Ep113: How to Activate Your Soul Mission with Allyson Scammell

Aug 16, 2022

“Life is a mission, not a career,” says Stephen R. Covey. How does this quote fit with the topic of our episode?

Upon tuning in with this episode, you should be able to answer:

  • What is a soul mission?
  • Does everyone have a soul mission?
  • How do you know you are walking in your soul mission?
  • What are the challenges hindering you from walking in your soul mission?
  • How do you activate and reactivate your soul mission?

This episode brings us a second-time guest – Allyson Scammell! (Check out episode 27: How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides) Allyson Scammell is a master intuitive business coach, psychic medium, and energy healer. Her mission is to help soul-guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs get sold out with soul clients by amplifying their spiritual gifts, activating their big soul mission, and releasing the energy blocks tethering them down.

Wait, there’s more! Listen in ‘til the end to connect with our beloved guest and learn all about her free energy upgrade meditation. Check out the show notes links!

Enjoy episode 113!

Soul Stirring Quotes:

“A soul mission is that driving thing in your belly that gets you so excited to get up in the morning.”

“When you agreed to come into this lifetime at the time you came in that there would be some challenge or circumstance that you would, you agreed to face on a soul level to help you heal, grow, learn, and evolve.”

“I define a reactivation as when you’re ready to go truer, deeper, bolder. Truer, deeper, bolder to your unique genius, your highest why…”

“So when we serve our people and we reactivate, it causes them to reactivate.”

“If we knew the amount of energy and light and hope and inspiration and connection that just our presence, just getting up and doing our thing, how much of that it brings into the world.”

“When you’re in flow, it’s just all like you’re just in creative response to what is present and everything that arrives is a gift.”

“I think we have this idea that flow is all the stuff I want happening for me, to me, and with me, and by me, and that is not flow. Flow is no matter what happens, I accept this today.”

“If you want to be in flow, if you wanna be in alignment, what you do is you stop seeing things that you don’t want as a problem.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 00:33 Heather introduces episode guest – Allyson Scammell
  • 01:35 Allyson is a second-time guest so check out her episode 27 as well!
  • 02:39 What is a soul mission?
  • 05:17 Soul missions and soul contracts
  • 8:56 An example of reactivating soul mission
  • 17:45 I’d rather pay you than Mark Zuckerberg moment
  • 19:15 Regular resistance vs. misalignment
  • 24:16 Checks to do for realignment
  • 28:24 How to stay in alignment with your soul mission
  • 35:00 What to do t get back into alignment
  • 41:10 Allyson’s freebie

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Episode Transcript:

