Ep123: Ushering in “5D” Paradigm & Ascending the Matrix with Melissa Buffington

Mar 28, 2023

Hey, Atmana soul sisters and brothers! We’re back!

In this new and fascinating episode, Melissa Buffington, a spiritual teacher and ascension guide, shares her insights on how to usher in the “5D” paradigm and ascend the matrix. She discusses the concept of ascension, moving into the fifth dimension, and how we can tap into our intuition to navigate these shifting energies.

Listeners will also gain valuable insights into the current state of the world and how we can all work together to create a more positive, loving, and connected future. Melissa’s wisdom and guidance will inspire and empower anyone seeking a deeper understanding of our spiritual journey and collective consciousness.

So, if you’re looking for thought-provoking and insightful content that will help you tap into your intuition and navigate the shifting energies of the world, be sure to check out our new episode with Melissa Buffington on Ushering in “5D” Paradigm & Ascending the Matrix!


Soul Stirring Quotes:

“It’s not exiting the matrix. It’s not leaving behind the matrix. It’s a process that I see involving as with everything truly in life, internal work married with external action.”

“If you’re not conscious of this, like the fact that you’re using your iPhone regularly or have your Apple Watch regularly pinging you, that’s the beginnings of transhumanism.”

“This planet is just a school for masterful souls to refine.”

“So the whole walk of life is to come on to forget to take on a bunch of crap, to shed the crap, alchemize the crap, pave pathways of gold, alchemical pathways, future forger pathways for other people to walk on as you develop spiritually and are initiated and pass on that torch, that initiation, that knowledge, that wisdom, that pathway that you forged through your own pain and the alchemy of that.”

“Energy can’t be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed and change form.”

“Walk out your dharma in life as art.”

“You are more than your business, but your business will never be more than you.”

“I reconcile it by looking at things not through the lens of any cult or religion or group, but looking at it through the lens of spiritual science and metaphysics.”

“I brought Jesus back. And it’s a game changer. I’ll tell you what cuz he is truly my mentor. He gives really customized advice. Like when it comes to leadership and like the trials and tribulations of walking on planet earth. Dude knows it all cuz he went through it all.”

“You’re not going to graduate from planet earth without passing through Jesus. That’s why the Bible says, Jesus said, I am the way the truth in the life; No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • {00:28} Hello Atmana Intuitives!
  • {01:14} Get to know Melissa
  • {02:32} Without further ado, here is Melissa
  • {03:54} What is the matrix?
  • {11:10} What is your divine blueprint?
  • {17:06} Is 5D the kingdom of heaven?
  • {26:41} Melissa’s journey of Christianity and Christian vocabulary
  • {36:36} What Melissa is bringing into the world right now
  • {40:34} How to connect with Melissa
  • {41:11} Wrapping up this episode

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Episode Transcript:

Heather: Hello, Atmana Intuitives! This is our very first episode of the Everyday Intuitive Podcast that we are recording live. So, I just figured we would kick this off with a really incredible guest and we are going to dive into some of my favorite topics that I really enjoy really milling about and investigating in my own life. So we’re going to talk a little bit about the Matrix, the new earth. We’re going to talk about religion. We’re going to talk about spirituality. We’re going to talk about the shadow and the light of all of these things. And also a little bit about Melissa Buffington, our guest and her work. So, I’m going to introduce you to her and then we’re going to bring her on screen. Okay, so let me tee up her intro. So Melissa Buffington is a holistic life and business coach, a visionary and a conscious leader of the global movement to birth, a conscious world outside of the Matrix. Oh my God, can I get in line twice for that? Can’t wait. She is on this planet to help bring in a new wave of leaders to rise together and forge businesses, families, and communities of the future. Melissa is a devoted wife and a mama. She’s got the cutest little boy in the world. And she has fully surrendered to her role in facilitating grounding the kingdom of heaven on earth using the complete set of 5D energetic templates she holds for all paradigms and systems of life on this planet. By following her soul, Melissa has evolved from running a trauma-focused psychotherapy practice. You guys, she’s a recovering psychotherapist like me. To birthing her spiritually centered work with the Buffington company. Her body of work really moves entrepreneurs through a specific sequence of spiritual initiations that deepen inner work and psychic development in accordance with natural law. Future Forgers is her mentorship and coaching container where she really focuses on soul embodiment and conscious marriage of scaling businesses that are soulful and in alignment. So, without further ado, I will bring Melissa on. Melissa, thank you so much for being here with me today.

