finally make the money that you know, you deserve.

So, if you’re interested in joining our group, just pop onto Facebook and you can search bar Atmana, intuitive coach collective, and we will pop up or you can check our show notes for a link. And the second resource is a V I P ticket to our next upcoming five day workshop experience. Live your purpose, launch your practice, where you are going to learn four keys to claiming your intuitive confidence calling in clients with authenticity and integrity.

And then you’re gonna create your very first or one of many. Signature programs that help you sell your services with ease and grace. That also helps you go high ticket. So head on over to Heatheraliceshea.com/intuitive coach. Launch to get your V I P ticket, or you can check the show notes where you can get your hot little hands on a link to both the Facebook group and the five day workshop until next time I see you.

I love you together. We rise.