Ep121: Embodiment is Your Intuition In Action

Nov 1, 2022

There’s a lot of talk about embodiment right now. But everybody’s missing the point. So here is an episode where Heather dives deep into what embodiment really is.

You have successfully accessed your intuition. You have been intuitively led. So, now what?

Can you relate to this? If this is you, then this episode is for you! In this episode, Heather talks about what embodiment means for you as an individual, an intuitive being, and how you can give yourself permission to align your intuition into action.

Right now, is your intuition telling you to listen to this episode? Of course, it is. So now, you may want to sit back, relax, and enjoy episode 121.


Soul Stirring Quotes:

“Embody what it is you’re trying to accomplish.”

“Failure is a precursor to learning. It’s not the opposite of success. It’s not the opposite of winning. It’s a component of the success process.”

“That is all embodiment is. It is action. It is aligned action.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 00:27 Let’s talk about embodiment
  • 00:44 What is stoicism?
  • 02:57 A quote to think about
  • 06:25 What embodiment really means
  • 16:01 Sometimes embodiment looks like these…
  • 18:47 Heather shares what it feels like to be intuitively led
  • 27:55 Heather’s concluding words

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Episode Transcript:

Heather Alice: Today I wanna talk about embodiment. This has really been on my heart and my mind lately, and so this mini training’s gonna be on embodiment and how it is really a way to think about embodiment would be your intuition and action.

And I wanna start by reading something from a stoic philosopher, a modern, stoic philosopher that I really, really love. Okay, so if you aren’t familiar with what stoicism is, let me tell you really quick. So stoicism, so I’m sure you’ve heard of Marcus Aurelius. So he was one of the most famous stoics and. You can think of stoicism like Buddhism for the Western person.

It’s basically the study of the philosophy of mind, which is what Buddhism is. You know, Buddha is more than that, but in its essence, that’s what it is, right? So the stoics believed that as we examined, The content of our psyche, of our mind, of our emotions. As we learn to look within, we learn to master ourself.

Okay? So they very much saw reason as the mechanism by and through which a person, expresses their potential. Now, one of the things that people confuse about stoicism is when stoics talk about reason from passion, passions being the emotions, reasons being our thinking. They get confused with that because in, in modern times in modernity, we think that, you know, we have this dichotomy set up between our thinking self and our feeling self.

That’s not how the stoic saw it. When they talk about reason, they’re talking about examining the self, being a person who is aware of the content of their inner landscape, which included a person’s emotional reality. Okay. So when they talked about emotions, specifically the passions, that would be any, basically, the more, the most accurate way to describe it would be a dysregulated emotion, right?

An unhelpful emotion. Emotion that’s driving you emotion that has you, not you having the emotion, right? So you’re So it’s a person who’s dysregulated or out of control with their emotions that they saw as something that needed to be reigned in. Okay. And you reign it in through reason. Examining the self.

Witnessing the self, right? Again, it’s the western version of the phlo of the burdock principle of, of the philosophy of mind. Okay, So this guy, I follow this guy on Instagram, he’s amazing. His name’s Dan co k o e. So at the Dan co Follow him Doodle Change Your Life. So this is what he posted this morning.

I look at his page every single day cuz he posts the best content but. He taught. He doesn’t use the word embodiment, but this is what he’s talking about. He’s talking about embodiment. So I’m gonna read this to you. Fail then learn, act, then ask, move, then steer a tank full of gas directions on a map, and a hand on the wheel is nothing but a wishful thinking, if your foot isn’t on the gas pedal.

I wanna read it again. Think about the concept of embodiment as you hear this. Okay? There’s a lot of talk about embodiment right now, and no one is, no one. Everybody’s missing the point. They talk about it’s like it’s some type of feminine flowy thing. No, it is not. It is a very active state of being.

Okay. Fail then learn. Fail. Fail, then learn, not let me sit and read and think and study and highlight for 10 years before I, I’m on, I’m planning to plan and then I’m gonna go try it. No, no. Fail then learn.

