4 Ways To Be Less Busy And Manifest More In The New Year

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It’s a new year, and I must say that after the break-neck pace of 2016, I’m quite glad to be in a new year.

I love new years, but surprisingly not for the “New Year, New You!” (ugh…*eye-roll*) stereotypical reasons.

I enjoy it because it’s an opportunity for me to stop and reflect on all the things I do NOT want anymore.

It’s all about releasing the thoughts, feelings, people and things that no longer serve me so I can think and feel clearly enough to manifest what I truly desire, in the way I need it most…

By doing less, not more.

From many of us, 2016 was ‘The Year of Hustle.’

Seemingly everybody on Earth was running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to ‘make sh*t happen and get it done.’  And that’s not a entirely bad thing…but it can be when we don’t know when (or how) to stop obsessing and Just. Chill. For. A. Hot. Second.

Our ‘kick-ass-and-take-names’ score card needs to be balanced with some good ol’ fashion tender lov’in self-care.  Things can be easier, if we’ll make room for them to be.  Which is why…

I’m officially claiming 2017 as “The Year of Flow.”

And I invite you to join me.  As a #HighViber, you’re passionate about your purpose, dead serious about your goals, and on a mission to give your gifts to the world.  I get it. Which is why I know you probably need this just as much as I do…

You can manifest everything your heart desires not in spite of being less busy, but because of it.

Here’s 4 tips on how to level out your hustle and let your Higher Self flow.

1. Brand Busy A Sin

Train your brain to label busy and call it by it’s real name. Don’t fall for the trap of thinking that busy equals productive.  Busy people rarely get anything done and when they do, it’s usually half finished.  Realize that when you are busy what you really lack is not time, but focus.

Stop what you are doing, prioritize, and start over on the next actionable step that helps you manifest what you want.

2. Deeply Care About How You Feel

How would your life change if you decided to unreservedly and deeply care about how you feel?  What if instead of it taking months, maybe even years to wake up sick, tired and screaming, “Screw this I’m done!” you did it in a matter of days, maybe even hours?

The way out of burnout and abusive patterns (especially those we impose on ourselves) is to give a lot of damns about the only person you’ve got to spend the rest of your life with; YOU.  Start by taking a mental note of all people, places, and things you feel sense of dread, blah, meh, or ugh about. Then say “Adios!” to the things you can’t change and the people who refuse to.

3. Say Guilt-Free Hell-No’s

This one is simple.  Stop feeling you owe other people anything and that it’s rude to not say yes.  Other people don’t have a right to your energy or time. Period. Not even a smidgen. And you can’t work on manifesting your goals and vision when you busy helping everyone else with theirs. Learn to pick projects and people that help you both go from A to B.

A great way to do this is by not responding with knee-jerk “Yes” to requests people make of you.  “Let me get back to you on that” is a perfectly good reply that gives you time to contemplate whether or not you really want to commit.

4.  Tie It To Your Why

This is the linchpin!  Doing less while manifesting more is all about learning how to focus on only what matters and impacts your purpose, in the now.  The truth is, half the stuff on your to-do list doesn’t absolutely have to get done right now (if at all), and if it does, it doesn’t have to be done by you.  Take a long hard look at your commitment list, and if it isn’t aligned with your values, if it doesn’t uplift you towards your why, then that’s a good indicator that it’s time to drop it.

So in 2017, here’s to cutting the clutter, allowing it be easy, and doing way way less while manifesting more.

Here’s to a fantastic year of Flow.

And now, I want to hear from you. I’m curious…
  • Which of the 4 ways I listed resonated with you most?
  • Which one do you think would help you the most?
  • What do you feel you should start or stop doing to cut down on your busy?

Sound off in the comments below and let me know your thoughts.

With Love & High Vibes,



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