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The Intuition Revolution Has Begun.

First, there were yoga teachers who illuminated the path. Then came the meditation teachers, who guided seekers within. Now…

The Rise of the True Intuition™ Facilitator Is Here.

The systems of the “old world” are crumbling before our very eyes. Change is happening at a blinding pace and many people need help finding their way through the uncertainty.

 More awakened people than ever before are answering the call. They’re claiming their confidence and leadership role to create a prosperous future.

The World Needs a New Kind of Leader & Coach

I’d be willing to bet that you have the ability to see, feel, and know beyond the logical “left-brain” forms of thinking, being, and doing. You’re probably a natural intuitive.

You innately understand the wisdom offered by ancient spiritual teachings and you also love how modern science is now able to support and explain them.

And you’d be able to impact more people and manifest way more abundance if you had a proven intuitive development system that works for anyone that’s also simple, fun, and effective.

If you feel called to lead others to reclaim their power, purpose, and potential by harnessing your own intuition and teaching them how to do the same, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s Explore if Harnessing Your Intuition
to Lead Others is in Your Future!

What’s an Intuition Facilitator?

As more and more people are awakening around the world, an opportunity for a radical shift in consciousness is rising. Many on the spiritual path desire to be a part of the solution that opens a new, hopeful doorway to humanity’s future.

The central struggle for so many souls right now is feeling uncertain and overwhelmed; without a way to determine what is in their highest good, and what isn’t.

Without our own internal guidance system to lead us, we are stuck relying on old patterns or turning to external sources for validation.

Intuitive connection is the answer to all of these challenges! 

Stop For a Moment & Imagine…

a world where every person in it was unshakably connected to their own inner sense of knowing…

With a new wave of intuitive leaders, this is a powerful and possible reality.

When you shift more continuously to the intuitive way of being, you will move through your day, approach work, and relate to those around you in a way that naturally inspires and transforms every you meet.

 Your Life Will Become a Model &
Monument for Teaching Others

📣 If you’ve ever dreamed of putting your intuition on speed-dial & harnessing it to help others, listen up!

Who This Is For

You’ll have the world’s no. 1 Intuition Teacher, Heather Alice Shea, M.S., by your side and supporting you wherever you are in your journey:

Beginner to Intuition, Coaching, & Energy Work

We support you by:

  • Give you the foundational knowledge, skills, and techniques that prepare you to coach and lead with confidence, regardless of your experience level.
  • Eliminate self-doubt and confusion by giving you a proven, easy-to-follow method that works with your natural intuitive style and coaching approach.
  • Elevate your self-perception & mindset into the full belief in yourself as a highly-qualified intuition professional.
  • Guide you through the business building basics by giving you a done-for-you 6 session coaching program that has you earning more on day one.

Already Certified & Experienced Intuitives, Coaches, Teachers, & Mentors

We support you by:

  • If you’re already using intuition as a professional, you’ll gain a structured, science-supported method with advanced concepts far beyond what’s known by most intuitive practitioners, giving you a major advantage over untrained coaches or dabblers who are winging it.
  • Broaden your ability to teach and coach anyone, regardless of their current skill level how to develop their intuition in a way that doesn’t scare or overwhelm them, making you the go-to intuition professional everyone loves working with!
  • Enhance your current skill set and coaching approach by infusing aspects of our methodology into your current work, giving your clients better value while dramatically increasing your earning potential.

Business Coaches & Entrepreneurs

We support you by:

  • Research shows that the no.1 skill employed by successful CEOs and business owners and coaches is intuition. Whether you want to develop your intuition for your own enjoyment or apply an intuitive approach in your business, this program will show you how.
  • Optimize your decision-making process to align with your goals and values in less time, with less energy spent on unimportant details, ultimately helping you build a bolder business that generates a bigger bottom line.
  • Become a wiser, more aware leader by cultivating strong non-verbal and energetic communication skills that make your team and partners feel seen, heard, and motivated to meet their responsibilities with vigor and vitality.

What is the True Intuition™ Facilitator Program?

