What Are Intuitive Sessions & Why Have One?

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Heather Alice Shea Intuitive Psychic

I get asked all the time,

“What are intuitive sessions? Why do people have them and what will I get out of them?”

I thought I do a quick vlog post about it to shed some light!

First off, I’ll just tell you how I do what I do.

I am an intuitive guide. To use a colloquial term, I could say I am psychic.  I don’t really like using that description because there’s a lot of misunderstanding about what that actually means.  But whateva…The gist of it basically is

I have the ability to connect with and communicate with your spiritual guides and your higher self in the non-physical realms. 

I bring forward messages and information that are important for your life right now and we talk about what comes up and how it relates to your life.  The whole goal of a session is to help you move forward with whatever it is that you are struggling or want clarity on.

Some people have them just out of curiosity and that’s great too.

I could keep typing, but how about we cut to the chase and get to the video, eh?

Take a gander and learn more about how a session can rock your life!

If you’d like to schedule an appointment, click the link and get started with getting connected to your guides!


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