They did it.

So can you.

Hear from real Intuitive Coaches that said “Yes!” to their dream who have created businesses with incredible purpose, impact, and income!

Leila  Ansart

I enrolled my first high ticket client before I even finished the program! And, I’ve had two major magazines publish my work, which has helped me immensely to establish credibility in my field!” 

Ragda  Deeb

I created and sold my very first high-end 6 month program! I’ve sold other packages too, as well as launched my youtube channel, got my scheduling systems up, and crafted an opt-in offer I love. There’s so many things I’ve accomplished I can’t even mention it all! I’m thrilled! 

Darlene  Franklin

My clients have already started to appear. I don’t have to go looking for them because they’re being attracted by my light. This program has given me the confidence to speak my truth..I’ve never run into anything like Atmana!”

Indrani  Phillips

I am happy to say that I’m now an intuitive badass! The clarity and insight I gained about my business from deepening my intuition was what I needed to go all out. It’s been a major shift and my uncertainty is gone! And Heather is freakin’ awesome; treasure & stunning inside and out.” 

 Hilary  Foster

Before working with Heather, I had been experiencing a great deal of pain and difficulty starting my business as a first-time entrepreneur. From our very first session, she was able to tune into the issues that were blocking me not only in my professionally, but my personally as well. She shed light on things I didn’t even realize were plaguing me and gave me timeless advice that left me with countless ‘aha’ moments. It was one of the most liberating experiences of my life. Afterwards, I truly felt as though my spirit was singing; like years of long overdue messages had finally been heard. I now know there’s nothing stopping me from creating the business and life I have always wanted. If you want to feel uplifted, if you want to gain clarity, if you are ready to let go of things that are burdening you and feel truly inspired, then you want to work with Heather. She is the real deal!” 

Amber  Maier

I’d been coaching for a few years, but I wanted the skill of intuitive coaching so I could go deeper with my clients. I’ve gotten that and so much more from Atmana. I’m now able to move into my intuitive business full time!” 

April  Caldwell, MBA

I booked 3 clients and made $16,000 when I began working with Heather. I use the templates, strategies, and structures we put in place over a year ago in my business each day!” 

Laureen  Schefchik

I have so much more confidence in the way my business is being built. It feels effortless. When I decided to take action, that’s when everything changed. I want to urge you to say yes to yourself and this program because when you do, you’ll be pulled forward to places you’ve never been!” 

Lori  Walker

I’ve finally found my voice! I’ve grown more than I ever could have expected. I’m finally able to give the best parts of me to others, and to myself!” 

Carrie  Fox

I’m only 6 months in and I’ve already started coaching clients! I also launched my very on podcast and I’m betting ready to host my very first retreat! This program gives you the real tools to build a real business.” 

Melanie  Shmois

What I love most about Atmana is the incredible level of support and guidance I get. I always walk away with  tremendous insight I can use to help myself and my clients! This program has you covered in every way you need so you can be successful as a coach.” 

Angie  Schaffer

Before this program, I was unsure I had what it took to build the business of my dreams, but in just those short months in working with Heather, I am more confident and more ready than I had ever been to share myself and my truth!” 

Kristine  Schoonmaker

As someone who never tires of self-inquiry and learning, I’ve worked with several coaches over the years. But Heather’s approach is truly one of a kind. Her tell it like it is, straight-no-chaser style was a so refreshing and invigorating. For the first time in my life I feel confident and open about what my true passion and goals are in not only my business, but my life as well. I express my opinions and expectations with others clearly, directly, and – most importantly – without hesitation! I’ve never met a Coach with such a unique blend of book smarts, intuition, spiritual connection, practicality, and energy.”

Rebecca  Wilson

Heather has such a genuine beautiful soul which she focuses completely on you when she works with you. She makes you feel seen and heard. It was through her guidance that I discovered myself and started to learn that it was okay to invest in myself. Heather helped me to learn that I mattered and I didn’t need to settle as I could achieve my dreams. It was with Heather’s guidance that I was able to narrow down, identify and focus on my true interests. I love her originality, passion the way she makes you feel special as she listens to what you say. When Heather is with you, she is focused on you and your dreams. She helps you to come up with a plan to achieve your goals. When I am stuck or need a second opinion Heather is my go-to guide. I trust her implicitly and would recommend her all day long. I believe in Heather and her mission. She is an empowering force in this world!”

Windy  Salvagio

Atmana helped me truly come out of my shell and into my intuitive abilities and my coaching practice. Enrolling was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! ” 

 Stephanie  Shaughnessy

Implementing these skills, I accomplished in 3 months what had previously taken me 2 years to do in my business – all while in the middle of a pandemic! To say that this has impacted and changed me as a wife, mom, and business owner is an understatement!” 

Diane  Wilshere

Within the first 3 months I made my money back and them some! If you are looking for a comprehensive well-rounded program, Atmana is for you. You’ll be supported by Heather & her team every step of the way.” 

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