Ep125: From Start-Up Intuitive to 7-Figure Coach: How I broke up with my poverty complex!

Apr 24, 2023

Heather shares her struggles and challenges with vulnerability, which makes her journey all the more inspiring. And the practical advice she offers on cultivating a positive money mindset, setting clear goals, and taking strategic action is truly invaluable for anyone looking to create a successful and fulfilling business.

In this episode, Heather shares her incredible journey from start-up intuitive to 7-figure coach, and how she broke up with her poverty complex to create a life of abundance and fulfillment. Her story is truly inspiring and serves as a powerful reminder that we can all achieve our dreams if we’re willing to do the inner work and believe in ourselves regardless of what others think.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an aspiring coach, or simply someone seeking inspiration and guidance on your personal growth journey, this episode is a must-listen. Heather’s story will inspire you to break free from your own limiting beliefs and step into your full potential, and her insights will give you the tools and strategies you need to make your dreams a reality.

So if you’re ready to embrace abundance and create a life of purpose and fulfillment, be sure to tune in to this episode with Heather Alice Shea. It’s a conversation you won’t want to miss!

Soul Stirring Quotes:

“For me, making money was like Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the hill, to just come shy the top, to fall back down and wake up again the next day to do it all over again.”

“I just learned that it’s always gonna be hard no matter what you do. And all you have is yourself and your family.”

“It’s giving yourself the opportunity to witness yourself in growth.”

“I believe this to be true about you, that you have a direct connection to…however you wanna conceptualize that God, higher self, spirit, universe, whatever you have a closer connection to that than most people do. And through that connection, you do feel your worth.”

“It’s not about the money, it’s about who you are.”

“People who have a lot of money have money issues too.”

“Money is not gonna solve this problem…What does solve it is discovering a purpose for your abundance beyond yourself.”

“What hinders you now is the key to all of your power.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • {00:28} Hello, everybody. What’s up? It’s Heather.
  • {05:39} Let’s talk about the poverty complex
  • {06:24} Questions to ask to start the money conversation
  • {09:15} Knowing Heather’s story
  • {18:10} To you, what does making money mean?
  • {21:51} Challenging the narrative about money
  • {23:33} How much money are you worth?
  • {27:18} Building a seven-figure business
  • {32:47} If it’s not about the money, what is?
  • {34:43} What you don’t know about rich people and their money issues
  • {40:34} The real remedy for money problems
  • {48:35} Wrapping up

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Episode Transcript:

Heather Alice: Hello everybody. What’s up? It’s Heather. I am so excited to be here with you guys. And I’m just gonna dive right into this episode. I have to admit that today’s topic makes me feel I’m shocked. I was just telling my husband, I’m shocked at how nervous I feel to talk about our subject today.

So what we’re gonna be talking about is how to break up with your inner broke bitch. What do I mean by your inner broke bitch? We’re gonna be talking about money mindset, and really the poverty complex that a lot of spiritually focused individuals have. Full disclosure, like being really just vulnerable with you guys here as I prepared for this live.

I’m like, what do I really even have to say about this? What do I really have to offer? As I look at what’s being said and taught in the online community to, intuitive coaches to people who are helpers and healers, I’ll confess, I disagree with probably at least half of what’s of the conversation.

I’m nervous to talk about this because I don’t wanna come off as negative. My own experience with money, for those of you guys who know me if you’re one of our coaches, for those of you who know me, you know that I come from a very poor background.

If we didn’t grow it or kill it, we didn’t eat type of poor, right? I grew up in the south on a farm. I was milking cows when I was like five years old. Fun fact, we had a cow named Abundance. How weird is that? What do I have to really add to this conversation?

But I wanna talk about it because I’ve been asked by a lot of the people that have coached with me and that know my story. They’ve asked me to talk about it. And nervously, reluctantly, but also in a nerves guided way, that’s what we’re gonna talk about. We’re gonna, we’re gonna talk about breaking up with our inner poverty complex.

And so to do that, I’m gonna share just some of my stories because I feel like the truth is that’s really all I have to share. It’s, that’s all I really have to offer you. I can’t profess to be some type of money guru. The truth is I don’t really care that much about money. Do you know what I mean? So we’re gonna get into that.

But for those of you who don’t know me, I just wanna introduce myself. Hello, I’m Heather Alice Shea, the CEO and founder of Atmana Academy. And so, what is Atmana Academy? It is a science-backed, science-driven life coach training academy specifically for intuitives.

So we do life coach training and then also intuitive development. And we have the world’s first intuition teacher training program out there. So we are officially training intuition teachers, like meditation teachers, yoga teachers. We have a lot of intuitive practitioners out in the space, but we don’t really have anyone who’s using evidence-based protocols.

And really the best of the information we have out here as intuitives. We don’t have anyone teaching that. And so I know that it’s my calling to bring that forward. So that’s what Atmana is. I started my business in 2014. As I sit here today it’s like mind blowing for me to say it’s a seven figure company.

