Ep. 132: A Transformative Journey of Elevating and Expansion with Jill Stanton

Apr 18, 2024

Join Heather and Jill Stanton talk about Jill’s transformative journey of empowerment and growth. In this episode, Jill dives deep into pivotal moments, healing journeys, and entrepreneurial insights, sharing her experiences and wisdom with authenticity and candor. From Millionaire Girl Group vision to navigating personal healing, discover how to elevate your mindset and business strategy for success. Tune in as Jill and guests explore topics such as setting appropriate prices, embracing authenticity, and fostering a strong community. Get ready to expand your horizons, challenge your beliefs, and step into your power in this episode.

Episode Timecodes:

  • {00:28} – Meet Jill Stanton
  • {07:34} – Jill’s Experience with Pivoting Towards a New Journey
  • {13:28} – Exploring Millionaire Girl Group with Jill
  • {20:45} – Jill’s Journey of Healing
  • {32:20} – The Vision of Millionaire Girl Group
  • {40:25} – The Impact of Being Overly Kind on Your Safety
  • {46:21} – Inspirational Insights from Heather
  • {01:02:57} – The Power of Pricing Appropriately for Your Services
  • {01:07:55} – Embracing Your Authenticity: You’re Never “Too Much”
  • {01:11:57} – Connect with Jill on Social Media

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