Act. Get up, move, go, act, do the thing. Do it. Launch the website, offer the package, do the coaching session. Try the intuitive thing. Give somebody a reading. Do act, then ask, Okay, I got some questions about this. From a place of embodiment, Okay? Fail, Embody what it is you’re trying to accomplish, you’re going to mess it up. Fail, that’s fine. Then learn failure is a precursor to learning. It’s not the opposite of success. It’s not the opposite of winning. It’s an, it’s a component of the success process.

Failure is not the opposite of success. It’s a component of the process of achieving success. It’s just one little milestone in the process of achi. Every great person. What do they say? The person who, the most successful people in the world are. The people who have failed the most. Okay. Fail then learn a mo act.

Then ask. You can’t ask questions if you don’t know how it applies to you, but you have to act in order to ask the right questions. Okay? Move, then steer. You gotta get go. Have you ever tried to, Have you ever tried to steer a car that wasn’t in motion? It’s almost impossible to get the wheel to turn.

Motion is what makes it easy to steer, okay? So you have to get going before you can know how to move toward your goal. Move. Then steer a tank of a tank full of gas directions on the map, and hands on the wheel is nothing but wishful thinking. If your foot is off the gas puddle, that’s embodi. Embodiment is aligned action toward a goal that is meaningful to the expression of your soul.

That is all embodiment is. It is action. It is aligned action. You are moving. It’s not a place, it is not a static place. It’s not sitting there and learning. It’s not asking questions. It’s not digesting information that is not embodiment. That’s actually a cognitive, You’re actually, that’s actually quite mental.

Yes. Embodiment is living and moving and breathing and acting upon that which you have learned answers to, the questions you have asked, movement through. D directing yourself toward that meaningful soul aligned goal. Okay? So I wanna offer that to you as a way to think about getting up and embodying the truth of what it is you wanna accomplish and what it is you wanna do.

Because we’ve gotten it backwards. So much of the spinning of the wheels and the spinning of the wheels. If you find yourself spinning your wheels. Spinning your wheels. Spinning your wheels. Spinning your wheels. Spinning your wheels. I’m gonna promise you that one. Of two things or both are happening. The first is that you’re just thinking about things.

It’s actually not even something that you’re doing, it’s just you’re trapped in your own head. So it’s neck up processing. If you’re spinning your wheels, I would be willing to bet money that when you stop, I can’t figure it out. I can’t seem to make any progress. Are you even actually doing anything?

The reality is when we really take a step back from this, what we realize is the spinning of the wheels is actually something that is happening in psychic space. Meaning our mind space, meaning something in our head is spinning. You’re looking to find the answer. You can’t quote, unquote figure it out.

Well, you can’t. The reason why you’ll never figure it out is because you can’t figure it out. You have to go embody the level of awareness you possess in this moment. You have to go embody the wisdom you possess in this moment. You have to embody everything you have learned up until this moment.

In other words, you have to act, you have to go take the best action that you can right now. And people in the world, especially intuitives, are fucking terrified to do that. We’re terrified to fail. We’re terrified we’re gonna get it wrong. It’s the number one thing that is holding us. From shifting this world into a better place, and we are the ones that are here to do it.

So that’s the first one. The chances are you’re just thinking about it, right? We’re not really actually out there like doing anything. So spinning the wheels, are we even that? That’s the first thing. Are we even really acting? . The second thing is the second thing, if you find yourself spinning your wheels and you’re like, That’s not true, Heather.

I am acting on this. I actually am taking action. Here’s what I bet you. Money is happening. Okay? Are you doing the same action over and over again expecting a different result? So if you are acting, are you doing constantly doing new things? Are you constantly trying new things or are you looking for the one thing that you think is gonna fix.

here is the secret to finding the, to finding what’s really gonna work for you. A lot of here’s what most people do. They sit down and they say, I’m gonna figure out the right answer. They spend an incredible amount of time trapped in their head trying to do it. If they even do get enough clarity to find the one thing that they think they’re supposed to go act.