I think what makes my story different? If you’re an intuitive watching this, if you’re a coach watching this, a mentor, any type of person who works with people, I want you to listen to this. You use intuition. You take that spiritual lens. I want you to listen to this. I am living proof that it is possible to make great money using your abilities.

Okay? So as I sit here in 22, 23, I’m like, holy shit, I’ve actually, I actually did it. I actually really have for myself, I think broken many of the chains that used to hold me back and keep me in poverty and in lack mindset. Okay? So I’m speaking from a place of my personal experience. I’m not, I’m really just offering you a life lived, battling the challenges around money.

And as a person who wants to walk a path that, God, universe, spirit, however you conceive of a higher power that I feel like, God has called me to walk in. So I’m gonna share a little bit about my personal experience in this. I’m gonna talk to you. Really, my goal is, I wanna share with you the dark side of this.

I really wanna talk about the stuff that people won’t share with you. I’m gonna talk to you about some of my numbers. I’m gonna talk to you about. We’re gonna get into like the investments I’ve made, the ones that really sucked, just like actual, tangible numbers behind what it is to run a multiple six to seven figure business.

I don’t think there’s enough talking about what that really looks like. And the reason why I wanna offer that to you is you’re closer than you think. Had I known that this is what it’s really I would’ve been like, oh, so it’s not what you think it is. And I wanna offer my perspective on that to you, because I think the more we have honest conversations about what it is actually like on the, not on the highlight reel, right?

Fuck the cars with people with money and taking yachts and vacations. I’m not interested. Yeah. Not interested in it. It doesn’t impress me. I think we’re all really sick and tired of that. What we want is authenticity. What we want is connection. What we want is realness. What we want is to know that we can step into abundance in a way that doesn’t make us self betray every single second we are alive, because that is not abundance.

We’re gonna get into what does it really even mean to have a poverty complex? I, and I’m gonna offer to you kind of some principles around. The conversation with money that I think needs to change some assumptions we’re making that I think really help us realize that you’re probably halfway there if we could just actually talk about this in a way that’s not completely full of shit.

So that’s my goal in doing this. So yeah, so please bear with me. This is gonna be very stream of consciousness. Again, I’m not a money coach. I’m not here to try to help you do anything other than have a deep relationship with a part of you that wants to be set free into the highest expression that you are.

And I think that the money conversation is important. Okay, so I wanna start with a question. I wanna start with a question, really two of them. Why is it that you think spiritual people specifically struggle with money? What is going on? Why do you think that is?

Okay, so let me back up. I work with Intuitives every single day. For the last three years I have done nothing but work with intuitive focused coaches and practitioners in the wellness space who are trying to scale their business to their first six figures.

That’s why I’ve spent my time and let me tell you what, I haven’t had one person I haven’t had actually, lemme Okay. I was gonna say I haven’t had one person that hasn’t struggled with money. That’s not true. I’ve had a handful of people that had their money game on point, but it was only after going through their struggle with money.

So I haven’t had one person come through my program where they didn’t say to me, Heather, I’m really struggling with this. Do I believe I can make money? Yes. Even if they say, yeah, I believe I can make money as an intuitive coach, they’ll go, but I don’t think I can clear the six figure mark, or I definitely can’t go to multiple six.

There’s always some type of glass ceiling there. So just let’s put a pin in that for you to find your own clarity here. What is it that you think is going on? And I really wanna challenge you to not give the standard stereotypical answer. It’s self-worth issues. No, it isn’t. I’m gonna get into that later.

It is not your self worth issues. Somebody hand me a shovel. Because we about to bury that bitch. It is not your self-worth issues. That is not it. I’m here to, I used to think that was it. That’s not it. There’s a reason behind why we think it’s self-worth. And I’m gonna share that with you at the end and I want you to stay tuned for it cuz it’ll bake your noodle.

It’ll really help you understand it’s not self-worth when you really get down to it, you believe you’re capable of this and you do believe you’re worthy of it. You’re just scared of something else that’s even more terrifying to admit that we’re scared of. Okay? So we’ll talk about that.

The second question I wanna ask is, what do real money issues look like? What do money issues look like? The standard answer we’re gonna give here is not enough money. Lack of money. Not wanting to check our bank statements. Feeling icky about it. Saying things like, I don’t care about money. Let me tell you something.

You do, you care about money. You might not be interested in money, but you care about money. Okay? So what do real money issues look like? Because I think what we’re doing with this money conversation is we’re skipping right over fundamental things that we need to be clear on for us to actually get to the bottom of what is going on.

And I think that question, what does it really look like, is super important. Okay? So check in with yourself right now. Really do, we’re doing some inner work here. What is, what do they really look like?

Okay. So I wanna share with you a little bit, I wanna tell you a story cuz I get asked all the time, Heather, how did you build a seven figure business? You grew up ps dirt poor, with, in a, all of the things that would stack against a person to make money. Okay. My parents were wonderful human beings, but we were as blue collar as it gets.