This is a 16-week online, interactive intuition development and facilitator certification program. It’s an in-depth education in the science, philosophy, and application of intuition as a formal coaching skill that catapults your confidence and impact in the world.

Using our proprietary 6-step intuitive development method, you’ll learn to facilitate and teach the True Intuition™ Method, develop a unique personalized teaching approach, and ultimately graduate with the world’s first internationally recognized professional Intuition Teacher certification.

Whether you want to become a teacher, start a business, deepen your knowledge, or learn a personalized intuitive practice rooted in science and ancient wisdom that you can share with others, this program will provide you with the tools to use intuition to change lives, starting with your own!

What Makes This Program Unlike Anything Else?

The True Intuition™

This research-supported method is the heart of our program. It’s why our students harness their intuitive abilities much faster and with more accurate information.

The method ease-fully moves you through 6 organic and vital stages of intuitive development, which connects and harmonizes your unconscious and conscious mind. This effortlessly releases resistance, which allows you to relax into the growth process while unlocking your natural psi abilities and creativity at the same time.

Each stage is accompanied by a developmental challenge and growth goal, which makes it very easy to understand and teach to others.

1. Inner Awareness

The first step is to develop the ability to shift and hold your attention from the external world to your internal world, where your deeper source of intelligence resides.

2. Notice

With focused intention, you become receptive and open to information from within as you tune in and witness your personal intuitive style and language via your 7 intuitive “clair” gateways.

3. Trust

Next, you master moving beyond limiting beliefs and fears so you can confidently rely on your intuition as a vital and valid part of your daily experience and decision-making process.

4. Interpret

Then, you creatively explore the various literal, symbolic, and metaphorical meanings of your intuitive impressions while integrating logical information into the process, and operating in harmony between them.

5. Act

You discern and decide how to apply and act on intuitive information to manifest your goals, vision, and preferred reality. You shift from intuition being something “I do” to something “I am.”

6. Teach

You become a beacon for others; leading, teaching, and coaching the world to develop and use intuition as an essential skill for personal, professional, and spiritual growth and societal evolution. (*Professional Track Only)

Introducing Atmana Academy’s

The True Intuition™ Certification Program fully prepares you to establish yourself as a highly-qualified intuition expert and educator, while turbo-boosting your intuitive abilities and commanding better rates than the average intuitive practitioner.

All while discovering your own intuitive style, with the support you need to bring it to life! 

Your Pathway to Intuitive Mastery

Learn. Master. Coach.

Your 4 Month Journey at a Glance – Choose Your Track!


The personal track is for you if your main priority is focusing on your own intuitive development and spiritual development at this time. You will have access to the exact same training materials as the Professional track. However, you will not have receive the “Teach & Coach” materials or the Done-For-You Licensed True Intuition Program.

  • Choose this track if would like to develop your own intuitive abilities and you aren’t interested in certification or coaching others about intuitive development at this time.  (You can upgrade to the professional track at anytime you wish!)


The professional track is for you if you would like to strengthen your own intuitive abilities as well as coach and teach the True Intuition™ Method to your one-on-one clients.  Whether you are new to coaching or you have coaching experience, you’ll be equipped to start coaching the method from day one of earning your Certification! You’ll recieve access to our entire Coach & Teacher Training Portal, as well as complete access to the 8 module Done-For-You signature program based on the True Intuition Method! 

  • Choose this track if you want to step into your calling as an intuition facilitator and lead others back into their own inner knowing!

Semester 1

(Month 1)


Learn the Method

Dive deep into the “science and spirit” of intuition and immerse yourself in exploring each of your intuitive abilities and how they work for you. You’ll blast past mental resistance and self-doubt by gaining a clear understanding of your true abilities. Once you’ve discovered how each of your 7 “clair” gateways flow through you, you’ll move into mastery!

Semester 2

(Months 2 & 3)


Master the Method

Next, you’ll pump up the volume of your impressions by experimenting and practicing your abilities with weekly experiential exercises and by participating in class! Using fun developmental exercises that never take more than 5 minutes and can be used literally anywhere, you’ll master not only your intuitive abilities but the intuitive growth process, which prepares you to teach!