Then that’s a miracle right there that people even get down to that. Usually we just get trapped in our heads shining. O you. It’s just here. It’s the mind chatter, it’s monkey mind. It’s a thousand different things are popping up that are distracted. We never even, we just get lost in the mind space. But even if you can figure out a mapped out in a line plan then we get, we think that that’s the one thing that’s gonna do it, and we get attached to that one way of.

And then we get frustrated when it doesn’t work, and then we’re back to the drawing board Now. We don’t know what to do next. Here is actually what you should do. This is what I do inmon. It’s how I built a seven figure business and extrapolated this out to almost every other aspect of my life, and it’s why and how I get so much quote unquote done.

I’m not really getting things done so much as I am embodying and moving through and acting on all of the things that pop in my mind. I’m not getting trapped in my head cuz I’m not afraid to. I know that I have to learn in order to earn, I gotta learn in order to grow. I gotta make mistakes in order to do it, cuz that’s a part of the process.

What you, how we get out of the mind space and how we find clarity and not get too attached to one way of being. Okay. Even if we do ma, again, if we manage to act, not get trapped in that one singular action, thereby remaining stuck on the hamster. Is you try lots of different things. So let’s say I have an idea in Oman, we wanna launch, you know, I wanna bring something to the market, or I wanna try something.

I will sit down and I will come up. Like just naturally I’ll have, Okay. We’re all multi passionate people. We’re all mul, we’re divergent lateral thinkers, right? So I’ll come up with like 15 different things I could. Like 15, 15 different ideas, right? I will look at those 15 ideas and go, I’m gonna pick the top five or six most exciting ideas, the things that I just intuitively feel like are gonna be the most awesome, and I will literally go do all of those things.

Some of those things contradict each other. Some of those things are completely different from one another. Guess what? I don’t give a shit. I am trying to just figure out what feels good and what feels aligned, cuz I don’t. I actually have no clue what I’m doing. I say that all the time. I have no clue what I’m doing.

I really don’t. I’m getting ideas. The one thing, the one thing I’m doing is I take massive action. I give myself permission to fail, and I know that I’m just experimenting, like life is just one big, massive experiment, whatever. So I will go do all of those. and then from a place of having actual real world data, because I just went and did it.

I don’t have to think about it anymore. Now I know cuz I just went and did it. So I know the answer. I don’t have to think about the answer. I just gave myself the answer through aligned action through embodying my idea. Spirit gave me an idea, Universe gave me an idea. I got my ass in gear and I actually embodied that idea.

Now I have real world data on what’s gonna happen if I were to do it. And then I look and I realize, oh, most of those ideas were shit . Like probably to, usually mine are like unrealistic. Like I’ll be like, Oh Heather, that’s not, you know, that’s not, That’s okay though. . Most ideas are unrealistic because they’re ideas.

It’s kind of like communism. It’s a great idea in principle, but when you try it, it just does nothing but murder. You know, genocidally murder millions of people. When you try to apply the principle, it’s kinda like that, right? So all of your ideas don’t have to be great. They don’t have to be good. . As a matter of fact, you’re going to find out they’re not good when you go do them.

That’s not failure. That’s just you learning. That’s you figuring out what works for you. Okay? So I’ll go do that and then like one or two might be viable and then I’ll sit down and I’ll ask myself like, What did I like about these two things? And so then I go back to the mind drawing board. It’s not that we don’t think about things, it’s that you have to know when to apply your thinking self when you have, and then when you need to act.

So now that I have real data, I’m gonna ask questions. Now that I have real information, I’m gonna sit back and learn, right? It’s not just theory in my head, it’s not theory, right? It’s I have actual real world information. Okay? So now I sit down and I say, Okay, what was cool about that? What work? What felt ease?

What felt aligned? What yielded a really good result? What do I think I could do over and over again without killing myself? Like, those are the questions I ask. How? How can I make this sustainable? that. Then from there I formulate a plan and then I go act on that plan. That is the amalgamation of all of these different ideas With all of these different strategies, I’m getting the best of all possible worlds, right?