My dad went to work with a patch on his shirt that said Bill Booth. Okay. True blue collar worker. He worked in a still mill and my parents worked themselves to the bone to take care of us. And I grew up watching. I came from a big family. I’m one of seven children. My oldest sister died. We come by mental illness, honest in my family.

We, most of us had some type of learning disability. I, myself had P T S D from child sexual abuse and depression since as, as long as I can remember from that. The sexual abuse started when I was five. We had re we were replete with mental illness and poverty. And I really can’t remember a time in my life, truly and honestly where it wasn’t hard.

And I think a big reason why I became a psychotherapist. For those of you who don’t know me, my background’s in mental health counseling. So I say I am a recovering psychotherapist who is now firmly in the world of life coaching. But, truly I can’t really remember a time when it wasn’t hard. I don’t ever really remember ever money being an easy conversation in my family at all.

So I wanna share the story with you, and I’m sharing the story with you to help you discover your own as I worked on, as I was building my business, right? Like when we really started to scale, I started to notice that everything I did was hard. Did I make the money? Yeah, I did. I made it and I almost killed myself making it.

I was following that same pattern. Did we have enough when I was a kid, yes. My parents always provided for us, but I watched my father literally work himself into an early grave. He died at 62 of diabetes. Okay? Like absolutely God awful. What I, what he had to do to take care of us. And God blessed that man.

He was a true father and a real man, and he never gave up on his kids or his wife. He gave everything he had to us. And I’m so grateful to him, right? But this is the story I wanna tell you. Where I realized was the root of my challenge with money, with not believing that I could ever live successfully with not believing that I, that it could ever be easy for me.

And by easy, I just mean not bone crushingly hard. I don’t mean not challenging, trust me, it’s gonna be challenging. For me, making money was like Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the hill, to just come shy the top, to fall back down and wake up again the next day to do it all over again.

And I wanna tell you a story from my childhood about this. And I discovered this, I almost completely forgot this memory until I was working with a coach of mine who really pulled this outta me. God bless her, Tammy. Loved you. So she said, tell me what’s really going on with you about money.

And I said so I, I checked in with myself and this memory came, it was me when I was maybe 12 years old. My dad worked in a steel mill and he was a diabetic and his feet were really bad. Okay. He had already, I believe at that time, had already lost a toe. Now I was his own. I have four brothers.

My older sister died. I was his like little nurse, his little girl, his baby girl taking care of him. And I loved to help my dad take care of his feet. I would soak him in Betadine and help him when he would have wounds, I would debris him. I just was this little self-taught nurse, and my dad didn’t mind if I helped him that way.

I think he, there was no shame in his little, his daughter helping him. When he died too at the hospital, my mom and I were the only ones he would let feed him and stuff, he’d never let my brothers do it. So I was always like his little nurse and. He had stepped on a nail and the way he had walked for a while had destroyed one of the bones in his feet.

And this bone had almost turned to powder. So much so that he had to have surgery on his feet. Now, if you know anything about diabetes, you understand how dangerous this is because when you get wounds on your feet, they don’t heal and can turn into deeper wounds, which is actually what killed him. He ended up stepping on a nail and then he just never recovered, had triple bypass, 20% of his heart, and then he died in his sleep, 10 months after that happened.

So when I tell you it, this is not oh, he had a foot problem. This is life-threatening to a diabetic. And I knew that at the, at tender age of 12, that any minute this shit could take my dad and I was very close with my father. I loved him. We were like soulmates. So anyway he had stitches on his feet from this surgery and I would always be tending to his feet.

And I noticed that those stitches were pulling and they were creating new wounds. There were three stitches and they were creating new wounds. And I said, daddy, you Daddy you gotta go to the doctor. This is getting bad. That, and I was begging. He said, oh baby, I’m fine. I said, daddy, no.

I started crying. I said, daddy, you gotta go. This isn’t good. But dad, I’m telling you right now that there’s new wounds here. This is bad. We’ve gotta fix this. And he said, oh no baby, I’m fine. And I just kept at him. I was like, you. And he was so stubborn. God, that’s where I got it. Him and I, toe to toe.

It was like I was like, no, like you’re going, you gotta go because this is not gonna get better. And he got really quiet and he looked at me and he said, Heather, I can’t go. And I said, why can’t you go? Just, they’ll just take the stitches out, daddy. It’ll be fine. He said, Heather, I can’t get in to see a doctor.

I don’t have, we don’t have the money for it. I’m gonna have to wait three weeks. He’s gonna have to wait three weeks. I said, by the time, three weeks comes, dad, you’re not gonna have a damn foot. I was 12 again, I was 12 years old. I said, you’re not gonna have a foot dad. You gotta go. And he looked, oh my God, I’m getting emotional.

Sorry. I told you I was gonna be vulnerable in this this episode. This was the moment I ha the poverty complex, sunken for me. He looked at me, this strong man that I admired and loved and had, just lived in his the love and light of his protection and his strength. He looked at me and said, Heather or Hessi, he called me Hessi.