Semester 3

(Month 4)


Coach the Method

Once you have your own personal intuitive style mastered, you’ll learn how to infuse it into your offerings, and teach a simplified version of the True Intuition™ Method to your clients! We will show you how to create your own coaching high value teaching/coaching program that will enable you to start earning top-dollar as a sought-after True Intuition™ Teacher after you graduate!


The Curriculum

Month 1


The Foundational Science of Intuition:
How Intuition Works & Overcoming Obstacles to Connection

In your first month, Heather & Team Atmana will guide you through the fundamentals of the art and science of intuition and how it is properly applied in coaching and helping settings. You’ll discover the science behind how energetic/intuitive communication is ‘sent and received’ between you and others, and you’ll become adept at getting into the intuitive state.

We support you by:

  • How to explain the science of how intuition, the various different types of intuition, and how to anyone so you can share your skills and offerings with more people.
  • Address common limiting beliefs, fears, mind-chatter, and patterns that block your intuitive growth, stop them in their tracks and even reverse them.
  • Uncover the differences between intuition and other psi phenomena (telepathy, pre-cognition, remote viewing, etc.) and dispel common myths that hinder growth.
  • Powerful, 3-step practice to get into to intuitive state, grounding practices, which eliminates internal resistance and makes sensing intuitive information more simple.
  • Effective energetic protection practices so you always feel confident and safe while working with your gifts, all while putting them on speed-dial.

By the end of Month 1, you’ll have an extraordinarily deep and accurate mastery of the science behind how intuition works, the building blocks of proper intuitive development and how to overcome obstacles to your intuitive growth. Your time here lays the groundwork for your training in subsequent months and plants the seeds for the best possible results with your own intuitive development and your practice.

Month 2


Learn the Method:
Developing Strong Intuitive Skills & Radical Confidence

In your second month, Heather & Team Atmana will guide you through each step of the True Intuition™ Methodology. You master how to focus your awareness on energetic sources of information, keep your channels open. You’ll learn how to open see, feel, and sense your 7 intuitive gateways, and gain research-supported techniques that amplify your connection in a safe but potent way.

Highlights include:

  • Identify your primary and secondary intuitive skills, and clarify how your specific energetic system works while connecting to others so you can provide powerful and practical transformation with a broader range of clients.
  • Interpret the various meanings of your intuitive impressions in a way that uncovers multi-dimensional insight and solutions that reshape your client’s reality.
  • Eradicate the fear of getting it ‘wrong’ and also release the need to be ‘right’ by prioritizing service to others and empowering them to the best of your ability.
  • Deeply connect with your “Inner Guide” (your Higher Self) so you feel supported, lead, and guided on your path of leading others.
  • Take command over your energy field at all times to stop the energetic drain, and remain in control of your abilities and client sessions.

By the end of Month 2, you’ll possess a whole new understanding of the practice process of “tuning in and turning on” your intuitive abilities by learning how to master the intuitive state, open your 7 intuitive channels (the “clairs”) and trust the information you receive through a process called “reality testing.” You’ll use a 6-part matrix that makes ‘decoding’ and understanding your intuitive hits effortless, and you’ll learn simple actions to integrate your ‘left brain’ into the mix, for balanced, more accurate intuitive decisions and insights!

Month 3


Master the Method:
Applying Intuition to Invoke Transformation In Self

In your third month, after developing your own rock-solid intuitive connection, you’ll dive deeper into how to use intuition as a formal skill! You’ll develop personalized strategies to detect and describe your intuitive impressions and experience, harness emotions and desire as interpretation tools, and develop your own ‘symbol dictionary’ for what specific images and ideas mean to you.

Highlights include:

  • The Going Clear technique: A 4-step process for getting incredibly clear answers to your questions so you always know how to get the guidance you need.
  • Expertly employ your emotional intelligence and somatic awareness as indicators that help color and decode the deeper meaning of your intuitive hits.
  • Craft a ‘word bank’ of go-to intuitive descriptors that help you verbalize your impression in a way that invokes massive a-ha moments for everyone you encounter.
  • Powerfully guide your clients to overcome their intuitive blocks by identifying and remedying fears and insecurities to skyrocket their confidence.

