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Need a daily dose of
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practice that actually works?)

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Connect with your intuition, create with purpose and get sh*t done using 3 easy steps in just 9 minutes a day.For FREE.

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Are you a Truth Seeker, Holistic Healer, or New Coach called to do something incredible with Your Life?

You try your best to bring your A-game, but the everyday chaos makes it crazy hard to keep yourself focused on matters most to your Soul.

And you constantly catch yourself wondering…

  • “Time’s flying by so fast…am I being left behind?
  • “I try so hard to hear my inner voice, but all I ever get is static or crickets…wtf?
  • “Are my soul desires just pipe-dreams, or do I have what it takes to make them real?
The Higher Self Meditation Ritual

I get it.

You live in the Real World with real responsibilities where Time Stops For No one.

The days and weeks blow by so fast… and oh look! It’s time to start Christmas shopping again. Momentum lost. Back to the drawing board.

If this is you… don’t worry darl’in. I’ve so got you covered.

This 9 Minute ritual makes meditating
More Than Just “Quiet Time.”

It helps you turn your deepest discovered truths and desires into a manifested way of life.

1000’s of
soulful seekers

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on 5

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In 9

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All living calm, confident & Connected Each Day.

you need Clarity & Momentum to manifest the ridiculously awesome Things You Desire.

And a method that works with your ‘on the go’ lifestyle (who has the time to sit for an hour?!) that actually, for real, honest to G-d helps you reach your goals and improve your life.

The Higher Self Meditation Ritual
Does Just That.

This {FREE} ritual will help you…

  • Meditate with consistency so you can gain focus, confidence, and momentum.
  • Master a simple easy-to-follow method that unlocks your inner genius, manifests your intention and deliver daily results.
  • “Tune in” so you can feel cool, calm and connected to Spirit.
  • Get over the feeling that you “aren’t doing it right” (‘cause there’s no right way to do it) and discover the way that works for you.

Download this FREE audio + video mini-training to learn three simple steps to master your meditation game and Share Your Awesome.

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This ritual works by harnessing
3 Basic Elements.

This 9 minute ritual packs a punch by mixing the latest energy research, the ancient power of prayer, and a Tony Robbins style kick-in-the-pants to getting within to get your goals done.


Setting a positive tone, vibration and mindset each day.


Invoke your divine power by connecting with your Higher Self.


Set strategic and straight goals that make your dreams a reality.

Here’s what You Get!


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21 day Ritual

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Mediating isn’t supposed to be hard or “one more thing” you’ve got to fit in your day.

It’s meant to be energizing, Simple & Fun.

And now, you’re 9 minutes away from a calm sense of confidence that will help you rock your purpose, claim your power, and give your big thing to the world.

Hey There!

I’m Heather.

Empowerment Life Coach, Intuition and Mindfulness Teacher, and Holistic Business Mentor dedicated to helping you ditch your demons, take your power back, and unapologetically embody your Soul’s truth.

I’ve helped thousands of people just like you release the negative emotional patterns trapped in their system and level up their life by cultivating a strong intuitive connection with their Soul. It’s my hope that this daily ritual will help you do just that!


Clarity, calm, focus, and momentum are literally a few clicks away.
Master Your Mediation Game Here!

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