The Hidden Gift of Fear

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fear to love

Fear. It’s a 4-letter word for a reason.

It can suck the life out of you like nothing else.  Some would say that a life lived without it entirely would be a great thing, but it’s not that simple.

Every living thing on this planet experiences fear.

Birds are afraid of cats.  Cats are afraid of dogs.  I’m scared of cold weather and cockroaches.

The point is, some fears are a healthy survival instinct and they do serve a purpose.

But humans, well…we make an art out of fear. We take that survival instinct way too far and stay afraid of things that don’t serve us – like at all.

We’re afraid of being judged.
We’re terrified of failure.
We’re scared that we may not be doing the right thing or making the right decision.

We’re afraid that we’re not good enough.

And when we hold on to that fear, in puts us smack-dab in the middle of a low-vibe emotional wasteland (guilt, shame, resentment, anger, overwhelm, frustration much?) that completely drains us of our power.

And in the process it robs us of our ability to receive and give love.

You see, the entire purpose of human life is to learn, grow, and help others do the same. And the fastest way humans grow is through facing adversity.

Here’s human life in a nutshell…

  1. You try stuff.
  2. You mess up (it’s scary as hell and sometimes it hurts like a mo’fo).
  3. You either give into fear/pain and stop, or shake it off and keeping trying until you…
  4. Learn stuff.
  5. You raise your consciousness. It feels awesome, so…
  6. You try more stuff.
  7. Repeat forever and forever until you’re enlightened. The end.

You see, there’s a hidden gift in our fear that many of us miss.

We’re too busy running from it, denying it, or in my case, binge watching Game of Thrones Season 5 for the fourth time (don’t judge me!) to be able to see it. And it’s this…

The universe gives you challenges so you can learn what you need to learn in order to be a greater expression of YOU – and you couldn’t do that without the fear that challenges naturally bring.

See how fear helps you expand into Love?

So your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to stop holding onto your fear and start USING IT as a helpful tool to make you STRONGER so you can grow into a deeper expression of YOU – which is really LOVE itself.

And you do that by focusing on finding the lesson your challenges and fear bring you, which will then allow you grow.

Sound off in the comments and let me know, how are you holding on to fear today? How can you begin to shift this fear into love!




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