By the end of Month 3, you will complete your training in the True Intuition™ Method. You’ll discover how to safely guide yourself into the intuitive state and through deeper states of consciousness via the True Intuition™ methodology, and from these states invoke a variety of life-changing outcomes: including freedom from self-doubt, limiting beliefs, emotional sabotage, generational patterns, and even identity-shifting.

Month 4


Coach the Method:
Instantly Teach Like A Master with a Done-for-You Program

In your fourth month, you will complete your advanced training as a Certified True Intiution™️ Facilitator. You’ll officially own your role as a facilitator and/or teacher by learning how to coach your students about the intuitive process. You’ll strengthen your coaching and intuitive skills and release the fear of others’ opinions of you. You’ll begin the process of holistically integrating all your talents, experience, skillsets, modalities, and certification into a DONE-FOR-YOU intuitive development program offer that kickstarts your teaching practice with a bang.

Highlights include:

  • Utilizing intuition to overcome client struggles: how to apply intuition into your work safely and effectively so you stand out as a true pro.
  • Guidance for how to have one-on-one sessions with people and also how to host small group sessions that are rooted in intuitive mastery.
  • Addressing fears of rejection and ridicule and artfully navigating people’s negative evaluations about you as an Intuition Teacher.
  • Facilitate your done-for-you 2k – 5k ‘Kickstarter’ coaching program that allows you to teach others about intuitive development in your own personal style.
  • Infuse and integrate your other skillsets, certifications, and modalities into a cohesive framework that separates and scalable practice from a struggling one.

By the end of Month 4, you’ll emerge as a fully-fledged certified intuition facilitator & teacher: with a diverse skill set for addressing a wide range of challenges, goals, and situations. You’ll have a solid intuitive connection as well as the mindset and confidence to serve at the highest level. And the realistic, yet strategic coaching program that showcases your unique helping approach so you can build a profitable practice with the power to cultivate abundance on every level of your life, all while serving your soul’s purpose.

Program Components

1. Easy-to-Follow Weekly Training

Learn and grow at your own pace with our recorded curriculum released to you on a weekly training schedule. You only need 60 – 90 minutes a week to follow your weekly training videos with Heather, and master every aspect of becoming a True Intuition™ Certified Facilitator. At the end of your 4 months, you’re given “legacy” access to the core curriculum – Yours to keep!

2. Access & Coach the 8 Module, Done-For-You True Intuition™ Signature Program

The two biggest obstacles to teaching others about intuition is having a proven system that creates real results and an effective coaching program that teaches that system. I’ve taken care of that for you. As a part of your certification, you’ll be granted an 8 module Signature True Intuition™ Coaching program that enables you to start earning and helping people from day one, without all the confusion and wheel-spinning that comes with trying to create you own system and program. (*Professional track only)

3. Go Deeper with 8 Live Classes (2 per month)

This isn’t a “here are some videos, go learn all alone” program. In addition to the recordings of the sessions and the core training content, you’ll be led by Heather and/or her Master Instructors into mastery of the method. We encourage dialogue and help you deeply understand the intuitive skills you need to be a masterful intuitive teacher and practitioner.

4. Practice Your Intuitive Skills

Intuitive development is a “contact” sport! Lasting growth happens when you apply what you are learning in class. During our live class calls, you’ll play and practice the skills you are learning, experiment with your personal intuitive style, and ask questions that relate to your development, as well as how to teach intuition to others in a way that works for you. 

5. 16 Weekly, Power-Packed Intuitive Development Challenges

Intuitive confidence comes to you like any other skill – daily practice! Your intuitive accuracy and energetic sensitivity are mastered best by simply using them every day. Each week in the Facebook group, we will host-n-post a spicy little intuitive development challenge that will get you “out of your head” and into the “being and doing” of intuitive work in a fun and collaborative way. All exercises will take under 5 to 10 minutes to complete, making your development realistic to accomplish. 