Heather Alice: Welcome back to another episode of the Intuitive Podcast. I am so excited to be talking to a second- time guest on the show. Ms. Allyson Scammell. Is that how I pronounce your name, Allyson?
Allyson: Oh my gosh. A star, a star. I was gonna say a plus.
Heather Alice: Okay, awesome.
Allyson: It was so good. It was because everyone always says SCAMEL.
Heather Alice: Oh okay. So I got it. I did it right. Awesome.
Allyson: You get an, a star apparently.
Heather Alice: Yay. Okay. So Allyson is back with me and today we are going to be talking all about how to activate or reactivate your soul’s mission. So I’m gonna read her bio here so you can know a little bit about Allyson before we dive into this. And then also to let you know that she has been on the podcast on episode 27, and it has been a fan favorite.
I don’t know if I’ve told you this, Allyson, but that episode is a fan favorite. Yes, I get, like you know how you get emails about your podcast episodes of people. Oh, I really love this episode, but that is one that I get a lot of in incredible feedback on. Yeah.
Allyson: So cool.
Heather Alice: So that episode, Allyson walks us through, some indicators of how to connect with your spirit guides and how to know when they’re trying to communicate with you. It’s really fascinating. I really love her framework. I think it’s spot on highly accurate and very easeful to walk through. So I am encouraging you with every fiber of my little being to go listen to episode 27 after you finish this one.
So here is a little bit about Allyson and then we’re gonna jump in. She is a master intuitive business coach, a psychic medium, and an energy healer. Her mission is to help soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs get sold out with soul clients by amplifying their spiritual gifts, activating their big soul mission and releasing the energy blocks that tether them down.
So welcome, Allyson. Let’s dive into it. Let’s talk a little bit about reactivating your soul mission or activating it. So, and then we’re gonna explore, I guess, maybe alignment tweaks that we can make to soul mission. So let’s kind of start there. Tell us from your perspective, what the heck is a soul mission, anyway? Let’s just like really ground this down into, what did we hear so much talk about this?
Allyson: I know there’s so much.
Heather Alice: Yeah.
Allyson: Yes.
Heather Alice: So tell us about it.
Allyson: I’m really glad you’re starting with that question. I do. I mean, maybe this is a little bit of an unsatis-. I think I have a really cool answer, but I’m gonna start from a, maybe an answer I don’t like to hear personally. It does depend on what speaks to you. A soul mission is that driving thing in your belly that gets you so excited to get up in the morning. And you know, if you’re not doing it. It’s like it’s one of the most discomfortable feelings that you have when you feel like you’re just not on mission.
And so different words speak to different people. You know, people get fired up by different ways of describing it. So that’s the first thing. I really invite listeners to find the words that really light your belly up and just get you fired up to put it into motion. How I define it. I got a couple cool definitions.
So simply your highest why. You know, like, why are you here having this human experience? I hold the belief that we live many, many lifetimes. And every lifetime has a slightly different soul mission. They can have, they often can have similar themes and flavors and lessons. However, this mission for this lifetime is unique.
The time you came on planet is not an accident. It is not an accident at all. And light workers are people who feel soul driven, feel like they have that high soul mission. We all came. I mean, that is no accident. We’re all here right now. As planet earth grows, goes through an ascension, like we’re going, we’re evolving to a higher way of living and being.
So we all on a soul level, said, hey, I’m raising my hand, come on, planet right now. To be part of this, to help be the leaders, to usher in this new energy, this new earth, this age of Aquarius, however, whatever you words you like to describe it.
Heather Alice: Right.
Allyson: So I have a second. So that’s kind of the first thing, your highest why.
Heather Alice: The highest why. I love that. That’s such a elegant way of describing it. Mm-hmm.
Allyson: So. Thank you. And so a second one came through and when I say come through, it’s often most of my downloads I get from source. So when I say come through it’s, It’s kind of cool. And it’s maybe a little bit more technical, so maybe some listeners go with the definition that again, gets you fired up and motivated.
A second definition came through recently where soar said another way to approach your highest why or your soul mission is it’s the sum of all of your soul contracts.
Heather Alice: Oh. Damn. That’s
Allyson: Right?
Heather Alice: a little scary. Wow. That’s interesting. Yeah.
Allyson: Isn’t it?
Heather Alice: Yeah.
Allyson: It’s interesting.
Heather Alice: I love this. Yeah.
Allyson: So yeah. Should I say
Heather Alice: Let’s unpack that.
Allyson: Yeah, let’s unpack it for a sec because what is the soul contract? You know, different leaders in light worker type people might have slightly different definitions of this, but I think most people agree a soul contract is something you agreed to on a soul level. When you agreed to come into this lifetime at the time you came in that there would be some challenge or circumstance that you would, you agreed to face on a soul level to help you heal, grow, learn, and evolve.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Allyson: Right. We all have soul contracts. We all have many of them. Right?
Heather Alice: Right.
Allyson: With our relationships. You know, I got a, a lot of us have soul contracts with our partners, whether you have a happy, you know, relationship or a challenging relationship, you know, with your kids, we have soul contracts, definitely in our businesses, we have soul contracts.