How am I getting the best of all possible scenarios? Cuz I went and tried all the. And I know what’s best for me. I don’t need anybody to tell me what’s best for me. I don’t need my business coach to tell me what’s best for me. I don’t need my dad to tell me what’s best for me. God rest his soul, Although he does pop in and tell me what he thinks a lot, But I don’t need my husband to tell me.

I don’t need to go call my mom 10 friends. I don’t need to phone a friend. Okay. I don’t need to do any of that because I have my own information If I wanna ask people their thoughts, I do. I’m not saying I, I don’t get that feedback. What I’m saying is I don’t need that feed. I get it because I’m, I want to learn and workshop and other people have so much wisdom, but ultimately, I de the plan that actually gets me there is one of my own making because I’m the only person who can lead and guide my own life in alignment with the truth of what my soul is here to create.

In other words, you live intuitively. You follow your intuition. Embodiment, at the end of the day, is truly acting on your intuitive knowing. That is what it is. It’s a, it’s aligned action toward a goal that only your spirit. Can direct you to only your intuition can take you to period. You will nev real aligned embodiment is always something that’s going to come from within you.

Okay? So that is what embodiment is. It isn’t flow in the feminine. It isn’t, Although it can feel that way at times. Okay. Sometimes embodiment is a fist in the fucking air and a drawn sword and a line in the sand saying, Not today. Not today. Okay. Not today. Sometimes that’s embodiment. Sometimes embodiment means a nap, and you don’t get up till 11:00 AM.

Sometimes it’s you. It embodiment is you being in alignment with what needs to be acted out in your physical body? Not thinking, not feeling things, but all of your thinking and all of your emotions and all of the stuff that in action moving through you. In the world, you’re, it’s an active state and rest is an active state too.

If you’re doing it in alignment, rest is actually very active. You have to recharge the system. Rest is even active. Some of the most productive moments in my life are the moments when I’m not do doing anything. There’s a difference between sitting on my ass and on the couch and doing nothing.

 After a period of great activity where I’m resting and I’m refueling and I look, it looks like I’m doing nothing versus it’s my 10th day sitting on my couch doing nothing, procrastinating, not taking action, still trapped in my head. Do you see the difference? . Okay, so I offer this to you that embodiment is you being willing to be like a child and make mistakes and learn after you’ve collected information that only you can garner.

You pull from all kinds of places, but at the end of the day, it’s just about going, I’m gonna pick the top five or six things. I have no clue what I’m doing, and it’s okay. I want you to know. No, No one knows. No one knows what they’re doing, and the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing is fine.

We’re here to learn. That’s what learning is. Learning is not knowing what you’re doing. This applies to the coaching session you just facilitated. This applies to the coaching package. You just created this apply. This applies to the partnership you just entered into. This applies to becoming a new parent.

This applies to being a good friend. This apply any, literally everything in your life is about learning. And if we’re going to learn, we have to be willing to. I don’t know, and not just say, I don’t know. Say it with the enthusiasm, with just sheer enthusiasm that you don’t know to be excited, that you don’t know to be so okay with not knowing that you’re just an open vessel.

You’re completely open to the experience of discovering something new about yourself, others, and the world. This is the number one thing. To have that attitude and it is incredibly intuitive. The how this maps onto your intuitive development is when you do not know, when your conscious mind does not know, and your conscious mind knows that you don’t know.

Where are you gonna go for guidance Within to the heart you have, you will be letting yourself be intuitively led. So freaking much. It is, you know what it, you know what it feels like. I’m gonna tell you what it feels. Or at least for me, what it feels like. I grew up riding horses and I grew up in Florida, so, you know, there’s not really a lot, You know, you ride in your horse, it’s like you’re either running through the wood.

There’s not much to see in Florida cause everything is so flat. But I love running on my horse. I’ve been riding horses since the day I was born. and I love running on horses. It’s super fun. I, when I went to college, I went to college, out in Idaho and I dated this guy, his name was Rick, and he knew I loved riding horses.

And so he arranged to drive me like two hours out as a surprise to his friend who had a ranch where they had horses where I would be allowed to run them. Cuz I was like complaining. I’m like, Well, I can go ride, but they never let me run. And then who cares? Because the whole point is to like, feel free and you know, like get out there and get after it on the horse.