6. Lifetime Access to the Curriculum

The core curriculum of the program, the True Intuition™ Method, is a comprehensive and profound methodology that you can learn from month after month, year after year. You’ll have lifetime access to the program, with the ability to download all the training and materials, as you like! 

7. Private Community Facebook Group

The people you are surrounded (or not surrounded by) have a profound effect on your growth. Having a community of like-hearted people to link arms with on your journey makes all the difference in your transformation. The private Facebook group gives you a comfortable place to share your wins and challenges, bounce ideas and experiences with classmates, and level up with a loving, supportive community. 


 Certified True Intuition™ Facilitator


12 Incredible Bonus Courses!

Dive even deeper into your role as an intuitive leader and mentor by discovering how to work with your dream clients who have needs and interests that extend into specific areas of growth.

Whether it’s helping your students navigate the spiritual awakening process and journey, doing inner child work, or powerfully marketing your brand and clarifying your message, we’ve cherry-picked the best of our in-depth training that shortens the timeline to your success, on the house.


Your Personal Intuition Symbols Journal

Dive even deeper into your role as an intuitive leader and mentor by discovering how to work with your dream clients who have needs and interests that extend into specific areas of growth.

Whether it’s helping your students navigate the spiritual awakening process and journey, doing inner child work, or powerfully marketing your brand and clarifying your message, we’ve cherry-picked the best of our in-depth training that shortens the timeline to your success, on the house.



Signature Coaching Program

You’ll get a Done-For-You, 8 Module Signature Coaching Program that earns more from day one, without getting trapped in your head trying to create you own program.

Imagine having a powerful intuition development coaching program at your fingertips the instant you graduate.

No more struggling to figure out what you do or how you do it.

The moment you’re certified, you’ll begin coaching True Intuition Curriculum that takes the guess-work out of teaching your clients to tap into and trust their own intuitive abilities!


The True Intuition Growth Map & Meeting Your Higher Self

Licensed Materials to Give Clients

  • Lesson 1 Handout
  • True Intuition Growth Map & Goal Setting Guide

Additional Teaching & Content Material

  • Teacher Training Manual
  • Meeting Higher Self-Editable Script
  • Client Intuition Baseline Questionnaire


Science Basics &
Dispelling the Myths

Licensed Materials to Give Clients

  • Lesson Two Handout
  • Dispelling the Myths Worksheet
  • Energetic Boundaries Assessment
  • Reclaiming Your Energy & Strengthening Your Boundaries Worksheet

Additional Teaching & Content Material

  • Teacher Training Manual


Inner Awareness: The Art of Going Within

Licensed Materials to Give Clients

  • Lesson Three Handout
  • Automatic Writing Exercise to Connect with Your Higher Self

Additional Teaching & Content Material

  • Teacher Training Manual
  • Grounding for Inner Awareness, Visualization Editable Script


Notice: Discovering Your Primary Intuitive Gateways

Licensed Materials to Give Clients

  • Lesson Four Handout
  • 5 Practical Ways to Notice Your Intuition in Your Everday Life

Additional Teaching & Content Material

  • Teacher Training Manual
  • Clair-Gateways Exercises
  • Discovering Your Primary Intuitive Gateway Visualization


Notice: Unlocking the 7 Clair-Gateways of Intuitive Communication

Licensed Materials to Give Clients

  • Lesson Five Handout
  • Asking Clear Questions
  • Releasing Intuitive Interference

Additional Teaching & Content Material

  • Teacher Training Manual


Trust: Cultivating Unshakable Confidence in Your Abilities

Licensed Materials to Give Clients

  • Lesson Six Handout
  • Ego Voice vs. Intuitive Voice Worksheet
  • Rising Above Blocks, Doubt & Fear Worksheet

Additional Teaching & Content Material

  • Teacher Training Manual


Interpret: Clearly Understand What Your Intuition is Telling You

Licensed Materials to Give Clients

  • Lesson Seven Handout
  • The Atmana Interpretation Matrix

Additional Teaching & Content Material

  • Teacher Training Manual


Act: The Courage and Clarity to Take Aligned Action on Your Impressions

Licensed Materials to Give Clients

  • Lesson Eight Handout
  • Avoidant to Ascended Action PDF
  • Intuitive Living Daily Tracker

Additional Teaching & Content Material

  • Teacher Training Manual


You’ll confidently coach your clients into soul-guided success with these grab-and-go resources that help them get results faster.

