Ep1: Welcome To The Podcast

Sep 6, 2019

Heather welcomes you to the first episode by sharing the foundational principles that guide her life and her “why” behind the podcast. (Hint: It’s to turn you into an intuitive badass who makes bank and changes the world while doing it!)

You’ll gain a glimpse into her awakening story and why intuition is a force that has guided the most brilliant minds the human species has ever known. 

You’ll also hear the behind the scenes story, the inspiration, and the motivation behind the founding of the Atmana Coaching Academy.

Episode Timecodes:

    • (01:49) It’s all about principles and passion – Why am I doing this
    • (05:02) Podcast format and How listening in helps you hit your goals as an emerging intuitive and/or professional coach
    • (06:36) How did I end up here?

    • (10:57) Atmana (What in the world does that even mean?!?) Coaching Academy

    • (12:20) What’s Next?

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Website: heatheraliceshea.com


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