Our Purpose is to Help You Live Yours


What  We Do

sAtmana Academy is an online coaching training and education company that provides life coach certification and intuitive development training to emerging intuitive professionals in the personal growth and wellness industry.

Using our research-based training methodologies that blend spirituality and science, we help aspiring coaches from all over the world master superior coaching skills, strengthen their intuitive connection, and create irresistible coaching programs that fast-track their growth and scales their businesses with a bang.

Our Training Philosophy

We take a humanistic approach to
learning, coaching, and training.

Our core teaching philosophy rests on two principles. The first is that all human beings have an innate desire to self-actualize and that vitality and health are fostered when they do so. The second is that when people are given what Dr. Carl Rogers described as the “necessary and sufficient conditions” for growth, change occurs naturally. We equip and empower our clients to provide those necessary and sufficient conditions by embodying the “being and doing” of coaching as outlined by the ICF’s Core Competencies and standards.  Through this congruent coaching training process, they are able to cultivate the inner and outer resources needed to live a resilient, vibrant, and healthy life in alignment with their full potential and ideal self.

Our Mission

To elevate human consciousness through equipping & empowering intuitive-focused coaches, mentors, & teachers to help themselves & their clients claim a vibrant, authentic life.

Our Vision

By 2025, teach & empower 5,000 conscious intuitive professionals into positions of global leadership where they can be a force for impactful and positive change in the world.

Meet  the Team


Heather Alice Shea, M.S., PCC


A former psychotherapist turned master coach, Heather Alice Shea is the CEO and Founder of Atmana Academy, the world’s first research-supported life coach training school specifically for intuitive life coaches.

Her passion is teaching aspiring healers and coaches how to cultivate their intuition, master superior coaching skills, and express their own unique coaching style so they can confidently help any client, with any challenge into a better life.  Known as the “Intuition Teacher’s Teacher,” she’s trained hundreds of practitioners across five continents to claim their calling as intuitive leaders while creating financial flexibility and freedom on their own terms.

She is the creator of the True Intuition™ intuitive development system, the Atmana Intuitive Coaching™ Method, and host of The Everyday Intuitive Podcast. Her work has been featured in top publications like Entrepreneur Magazine, Spirituality & Health Magazine, Brainz Magazine, Mind Body Green, and Best Self Magazine. 

Heather holds a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Florida. She is PCC certified with the ICF, as well as a licensed HeartMath® Life Coach and Mentor.  When not working, advocates with The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, where she serves as a board member and Chairwoman of the education division.

Sharona P. Moorer, PCC

Lead Instructor

Using over two decades of corporate consulting experience and her Atmana Academy certification, Sharona helps solopreneurs and motivated professionals find the clarity they need to take action in their lives and businesses. Sharona empowers each client to get real, spark clarity, and unlock their natural confidence while fostering connection and community in the Atmana family.

Amber Maier

Lead Instructor

 Using a unique blend of 20+ years of experience in leadership and human resources with deep studies in the metaphysical, Amber now helps intuitives discover their soul purpose, awaken their gifts and move past their blocks so they can fully claim their power. One of her deepest passions is teaching through her Akashic Records and Angels Certification program and as an instructor for Atmana, supporting the development of powerful healers to be unleashed into the world. 

Kristen Noel


Atmana Certified Intuitive Life Coach, Editor-in-Chief of Best Self Magazine, the leading voice for holistic health and conscious living…and a professional phoenix rising from the ashes. Kristen is dedicated to helping women reclaim their power as they navigate life’s adversities — which has led to her creation of an Intuitive Divorce Coaching program, to guide mothers and their children through the messiness of divorce.

Stefanie Shaughnessy

Leadership & Coach Growth

As former homicide detective turned intuitive coach and 6-figure earner as a wellness entrepreneur with Plexus, Stefanie serves as an Atmana Intuitive Life Coach and a brilliant mentor and teacher to our aspiring coaches. She also heads up Atmana’s business development and social media marketing tracks, bringing a unique and dynamic level of training to all our coaches. 

Our Advisory Team

Our advisors guide and inform the initiatives that Atmana Academy creates and champions. Each are subject matter experts in the fields of neuroscience, internal medicine, clinical mental health counseling, clinical intuition, creativity, psi abilities, Jungian symbolism, mindfulness, yoga, and play therapy.

Dr. Russell Kennedy, MD


Dr. Russell Kennedy is a Neuroscientist with degrees and advanced training in medicine and developmental psychology. He knows more about the understanding, treatment, and healing of anxiety from more perspectives than anyone else in the world. It’s not all science though, as he is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher and was a professional stand up comedian for over a decade.  Throughout his extensive training and life experiences, he discovered how he could heal himself from anxiety and now he shares those insights with others who struggle with chronic emotional pain. Although Russ relies on his intuitive abilities just as much as his scientific background. He is excited to find a place at Atmana that fully embraces the synthesis of science and spirit.  

Dr. Tes Tuason, Ph.D.

Professor & Director of Mental Health Counseling, UNF

Dr. Tuason is a counseling psychologist – specifically interested in addressing a) social issues such as poverty and inequities, and social justice issues related to counseling minority populations (in terms of ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status), b) conducting research that is respectful and appreciative of culture given our global community, specifically of the populations of developing countries such as the Philippines, (overseas workers, parenting, differentiation from family, alcoholism), and c) family, child, and adolescent clinical issues utilizing the systems perspective. 

Commitment to Unity

We stand in unity and solidarity with all members of our global community, regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, disability, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, or veteran status. 

Thank you for standing with us on this journey!

Together We Rise,