And it’s not that you have to go through and source was very clear. You don’t have to go through and name all of your contracts. That’s really not the thing. But if you did, they would all kind of have a theme. Like there would, there would be a thread that’s bringing them all together and that arch.
Because that, that is that like the Chapo, if you will, of that highest why.
Heather Alice: Mm.
Allyson: And just to kind of one more thought on this soul contract, what source is saying is more useful for us than trying to name all of our soul contracts is just simply ask the question and this very much helps you aligning your soul mission.
Is do I have a soul contract or contracts that I’m in the process of healing growing, evolving from right now.
Heather Alice: Mm.
Allyson: Am I in the middle of a contract that needs my attention in some way, shape or form?
Heather Alice: Yeah. God willing you are. Right. Because that’s why we’re here.
Allyson: Exactly.
Heather Alice: And I think we should be excited to hear yeah, you actually are, right?
Allyson: Yeah, because it’s our growth.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Allyson: And when we get to the other side of our contract, we are a higher, more evolved soul, you know, serving, creating at a higher level.
Heather Alice: Yeah. So I love this idea of it’s the culmination, this it’s kind of the culmination of all of your soul contracts. I say this all the time to the students who come into our certification program, when you’re looking at what’s my purpose, or what am I supposed to bring forward in their business?
And I always say this, and it’s kind of touching on what you’re saying. You’re really doing it at that, you know, 5D, 6D level. This is a very mundane way to put it. But I think a sign that you’re walking in your purpose is you start to notice that everything you’ve ever experienced, all the skill sets you’ve ever had, every job you’ve ever had, every relationship you’ve ever had becomes really useful.
It’s like you’re firing on all cylinders. Right? So, I love how you’re putting it though, from the soul perspective, it’s everything that you are experiencing and dealing within your life has a purpose toward fulfilling and accepting and identifying and knowing and walking in this submission. And I’ve never thought of it like that before that there’s, it’s almost like I’m seeing in my head, like the tip, like the tip of a spear, right.
It’s like it all culminates up at the top of this spear, which is yeah. Like all of this is why you’re here actually.
Allyson: Yes.
Heather Alice: So, right. Okay. That’s beautiful.
Allyson: Yeah. And what you said is really profound. I think it’s five and 6D. And when you talk about firing on all pistons, I just wanna pay you a compliment
Heather Alice: Aw.
Allyson: because I think that I perceive intuitively I’m feeling into this, that you recently did some, like, you’ve always, I’ve known you for about two or three years now.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Allyson: and you’ve always created content. That’s just spoke to me. I think I’m part of your soul audience, but I notice for me. Being like a, like, like I said, like, I think I’m really connected to you and your content about what with four or five, six months ago, you started speaking to me on just like such a powerful level.
And I just felt like Heather has just upleveled in some way. And I feel like you went through a reactivation.
Heather Alice: Oh, Nito. Okay. I see what you’re saying.
Allyson: Yeah. And you are, you’re firing on all pistons at a higher level. And your content just like, and I think, I don’t know, I might have some sort of adult, , you know, ADHD.
I don’t know. It’s hard to sustain my attention. So it’s hard for me to read an entire email. So when I’m reading a whole email and I’m getting to, you know, together we rise, Heather. Like you have got me if I read a whole email, I really mean that.
Heather Alice: Thank you so much for that. I so appreciate you saying it. And I, again, it’s fascinating. I always love chatting with you because I, now I know, understand what you mean by a reactivation because you are so it’s so funny that you’re saying you’re so intuitive, because you’re saying four or five months. So if I could just I’ll share what was going on with me four or five months ago, that was the beginning obviously of this year.
And I absolutely did, make a conscious choice to just up level every, I mean, I really did make a conscious decision to up level everything in the business I started, I just, I made a thousand different daily decisions that now I’m seeing and learning is culminating in reactivation of my so mission.
I’d never even thought of it like that. I just thought of it like, I’m just going all in on my business again and doubling down and reinvesting. So I would love to, so thank you for that. First of all, it means a lot to me because as you know, creating content is especially content that’s meaningful to me and to the audience is very vulnerable and incredibly hard.
So I really appreciate that. So let’s now talk then since we went there about to talk to us about a reactivation. Yeah. So what is the, the difference there or how can we kind of think about a reactivation versus just being activated in our purpose?
Allyson: Yeah. So I think that we, how I like to approach it is we’ve, since we were anybody who’s sort of on this awake on purpose path, who, you know, feels like they’re in service to something higher, I think at some point.
I think it started for most of us with a subconscious activation. Like most of us started in some sort of shadow career or at least, , you know, something that just felt off purpose out of alignment. I had a 17 year career that was off purpose out of alignment. And I very much think I was in my shadow, but getting back to your earlier point, it all added up to who I am today.
So it’s all good stuff. So at some point, I did an activation and I believe when we’re we often activate when we’re in a bad place.
Heather Alice: Yeah. For sure.
Allyson: And we know we’re off purpose when we know we’re out of alignment, we know we’re not handling or dealing with our soul contracts. Maybe we’re hiding from them because we don’t wanna deal with some of the painful motions, whatever it is, we’re numbing ourselves out.
