4 Positive Ways to Respond in the Face of Voilent Tragedy

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How do we respond to and heal from senseless violence and hate?

The mass shooting in Orlando last weekend hit home hard with me, as it did for many of us.  My husband and I were in Orlando just the weekend before; our hotel located just a few miles away from The Pulse…

It’s hard to wrap the mind around such senseless acts of violence.  And it’s even harder to find a constructive way to respond – a way that helps and makes a difference.

Over the last few days, I’ve noticed there were two sentiments that came up the most on social media.  After expressing heartbreak, disgust, anger, and fear, the general feeling people seemed to have was this…

  • “I want to help but what can I do? I’m only one person.”
  • “I’m worried about the world we are living in! Why are people going nuts?!”

I want to talk about these two perspectives because they speak to how we are internalizing these horrible acts, and how we internalize them will affect how we choose to take action (or non-action) with regard to them.

And that’s where the difference can be made.

More than ever, we need to take a powerful and decisive stand to help heal and help our communities and our world.

If the above two sentiments above resonated at all with you, please read on for some constructive ways to turn them into positive energy and hope.

1.  Remember that even though you are only one person, one person is enough to change the world – for better or for worse. 

Don’t underestimate yourself and the good you can create.  After all, the person who committed this atrocity was ‘just one person.”  Look at the terrible difference he made.  We must be that committed to the light as well.

We must not doubt our ability to be an equal and even more powerful force for good.  Your words, thoughts, actions, and prayers, no matter how small, matter and make a difference. 

2.  Be a fierce advocate for what you stand for and believe in.

You don’t have to be adversarial.  You don’t have to speak out against anyone or anything.  Just simply and peacefully be a light and a voice for the beautiful cause and points of view that you hold dear. 

I saw a perfect example of this yesterday on Facebook.  A muslim group gathered together to pray for the victims of the attack.  When asked why, they said they were doing it to show their love and support for the victims.  Short, sweet, positive, and powerful.

3. Remember that the future of our world is in our hands.

We have the power to create the future our heart’s long for, if we are brave enough to face the challenges of today.  Tomorrow is created by the choices, so why should we be afraid?  We have the power to change it.

4. Know that no matter how bad things might appear, no matter how grave the hardship, you are never alone. 

The world is filled with people who ready to stand with you and champion the same causes you are fighting for!  The support and community we seek can be found everywhere!! Even in perfect strangers half way across the world.

This rally in London is proof positive that the world is filled with loving kindness… just look at all those people (Watch the clip here http://bit.ly/28P3DmQ)

Please join me by taking a few moments of silence to say a short prayer for the victims and their families. And though they will be sorely missed, we must honor them by remembering the greater truth…

That even though we may be separated from those we love though death of the physical body, we will be united with them again.

We are irrevocably and blissfully bound together through an unconquerable devotion to one another, and we continue on in the sure knowing that our lives and love for one another are everlastingly eternal.

Much love,


PS.  If you know of anyone who is struggling with grief or sadness about this or any other challenge, please send them this email. It might be just what they need right now.

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