He said, Hessi, will you take him out? And I was like, I don’t know how to take stitches out of feet, daddy. I don’t know how to do that. He said, you can do it. It’s easy. I’ll show you how to do it. You can do it. And I was like, what if I hurt you? And he’s you’re not gonna hurt me, honey.

I’ll show you how to do it. Go get the Betadine, the scissors and the tweezers. In my brain right now, you guys, I can remember running to the medicine cabinet to get it was yesterday, like so vivid, you know how at least like core memories stick, stick out. So I went and I got him and crying. I took stitches outta my dad’s feet all because he, we just didn’t have the money to do it, right.

It just wasn’t an option for him. And in that moment I know that my dad would never have intended that it would do that. Of course. How would you ever know that could, affect a child in that way? I learned in that moment that it will always be a struggle and that you’ll never have enough.

And that even if you give it everything you’ve got, you’re gonna be sitting on a couch one day broken with not enough money to go to the doctor. I just learned that it’s always gonna be hard no matter what you do. And all you have is yourself and your family. Like you can only depend on yourself and that people that, that love you the most, right?

Like when the shit hits the fan, really, it’s just gonna be you and the people closest to you. Maybe they’re gonna figure out how to make it work for you. And so I told my coach this story and she said, are you ready to let that memory go? And I sat with myself and I said, no, I’m not.

I was just bawling. And she said why can’t you know? How is it that you can’t, what are you afraid of that’s gonna happen if you let go and you adopt a better belief system? Around what it is to be wealthy and around maybe why your dad wouldn’t go to the doctor. Was it really because you guys didn’t have money or it was it because he just didn’t care to go?

And that was so like my dad, he just didn’t wanna be bothered. But as I was crying, I said to myself I could literally see that little 12 year old girl and I could see my dad on the couch and it was like, I can’t let it go because if I do, that’s me leaving them behind and I can’t leave her there.

It was like I wanted to hold onto the pain because I felt like if I abandoned, if I let that memory right, if I could heal that memory, it would be abandoning them. And that was the one thing that had kept us together as a family, is that we would never quit on each other. That was how we made it.

We loved each other despite all the insane dysfunction. So thank God. I had somebody to help me through this, but as we explored it, I realized that, one of the greatest gifts I could give that 12 year old girl is to become a woman who utterly transcended that moment.

And so if someone were to say to me, Heather, what does money mean to you? What does Atmana mean to you? What does your business mean to you? What does every enrollment you have that every client that chooses to work with you? What I would say is it’s an homage to that 12 year old girl. I would say that in my mind, that’s what it means to me.

It means that you can honor the things that have hurt you, that have destroyed your self-esteem, maybe, that have made you feel like you can’t, that have kept you in inner poverty. I like to call mine my inner broke bitch, right? Stop being broke, bitch. You don’t you. It’s not a betrayal to move on from these things.

It’s not a betrayal. I’m not betraying my dad to decide today that earning money is not hard. I’m not betraying my family to move on and to live a great life and be comfortable and make money and do good, and share the joy of that. There’s no crime in that. And so my question to you is, what does making money mean to you?

Because my story went from making money means abandoning the people that I love more than life itself to making money means I am honoring the people in this world I love more than life itself. Okay? So that is what money is you guys. It has nothing to do with the material world. Your story isn’t gonna have anything to do with all this shit.

It’s not about vacations and second homes. Money to me is, I could pay for my daughter’s braces without stressing out. Money for me was, being able to have nice things without bleeding and dying early to have them. If you could even keep ’em. It’s, that’s what it is. It’s giving yourself the opportunity to witness yourself in growth.

What if we change the conversation around money to have it be that? And it’s a personal story. You just heard my story. That’s my story. Yeah. How we really heal it is we discover our own. So what’s your story? What are you telling yourself? What are you, what do you feel like you’re betraying?

And realize that there is another story possible for you. And one of the things I’ll, here’s a, here’s something you can try that will help you embrace this. Once you figure out what core memory this is, you can go get a picture of yourself around that age and stare at that picture of your little five year old self or your 12 year old self.

And look at him or her. And witness how far you’ve come. And what I realize now is that little 12 year old girl, she has helped me get here. She is resourceful, she is strong. She will walk into the jaws of hell for the people she loves without, she will face the devil himself. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for the people that I love.

I for, hashtag Enneagram eight here for you guys that study the Enneagram. So that’s a, a quality that I possess that I didn’t really know I had before. And the more that I walk in that, the more I’m allowed to receive wealth in all of its forms. Okay, so I wanna talk really quick about what I believe some of the root, so I, in my journey of building to seven figure business, I really, I, I wanna challenge the narrative about what you’re hearing.

So I wanna run through just some of the things I wanna invite you to maybe consider might not be true for you. And the reason why I wanna invite us to see what isn’t true for us is because I think this is the the predominant conversation that there might be a shade, shades of that or a part of it, but I think we’re missing the whole picture.

It’s not a holistic picture. So what are the things we typically hear around, our money issues or like why we struggle with money? What are think, just think really quickly, let it pop into your head as you’re listening to this. What are we commonly told It is? We’re told that it’s self-worth issues, right?

