3 Secrets To Manifesting Your Purpose (that most people forget)

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As a powerful manifestor and lover of the spiritual path, there’s a bonfire-style passion burning within your heart to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

There’s a lot of talk nowadays about finding and living your purpose, but there’s a lot less talk about what to do once you actually discover what it is.

How do you actually channel that fire (your big idea and purpose) into something tangible and real?  

Ideas and aspirations will remain just that unless you find a way to alchemize that energy into something you can act on from a place of centeredness every day. 

There’s a balance that must be struck with being and becoming and it’s done through understanding how to use that fire in a productive, grounded, yet highly transformative and dynamic way.

Watch below to learn the 3 simple secrets to manifesting your ‘big thing’ that most people forget.  Here’s a hint… it’s kinda like running and marathon and understanding that co-creative process makes all the difference!


Remember, true co-creating with your Higher Self takes time.

It’s all about learning how to use that massive forest-fire sized burning in your heart in a sustainable way over the long haul that makes all the difference in serving your spiritual purpose.

Ask yourself…

  • How can I use this drive to fulfill my purpose and manifest in a controlled yet creative way?
  • Are the goals I’ve put in place achievable on a daily basis or are they more like ‘pipe dreams?’
  • Am I able to be happy in the present moment while working towards what I desire most?

Know that as you commit and recommit each day to your purpose in a relaxed and effortless way, you will absolutely be successful in making what you desire a reality.






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