AtmanaTM Certified Intuitive Life Coach

Lisa Avila

Empowerment / Transformational | Intuitive / Spiritual | Business / Career |

Hey there! I’m Lisa Avila. I am an Intuitive Strategist, Certified Life Coach, and Proud Founder of Poppy Grove LLC. I’m on a mission to help women prioritize themselves and tap into feelings of confidence, clarity, and deep, intuitive knowing.

Are you feeling stuck in life? Tired of shouldering too many responsibilities and unrealistic expectations? Can you not let go of guilt or don’t know how to move on from bottled-up resentment? I am here to help you find your inner wisdom and reignite your sense of focus and drive.​In my 25+ years of experience in marketing, strategy, community building, and intuitive coaching, I have seen it all. I’ve witnessed the most unlikely triumphs and success stories from women who never in a million years thought they could change, let alone flourish.

My unique approach to coaching blends proven strategies, intuition, spiritual modalities, and human-centered design. Together we’ll create a personalized roadmap to help you fearlessly grow a more soulful life, personally and professionally. Let’s disrupt the things that aren’t working in your life and rock the things that matter most. I am here to help you be your best. I’ll be your number-one fan until you become your own.Reach out anytime & let’s have a chat.