Take This Risk To Manifest Your Dreams

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Here’s the greatest, most important risk you absolutely must have the kajones to take if you want to create what your soul calls you to manifest.

This risk leads you to the soaring heights you long for, but hardly dare hope, because in comparison to where you are now you feel reaching them seems impossible. 

(I’m sharing this story, because like me, I know you’ve got a mission you’re compelled to fulfill, and I want you to go all the freaking way with it!)

In the beginning of 2015, I started the process of taking my Higher Self Alignment work online and global.  I had a thriving local practice at the time, but I wanted more. Way more.  And I had absolutely no idea that anything I was hoping for or dreaming about would pan out in the slightest. 

Logically it was total pipe dream, but I felt it so completely on an intuitive level it was undeniable.

So, I decided right then that even if I had to raise hell of the hinges, I was going to make it all happen. 

I’d had my ass kicked more than once since I started. I’ve had days that made me question the core of who I am, my abilities, my entire concept of Self, and if I’m even fit to do anything of importance in the world.

Who the hell do I think I am and what makes me think I can pull it off? Do the things I long to bring into the world even help others or matter?  Maybe I’m just nuts…

Despite my doubts, I simply refused to quit. 

Because when I look back on my accomplishments of the last 16 months, I’m surprised by what my ridiculously irrational determination actually built.  Here’s a super short list…

  • Within 8 months online, I launched my signature intuitive development and alignment training program (Becoming Your Higher Self) that cleared 5 figures in sales and had students on 4 different continents enrolled on the first launch.
  • Developed my own coaching system and method that delivers huge results for my peeps.
  • Tripled my hourly coaching rate.
  • Established an international clientele base of people who love my stuffs!
  • Co-created a meditation CD that was listed in Spirituality and Health Magazine.
  • Became a contributing author for the leading publications in my industry.  

And then at long last, something tangible to show that, no I’m not nuts, and yes it is working.  

One of my friends was looking for my biz page, and sent me this screenshot. (Check out the time…ha!)  

Heather Alice Shea Higher Self Alignment Intuition

45,934 people are talking about the work I’m doing in the world?  How did that happen?  

In truth, the number isn’t a big deal at all and it doesn’t really matter what people say or don’t say. It doesn’t change who we are or our value at all. But what does matter is that take the chances our soul calls us to take.

And the main lesson I’ve learned from following where my Higher Self calls me is this…

I used to think chances to live your destiny were something you had to wait for – they were magically given and taken away.  Now I realize the truth…

You alone create the opportunity needed to live your destiny.

It appears the moment you’re ready to take the hardest, greatest and most important risk of all – which is to believe in and bet on yourself. 

You already have the greatest asset you will ever need to fulfill your purpose and calling in this life.  You have you and your Higher Self. 

You were born equipped with all you need to live the life your soul longs for. 

If you’re at all like me (and I know you are) you feel called to do something amazing with your life.  Don’t shy away from it or water it down.  Don’t apologize for wanting it or for wanting to more.  And most of all, never ever doubt yourself and what you feel called to do, no matter how crazy it may appear.

Just go for it. You will, without question, reach the heights you know in your heart you’re destined to achieve.

Much Love!





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