Ep128: Your Numerology: Your Karmic Debt Numbers & How You Can Manage Them with Jo Soley

Jul 25, 2023

Welcome to Episode 128 of our enlightening podcast series! Today, we delve into the fascinating world of Numerology and the profound impact it has on our lives.

In this episode, we will explore the concept of Karmic Debt Numbers, believed to be remnants of past actions and experiences carried over from previous lifetimes. Jo will shed light on how these numbers can shape our challenges and opportunities in this life, providing us with a unique perspective on the lessons we need to learn and the karma we must resolve.

Numerology, an ancient esoteric art, offers profound insights into our destiny, character, and life’s purpose through the study of numbers and their mystical significance. Jo Soley, a renowned Numerologist, will be your guide on this captivating journey of self-discovery and understanding.

Unravel the mysteries of your own Karmic Debt Numbers as Jo Soley shares practical and empowering strategies to manage and transcend these karmic patterns. Discover how Numerology can be a valuable tool in navigating life’s obstacles and fostering personal growth and transformation.

Tune in to Episode 128 now and embark on a transformative quest with us! Let Jo Soley be your beacon of wisdom, as we navigate the intricacies of Numerology and how it shapes our destinies. Welcome aboard!

Episode Timecodes:

  • {00:28} Welcome to episode 128
  • {01:52} Know who Jo Soley is
  • {05:03} What is numerology?
  • {09:10} What is bizology?
  • {16:10} Understanding karma and karmic debt numbers
  • {41:15} Numerology and decision-making
  • {46:15} How to connect with Jo
  • {47:25} Wrapping up episode 128

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Episode Transcript:

Heather Alice: How are you guys doing today? I am so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for this episode of The Everyday Intuitive Podcast. I have an incredible guest here for you today. We are gonna dive into a concept that I literally just found out was a thing a couple of months ago from our guest, and I’m so excited to chat with you about it today.

We are gonna dive into the concept of karma today. Oh right. Woo-hoo. Don’t we feel a lot of that going around? So we are gonna dive into that concept today. So I’m gonna introduce our guests and then we’re just gonna get right in and after it cuz we’ve got a lot to cover.

So if you have, if you’re in a space where you could just maybe sit, grab a notebook and a pen, I think you’re probably gonna wanna take notes on this one because we are gonna be getting into the really the nitty gritty of how, from my perspective, I, I kind of think about this as how to really kind of approach the real purpose of our life.

Which is to learn to really, to start getting into the lessons that we are actually here to learn. And boy, there’s a lot of things to learn, isn’t there? With respect to, you know, the human experience. But I’m so fascinated by this idea of numerology and karma and how you can use numerology to really help you identify the areas in your life that your soul wants to work on.

Okay, so I’m gonna tee up who our guest is. I’m gonna read her bio here in just a second, but before I do that, I want to really talk to you about who she is to me personally. I’m gonna read her bio here in a second, but just on a personal note, I wanna say Jo Soley has become really a, to me, a mentor.

She, I’ve coached with Jo for three years now. I found her through, you know, just in business, you meet people on the internet, right? I hired her to do some numerology work with my entire team in Atmana and you know, work with me as well on numerology. And that was three years ago. We’ve done a session, at least a session a month for three years, diving into my personal numerology, the numerology of my business.

And I have to tell you, it’s been the best investment I’ve ever made in personal and professional coaching, just all around. And every time I meet with Jo, I learn something new. Which brings me to this podcast episode. Okay. Because she’s always got something up her sleeve, man. I’m like, I’ve been working with you for three years.

I just found out there’s like karma numbers. She’s like, yeah, do you wanna do a session on Karma? I’m like, does a bear poop in the woods? Hell yes I do. So she took me through a session on my own karma numbers and we’ll kind of be using me as a Guinea pig Jo. She’s in the green room if you want, given you full and free permission to use my karma numbers as an example.