You’re afraid to charge higher rates in your business because you don’t believe you’re quote unquote worth it. I reject that. I don’t think that’s true. I think that deep down, Sorry guys. My nose is running cuz I started crying. Deep down, I think that you’re worth it if you’re an intuitive or a spiritually focused individual.

I believe this to be true about you, that you have a direct connection to God, that you have a direct connection to higher self. However you wanna conceptualize that God, higher self, spirit, universe, whatever you have a closer connection to that than most people do. And through that connection, you do feel your worth.

What if this whole narrative about how you don’t, you lack self-worth is bullshit? What if you only feel that and think that because you’re being fucking told that 24 7 by everybody who’s talking about wealth consciousness. I reject that. I don’t believe that it’s a self-worth issue. I think it’s that you don’t know how to package and build it.

I think it’s more strategic and tactical than it is a self-worth issue. And how I know this to be true is, How much money are you worth? By the way, gimme a number. How much money are you worth? This reminds me of that movie with Demi Moore and Robert Redford in the nineties indecent proposal where he like was gonna give her a million dollars to sleep with her.

And she, like at the end of the movie, gave it back good for her. Here’s the thing, like it’s not self-worth issues because under, it’s not like my money blocks are too related to my self-worth issues, really? Then the fundamental premise behind that statement is that you believe there is some amount of money that would be worth you, and guess what?

You don’t believe that, you don’t believe that. So when somebody comes and goes how much money are you worth? What are you a freaking heifer at the county fair? We’re over here selling. It’s ridiculous when you actually start examining this. The things that we’re told are money issues come from.

So I’m gonna offer this to you right now. I said it would be at the end, but I’m gonna, I’m gonna drop it here. You’re not, you don’t have, it’s not self-worth, it’s fear of judgment. What I notice with the money conversation with intuitives is you’re just scared people are gonna think you’re in it for the money.

You’re scared of other people’s opinions. That’s what we’re scared of. It’s not a self-worth issue. We’re just afraid that we want to be wealthy. We’re just afraid to admit that we want to make money. We’re afraid to give ourself permission for that. We’re afraid it’s gonna taint that people will misinterpret our good intentions.

We’re afraid that people won’t see our heart that they won’t realize. But wait a minute. No. I really do actually wanna add and bring beauty and light and love and value into this world. But you need to eat. You gotta, you need to eat. You need to make money if you’re going to help people.

Especially if you want a legacy and lasting impact. So I’m gonna drop that here for you. I want you to play with that. What if you do have the self-worth, and I believe you actually do. I think the deep down, you know that your value is priceless. You are priceless, and you know you’re priceless. You couldn’t put a price tag on you, your worth if you tried.

It’s not that. It’s that we’re afraid of people’s judgment. We’re afraid of being rejected, abandoned, hurt, judged. If we transcend our past limitations. If we transcend, I am the first self-made millionaire in my family. I’m the first definitely woman. I’m the first woman in my family to go to me graduate school. If you wanna talk about breaking tribal law, I, shit, there ain’t a, there ain’t a family freaking curse that I haven’t walked up to and been like, something.

Like that’s what we’re afraid of. It’s the judgment we’re gonna feel. It’s the abandonment we think that we’re gonna feel from others or that we are committing to other people. That’s the root of the money issue. It’s not self worth. Okay, so let’s somebody hand me a shovel. We’re burying that one forever because you know as well as I do, there’s no price tag that could ever be put on you or anyone else.

Doesn’t that make it much easier? Now we can actually start working with what’s really going on. Okay. Another thing I wanna say with money is let’s, I wanna return back to the conversation around what are, what money issues are. In general. Now, here is where I want to go back to my experience in building to a seven figure business.

So before I made my first six figures, I just thought that once I hit like over that six figure mark, all my problems were gonna go away. When I was a kid, it appeared to me that every problem I had ever faced came because of money. Every problem my mom had, every problem my dad had. I just wrote that in all problems come from money.

So I thought if I could just make enough money, all of these problems would go away. And what I discovered is nothing could be further from the truth. It’s not about the money, it’s about who you are. It’s about how you see the world. And so I scaled to six and I wanna give you, I promised you I’d give you some real deal, like monetary numbers on how I got here.

I started in 2014. In 2015 I hired a business coach. I spent maybe $10,000. This was like, God, so long ago. That was a bust. I really, I, so I spent 10 grand, I did my first group launch. I made $26,000 off that launch, which is successful. So I netted like 16,000, right? But at that came with a bunch of really big promises.

I had to work really freaking hard to make that happen. And honestly, I didn’t feel successful. I didn’t feel like that was like me walking in abundance. I hired like most of you a series of business coaches who had big promises and none of it really, it was okay. I don’t wanna say I had terrible experiences, cuz that’s not true.

It wasn’t like really bad, but it just never nothing was ever really the needle mover. So my first investment was 10 grand. And I probably spent, I don’t even know, prob all be told on all of the coaches I’ve worked with, I’ve probably spent to date about $250,000 of just investing in coaching, period.