Melissa: Yeah, Heather, I’m so excited. Thank you for the invitation. I feel like we’re soul sisters doing similar things, but in different ways with different peeps, the conversation is going to be fire. I’m excited.

Heather: Yeah, yeah. We’re very, you know, I think our approach is very, very similar. And we talk about similar things and it’s always amazing to connect with people you vibe with. So I always like to talk a little bit about how I met. So you and I met through, we had the same business coach, right? Kelly Roach? I think that’s how we sort of gravitated into each other’s universes. And it’s just always so cool to see how the people that you really are a vibrational match with, the people who you’re really called to do life and business with, they find you. So I think you’re one of those people for sure for me.

Melissa: Yeah, I feel that too, and it’s not that we’ve talked all the time and deeply and regularly, but the times that we do talk, there’s this familiarity, there’s this synchronous flow there and I’m grateful for that.

Heather: Yeah, and so let’s get into that because to me that’s one of the signs of what it is to be in this new paradigm. This new paradigm of like, I know you without knowing you, I love you without needing to understand your personality self. There’s this transcendent quality to relationship. Yeah, so my first question is, you know, you and I have spoken in the past and in general in this spiritual community today, we hear a lot about this thing called the matrix. There’s so many people talking about it. Elon Musk and sort of Silicon Valley, in my way really brought this forward into mainstream consciousness by talking about simulation theory, right? We’re living in a simulation. Spiritual people have been talking about the matrix forever, but I think it really hit mainstream consciousness as they started to talk about it. So my first question I wanted to ask you is, like, from your perspective, and I suppose maybe this would be more from the spiritual perspective, what do you, when you refer to the matrix and when you teach about it, what does that mean to you? Like, can you kind of give us a sum up of what that actually is? Because it’s very fuzzy. I think it’s a very fuzzy concept and bringing light to that would be, like, super cool, I think.

Melissa: Yeah, it’s funny because I never know the history or kind of the collective experience around certain terms that I use. These are terms that just come organically kind of to me and through me. So when I first started using the matrix, I didn’t know spiritual people were using that term. I didn’t know Silicon Valley had been using that term. The only time I had ever heard it was from the movie. And the movie was not in my head at the time that I started using the word. But I would say the movie is probably the closest depiction in a way of how I see the matrix, the way that it plays out in the future, that trans-evolving timeline. But at this present moment, what the matrix is, the way that I see it, it’s the entire world as we know it. It’s, you’re in the matrix. If you have a birth certificate, a social security card, a driver’s license, a Facebook account, a bank account, if you’re in this world and the existing systems, which everybody is, the new one doesn’t fully come, you’re in the matrix. It’s just a matter of how conscious are you of the fact that you’re in the matrix and how conscious are you? There’s further what I call disentangling to do to fully exit the matrix. And I use very specific words for a reason. Disentangling is the way that I see it. It’s not exiting the matrix. It’s not leaving behind the matrix. It’s a process that I see involving as with everything truly in life, internal work married with external action. So that continued internal healing, refinement, purification, letting go, expansion of consciousness, embodiment of higher frequencies along with external action, right? Like building businesses, disentangling from old paradigms of business that were revolved around hustle or old paradigms of healing that revolved around, I mean, all the modalities as we know them. Like it’s disentangling from all of that. Referencing of the external world is what’s true and what’s real. Sourcing it back to the inside and purifying your channel to be a vessel for pure divinity, for pure artistry, to be expressed and built in the world in a way that’s never been built before. And that’s what to me the Future Forger is. It’s the identity of the person who recognizes I’m still in this world and a little bit of this world and I’m looking to disentangle from that. And there’s actually a higher society that’s being created through this bifurcation that we’re going through on this planet right now of the devolution timeline, which eventually leads to transhumanism, which is Keanu Reeves in the matrix, in the battery, plugged in, high force energy being from him to feed the robots and the AI machines.

Heather: P.S. That’s a real thing. P.S. transhumanism is a real thing. She’s not talking about sci-fi. I studied this in my undergraduate for psychology, by the way, transhumanism. This is a very real thing. Sorry, keep going. I just had to drop that. That’s actually a real phenomenon. Yeah.

