5 Ways To Find Your Life Path

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Life Path

Have you ever felt lost in life?

Like you’re busy going somewhere (or worse, nowhere) fast, but you’re really not sure to where or even how you’re getting there.

This unsettling feeling is a intrinsic part of the human condition that we’ve struggled with for ages, and our modern way of living definitely isn’t helping us out with this one.  But in ancient times, people had a rather cool way of dealing with this feeling…

They would go on Labyrinth Walks. 

To my relief, and contrary to what the name suggests, a labyrinth walk isn’t confusing or difficult. It’s impossible to get lost in it, because there’s is only one circuitous path that leads directly (yet windingly) to the center, which is exactly where you are supposed to go. 

People have used labyrinths since medieval times as a meditation device allowing them to connect within, seek guidance, and find answers to problems they face. The tradition is still practiced today and used by many to align with their Soul.  

My first question when I discovered this practice was, “Ok, so how does it work?” 

They say they way you walk the labyrinth represents the way in which you walk through your life.  

Going on a labyrinth walk gives you a chance to consciously see the ways in which you unconsciously approach your life; which then empowers you to find and discover your true life path.

Life can be challenging and it will hand you your ass if you are in need of it.  In my opinion, that’s benevolence, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still arduous and stressful at times.

The labyrinth gives you a chance reconcile and make peace with that.

And on my very first time every taking this mysterious yet surprisingly helpful walk, that’s exactly what I did.  

As I walked, I had five major realizations about how we can find and live our true life path and travel through life with less stress and more joy, now.
5 Lessions I learned from a Labyrinth

Brannon and I after the walk of awesomeness.

1.  There’s no box so get out of the one in your head. 

When I first began the walk, I noticed I kept my feet directly inside my little path.  Then I thought, “Holy shit Heather, lighten up and stray outside of the lines a little!”  We don’t have to be perfect in life.  It’s ok to be a little messy.  In short, live your life your way.

2.  Let go and receive.

What makes letting go so hard is we believe it has to be.  What makes receiving so difficult is we don’t believe we are worthy of what we desire, but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.  What do you want to release right now?  What do you wish to embrace?  Say to the universe, “Thank you for taking away my burdens and giving me what truly lives in my heart.”  Then believe it is done. It’s really is that simple.

Today’s tweetworthy!

What makes letting go so hard is, we believe it has to be.

3.  There’s no such thing as getting lost. 

There was a moment on the walk where I noticed that even though I knew I couldn’t get lost, I was a little scared I would.  I found myself laughing at the lunacy of it, and reflecting how it’s the same in life.  In reality, there’s really no such thing as “being lost” because all roads really do lead to home.  Everything we do adds to our advancement and to the world.  We learn from it all.  We benefit from it all, (yes even the “bad stuff”) so stop worrying and just go for it.

4.  Slow down and take your time.

Dude, where’s the fire?  Geez…at the pace some of the people were walking this thing (myself included), I’d swear they were being chased by a wild animal.  We are all in such a hurry. Busy Busy. Go. Go. We just want to get there and get it over with. But for what?  We are in such a hurry to do it and see it, that we don’t really do it and we don’t really see it. Pump the break a little and enjoy the journey, Speedracer.

5.  Allow yourself to be guided. 

As I approached the center of the maze, I felt  sense of peace around me. There’s a magnetic pull your soul feels when you are on the right path.  Things click.  They feel good.  Allow that into your life.  All you have to do is pay attention to how you feel and let your heart guide you there.  It’s calling your name.  Just listen and follow it’s wisdom home.

Love Big,

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