Okay? So I’ve worked with people where I’ve slapped down $20,000, $30,000 and didn’t get a dime back. I’m sharing this with you to say that is normal. If you are sitting here today as a coach and you’re like, shit, I keep investing. I, and you go into self blame where you’re like, I’m so stupid.

Why did I enroll in that program? Why did I trust that person? It is, I want you to remo. Please don’t judge yourself. Remove that self-judgment. Sister, bro, brother, sister, we’ve all done it. It’s a part of the process. Okay? So it’s kinda like you’ve gotta kiss a bunch of frogs to get to the prince. Don’t blame yourself.

It’s a part of the journey, okay? You get better at it as you go. So I’ve done that. I’ve invested in marketing coaches, sales coaches, funnel coaches, every type of program, and eh, all of they worked, they worked, right? But really what moved the needle from you? If I could say Heather, how did you really start making, like, how did, how were you really able to scale?

I’ll tell you the number one thing I did to hit seven figures. This is what actually took me over the seven figure mark. I want you to listen to this. I stopped hiring coaches, get ready, we’re about to go to church. I stopped hiring coaches because I thought they had an answer for me on what I needed to do to make money.

I stopped hiring coaches based off their strategy, their tactic, the lifestyle that they were exhibiting. I stopped all of that and I made, and to this day, I still make this decision. This is how I hire coaches now. And yes, you do need a mentor by the way. You’re not gonna do this by yourself. I just think you need the right one and here’s how you do it.

I started hiring coaches based on who they were as a person and how much I resonated with them as a human being.

Obviously understanding that this is gonna be an individual that’s a professional and has something to offer. Obviously I did my due diligence on are they like, hit seven figures? Are you at seven figures? Clearly I made sure that they were walking their talk, but that wasn’t the main criteria.

And so I wanna give a massive shout out to the business coach that changed my life. Kelly Roach. I found Kelly Roach and I went through her free workshop that she had given, and I instantly hired her. My first launch I did using her method. And the reason why I loved her method was it capitalized on my natural strengths.

So I would say to you also never hire someone who has a process that doesn’t map onto your natural strengths. So hers was live launch and I’m really good on camera, right? Like I can just talk and it, whatever. I could talk for hours, just sharing and talking, right? So it leveraged one of my personal strengths, my first launch I did was 1 0 8.

1 0 8. Now, this is the power of when you really get to the root of what is going on for you, how fast things can shift. Okay? My first launch was 108,000. My second launch two months later was 234,000. My launch right after that, maybe, eh, three months later, was 216,000. My the fourth launch after that was 168,000.

I did multiple six figure launches back to back or high, almost multiple, right? That 1 68 wasn’t multiple six, but most of the launches I did were multiple six or high, almost to multiple six launches back to back. Here’s, I wanna share this with you right now so you can forever remember and understand it’s not about the money.

When I stopped focusing on making money and I started focusing on just serving people, I was having so much fun with this. So much fun with bringing intuition forward. So much fun with training intuitive coaches. So much fun with helping people develop their intuitive abilities. That was all I cared about.

I just wanted to be in a room with people who wanted to learn how to do this. When I started focusing on that, my husband who does our finances for the company had to tell me. He was the one who told me that I cleared my first six figure month. I didn’t even know that I had cleared my first six figure month, and when we crossed the half a million mark, he also had to tell me that too.

And when we cleared seven figures, he also had to tell me that too. So I guess what I’m, I guess what I’m saying here is it really isn’t about if you’re an intuitive or a spiritual person, I don’t know about you, but I’m not necessarily interested in making a lot of money. Like money doesn’t inherently interest me.

People inherently interest me. Ideas inherently interest me. Growth inherently interests me. Esoteric knowledge inherently interests me. Mythology inherently, it interests me like all the non-tangible shit that nobody thinks you can monetize. Like it, it is what interests me, like people, connection, relationships.

These are the things that interest me. I’m not I’m not like waking up every day like gamifying making money. It’s just not interesting to me. I don’t, the, what I learned in scaling to seven figures is I don’t really care about the money. For money’s sake. But what I do know about it now, sitting on the other side of it, having made a lot of money, being in rooms with people who make a ton of money.

I wanna talk to you really quick about the idea of what it means to be rich. And this is gonna change your life, okay? Because if you think that the only, remember how I asked you what do money, what does money issues look like? And then we always say, it looks like lack. It looks like struggle. It looks like hardship.

Remember we talked about that earlier in the recording? What I’m gonna tell you, what I now know, I went from, if I could just make some money, all my problems would go away. I went from that to having a shitload of money, being in a room with a lot of people with money and realizing I was just as miserable.

Just as sad, just as fucking stressed out. Just as worried about it as I’d always been worried about it. I just had a lot more of it. And so what I realized is, holy shit, people who have a lot of money have money issues too. Lemme say that again. People who have a lot of money, people who are SuperDuper, duper, duper, duper wealthy, you think they don’t have money issues.