Melissa: Oh, yeah. It’s a real phenomenon. And we’re all being funneled into it right now. If you’re not conscious of this, like the fact that you’re using your iPhone regularly or have your Apple Watch regularly pinging you, that’s the beginnings of transhumanism. If you’re not consciously using it because you’re becoming dependent on this machine, this machine is listening to you, watching your data, informing what you’re doing. You’re creating a profile on social media to appear a certain way in this reality that’s a virtual reality. You’re getting information from the propaganda machine, from the cloud, from the media, from Facebook, from wherever. It’s all becoming part of your mental programming, part of your human mind, mental field being kind of infiltrated. Well, next step is virtual reality glasses or Google Glass. And the next step is contact lenses where you can see and experience social media, the internet, and look things up just with your thoughts or with verbal requests to Siri. Next step beyond that is the microchip in the brain. Thank Elon Musk for neurolink. Next step beyond that is, oh, well, we can actually replace this part of your brain and then that and then did the fit. Right? We even see it with little things like replacements of knees and hips. It’s not about the internal regeneration and healing of the human body that is our divine design. It’s this artificial, external thing coming in, being presented as better and higher because it’s technological.

Heather: Hmm. I love that. So, oh my gosh, you’re just amazing. Fire breather! Hashtag fire breather! I love everything you just said. Yeah, that’s, it’s so brilliant. Okay, so the first thing that came up for me is when you were saying that I love how you described, it isn’t about escaping because there’s nowhere to go. It’s not about leaving behind. It’s about disentangling. And we do this through our own awareness or through our own consciousness. It reminded me of the scripture that we are called to be in this world, but not of this world. And so I just want to highlight that. I think what you said brings so much hope. It’s okay to be here. It’s okay to have a bank account and go to football games and be a third dimensional, a three dimensional human that the point is to understand and be conscious of when you’re doing that. That’s what makes it transcendent. So I think that’s, I, to me, that brings me a lot of peace. It lessens this, the pressure of feeling like, oh my gosh, I’ve got to deprogram myself. And I think a lot of spiritually oriented people have low grade anxiety around like you wake up and you realize, holy shit, the world like we think awakening is going to be this fun, beautiful process. It’s not. It’s it’s a nightmare. If you don’t know how to navigate it, right, you wake up and realize the world is not what you’ve been taught or told it is. And what it is is not better than the dream state you were in. Right. The government doesn’t love you. You know, this isn’t this, this isn’t actually a really nice, you know, this dimension is very sick and very unwell. So yeah, so that’s really cool. So it’s about it’s about it’s about disentangling out of the matrix and then doing this through the return of now you talk a lot, I think about the divine blueprint, and you just mentioned that, right? So it’s what did you say it’s inner inner focus and then outer action. Can you speak a little bit about what you mean by, you know, the divine, the divine blueprints of who we are as people instead of relying on this exterior technology? Can you speak a little bit about that?

Melissa: Yeah, totally. So the personal like as a soul, your divine blueprint, I call that your you print. And that’s actually a session that I run with people to 60 minute session where we pull that in. And I’m not just like a tunneling to you. And you’re like, Oh, that’s cool. That’s cool. It’s like I’m opening the energetic portal with God, and you’re tuning into it, seeing it, feeling it, bringing it into your field now. So it disrupts. Because that that template divine blueprint is not just something that’s two dimensional, it sits on a map like an architectural blueprint. It’s an energetic essence, the purity of who you are, your soul and it’s healed in whole form. This is who you were before you incarnated into this lifetime. This is who you were in touch with before you took on all kind of the programming and the lies and the instruction and the trauma of this world and the bloodline you came through and all the experiences that came from the moment you were conceived. And the thoughts that were in your parents’ mental fields and energetic bodies when you were conceived. It’s that essence that you were before then. So as of now, and this is like one of my big missions to change this. But as of now, the whole walk of life on this planet, which this planet is just a school for masterful souls to refine. So the whole walk of life is to come on to forget to take on a bunch of crap, to shed the crap, alchemize the crap, pave pathways of gold, alchemical pathways, future forger pathways for other people to walk on as you develop spiritually and are initiated and pass on that torch that initiation that knowledge that wisdom that pathway that you forged through your own pain and the alchemy of that. So, energy can’t be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed and change form. So that’s what we’re doing. So, we are most of us are going to spend several lifetimes still. Several lifetimes. Or really the new version of Earth is fully here and available for people to access. There’s going to be still multiple lifetimes just spent in that process focused mostly on the inner work and that reconnecting with your soul essence, that divine blueprint, and then embodying that and flushing out, pushing out anything that is not that. Cleaning up your lineage, your DNA through the process of epigenetics, healing your physical body, clearing out the trauma, the karma, the soul contracts, all the things that are in place. And that process of soul embodiment leads you to true spiritual sovereignty, which is a very, very high place of initiation. There’s a lot that it takes to get there. So, ego death after ego death, you know, multiple dark nights of the soul and this total experience that I call the living death that I was walked through like holy moly, that was nuts. Until you’re reborn into the earth as this soul embodied sovereign being to then pass that on reintroduce this divine mass structure to your clean, pure, feminine essence, pass that on through, you know, your business or your service or just whatever that looks like. And then walk out your dharma in the life as art. So, the beginning and the focus of this is all on that you print that soul blueprint. And then as we get more people operating in the, you know, clear frequency of who they are that soul blueprint fully embodied with no darkness covering up your light. And then as we get more people on the map, and we start to function as what would be called the Corpus Christi or the body of Christ, this real community of the future, this is where those kind of synchronicities are coming in in a different way, where we recognize each other on a soul level, and we’re spreading like actual frequencies of love, unconditional love and light, which is Christ, love and light that is Christ. It’s the truth and it’s the love married together. I think that answered your question.

