AtmanaTM Certified Intuitive Life Coach

Eric Longoria

Empowerment / Transformational | Intuitive / Spiritual | Business / Career |

Do you ever feel like you’re moving forward and things are going great when… BAM!…you hit a wall.

Every time you reach a certain level of success, it’s like there’s something that stops you from unlocking your full potential. You’re smart and successful, but you just can’t quite put your finger on it. I used to be exactly where you are, now. No matter what forward progress I made, there was always something that would cause a downward spiral and send me off track.

It wasn’t until I stopped chasing my tail and really started learning who I am, that I was able to uncover what was really bothering me. I realized, “You are born into this world learning to perform in a certain environment without first knowing who you are.”

When I talked to someone who knew the right questions to ask, I began to discover that the answers were already inside of me. I began to believe in myself. To start listening to what I need in order to live ‘me’.You deserve the same opportunity to understand who you really are.I’ll talk to you soon.

  • Certified Intuitive Life Coach, Atmana Academy

  • Bachelor of Science in Business, University Of Phoenix

  • Retired Veteran of the United States Army