And that will feel not great. And so oftentimes it’s like it, an activation can be like a cry for help. It can be like, oh, I know that there’s something bigger, deeper truer for me. And I’m just not there. So it’s either, you know, we we’re asking for it and not realizing we’re asking for it. Some part of us is asking for it.
So I would say for most of your listeners that has probably already happened.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm yeah.
Allyson: And then you get on the purpose on the path. And then I think probably a lot of us have activated. Yeah. And so that’s why I actually like to call it a reactivation. And you have a beautiful example from the beginning of the year, you consciously set the intention and I define a reactivation as when you’re ready to go truer, deeper, bolder. Truer, deeper, bolder to your unique genius, your highest why, what you, the serving the people you feel, you know, born to serve and you say I’m ready to reactivate. And that reactivation is it’s an like an up level. You’re like, I’m ready to push my boundaries more. I’m ready to put this soul mission into a higher gear. And so, and I, and I always like to say here for some of us, that means we’re, you know, here to serve a global audience.
Maybe we’re here to have a hundred thousand followers or a hundred million followers on wherever. But for some of us, we’re meant to have more of an elite bespoke audience. And, you know, we’re meant to serve this sliver. Both activations affect the collectively powerfully. We need both activations.
And the primary reason we need these activations is yes, you’re serving your people and you need that for your mission. But from a collective, the powerful thing about these reactivations is the ripple effect. So when we serve our people and we reactivate, it causes them to reactivate, and I can tell you, Heather, you reactivated me big time with your reactivation.
And I am not a person who does copy, but I like to inspire. I like to get inspiration from other people. And I sent about four of your emails to my team. And I said, this is what I wanna be going towards. Like, so like what can we do to get into this energy? Like what Heather’s modeling and you, you rippled it on me.
So I started putting this, I reactivated and I put it into my stuff and I’m PR likely activating my people.
Heather Alice: I love it.
Allyson: This is the power of the reactivation. It ripples.
Heather Alice: Oh, that’s amazing. And how fun and I’m honored that you, that it is inspiring in that way. And isn’t that really, I think the whole point of what we’re trying to do anyway. We all, you know, I kind of see it like ships connected on the tide.
You know, we are really here to put our work out into the world and thank God we’re not doing it alone. I always say that all the time. Like, thank God. I am not. I love to see people who do work similar than me, because it makes me feel not alone in the mission. I don’t wanna be the only person who’s doing intuitive development and, you know, training life coaches and bringing greater healing methods forward.
That would be awful. Wouldn’t it? I could put the, it would be terrible. I am super happy about this thing that the business world calls competition. I think it’s fantastic. I’m like, yay. Let’s do it together because that’s what we’re at the end of the day, we’re all building the same stuff. So I love that.
I am, if you wanna pick my brain about any secrets while I’m writing those emails, you let me know and I’ll give it to you. But yeah.
Allyson: It’s not a, when in alignment, when we are in alignment to our soul mission, it’s not a copy. It’s like, I’m just like, I’m getting your energy. Like I got just energized by you. And then, then I’m reactivated offering my own thing.
Heather Alice: That’s right. And we all, we all stand on the shoulders of giants. Like I am a huge fan girl of my business coach Kelly. And she does something very different than I do, but I read her emails and I’m like, or just see her posts and you’re right.
There’s like amorphic field of that activation that’s yes, that I am for some, I don’t know why I’m activated by her, but I am, and she’s very healthy for me, right? Yes. So it, it invokes inside of me. The thing that I might not be able to get at. If I wasn’t in a relationship, you know, in relationship with her.
So, you know, they, I love this conversation because one of the things that it’s helping me understand and really, you know, reinforce is that we have an impact far beyond what we think. And if we knew the amount of energy and light and hope and inspiration and connection that just our presence, just getting up and doing our thing, how much of that it brings into the world. I think we would be shocked. I really do.
Allyson: I totally agree. Yeah. I totally agree. And if you ever look at the world and be like, oh, I’m so small and the problems are so big. I mean, I think we’ve all had that moment, right?
Heather Alice: Yeah. Every day.
Allyson: Right. Exactly. So this is it. This is the essence of the soul mission. We are so much more powerful than we realized. Whether we have huge followers on social media or zero followers. It’s really not about that. You know, hearing you talk, I think of your Mark Zuckerberg email.
Heather Alice: Oh yeah, that was, yeah.
Allyson: That was so activating for me. Like you have no idea. I was just like, Oh, my God, Heather is on it.
Heather Alice: Yeah. So what, Allyson, for those of you who aren’t on my email list, I sent out an email that said, I’d rather pay you than Mark Zuckerberg because, we were rolling out an ambassador program and I spent like a stupid amount of money on Facebook ads. Like I spent like crazy money on Facebook ads last year. I spent more money on Facebook ads than I paid myself in a salary. And so I sat down with a member of my team, Amelia. And we were like, let’s just write some fun emails, like, and I’m like, I’m tired of paying Mark Zuckerberg. And she was like, that’s the title?
