Are You Using Spirituality To Avoid Your Problems?

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spiritual bypassing

Are you using your spiritual practice as a way to avoid problems?

There’s a name for that.  It’s called spiritual bypassing and boy is it ugly. Spiritual bypassing is a psychological self-defense mechanism that does the exact opposite of what true spirituality tries to achieve.  It allows us to numb out our pain, remain blind to our limiting beliefs, and deny our dark side all together, all under the guise of being “positive” while searching for greater truth. There are a thousand ways humans have learned to distract themselves. In the past, we did it with drugs and alcohol.  Now many of us are spiritually distracting ourselves from our negative feelings, over intellectualizing our everyday emotional triggers, and thinking we are on the path to an ‘enlightened’ (whatever that means) life by doing so. In reality, a lot of us are bypassing a helluva lot more than we think we are. But how can you tell? You might be spiritually bypassing if you find yourself…
  • Discounting or minimizing your pain so that it matches how you think you’re ‘supposed to feel.’
  • Over intellectualizing and invalidating your emotional experiences.
  • The same pattern or issue keeps rearing it’s ugly head even though you feel liked you’ve really “working on it so much” already.
Feel guilty or as if something is wrong if you don’t ‘feel good’ all the time.
  • If this is resonating, take heart because you are in good company.  We’ve all been there.  The question is whether or not we will allow ourselves to stay there.
Watch this week’s episode on how you can face your challenges, do the work and fully use your spiritual practice to get 100% real.  
  As much as we don’t like to deal with it, our own subconscious bullshit is everywhere, and it’s not going to go anywhere until we honest-to-Gawd start fully dealing with it. I know that sounds harsh but it’s true. I’m saying it to you now, because you deserve more than a life half lived. You deserve to live free of the constraints of your self and societal imposed limitations.  You deserve to feel safe enough inside your own heart and mind to face what haunts you. And most of all… You deserve to live knowing you are stronger than your struggle, bigger than your fear, and capable of arising victorious over any obstacle that blocks the expression of your incredible light. Stop and ask yourself whether or not you are willing to truly commit to using your spiritual practice not as a pain blocker, but as a guidepost to go deeper into your Self (especially the uncomfortable parts) than you ever thought possible. The goal of spiritual practice isn’t to reach some contrived idea of happiness or evolved perfection.  It’s about being fully present, in acceptance of who you are and what you feel at every single moment. Do that, and you’re on your way to a deeper seated place within yourself, one more reflective of who you really are. Love Big, Heather       [activecampaign form=14]
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