So he took me to this ranch where they let me run. I, you know, it’s in the mountains so, you know, just hills and everything. And that was like really trippy for me to be on a horse with. Like, it was very discombobulating. So we get going and there was this massive drop okay. Down this mountain. And Rick was like, Let’s go, let’s run.

And I’m like, Are you kidding me? I’m gonna run my horse down the, Oh, I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die. That was my reaction, like, I am going to die today. Cuz as a Floridian, it’s very, like e just spatially to see big drops. You don’t, That’s not I’m a 300 year generation Floridian. Like, that shit is not in my soul.

So I was like, Oh my God, I’m gonna die. , but then also I’m like, I don’t care. I’m here for it. So I, you know, we started off taking off down the mountain. I have never, in my, that was the most exhilarating experience of my life. I was terrified and exhilarated all at the same time. And I remember thinking as the horse was running down the hill, this little guy, What if this horse hits a rock?

Like I’m gonna barrel down. And then immediately my mind, my spirit said, I won’t care. This is so worth it. Like this experience. I truly ecstasy, right? Like the most exhilarating, like the cold wind on my hair. Watching the horse’s feet, like looking at the ground to try to make sure we’re not, It just the whole thing.

It was the most fun. I truly, one of the most exhilarating moments of my life, and I wanna do it again like a thousand times over. That is what it’s like to follow your intuition without your mind in the middle. It is the most fun you will ever. Because there is danger there. It’s a little scary. Why?

Because you’re riding in terrain that is so unfamiliar to you. Spirit is calling you outside of your comfort zone. But what your mind doesn’t know and what your ego doesn’t know is you were born to do it. There’s a part of you that knows that that is exactly where you’re supposed to. Ex and that there’s a power inside of you that rises in that moment, that knows exactly what to do.

If you just get the hell outta your own way, get up on that fucking horse kick and haul ass down that mountain. You’ve got it in you, but you’ll never freaking know it if you don’t give yourself a chance. Okay? And yeah, maybe you’re gonna make mistakes. Maybe you’re gonna make mistakes. Who ca with any luck, you’re gonna make some mistakes because that’s gonna be the fastest, quickest way for you to learn.

Okay? So, That is what embodiment is. It is so thoroughly moving, embodying, moving through you the truth of what you are supposed to be acting and doing in that moment, doing the doingness of it. So like the quote said, you know, Oh, let’s just be yes, but what is being, what is being. Being is moving through life.

You be. It’s not sitting around and just feet, no, it’s actually very active. A full tank of gas directions on the map, and hands on the wheel is nothing but wishful thinking. If your foot’s not on the pedal, who cares how much you’ve learned? If you’re not willing to act it out, I don’t care how much you identify as a light worker, if you’re not willing to put yourself out there, put a and and do it, then who cares.

You are here to offer the world something. Something that only you can bring forward, and it requires total courage. But it’s fun. It’s fun when you really get going on it. It’s terrifying, but it’s also fun. What? What lies right after that? that terrify that. It’s like pants shitting terror, right? Like, Hi, I’m going to die.

Like what? What comes right after that? If you can just get over the hump of it, just push through. It is exhilaration and true joy, ecstasy. People talk about this, the ancients. Yes, it’s ecstasy. It’s this transcendent moment. That’s what’s waiting. And you’re never gonna think your way into it. And if you want certainty, give it up.

You’re never gonna get it. You will. You can have certainty, or you can have the exhilaration of following your soul’s guidance into the path of your proper destiny in this lifetime. Pick one and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. This is how it is. Okay. This is how it is. So the world is waiting for you to put yourself out there so it can reward you that life itself is waiting for.

Life itself is waiting for that. Okay? Life loves you, by the way. Life loves you. The world is a warm place. It’s a beautiful place. It’s a hard place. It’s a scary place. One minute you are basking in the sunshine. Another minute you are crashed upon the rocks. The point is to love all of it because it’s the journey of life, right?