Heather: No, yeah, no, 100%. I think like to not I vibe with everything you just said, it’s the it’s the it is that you have to live life from within and you have to purify the vessel. Because if you don’t, if you don’t purify yourself from within everything that you do without yourself, right, meaning anything you create anything you do is going to carry the stain of the vessel it was brought through, right? You can’t create, like we hear this all the time in business, right? You are more than your business, but your business will never be more than you. The business, your business will is never going to exceed like if it’s your creation, it’s got your fingerprints all over it, right? So if I have purified water, which is the body of Christ, right, or the Corpus Christi, right? Pure, just God source energy, which we all know we are. And you put it into a container that’s got toxins in it or poison in it, let’s say it’s lined with arsenic, what is it? Are you going to drink that water? No, you are not. So I see very much like what you were saying, that’s kind of the vision that was coming into my head, like, we have to purify ourselves as a as a creative vessel. For this new earth, right? For the 5D, for the new earth. So maybe let’s, so I love that. I think that’s, it’s truly doing the work beyond the spiritual bypassing, the toxic positivity, which is, oh my God, I mean, you could come back on and we could talk about that. Like, I’ve the talk, the level of toxic positivity and spiritual bypassing that is happening in the spiritual world right now is like, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s absolutely insane to me. I won’t get on my soapbox. But so be not toxic positivity, not pretending like you’re over your bullshit, but actually moving on and alchemizing your bullshit and using your bullshit as the tool because your bullshit is just a tool. That’s the bullshit in our lives is just a tool to help us ascend. So, so let’s talk a lot. Let’s talk a little bit about new earth, the kingdom of heaven, 5D, and my way of thinking, these are all terms that speak to the same thing. You know, the kingdom of heaven is a Judeo-Christian way of thinking about it. 5D is a new age, you know, way of thinking about it. So maybe let’s talk a little bit about where we’re going and how we can step into, you know, creating that like you’re talking about the future forgers, right, the path. So in your way of thinking, like, how would you describe or define the kingdom of heaven or 5D?