8 Done-For-You Lesson Plans & Handouts

Yes, you’re literally allowed to teach my IP!

Ranging from approximately 8 to 17 pages per lesson, you’ll be free to give your clients a done-for-you program that’s supported by science and 100% works! The handouts teach the key aspects of each step in the True Intuition Method, without you needing to lift a finger to create one piece of program material. It truly is “done for you.” These lesson plans + handouts will almost magically grant your clients crystal clear clarity on how to develop their intuition in a fun, effective way, because they will clearly be able to see “what” they will learn and “how” they will learn it. And the best part? You’ll be 100% confident that you can coach amazing, value packed sessions each and every time.

12 Done-For-You Client Worksheets

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Just use these!

Finally, homework you and your clients actually love!  These ready-to-use worksheets and self-reflection exercises deepen awareness, expand consciousness, and put your intuition on speed-dial! The exercises and concepts are unlike anything you’ve ever seen taught before, which means you’re clients will be engaged and impressed with the original and unique way you are teaching them to embrace their intuitive power.  Your clients will keep coming back for me and remain totally active through the entire coaching process. 

3 Total Done-For-You Intuition Assessments

Tracking and measuring your client’s progress is what sets good coaches, facilitators, and teachers apart from the rest.  With these intuition-focused assessments, you’ll be able to set realistic but bold growth goals while focusing on the areas that are most important, without wasting time and energy on stuff that your clients don’t care about or don’t find valuable.  And the best part is, at the end of working with you, your clients will literally be able to see all the progress they’ve made just by looking at their assessment numbers!

Assessments Included:

  • True Intuition Growth Map & Goal Setting Guide
  • Client Intuition Baseline Questionnaire
  • Energetic Boundaries Assessment

30 Customizable Intuition & Meditation Scripts

Intuition is a contact sport but coming up with all the intuitive development exercises that actually work and aren’t overly complicated is harder than herding cats.  (And honestly, you don’t really have the time to do it anyway…) That’s why I’m giving you at least two worksheets and “out of session” homework that you can give your clients that helps their intuitive skills soar and you stay on track as you focus on doing the thing you were born to do, which is to help others ascend. 

The True Intuition™ Program is the First & Only One of its Kind

Because empowering you how to fully see, feel, and strengthen your intuition is just the beginning of the True Intuition™ experience. 

  • Teach and empower others to connect with their truth and live from it, permanently.
  • Enhance your other coaching, healing, and helping approaches, bringing more impact and acclaim to your work.
  • Set yourself apart from the dabblers as a powerful intuition expert makes healing happen.
  • Have a grounded, integrated, and embodied intuition framework anyone can understand and use to change their life.

Meet Your Mentor, Heather Alice Shea

Known as the Intuition Teacher’s Teacher…

Heather is the Founder & CEO of Atmana Academy, the world’s first research-based life coach school for intuitive leaders, practitioners, and coaches.

Her passion is teaching aspiring healers and coaches how to cultivate their intuition and express their own unique coaching style so they can confidently help any client, with any challenge into an elevated life.  She’s trained hundreds of practitioners across five continents to claim their calling as intuitive leaders while creating financial flexibility and freedom on their own terms.

She is the creator of the True Intuition™ intuitive development and Teacher Training system, and host of The Everyday Intuitive Podcast. Her work has been featured in top publications like Entrepreneur Magazine and Brainz Magazine.

She holds a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Florida, a PCC-level certification with the ICF, and is a licensed HeartMath® Coach and Mentor.  

As a True Intuition™ Certified Facilitator,

You’re empowered to coach lasting transformation across any domain or topic you chose.

