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Since 2014, we’ve grown into a purpose-filled and soul-inspired movement with people all over the world and every walk of life.

We are spiritual seekers, coaches, healers, unconventional visionaries and ‘everyday people’ committed to improving the world through first improving ourselves. In expressing our Higher Self each day, we create a common reality based on our highest ideals while simultaneously honoring our individual differences.

Through our intuitive development, spiritual alignment, and personal empowerment programs, we support and encourage people from all walks of life to discover their truth, share their gifts, and leave their piece of the world a little better than they found it.

No matter where you are from or what your life has looked like, we invite you to a hot and holy dose of our shared values, beliefs and aspirations as eloquently articulated in The #HighViber Mantras (see right).

The #Highviber Mantras

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how we are improving the world

We believe we change the world by changing ourselves first by accepting that we are…
1. More powerful than we can possibly imagine.
2. Born for a unique and important purpose.
3. Guided by a Higher Power each moment to accomplish it and our dreams.

And, beyond the fact that we all love using the occasional swear word to drive a great point home, we use those three truths up there like a compass in our daily lives to lead and guide us home.

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We’re known as “High Vibers,” because with every step we take and decision we make, our mission is to fearlessly love with our whole hearts and consciously choose the path that leads to the highest expression of our potential and inspire others to do the same.

And if you find yourself nodding your head with what you’ve heard here, then welcome home High Viber. This is where you belong!

WHO IS THE higher self AND HOW CAN it help me?

Think of your Higher Self as you at your very best; the part of yourself that already is everything you desire to be.

From a ‘woo-woo’ esoteric perspective, think of your Higher Self as the non-material aspect of your consciousness that remains in perfect union with the ‘infinite field of intelligence’ (to use science words) or ‘God’ (to use spiritual words) that transcends our perceptual world.

Higher Self alignment is gives you two essential things:


Self insight and awareness that unlocks your full potential, along with the ability to love who you are right now. Through this you gain…


A strong sense of empowerment that you need and must have to transform your life in ways that defy rational thought, but are nonetheless very practical.

Your purpose isn’t something you do…
It’s something you’re called to become.

And the height of that ‘beingness’ is your Higher Self. From that calm centered place of self-knowing, the doing part of your life gets waaaay easier.

No guru worship, no bullsh*t, projection or delusion.

We’re real people living in the real world who know how to get things done with humor and heart while letting our Soul’s wisdom lead the way.

I’d love for you to join us!

Learn through our programs and events, dive deeper by working with me one one one, and feed your head and heart by reading the blog and checking out the academy.

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