Melissa: Yeah, so before I describe it, I want to actually talk about those terms. This is hugely significant of my embodied experience of disentangling from the matrix and landing in the higher earth, right? This term new earth I actually no longer use and apparently it’s an Eckhart Tolle book. I didn’t know that. I read one of his books. It was huge in my spiritual journey, The Power of Now. But I didn’t know about the book, whatever. It’s the same thing with the term matrix. Like maybe I heard it somewhere, but it just kind of organically came and I started using it. I never followed a bunch of spiritual teachers that eventually… of spiritual work It’s been like a really, I don’t know, apparently different. I don’t, I didn’t know until I started meeting more, you know, spiritual people. But I don’t use that term anymore because I found that that term and the whole New Age kind of modern spirituality movement is the Luciferian timeline, which is just the feminine, imbalanced feminine side of the evolution time, right? And the satanic version would be right. So I don’t use that term. I still use 5D. But I find that my path and my soul is taking on kind of different labels and going into different cults and kind of getting lost in them a little bit. And then rising up out of them, shedding those terminologies and those labels and those associations with those groups where I was really kind of in the world and of the world so that I can turn back around and share that path of alchemy and share what I’ve learned and what I’ve disentangled from with others. So right now, if you look at my content, you’ll see me using more Christian terminology. I’m not using Christianity, but I am already turning back around, like showing, serving, speaking their language. But there’s actually going to be a different term. I haven’t been given what it is yet, but there’s another term for what I’m talking about as this higher period, right? Like Venus fully grounded here on Earth. So there’s metaphysical structures and science behind all of this, which I love that you’re familiar with that stuff, Heather, because most people are just repeating stuff they’ve heard in spiritual worlds and don’t really get the bigger context and how it actually logically, linearly, structurally fits together. So for me, the kingdom, the 5D, the new Earth, whatever that is, it hasn’t fully grounded here yet, actually. And I see it being a distinct moment of birth. It is going to be birthed. I see it happening in September of this year, specifically. And it’s going to start with the birth of new America. And this means literally walking through what we’ve been through in history with the Declaration of Independence, the Boston Tea Party, the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, all of that stuff being recreated, but without any of those resistance and hooks to the existing system that were in the foundation of America. It was like anti this, anti that. There was a covenant with God. There were some distortions in the seeding of America. It’s walking back through that, but with pure divine seeds and pure divine soil from a state of consciousness where we literally have internally unhooked and disentangled from the matrix and externally parted with. People do this work, and they fuck it up all the time because they’re not doing the inner work. They’re bypassing. They’re forcing their way through. But externally leaving behind your social security card, your birth certificate, all those things, but going back to the original contracts and law around the creation of our governments and the Magna Carta and ownership of land and sea and how all that works, I’m continuing to walk through that process internally so that we can create a new system. There has to be a landing ground. You can’t do this, I hear about people doing the straw man thing or whatever. They’re getting arrested. They’re just trying to do shit. You can’t take my money, and I’m a free citizen, and I don’t have a driver’s license. Yeah, you’re going to jail because you didn’t do the inner work. You don’t really know what you’re talking about. That’s some kind of bypassing where you think you’re going to be free. It’s not about the external stuff. That’s a byproduct of the real work. So, the kingdom is this new society with new structures, politics, finances, banking, business. Even the CRM I use, it’s not going to be that CRM. There’s going to be somebody who’s that pure 5D vessel who’s really in that consciousness who births this divine seed of a CRM business, an accounting business. All the businesses have to be rebuilt. The thorn in my side, because I know that 80% of the stuff that I’m using right now won’t be. I’m just trying to pass on what I’m doing, and what I’m knowing, and what I’m walking through so that more of us are rising together. And this is a big thing for you, Heather. But it’s a new system. It’s a new way of navigating this reality in our true spiritual, and legal, and physical sovereignty. Things like get a passport, have a Facebook account, consciously make those contracts and agreements. I agree to the terms of service so that we can matrix serve, and serve the world who unknowingly, even though they think they’re in spirituality, and they’re evolving and ascending, they’re still hooked into this devolution timeline. So that is what it is to me. There’s a lot we could unpack there.

Heather: Right. Well, one of the things I appreciate about what you’re saying is that it’s actually in this world. And I think a lot of us don’t, yeah, hear. Like, there’s nowhere to go. I don’t get it. Like, there’s nowhere to go. This is why we’re here. This is the world. There’s no, like, this is it. So I think that when we really start talking about changing this world when we start saying things like, yeah, you know what? Your birth certificate makes you basically a slave to a false Luciferian system, which it does, okay? When you start saying things like that, people literally have a hard time. I know I have a hard time with it. I’m like, whoa, how is that gonna, it’s not that I don’t believe it could work, I know it would work. It’s more like, how’s that gonna happen? So I think what our first step, like you’re saying, it isn’t grounded here. I think for us, it’s the first step is to say, it is possible for this to be. We need to believe that this is possible, and possible for everyone. It is possible to create new systems and new structures that are in alignment with the flourishing of all sentient creatures. That is 100% within our grasp. And how we know it is, is there’s evidence, contrary to what we might think, there’s evidence of it everywhere. I think a functional family is evidence of this, right? There’s evidence that we can flourish and thrive all around us every single day. We’re just not taught to see it and hold onto it and value that, and believe that that can become, that that can become the norm. I also really appreciate what you were saying about studying forms of thought, ways of being, spiritual teachers and gurus and sort of seeing them and kind of the sycophantic way we interact with the Eckhart Tolle’s or the spiritual people or the teachers or even politicians at this point, politicians and celebrities are now your guru, right? So, I appreciate what you were saying about, cause I’m like you as well, I will get into something. I’m like a dog with a bone. My husband was just telling me, he’s like, Heather, when you get something in your head, it is 24 seven until you’re done with it. You know, and I’m 24 seven. And then I, it’s like, I chew it up and then I spit it out. And what I do is I keep, you know, so, you know, I chew on it and then I spit out what I know is not true, but I take the truth out. And I think that is the process of self-education. This is the process of owning your own mind. That is the process of saying, this is what I believe. And this is what I think. And this is what I know to be true. And I’m also open to change my mind and to see a higher reality. So yeah, I appreciate your respect for using proper terminology. And that’s why I like to even talk about definitions because we throw these concepts around, like we know what we’re talking about, but I might mean something different than what you’re, you know, then, so I think just to get that understanding brings so, so, so much clarity. And by the way, Dolores Cannon was talking about New Earth before Eckhart Tolle was. And I, yeah, so, and she talked about New Earth. I studied under Dolores for all of 2013, but it’s funny just to sort of piggyback to sort of drop a little pin in. She also described the birth of, you know, the new 5D paradigm as birthing. That’s what she talked about. So, she, yeah, she would talk about it in that way too. So, I think that’s really cool. Okay, let’s now, I… Yeah, yeah, she would often speak like that. Okay, let’s talk a little bit about your return to, or sort of how you’re saying you’re using more Christian language in your spiritually focused business now. And the reason why I wanna dive into this is I noticed that a lot of spiritual people are allergic to religious language. Many of us in the, you know, I guess, for lack of a better term, in the new age or the spiritual community, to, you know, it’s through no fault of our own, I think a lot of people have suffered. I myself am a person who was deeply wounded by religion, relationships in my family destroyed, not spending literal lifetime away from, you know, certain key family members because I just could not believe the way they believe. The wounding is real. So I just wanna recognize that, like a lot of people have this wound, and rightfully so if that’s where you’re at, you need to stay allergic because you’re not ready to, you know, to deal with it yet. But like you, I have really circled back and healed a lot of that. And I also identify more with the Christian ethos. I identify as a Christian, I believe, I see myself as a Christian. I just, I’m not, like when mainstream Christians ask me if I’m a Christian, I’m like, I am, but I don’t think I’m a Christian the way you think you mean… you know, but I am, you know. So, talk to me a little bit about that journey for you to come sort of back maybe to the Christian vernacular when you describe things. How did you reconcile these two things, I suppose?

