EP12: Getting Legally Covered & Refund-Proofing Your Business

Feb 4, 2020

Getting into legal disputes can get pretty ugly, even in the intuitive coaching space. A lot of coaches and entrepreneurs would delve into the world of business with just the protection “free” contracts they can search for, download and simply fill up on the internet. But can these contracts really legally protect you from all crazzzzzy legal disputes and unwanted refunds?

In this episode, I am so thrilled to have Lisa Fraley, an attorney, legal coach, speaker and number one bestselling author of the book, Easy Legal Steps That are Also Good for Your Soul, the host of the Legally Enlightened Podcast, and an amazing holistic lawyer. She spills the beans about spirituality and law coming together perfectly to protect coaches and business owners when it comes to legal and refund issues. She has also developed a framework for aligning the legal steps that you need to take in your business with the chakras. So, my lovelies, pull up a chair, relax, and let’s dive deep in this essential part of your business.

Episode Timecodes:

  • 3:48 : Lisa shares her amazing journey, from being a corporate lawyer to a holistic lawyer, and why having a feminine, more intuitive practice can help her connect with more health and intuitive coaches.

  • 07:07: Why clients feel more secure and comfortable when you have clear and confident policies in your client agreement. 

  •  13:30: How do you mix spirituality, chakras, and law?

  •  18:03: The law is your ally and it is designed to protect not only you but also your clients.

  • 25:09: Being clear about how you want to handle refunds can help you develop better refund policies for your business. 

Links Mentioned:

Check out Lisa’s book here:  https://lisafraley.com/book/
Take a peek at her DIY Temp”

Take a peek at her DIY Templates here:  https://lisafraley.com/diy-legal-templates/

Lisa’s Freebie to Refund Proof Your Business:  https://lisafraley.com/refundproof

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Website: explosivegrowthconsulting.com


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