AtmanaTM Certified Intuitive Life Coach

Dayana Aleksandrova

Empowerment / Transformational | Featured Certified Coach

Hey! I’m Dayana, a.k.a ‘Coach D.’ I’m an Empowerment coach with a focus on Career, Money Mindset, and absolutely demolishing Impostor Syndrome. I’m here for people who want to hit the next level in their personal and professional life and feel a little stuck when it comes to taking strategic action. I’ll help you set boundaries without feeling guilty. I’ll guide you through crystal-clarity on your goals and we’ll create an *actionable* plan to help you get there. I’m BIG on tough love. I will be that relentless cheerleader who’s in your corner 24/7 oozing genuine care. And I will call you out when you play small. My clients have gone on to launch their online businesses, show up on social media (without wanting to throw up), secure lucrative clients, and win back their autonomy by saying NO like a damn boss to what doesn’t light them up. My methods include ‘right brain’ intuitive claircognizance, and clairvoyance, coupled with left-brain step-by-step frameworks backed by science and psychology. But I have to warn you…I’m not for everybody. I keep it 100% real, I will ask deep questions, and I am high-energy. You will feel immediately uplifted after speaking with me. If I sound like your gal, I’d love to hear from you.