Ah, let’s open up that can of worms, right? You think they don’t have money issues. Rich people who have a lot of money, they’re some of the people with the worst money issues. Think about it for a minute. We’re talk, do you know how much energy it takes to make a lot? I know I’ve done it. I’ve cleared this.

Trust me, you’re busting your as. It is, you have to focus on that. It’s a skill. You don’t just wake up and you do have to put effort into it. I don’t think we have to kill ourselves with hustle. Okay. I don’t believe in that. But you do have to focus on it. It is something you have to master, just like any other thing.

So I wanna submit to you that maybe rich people have money problems too, and maybe the goal isn’t making a lot of money. Maybe the goal is finding a way to give yourself permission to experience the abundance that is your God-given right. Abundance in relationships, abundance with money, abundance with the self-love, abundance, with my idea of abundance is feeding.

I had breakfast with a stray cat that I’m absolutely obsessed with. His name’s Henry. I woke up this morning and I’m like, I just had breakfast with Henry. He finally let me with an arm length of him, like I am a, I am the rich bit. I am rich bitch today, because that to me is wealth. That to me is wealth.

So just be break up with this idea that money issues come from lack or that money issues are solved by money because they’re not. We know this. When we see people win the lottery, what happens? What happens to people who get all the money in the world? Their lives are miserable. It ruins their life, right?

Because they’re not holding the consciousness of wealth, the consciousness of what it is to accept, to receive from God the fullness of the life that you are supposed to live. Okay so that is what I know. Now, let’s look at some evidence, because I know what you’re thinking. You’re sitting there going you’re you’ve done went off the reservation.

You’re crazy. How can people with money have money problems? Okay, so I’ll never forget this conversation that I had. I, this thought popped into my head, but I didn’t really embrace it until I had made my own money and I could have my personal experience with it. But I’ve bumped into this guy.

He goes, yeah, I was on what is that Island? Martha’s Vineyard. He had spent the summer biking in Martha’s Vineyard, and he bumped in, he was talking to people about money, and he had bumped into a billionaire sitting on a porch. Having breakfast there in Martha’s Vineyard, and he asked him, how’d you get so wealthy?

Talk to me about what you did. And he goes, I, he goes, I’m terrified of money. He’s a billionaire. He said, money terrifies me. I’m absolutely terrified of it. It’s the number one thing my wife and I fight about. He said, here’s what I know. I’m a billionaire. I will never have enough money. This guy was self-aware enough, this billionaire was self-aware enough to know, like he was discovering like, oh my God, it’s not about the money.

I’ll never make enough money. He told this my friend that I was talking to, that him and his wife, do you wanna hear what they, their biggest fight was about that he had with his wife. He would scream at his wife for buying the big pack of toilet paper at Target. You know how you can buy those big old toilet paper rolls?

The I get the Charmin UltraSoft, okay. The big ones, they cost like 30, 20, 30 bucks. He would scream at his wife for buying the big pack of toilet paper. It’s too much money. He’s a billionaire. That’s how you know you have money issues, that you will fight with your wife. You will neglect your children.

You will have a heart attack at 40 because you work your ass to death to make money. You don’t see your kids, you don’t show up to football games. You s you’re stingy as shit. You never help anybody. You live to make money. I submit to you brothers and sisters, that person lives in a place of spiritual lack and poverty so profound. It’s almost mind numbing.

Money is not gonna solve this problem. So I have lived that and I know it to be true, but what does solve it? What does solve it is discovering a purpose for your abundance beyond yourself. And that’s how I hit seven figures. I walked in a purpose beyond myself. I didn’t know that’s what I was just having fun doing what I was doing.

But how are you stepping up to surf? What in your life is so important to you that you could wake up every single day and do it? And even if you failed at it, even if you failed at it, you would still love it. That’s what’s going to make you wealthy in all areas of your life, that thing that you love.

That for me, it’s intuition. For me, it is teaching intuition and it is training life coaches. And I hope I die and I hope I’m like 85, like Dolores Cannon, my mentor, and I hope I just like drop dead in the middle of doing a session with someone, right? Like I love it so much. And what I know about walking in your purposes, your purpose is gonna challenge you and stretch you.

That thing that you love, that even if you did it and failed, you’d still be glad you did it. It’s gonna challenge you and it’s gonna ask you to stretch and learn and grow, but it’s never gonna ask you to betray what you really love. It’s never gonna require you to abandon the principles, the values that you honor, love, and respect and want to have guide your life, it’s never gonna ask you to do that.

And that’s the remedy for this. It’s finding something that you can serve beyond yourself. That thing that you’re in service to, that God I believe God calls us to. We all have a purpose when you serve in that you are able to make money to still show up for your family, to be a good wife and mother, or husband and father.

That’s how we get there. Okay? But it does require understanding where we’re starting from. And for me it was a little girl with a bottle of Betadine, some tweezers in his para scissors in her hand, and I had to get back in touch with her. And so whenever I struggle, whenever I’m scared, whenever I set a bhag, a big, hairy, audacious goal that I’m up against and wanting to do Atmana because I’m trying desperately to go bigger in my purpose.