What Our Graduates Say

“I’ve been in the wellness space for many years and I have to say that this is the most incredible intuitive development program I have ever experienced! True Intuition and Atmana are the real deal. I’m running my own Intuitive Divorce group coaching program now and I have to say, being and Intuitive guide is the best job in the world!”

– Kristen Noel (New York)

“Before this program, I didn’t really think I was that intuitive. But now that I understand how my intuition works for me personally, having the confidence to put myself fully out there has skyrocketed! I’m coaching my own group programs and have cleared 50K since I found Atmana!

– Dayana Alexandrova (Bulgaria)

I love the way Heather presents the science behind intuition! It made me feel more confident in my intuitive abilities so I can teach it to others.”

– Chantal (Ottawa, Canada)

“I’ve always had the ability to sense things other people couldn’t, but I didn’t know what it was or how to trust it. True Intuition gave me a way to understand so many of my life experiences, and now I’m helping others along the way. I am so grateful for Atmana!”

– Eric Longoria (Arizona)

“I launched my program and enrolled three students before I even graduated.  Adding Intuition into my remote viewing skillset and teaching has been a total game-changer”

– Josh Maitland  (Canada)

This Isn’t Another Cookie-Cutter Program

You and your client’s needs are infinitely unique.

There’s no such thing as a “silver bullet” when it comes to intuitive development. This is an infinitely personal and transformative journey and we understand that.

That’s why the True Intuition™ method teaches you dozens of intuitive development techniques and approaches, giving you the ability to broaden your intuitive bandwidth, while also sharpening your senses to the subtle energetic information all around you.

Throughout the program, you’ll discover the tried-and-true intuitive development practices that deepen your connection to your own Higher Self in a way that works for you, while continuing to explore and expand into new levels of intuitive development and professional mastery.

They Did It. You Can Too.

“I no longer wonder if I’m a great intuitive, I know I am really good at this and I’m helping so many people!

– Anissa (California)

“I never have a plan B. I know this is my calling and I’m so thankful to Atmana & Heather for giving me the path and the tools to make my dream a reality!

– Katie Pell (Florida)

“Since Atmana, I’ve quit my corporate job and replaced my corporate salary, all by living my purpose full-time intuitive coach and teacher!”

– Amber (Minnesota)

Choose Your Perfect  Enrollment Plan Below


Instant Access to the Entire Methodology

  • 4 months of bi-weekly classes (8 classes total) with Heather & Instructors
  • Live practice and intuitive demos in class to catapult your growth
  • 7 original meditations that effortlessly unlock your intuitive abilities
  • 150-page Intuition Symbols Journal to decode the language of your intuition & Higher Self
  • 16 weekly Intuitive development challenges to turbo-boost your connection
  • Lifetime access to the Semester 1 & 2 True Intuition™ Methodology & core curriculum
  • Private Community Facebook Group
  • Instant Access to All 12 Bonus Training!

Enroll in Full or with Installments

– One Simple Installment of $1,997


– 8 Easy Installments of $275


Everything Included in the Personal Track, PLUS…

  • 4 months of bi-weekly classes (8 classes total) with Heather & Instructors
  • Live practice and intuitive demos in class to catapult your growth
  • 7 original meditations that effortlessly unlock your intuitive abilities
  • 150-page Intuition Symbols Journal to decode the language of your intuition & Higher Self
  • 16 weekly Intuitive development challenges to turbo-boost your connection
  • Lifetime access to the entire True Intuition™ Methodology & core curriculum
  • Private Community Facebook Group
  • Instant Access to All 12 Bonus Training!
  • Certification Eligible
  • All Facilitator Training methodology and all supporting coaching materials
  • The Entire Done-For-You True Intuition Signature Program for your 1:1 clients.
  • Post-graduation, attend 3 extra mindset calls (1x monthly)!

Enroll in Full or with Installments

 – One Simple Installment of $3,500


– 8 Easy Installments of $450

Have questions and want to talk to a real human about the program?
We’re one DM away! 👇

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there live classes & how do they work?

