AtmanaTM Certified Intuitive Life Coach

You are the expert in your life. Learn how to live like it.

Hello, I’m Nicole Norella, an integration and intuition coach, and I am here to help you discover and unlock your innate power and wisdom to create the life you desire. Through my coaching program, my clients connect to their intuition, develop clarity around their dreams and values, and find the courage to create a new path to fulfillment. I became a coach because I am passionate about connecting with people. Each day I find myself in awe of the amazing diversity and depth of humanity, and I am privileged to connect with the unique story of everyone I meet. I believe our world works best when people are living as their most authentic selves, connected to their inner wisdom and gifts, and creating a life of wholeness and contribution. Guiding others in this journey is my contribution. I am grateful for and honored by the opportunity to invest in the lives of my clients. My Coaching Style Deep empathy. Together we co-create a space where every part of you is seen, known, and welcomed. All your thoughts. The wisdom of your body. All your emotions. Every hidden desire. Past experiences. Challenges. Gifts. It’s all in, baby! Intense curiosity. I want to know the real you, and I want you to experience yourself in the most authentic way possible! Let’s find your “why.” My clients tell me inquiry is my superpower. Creative thinking. One of the biggest blocks to growth and forward movement is dualistic thinking. The truth is there’s always another option. Together we will find “the third way.”

  • BA in Psychology Seattle University;
  • Certified Integrative Holistic Coach Legacy Training International