Melissa: Yeah, yeah, well, I feel that I have not only a reconciliation, but this is part of what I don’t just say this lightly that I have those those templates right those energetic templates for the paradigms the systems like the higher truths that the timeless truths that we’re going through in the spiritualization arc here But I reconcile it by looking at things not through the lens of any cult or religion or group But looking at it through the lens of spiritual science and metaphysics. There are structures behind all of this This is a course that I’m coming out with next month called how life works It’s gonna be available for people to invest in I’m teaching all of these templates because once you’ve got these templates you can go out in the world and discern anything You can heal that religious trauma Like I’m so glad you brought that forward because this people have been abused by religion I hope marks what it is saying religion is the opiate of the masses, right? So, the tyrants and the dictators and the nasty like nasty people who are doing harmful things like consciously and deliberately love religion because it’s so valuable of a tool and their mind control mechanisms. So, there’s a lot that people have been through with religion myself included So now where I sit is that the intersection what I say is the intersection of the mystery schools esoteric Christianity and Gaia magic, okay, and those three things you say those three things together. I’m always triggering one group for another But I went through a long history of religious trauma myself. I went through satanic and ritualistic abuse Under the name of Christian Church, right? Like sexual abuse ritualistic abuse like dark magic awful horrible things MK ultra stuff to you through the school system and medical system but like through churches and yeah, so I’ve been through that. I’ve literally had the Bible read to me and inverted and concepts like Jesus and you know the devil and all this like flipped around and messed with in my mind and I worked with a number of clients and still do who’ve been through that stuff really powerful souls that on? So I understand the trauma and then I went through though I did have a moment when I was young second grade that I was in church and I prayed the prayer right they say invite Jesus into your heart and I was like feels like the moment so I did it and oh I felt it. I felt something in my body. I felt my heart move. I felt lit on fire and I was crying and they were like now come up to the front if you did that and we’re gonna baptize you and pranay on I was like, you know. So I stayed in my seat, but that moment was real and I had so many dark times as a young child with the trauma that I’ve been through in the spiritual attack I’d been through where I was suicidal and I would pray and I would journal to Jesus. He was very real to me. The same Jesus that I talked about I’m gonna talk to you guys about Jesus and it’s not from a religious perspective, right? If you’ve got a higher guide, you know or spiritual guides or beings that you’re connected with or whatever Jesus is like that right sure way but what I call the initiate overall initiates, He truly is an ascended master at this point, but it was that relationship with Jesus that got me through not killing myself not doing destructive. Well, I was very destructive, but I didn’t actually die right? I didn’t look the exits So come back for more karma, but I walked away from all that and became atheist right? I went from Republican into liberal Christian to atheist.

Heather: I’ve been me too, you know me too. I’m called exact exact path. Yes, exactly.