I’d rather pay you than Mark Zuckerberg. So we were rolling out an ambassador program so I can get off all these Facebook ads, but yeah, we had, it’s so funny you mentioned it, cuz I had so much fun writing that email
Allyson: Uhhuh.
Heather Alice: and talking about it. I was like, God, yes, I’m so sick of this. Like, please let me give you money. Join my ambassador program. So let’s, I do wanna ask you this one question really quick, because it is peaking my interest on this. Cause I hear this a lot from my coaches and just people that I interact with in general. Can you help us understand the nuances or the differences between a person who, okay, so we’re on, we’re activated, we’re reactivated, right?
We’re saying yes to our soul mission. Inevitably in this process, we are going to run into obstacles. We are going to run into resistance. We, things are not always going to go right. And what I see happening right now is people are having a hard time telling the difference between regular resistance that you are going to face that is a part of the contract, a part of the mission versus misalignment. You’re off track. And what I see a lot of people doing is quitting their soul missions because they’re under this idea that it’s supposed to be easeful and flow and alignment, and everything’s just to work out and puppy dogs and rainbows, the minute that they hit anything of cereal. They’re sort of brainwashed by new age bullshit to think that that’s a bad thing. So can you help us understand that? I would love to hear you speak to that.
Allyson: I love this question. It’s so, so important. So I call it non alignment versus the natural discomfort associated with growth. Right. Just as you beautifully described, when we grow, it hurts.
It’s all it always has. When we were little kids. When we went through growing pains, it hurts. I remember my stepson in the middle of the night, just crying in pain from growing pains
Heather Alice: mm-hmm.
Allyson: and I think we’ve all had the nights where we in our business, in our life where we cried in pain because of growth.
So how do you notice the difference? There’s a couple of, and this is a really important question to ask of yourself. So you know when it’s time to turn your ship a little bit, cuz you’re out of alignment or you’re just healing, you’re just facing fears. You just need to give yourself permission to learn something new and you’re gonna get to the other side of it. Right. You’re just in the middle of it.
There’s two powerful ways that I think are pretty. Pretty accessible and you don’t have to be some, you know, super open channel to get to it.
Heather Alice: Right.
Allyson: The first one is your human design type and I’m not a human design expert. However, human design can be super helpful with your alignment in particular.
Your not self theme. Now every human design type has a not self theme. And those are like, either I don’t know them all, but no, most people either have a non-self theme. That’s bitter. That’s me.
Heather Alice: Oh, wow. Okay.
Allyson: Yeah. Angry or frustrated, right? Yes. So very often when we are on path. On track and our non-self theme is activated. It’s gonna have a different frequency to it. It’s not gonna be like, oh, I’m bitter because I’m healing from some past lifetime trauma. It’s not that. It’s just got a different flavor to it. For me, my bitterness. I like taste it in a mouth, my mouth. I literally like get a bitter taste in my mouth.
You will start to recognize it, the more you look for it. And anybody can get their human design chart. It’s free on the internet. And you just wanna look for your non-self theme. And I think pretty much everybody, as I said, is bitter, angry, frustrated. This non-self theme is your guide. And it usually appears when you are on purpose on track and you just need a tweak or refine. It is your guide.
So it is not a trauma block.
Heather Alice: Right.
Allyson: It doesn’t mean that you’re off purpose, off track. It just means there is a tweak and refined that wants to happen. And it is your guide. Now, if it is, you are out of alignment, like let’s say you’re spending a ton of money on Facebook ads in your business, and you are just like, I’m out of alignment to it.
You are gonna feel it in your body. And you’re really gonna feel it. Actually, this is really fascinating stuff. You’ll actually feel the discomfort in your head area. You will feel it in your head because it’s a non alignment. It’s like, you’ll feel the annoyance or the pain or the fear or whatever it is, you will feel it in your head because it’s you know, how source defines it to me it’s like your mind has guided you there.
And for whatever reason, I’ve spent a, this is no judgment to Facebook ads, but like my right, but my mind has said Allyson, to get clients, you have to spend a ton of money on Facebook ads.
Heather Alice: Sure, sure.
Allyson: It guided me there until it started to feel really bad.
Heather Alice: Right.
Allyson: And I literally felt it in my head. If you are in the natural discomfort associated with growth, and you’re just like, let’s say keeping in this example and your example, Heather, you got guided to this ambassador program and you launched it, but those like, anytime you launch anything, there’s like stuff happens and you didn’t expect that to happen. And, oh, this is harder than I thought or whatever.
You’ll feel that discomfort in your body. You’ll literally feel it from the neck down because it’s like your higher self is guiding you. It’s like an intuitive and your energy is growing. You’ll literally feel the discomfort from the neck down inside the body. So that is so when you’re feeling discomfort and you’re like, I feel bad in my business, I feel bad in my life.
Is it because I would check into one or three things? Am I feeling my non-self theme? If you get a yes. Talk to it. Where am I out of alignment? Guide me back to my alignment. If you’re feeling it in your head, you are likely out of alignment. You need to pivot right or left and we’ve all been there. So , it’s a perfectly normal place to be.
