Intuitive Coach Style

Unlock your strengths & gifts as a healer by discovering your coaching archetype!

Want More Confidence and Clarity

about the Intuitive Coach You Are Called to Become?

Deep down you know you’re called to be a leader, way-shower, and teacher. But getting started is totally confusing, overwhelming, and honestly, a little scary.

You Might Be:

  • Wondering if you have what it takes to “make it” as a coach.
  • Fuzzy about exactly “what it is you do” that helps others transform.
  • Unsure how to talk about “what you do.”
  • Scared to speak up and be seen and heard (despite really wanting to be seen and heard!)
  • Lost on how to start a business that honors your soul’s purpose while making a great living at the same time.

And you don’t have endless resources of time and money to figure it all out!

What are Intuitive Coach Archtypes?

Have you ever noticed timeless characters that show up in human history, art, religion, and myth? These figures transcend cultural differences and make sense to us regardless of how ancient their origin. Humans naturally embody, exhibit, admire, and emulate the primordial and powerful qualities found within every archetype.

Archetypes are metaphorical, universal concepts that speak directly to the human heart and mind.

The word Archetype is from the Greek “archein,” meaning “beginning” and “tupos,” meaning “original,” and “archétypon” meaning, “the first model.” In short…

Your Archetype Reveals Your Inate Healing Style Given to You At Birth

Knowing Yours Helps You Communicate:


Who You Are


What You Do


Who You Do it For


How You Do It

The Coach Archetype MatrixTM

As an Intuitive Coach, you naturally work with more information and energy than traditional coaches do. 

The Coach Archetype Matrix helps you gain a deeper grasp on how you “show up” in session and work with these sources of information to get great results with your clients.

In a nutshell, your archetype is determined by how your naturally tend to work with and within two basic levels of energy: Level of Mind & Level of Information. 

You’ll recognize a little of yourself in each of the archetypes, but knowing your primary modality will help you level up your practice!

Hi, I’m Heather Alice Shea.

Founder & CEO of Atmana Coaching Academy. I trained and certified the worlds finest intuitive coaches into purposeful practices that thrive.

Your archetype will give you, the aspiring intuitive coach, an understandable and easy to implement framework around which you build your business.

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