Melissa: So important we walk through that so I left it all behind and then it was a few years ago. I think at the end of 2020 I was in a session with an intuitive coach and she asked me she was just following her guidance to invite the presence of God to be with me and I was like fuck no and then I was like hell no, and then I was like, I was scared and then I did it. I started. There was so many emotions like so… many emotions. But I was weeping and like all the wounded child parts of me for everything that I had been through and the religious trauma included, just in that presence of like that masculine paternal love and divinity was just being shaken out of me and I was being held and that was the beginning of my return back consciously to God I still had that in me when I look back at kind of my foundational business stuff. It was always there. I just had been diving in different cults and groups and language or whatever But this was the spiritual healing and then God took me back to the sexual abuse I went through and showed me the spiritual realm and the entities involved and how evil works and the way that our energy is sucked out of us just like in the matrix or used as batteries and the way cords are formed and he showed me all that and we clean that up spiritually. I went through like Entity attack demonic attack, whatever you want to call it didn’t know that shit was real until it started happening and I thought I was gonna die all day all night for three months figured out how to clear that out and it wasn’t until like really in the past year that I brought Jesus back. And it’s a game changer. I’ll tell you what cuz he is truly my mentor. He gives really customized advice. Like when it comes to leadership and like the trials and tribulations of walking on planet earth. Dude knows it all cuz he went through it all. It’s real by everybody like beaten tortured murdered and and like to the moment that he had his like my god my god Why have you forsaken me on the cross had to trust that God would unchain him from hell when he died to the flesh? So he’s the one who paved that pathway. He’s the future forger of all future forgers paved the ascension pathway for us on this planet with the blood ritual to end all blood rituals and all we’re doing now is receiving that gift and embodying that Christ at energy that he took on for three years between 30 and 30 three that energy of the Sun that he took on and by my says blood drifted into the planet to also raise the frequency of Gaia So now he sits as an ascended master. You’re not going to graduate from planet earth without passing through Jesus. That’s why the Bible says Jesus said I am the way the truth in the life No one comes to the Father except through me and yes, God needs to be related to as the father at this time on the planet because of the Cycle that we’re in in long-term history and then happens in that relationship with the masculine principle.

Heather: Mm-hmm. I’m picking up everything you’re laying down I think this is a it’s a very nuanced and and it’s to me an insanely exciting conversation And I and I think it’s very scary for a lot of people maybe who haven’t found a way to stabilize their psyche while dismantling belief systems that are not only supporting their own you know mental process value system, but for our entire planet right when you start to talk about You know, I know a lot of religious people get triggered when you call Jesus Christ an ascended master. They’re like, no, he’s the savior of the world and it’s like, okay. He is. you’re right I just talked about that in a different context, right? So I I just think it’s I suppose my takeaway for everyone listening to this is please liberate yourself from feeling like you have to be in some type of box You’re allowed to come up with your way of thinking and feeling about You know, who who is your quote unquote savor Savior or teacher like you I I really Have returned to a relationship with Christ that is the most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced. I can’t exactly explain logically why that is I just know as a as it like you I’ve been a healer really my entire life, right my professionally and on a on a psychic and emotional level and I’ve never seen anything that works like Christ at energy never once I mean, it’s just it’s the most authoritative stuff And I will also tell you that I have studied a lot of major religions and esoteric ideas and narcissism, you know Whatever I’ve studied a lot of that stuff and what I find in studying it is that a lot of those teachers come back and say that what they find at the end of their own ascension path is correct the Christ within the Christ that Dr. David R Hawkins talked about that. He’s like, oh shit. I guess Jesus really was the guy right? So a lot of people yeah, a lot of people do say that so I think it’s really cool because I feel like the New Age is taking this turn back to Universal truth I think religions are getting out of their box and unable maybe to see these concepts in expanded light. So thank you for that. I think it’s very healing for us to hear that it can it can look like and feel like what is true to you on the inside. So okay, so tell us a little bit more about how you work with people You know in your zone of mastery, you know the energy work that you’re doing and really just what’s coming up next. You mentioned a course. So, tell us a little bit about what you’re bringing into the world as of right now?