Right. And then if you feel it from the neck, down in your body, you know that, oh, this is growth. I’m in a growing pain right now. So what do you wanna do? Feel the feels, just feel it.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Allyson: You know, you’re in an up level and it’s like, ah, I’m gonna be on that big podcast or, ah, I’m watching that big program. Ah, just feel it. And then you’re feeling and releasing feeling and releasing. And that’s how you grow.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm. I love that. I think, you’re reminding me on the misalignment being in the head. We get trapped there because we, and you just spin out. Right? So my mental health background kind of comes online here.
And I think about anxiety and depression and how it really is just not being able to access the fullness of your being AKA, anything from the neck down. I don’t know if you know of Dr. Russell Kennedy. He’s the anxiety MD. He’s been on the podcast before. That is his entire model of anxiety and, you know, basically getting people back in alignment with the truth of who they are specifically, he focuses on anxiety, but what he says is.
This is a head up a neck up problem. And the reason why you can’t get, like, why doesn’t talk therapy work. Why is it that we’re all chronically stuck in these states of unhappiness dis disease? It’s because we’re living life, neck up and he says, you know, the answer is down in your body where you’re connecting with the fullness of who you really are. And that you’ve gotta get into the body.
So I love what you’re saying here. I think that’s a really interesting rubric that we can use to ask ourselves, am I just growing? And it’s uncomfortable and it sucks. And I have to go through this or am I really just spinning out in my head trying to quote unquote figure, figure it out for me.
One of my tells is, am I trying to figure this out? Because the minute that I am trying to figure something out, I am out of alignment. I don’t, you should never be like figuring things out that is not that’s you’re working with the dumbest part of you. If you are trying to figure things out, right. Staying curious, asking questions, you know, going to the place I know I need to go, tho that is how I map things out and create and, you know, put a plan in place. But I love what you’re saying. Like head the head energy is like, you’re sitting there spinning your wheels, trying to figure it out. And if that’s the case, you probably are out of alignment. And I agree too that there is a different, there’s a qualitative difference in the feeling of hitting resistance and pain in the name of growth and then hitting it in the pain of, you’re just literally not doing the shit that, you know you need to be doing. You’re not thinking the shit you need to be thinking. You’re not feeling the shit you need to be feeling. You’re just not, okay. Which is why you feel like shit, because you’re not doing the shit you need to be doing. So, yeah. So I absolutely love that.
So can you give us some pointers on how we can stay in alignment once we get there? So staying in our activation, what are some of the common characteristics of what that is like for us?
Allyson: So when you’re highly activated, you know, you go, you how. Source has explained it to me, how I’ve experienced my life and with my clients is we do get up levels. This is this reactivation. So something will happen.
We’ll get a calling, we’ll get a tap. You know, , I really like that book by Steven Pressfield going pro.
Heather Alice: Oh yeah. I’ve read it right up here.
Allyson: Yeah. Right. I remember reading that and I’m like, okay, there’s no going back. Like, and I felt like myself up level after reading that book about. I’m not an amateur anymore.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Allyson: I’m pro. I’m a pro in my business. And you do get a little up level. Normally an up level comes normally, not always, but normally an up level comes a reactivation. Triggers an up level after a big healing, after closing out a big soul contract. So you’ve faced some fear. You’ve done your work.
You’ve been down in your body. You’ve been feeling those feels. You’ve been facing those fears. And then all of a sudden you’ve come to the other side of it and you get your reward. Your reward being higher, energetic, vibration, reaching a higher version of your potential. And you get that lift up. And oftentimes in that lift up, I call it, it’s like walking on the moveable walkway.
Heather Alice: Mm.
Allyson: And you get into that flow state where you’re completely in alignment, you know, in your business, you can feel like soul clients are falling outta the trees. And even if they’re not, you don’t care.
Heather Alice: Right.
Allyson: Clients, no clients, it doesn’t matter. I’m creating. I’m serving people. I’m loving what I do. And you get in a real flow state. And the more aligned you get to your soul purpose and the more you align your business to that purpose and you offerings and that alignment starts to take shape, the more that flow comes and the more flow you get, the actually the less you care about your, about like, specific goals and dreams that a while ago might have met so much to you. But when you’re in flow, it’s just all like you’re just in creative response to what is present and everything that arrives is a gift.
Everything that arrives is a dream and you know that all your dreams are in the present moment. So there’s really nothing to dream. So it’s not to say not to dream, but you get in these moments where it’s just all so good, you know, it’s like, oh, this is just, can it get any better than this?
Heather Alice: Right.
Allyson: And then you stay in that moment until your next soul contract comes along. Or, you know, the thing happens. It never last. Right.
Heather Alice: Facebook changes the algorithm.
Allyson: Exactly. You know, like the thing that worked in your business, like you had it down rinse and repeat, it just stops working.
Heather Alice: Right.
Allyson: You know, we’ve all had that. So, that’s it never, it never lasts forever. You know,
Heather Alice: Right.
Allyson: It’s always changing, but that’s what you can experience when that alignment is really in place.