Yes! You’ll be able to attend 8 live class clinics. The classes are experiential in nature, designed to implement the concepts you are learning and experience your own intuitive abilities firsthand. We also have a weekly live challenge each week to solidify your skills, awaken the full depth of your abilities and have a ton of fun with your classmates while you are at it!

I can’t attend live. Are sessions recorded?

Absolutely! All sessions are recorded. You will be able to access them in the membership area.  We make sure you have access to all the information and help you need. 

I already have a certification and I’m already coaching and teaching. What would I gain from this?

A good portion of our coaches is practicing coaches who possess some kind of certification already. They train with us to “fill in the gaps”  in their skillset. A major benefit to this program is gaining a deep understanding of how you uniquely use your intuition, with research-supported frameworks on how your intuitive gifts work, and how you can leverage them as a helping professional. The reality is, most intuitive practitioners today are undertrained or using antiquated strategies that may not be in alignment with what we know now to be accurate and true about intuitive development and its uses in a helping setting. This program will set you apart as an intuitive professional, who is leveraging the cutting-edge concepts and techniques now available. 

Is there a refund policy?

This is a high-level professional development program.  When you enroll you gain instant access to much of the curriculum, content, replays, and materials.  Therefore, there are no refunds.

Do you guarantee this will work for me?

We proudly stand behind this program! 😃 The True Intuition Method works 100% of the time, for everyone who does the work. Our students have achieved amazing, life-changing results. The effectiveness of any training program is entirely dependent on the commitment, energy, effort, self-discipline, and consistent action you take to achieve your goals. The guarantee that it’s going to work for you is entirely dependent on you. We’ll support you every step of the way within the container of the program, and if you show up and commit to your own growth, you can fully expect to see amazing results!

What if I have questions or need support?

Once enrolled you’ll receive information from us on how best to contact us via email for questions about the coursework, or our technical support team for any system (online access or performance) issues. You will also be able to submit and ask questions during the live training sessions and through our private Facebook community.

How much time does this take each week?

We know you’re busy! We designed this program with your real-life priorities in mind.  You’ll spend 1-2 hours per week (tops) on class, practice, and studying curriculum.  The program is very well organized and streamlined,  to make it easier for you to get the education you desire and deserve.

Can I teach this in a group format?

No. This program is our Level 1 certification, which certifies you to work one-on-one with clients. If you are interested in teaching the True Intuition system to groups, please email brannon@atmanaacademy.com for more information about Level 2 training.

I’m new to coaching and/or I don’t have formal training or a corporate background. Will I be able to do this?

You sure can! The entire point of this program is to give you the strong intuitive skills you need to be successful across any domain in which you wish to help your clients.  We understand the desire to help others, but do not have the background or “bona fides” to feel confident and capable to do so.  This program will give you everything you need to become a professional intuition teacher and leader, without having to spend tons of time and money to do it! 

Do you offer scholarships?

No. We operate in harmony with the law of reciprocity, which means receiving in equal measure for what we give. We trust that the students who are meant to be here will meet the minimum requirement for tuition via their own means.

How long do I have to complete the program and get certified?

Certification is a snap! You’ll graduate with your certificate at the end of your 4 months in the program simply by completing all the coursework and attending at least 3 live classes. We know you are deeply committed to this process, but you also have to balance your learning and practice within the time you have available to you throughout your week. We trust that you will complete the coursework, and use the support available to you to master the concepts!

Why should I trust Heather as a teacher & mentor?

Great question!  Heather is the embodiment of real-world experience meeting academic excellence.  She has over 20 years of coaching experience, holds a BS in Psychology, a Master in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, holds a PCC Certification with the ICF, and two additional certifications with HeartMath, the world’s leading research institution on intuition.  Her scientific research in mindfulness and cognition has been presented at top psychological conferences in the United States.  She has “walked the talk” by single-handedly building her own 7-figure coaching practice and internationally recognized training academy, with intuition being her hallmark area of expertise.  This training program is the height of her knowledge, passion, and experience that shortens your timeline to success and springboards you into the greatness you know you are here to achieve as a coach.