Melissa: Yeah, and I just want to touch on one thing about Jesus He is part of an incarnational stream of Christ energy, right? And so there are seven different civilizations that develop inside of each epoch and we’re in the post-atlantic epoch right now There was Atlantis the Miriam hyperborean and polarian before that from the post-atlantic epoch. So he was the one that paved the path He is the Christed figure at this time. You can’t be just relating to Krishna or Buddha or whatever You’re not going to get to the Ascension because the masculine principle is what Jesus brought in It’s that Western spirituality holds the full integration of the embodiment into the 3d. That’s why you’re saying you’re seeing in the new age all the bypassing all the toxic positivity because they’re not willing to reckon with Jesus Who was the masculine figure who took on the crisis of this epoch and this civilization? Okay. Anyway So what I have coming out is some really exciting things. So we talked about this purification of the vessel being a huge part of the work. So I am right now filling up our Mastermind and business incubator that is called the temple and it is about the temple which is the body and it is about the return to temple culture which is also kind of a there’s a lot of energetic overlays right now and important moments from Atlantis and Lemuria at this time as we come into the birth of New America and the kingdom. And so it’s about that return to that feminine culture that’s been lost. There’s a lot of inner healing and then business foundations that get locked in. So this is for the people who have invested in a million different ways of trying to grow their business and get things off the ground and do their soul-driven work. And it’s like, none of it worked. None of it was the ROI. OK. So we’re teaching the timeless templates and truths for 5D kingdom business, 5D marriage, 5D life, using all of it as the mirror to bring you back to yourself. So you’re doing that inner, inner, inner, inner work. And then birthing the external work in the way that it needs to be to be scalable and sustainable. So if you’re ready to hit that six multi-six-figure years consistent, sustainable, aligned, family life imbalance, all that stuff, that’s the temple. So, you can go to temple.melissabuffington.com to apply to join that. Or right now, I’m in launch. I’m running Phoenix Masterclass for free at phoenix.melissabuffington.com. You can hop in there, watch the replays. I talk about the temple in there. And then what I want to share too is the How Life Works course. This is like lifetimes and years of teaching and refining and learning all the timeless templates for navigating life as a spiritual being having a human experience. So like long-term history, what I’m talking about with epochs and civilizations, and even the way the body and the psychic nervous system is structured, chakras, religion, what is the Holy Spirit, how does that work, what’s Gaia magic, how does this make sense, all the templates for that. And then cosmic consciousness and cosmic spirituality, which cycle is this planet in? How does one rock go through different iterations of Venus and Jupiter and Vulcan? And what does that mean? What’s beyond the solar system? We hear all this language about UFOs and the mother ships and aliens and all this stuff right now pumping out. Well, we need to be right with the correct templates and truths and metaphysical structures for cosmic consciousness because they’re ushering it in before our psyches are ready so they can blast apart our belief systems and roll out the one world religion as part of the New World Order and all the things that we know agenda 2030 is up to. So How Life Works is an awesome course, massively worth the investment. I’m running it live this time. So there is a Q&A that comes with it. It’s five parts plus a Q&A. And you can go to hlw.melissabuffington.com for that one.

Heather: That sounds fun. That sounds so fun. Yeah. OK, well, we’ll have links in the show notes for everything here for you guys to check out. It sounds like you’ve got something for everyone at the level that they’re really ready to dive into and to learn about. So that’s amazing. And you’re also on Instagram, right? Is it @melissabuffington?

Melissa: Yeah, I have my personal brand @themelissabuffington. And then we have a business account @thebuffingtoncompany as well.

Heather: The Buffington company. OK, cool. So we’ll have those in the show notes too. I want to make sure everybody can find you to learn more from you about this. I just cannot thank you enough for your time and sharing your wisdom here. It’s so, so, so much fun to have these conversations and to learn more about all of these concepts that are so bifurcated and siloed. I love it when it’s like, I’m going to talk about meditation, Jesus, and tarot, because you can’t put me in a box. I love it. I get such a kick out of it. I don’t know why. So thank you so much for being such a woman of wisdom and leading the way into the kingdom, right? Our new 5D reality. And it’s an opportunity and also, I think, a mandate for each of us to realize that we have a responsibility and an opportunity to be a part of this new creation.

Melissa: Yes. We rise together. And thank you so much, Heather, for the opportunity to come here to meet and connect with more of you guys, to share my message, my mission, my vision, my passion. I love this stuff, and for being you and staying committed to your path as much as you’ve had to also walk through different labels and groups and walking away from it and standing in your own what you know to be true. So thank you so much. And I’m happy to be here with you.

Heather: Thank you, sister. I’ll have you back on. I want to have some more spicy conversations about shit that pisses people off. Do you want to do that?

Melissa: Yeah.

Heather: Killer. Let’s do it. Let’s do it. OK. Thank you guys for listening. You can find us. We’re going to soon be streaming our episodes into our Facebook group, the Atmana Intuitive Coach Collective. So if you would like to join us live next time, meet us there. And until then, together we rise.