Heather Alice: Yeah. And I think the important thing to highlight here with this, that I think the reason why I would say I experience a lot of flow in my life is because of acceptance. I think we have this idea that flow is all the stuff I want happening for me, to me, and with me, and by me, and that is not flow. Flow is no matter what happens, I accept this today. Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. So as you were speaking, you know, I think you’re really nailing it. If you want to be in flow, if you wanna be in alignment, what you do is you stop seeing things that you don’t want as a problem.
You stop seeing things that you don’t prefer as being an issue. It’s not a problem. It’s not an issue. Your mind makes you think it is because it’s not smart enough to understand how what you perceive to be an obstacle is the exact thing that you need to get to where it is. You want to go faster. I’ll give you an example.
You know, this Facebook algorithm update that is turned every business owner who uses ads on their head in January, it updated. And oh my God. My January launch was garbage. I mean, I went from closing multiple six figure launches to, I had like four or five people enroll. And it’s because of this algorithm.
Right? So I was so pissed, upset, freaking out, oh my God, this is a quote unquote problem. But what it forced me to do was make a decision to go all in, in other areas of my business, which long term speaking is gonna create like now we have a plan in place to, I mean, I will it’s nuts, right? Like we could potentially not, I mean, not even 10 X, we’re talking like 100 X results, like momentum and leverage and scale, the likes of which I never would’ve even bothered to think about. Because why? Because it’s working right. It’s easy. It’s rinse and repeat. So yeah, it sucked. Yeah, it was a problem, but also you can, you know, you can spare yourself a lot of pain.
And I spared myself a lot of pain. I had a week of being pissed, but then after that, cuz anger’s my not-self theme.
Allyson: Okay. There you go. Perfect. Yeah.
Heather Alice: Anger’s my not-self theme. So I was pissed and then I was like, wait a minute. Why do I think this is a problem? Why do I think like, let me examine the fundamental assumptions I’m making about why this is a problem. Like why does it, why do I even think it is? Maybe it isn’t a problem. And I just think that it’s a problem. But when you go in and you examine why you think it’s a problem, you realize that it isn’t a problem. You actually start to see the solution in it, right? The obstacle is the way kind of thing.
You’re like, oh shit, this is a present, not a problem. It’s actually going to help me yield a better result. And get to what I actually want faster and in a way that is so beyond anything I could have planned myself. So, yeah, that’s, that is really, you’re giving us some really great nuggets on how to think about obstacles and understand that they really can be a gift.
And then if you do need to change, change. If it really is resistance, it’s resistance. Right. So let’s, so I wanna ask you that question really quick. If it is something that you need to get out, back into alignment with, like, let’s say you are just straight up out of alignment. What is one tweak that we can make to get back into alignment?
Allyson: So, I just wanna say, I will answer that question before I do. You really nailed. I, you know, I’m gonna applaud you and give you an a star. You really nailed your reactivation. And I just wanna reflect that back. And for the listeners, like, this is how it’s done. Something that was always working stopped working. That’s a common thing that will happen in business.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Allyson: And you notice your not-self theme, appear – anger. And you said, okay, so there’s some out of alignment here. Probably there was some lower body releasing going on. So probably you were healing facing some fears. Maybe there was like a whole fuck, what am I gonna do now?
Right. Releasing that. Yeah. Releasing that because it’s always a time to release, like release any blocks that are hidden inside of our energy body. And then you went right back to you, reactivated and it led to your reactivation led to something bigger and better
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Allyson: than you could have ever imagined and that is such a characteristic of a reactivation.
Heather Alice: Yeah.
Allyson: It leads to something bigger and better than you could ever imagine.
Heather Alice: That’s cool. So that’s how you would know that it’s a reactivation, not misalignment is you do make a decision you move through. Is it leading you to something bigger and better? That’s really, that’s a good little pin. A little way to tell mm-hmm.
Allyson: That’s a great pin.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Allyson: So back to your question about resistance. It was,
Heather Alice: Do we walk out of alignment? How do we tweak back in?
Allyson: So the first thing you always wanna do is release because there is, I’m gonna go out and just say, there’s a hundred percent chance you gotta block because that’s why you’re out of alignment.
So your block. Blocks are speed bumps. They road closed signs. There are detour over there when you don’t wanna detour. Right? So you wanna remove those detours, those speed bumps, those, anything that’s slowing you down, tethering you down that, I’m stuck in the molasses. You wanna clean the molasses off. That is releasing some stuck energy in your system.
Very simple way to do it. You don’t have to go out and hire an energy healer, although it’s never a bad idea. You just sink in the body. And identify the pain. The pain will guide you to it. So there’s two ways you can do it. You sink in the body and you can start with the questions. Some people it’s easier to start with the thought. What is the thought triggering this?
And then, okay. Let’s say I’m not good enough. Is that old classic? I don’t deserve success. You wanna imagine whatever thought pops up? You wanna imagine for about 90 seconds that that thought is a hundred percent true. I know, thought work people are like, what is she talking about? Just imagine for 60 to 90 seconds, a hundred percent true, because you wanted to trigger that pain.