Instead of running from her, instead of being scared, instead of trying to just push through, I go to her and I ask her, how would you handle this? And how can we do this together? And everything she says to me is, we’ve got this. Let’s go. And I get to approach things with this childlike innocence.

With this, when you’re little, you don’t believe that you can’t, you’re so young and so impressionable. My dad told me I could take stitches out of his feet, and I believed him, and because I believed him, I did it. And I and he got better and he didn’t have wounds and everything was fine.

He, he didn’t have those injuries. So that’s the beauty of not healing this healing it, but it’s not about making it go away. I think this is a big misnomer we have with within the, in the wellness industry. The self-help industry. You’re not supposed to make this stuff go away.

Why would you want to, why would I want that memory of me taking stitches out of my dad’s foot? Why would I want that memory to go away? No, I wanna bring it with me. The difference is I want it to help me not hinder. So what hinders you now is the key to all of your power. Carl Young said, the most powerful component of the psyche is our shadow, the unintegrated parts of ourself.

So why would you ever want it to go away? Why would you ever want it to, be healed? Yeah, it’s healed, but it’s still a part of you. And something, I cried today on this live I remember that memory. It still hurts me. It’s still hard to remember. It’s still shit, man.

I can’t believe that. It’s just like the salient grit of it, the smells, the sounds I can, the feeling of hitting the, I can, it’s like I can remember all of it. It’s so gruesome and gritty, but it’s also glorious. So I offer you that with money that that you do have something to offer that it, that you absolutely can run a six figure seven figure business using your intuition. I’ve never done anything but coach and use my, the, from the moment I opened up my intuitive practice or my coaching business, I was using my intuition.

I didn’t make a ton of money in corporate and then start a business, right? I’m telling you like brick by brick. This business was built off me doing coaching sessions using my intuition, and if I can do it, I’m just a redneck chick from the south of northeast Florida. There’s nothing special about me, not one thing special about me, except for maybe I’m just courageous as shit and I’m not gonna let any of this stuff stop me.

That’s the only thing you need is a little bit of grit. Just be courageous, be brave, be bold. Put yourself out there. And don’t be afraid of what people are gonna think, because that’s what you’re really afraid of. What we’re really afraid of is what people are gonna think of us when we step up and we say, yeah, my program’s 10 grand.

You’re stealing it from me. My program’s 10 grand and you’re stealing the damn thing from me. We’re af we’re afraid of claiming the value of our work. Notice I didn’t say our value. That’s what we’re afraid of. I’m gonna give you a little bit of evidence to that, right? When I have conversations with intuitive coaches and I say, tell me what your dream is for your practice, right?

What do you wanna do? They’ll always tell me they wanna help people. They’ll always say they wanna walk in their purpose. They will always say, they know they’re called to do something important. Then when I get on the money, they’re like yeah, I guess I wanna make money. I don’t really.

I’m just here to help people. I and I don’t wanna have my prices be too high because I wanna make sure that I’m, that I, everybody can get the help they need. This is something I constantly hear and I’m like, first of all, that’s bullshit, but okay. I don’t believe that for a second that you just don’t care about making money.

Because if you’re in a human body, you better care. You need it to survive. Okay, you better care. So they’ll say that, right? And I’m like, okay. Cool. But here’s what’s interesting. And they never tell me they want to make really great money. Or if they do, it’s few and far between. But when I send an email to my list to the people that I, that are in our ecosystem, when I send an email out and my subject line has something to do with money, guess what?

I have my highest open rates. So what’s that tell us? It tells us that we actually, this is an aspect of wealth. That we do want to claim as our own. And of course you do because that’s your birthright, but you’re just scared to admit it. We’re just scared to say, yeah, I actually would like to live a financially secure life.

I just would like to feel myself secure and feel myself flourish in that area. So we’ll say that about every other area of our life, but oh hell no, we won’t admit it when it comes to money. And so what this tells me is it’s more of a self, it’s more of a judgment issue than it is a self-worth issue.

Okay? It’s more of a judgment issue. So if you leave with nothing with this know that I really invite you to play around with the idea that it’s pro where when you’re saying self-worth, where is this really translating into judgment. Okay? So that is our little Thursday sermon on really moving from your, the startup phase to claim your right to be wealthy.

Find your root story. Find your root story on that moment where you decided that this had to be hard, challenging, evil offer bad, or just not for you. Find that story. Take it with you. You don’t have to overcome it. You don’t have to overcome it. You just need to take it with you. Okay? Just see and witness yourself there.

And then ask yourself, what is the real meaning behind this? How can I make this my how can I transform this painful experience into my power?

 Okay, so I’m gonna close this, you guys. So I’ll be seeing you on Instagram and I’ll be seeing you over here in our Facebook group.

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Awesome. Okay, I’m gonna go Facebook. Thanks Facebook group. You guys did I think I was looking at Instagram most of the time, so I appreciate you. I’ll see you guys next time. Together we rise.