It sucks to be down. Oh my goodness, doesn’t it? But that’s part of it. And we have to say yes to that too. We have to be willing to learn the hard lessons. And we have to be, we have to be willing to embrace our miseries as much as we are our victories. Okay? And they’re both the same thing, to be honest.

Because if your goal is to learn you, you receive that learning through both of those experie. Okay, I, and of course we, I, most people would hotly continue learn more from failing, so we should maybe even love that more, right? That’s what we’re here for as human beings. We’re here to learn and we’re here to create, and we’re here to love.

So get understand that you have it inside you right now. Get up and go take a lined action on that thing. There’s no such thing as not doing it. Scared you will do it. Scared everything I’ve ever done. I’ve done scared. Shanna says that we just get up every day and we do it scared, terrified. Don’t know what’s gonna happen, don’t care because I’m allowing my will to guide me what I will and will not do.

What do you will into the world via being a moving, breathing container for the will of God? What do you will unto the world? Because it will be so what do you will, what will you do to see it created? What will you not do to see it created? Is your will. Okay, Now, as light workers, we align our will to the will of the divine, right?

That’s what we’re here to do. Not my little self ego, Heather will, but higher self, Heather, Divine will. That’s what I’m trying to align to. But none of that matters if we’re not willing to take, if we’re not willing to embody that, if we’re not willing to be ansary of it, to be an advocate of it in word thought feeling, indeed.

That’s what you’re here for. And I freaking know, oh my God, the entire host of heaven is waiting for you to get up and do it so they can have your back and push you forward. You will be compelled forward. There will be a force behind you. You can’t explain. People will feel it. It’s insanity. It’s absolutely the craziest experience ever.

And you’ve felt it in moments of your life, haven’t you? You know what I’m talking about. You have experienced it. What we don’t, what we haven’t fully embraced yet is that that’s how our life is supposed to be on a daily basis. Okay. Because it is, it’s magical. Good things, bad things, boring things, exciting things, stupid things, smart thing, all of it.

It’s all there for us to learn from. Okay, so what was it? Was it Bob Marley that said, so I think someone asked him once why he. You know what, what was advocating for a better world or for peace or something like that. It was like, why do you do what you do? And Bob Marley said, Because evil’s not taking a day off and neither can we, The shadow isn’t taking a day off.

Y’all . So neither can we, right? It’s, let’s get up, let’s do our work, let’s do it in joy, let’s do it in alignment. Let, but let’s do it in command of our own path, allowing our intuition to. acting on what we receive, knowing that we will be supported regardless of what it looks like in the moment that ultimately, Before you fade the black in this lifetime, however long you’ve got to be you.

This one shot at being you in this lifetime. When you, when this journey ends, you will fade into the black and you will know, My God, that was one hell of a good time and I gave it hell. I raised hell off the hinges from the moment I was born. You gave it everything you’ve got. That’s it. Okay, so that’s my wish.

That you can embody the fullness of who you were born to be and do it in joy and do it in fear, cuz you’re gonna be scared and that’s okay. If we give up the need to just feel secure all the time, life gets a lot easier. It’s a crazy world out there, but you know what? You’re strong enough to handle it.

You know the world’s crazy. Yeah. Well so am I. Life’s a bitch. Well, so am I. So let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s saddle up. I’m, I am a force to be reckoned with. and you are too, right? That’s what courage is, right? It’s the virtue of courage. It’s the virtue of inner strength, right? It’s the virtue of knowing that you are a part of this creation and that life wants you here, and that there are infinite forces that are going to support you in doing it.

You’re not alone. You’re not alone. When you’re standing in that place of service to something greater than yourself, you’re not. Okay, so you have the power to do this. You are, you have tremendous power, okay? More than you can really imagine. And you’ve got way more help waiting for you to just, just ask.

Ask for it to help you out. You’ll see you can do it, okay? And my wish for you is that you go fail. Go fail. Go make some mistakes. Go learn, Get your foot on the gas pedal, okay? That’s my message for you. Okay. That’s my Monday sermon. You guys know how I get ? Yeah. Okay. So that’s it. Let me know what you think in the comments.

I love you guys. Together, we rise.