And the tri you know, the shame, the sadness, the fear you want that triggered. So you can do what I call the feel and release. So then you go in and all you do is really need to feel it for about 90 seconds. So feel the pain that’s really at the root of your non-alignment. Is that emotional pain?
Once you feel the emotional wave, just starting to come down, you can take some deep breaths and really start to release. So you’ve just released a block. You’ve just removed the roadblock sign. Okay. So then what do you, do you drop back? I like to, and I know you teach high, you tap into your intuition.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Allyson: I always teach, you know, sinking back into your body. Deep breaths, placing your awareness on your heart space, going into your heart center. It’s one of the most highest vibrational points of the energy body. And you ask your higher self. You ask your higher self. How, what? And source is telling me lately, ask what questions. Don’t ask how I started with how. Don’t ask how. Ask what questions.
What is empowering? What is clarifying? What gets you into motion? So, what do I need to do or be, what do I need to do and or be to start shifting back into alignment? Allow your higher self to guide and higher self will never say, well, you need to turn your ship on a dime. It’ll never say you need to reinvent. Build Rome overnight. Higher self is gonna give you a nice little easeful shift that when shift, like when you take action on that shift consistently over time is gonna lead to huge alignment.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Allyson: Though it’s always gonna be a nice, and sometimes people will be like, well, you know, it wasn’t. I think we tend to deny it. If it doesn’t feel big and sexy and
Heather Alice: Earth shattering, right.
Allyson: Earth shattering. Often it’s not, it’s just a wake up five minutes earlier and meditate.
Heather Alice: Right.
Allyson: Or it’s drop that client that makes you feel like shit or it’s, you know, it’s just some little thing.
Heather Alice: Or just do nothing. How about that?
Allyson: Or just do nothing.
Heather Alice: How about do less? How about, how about stop? How about just, just stop.
Allyson: Yes. Yes.
Heather Alice: That is often the answer. The answer is often just enjoy your life more and do less.
Allyson: Do less. Be more. Yes. Yes.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Allyson: So that’s it. And then of course, if you have resistance to what your higher self is calling you to do, which is normal, again, there might be some more releasing that needs to be done.
So you can actually put that guidance in motion. You can start acting on it from a place of empowerment. That’s gonna start getting you back into ailgnment.
Heather Alice: Love it. And all of this is just this thing called life. I think Allyson is what we’re talking about here. We’re using things like soul mission and activation and reactivation and soul contracts and alignment and misalignment.
But really this is just like how to live a life. You wanna live 1 0 1, I think. You know, creating what you wanna create and constantly reinventing yourself and knowing that, there. It really is just the journey. There’s no such thing as a destination. It really is just how are you walking and moving through the world.
So, I love this conversation. It’s amazing. You have a freebie for us. You have an energy upgrade meditation. I’m going to leave a link to that in the show notes. So if you guys wanna check that out, tell us a little bit about it though. So everybody can get in touch with you and get this incredible freebie to get started activating your own soul mission. Tell us about your meditation.
Allyson: So it’s a very active, guided meditation that I get tons of feedback on from people who love to meditate and from people who meditation really isn’t their jam. And it actually helps you in this guided, active, deep breathing in a reflection period that I take you through.
It really helps you to release those most present blocks in your energy system at the moment. Oh.
Heather Alice: Hi baby. Oh, okay. So if you’re just listening on pod, if you don’t have video on, you are missing the cutest little girl. Allyson’s little girl just came up to her. What’s her name?
Allyson: So this is Frea.
Heather Alice: Hey Frea. She’s adorable.
Allyson: Now she can hear you.
Heather Alice: Hi, Frea. How are you? Do you wanna say hi to everybody on the podcast?
Frea: Hi.
Heather Alice: Speaking of our businesses in alignment, how beautiful is it that our children can be a part of what we do, right. That we can let your sweet baby come in and say, hey to us in her little unicorn pajamas. Oh my goodness.
Allyson: She was just asking me all about you. And she has a stuffy named Heather.
Heather Alice: Oh my goodness.
Allyson: She was asking me what color your hair is and your eyes. And I, and she said, she said, I like Heather.
Heather Alice: Oh, I like you too, Frea. It’s so cute.
Allyson: Okay, sweetie. I’m just wrapping up to say, if you catch this meditation, it’ll help you release those blocks. And when you do it will raise your energetic frequency and you’ll get those higher self downloads. And those alignment tweaks. It really, really powerfully.
Heather Alice: Awesome. Okay, well, I’ll let you go and get with your littles. It was amazing to have you on the podcast. I’m gonna just do a shout out really quick. If you want to visit Allyson’s website, go to Allyson Scammell it’s A L L Y S O N Scammell S C A M M E L L dot com. Lots of double letters check her out. Her meditation is her website forward slash meditation, and you can also find her on IG at Allyson Scammell and then Facebook at soul guide circle. So connect with Allyson. I know she is an incredible healer and yeah enjoy all of the amazing stuff she has to offer.
Thank you so much for being with us, Allyson.
Allyson: Bye. Thank you so much. Bye. Thank you, Heather. It was a real honor. Okay bye.