But I was absolutely fascinated by this concept that you can actually map and understand you know, your own numbers and what you’re here to learn. So, using numerology. So that’s what we’re gonna learn today. We’re gonna discover karmic numbers. We’re gonna talk a little bit about what numerology is, what bizology is, which is Jo ‘s unique approach to numerology.

And then we’re gonna jump into what karma is and then what karma numbers are and how you can begin to play with those to walk in the path. You know, that your soul really wants you to be here to walk. So without further ado. I’m gonna read Jo’s bio and then I’m gonna bring her on. So Jo Soley is the founder of bizology.

She is a business coach and a business numerologist with over 25 years of experience in business development, sales, and marketing. She uses. The power of numerology to help her clients elevate their business success. I’m a living testament to the fact that it works and numerology is a well-established ancient science.

Numerology has been used by celebrities, CEOs across the world as a way of harnessing the subtle energies that create your unique blueprint. So bizology grants the access to higher level business solutions and understanding and connecting her that the numeral the numeric energies. Has been pivotal in Jo’s career and her client’s business success.

So it has helped her approach all in her life that she does from a position, a position of strength, and it has given her a fresh perspective on how to do business in the 21st century and absolutely giving that benefit to you as you walk through Jo’s wisdom today as we go through this episode. So, Jo, you ready to come on?

Jo: Yes, please.

Heather Alice: You’re welcome. Okay. Hey Jo, how are you? Welcome to the welcome to the show.

Jo: Thank you for having me.

Heather Alice: Yeah. Okay, so I just read your intro. So let’s just dive into, give us a really quick kind of a definition or an understanding of what numerology actually is.

Jo: Okay, so you might have heard phrases like, your days are numbered, or I’ve got your number.

And it’s true. Cause numbers speak and their language is numerology. Mm. Nothing in the world happens with without numbers. They’re magic, they’re deep, they’re innate, they’re cosmic, they’re fundamentalist form. Mathematicians say that numbers rule the world. Sounds a bit Beyonce. But it’s true, right? Mm-hmm.

Nothing happens without numbers. So in life, we’re given for the number four, and we’ve got four fingers, four seasons, four directions, four elements, four parts of our brain, four pairs to our D n a, because four is about structure, control, routine, and system. Mm-hmm. I’m born on the fourth of the fourth. I’m like a little dog with a bone.

Nothing gets past me. So numbers help us not only in life, not only in business, but they help us understand who we are. You used the word a minute ago, imprint. We’re all unique, right? But we’re not taught. We’re unique. So Heather in a previous life was a life path 11, the spiritual teacher. So that is super, super, super familiar for her to do in this lifetime.

What’s she doing? She’s a spiritual teacher. Okay? We’re not taught at school or college or university that we u unique. Our society works very much in the them and us, right? Mm-hmm. But numerology helps you understand yourself like nothing else does. It’s an esoteric science that was used by Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras.

It’s used by the Greeks, the ancient Greeks, the ancient Egyptians. It’s in the Bible as old as time, but it’s as new as the next decision you’re gonna make. And life isn’t easy, but we make it more difficult. So when we really understand ourself from the, from a numeric blueprint, life isn’t a better roses, but it’s.

Not as difficult as we make it. Mm-hmm. So Heather in this lifetime is working with Life Path number eight, the ceo, high standards ambitious strength, courage, determination. Okay? Mm-hmm. She’s born on the 18th, which is nine, which is love and compassion and intuition and brotherhood of man vision. But the number she was in the previous life, the the 11.

We can see what, what happened last time, right? Mm-hmm. You don’t go to school and people tell you about who you were in a previous life. You don’t go to school and people will tell you you’re the ceo, you don’t go to school and people tell you, you, you know, it’s really, you’re not the number next to you.


Heather Alice: Right. But yet it’s all there. That’s what’s so crazy about it, and until I. Really started understanding what numerology is and what I, what I appreciate about your work and about what we’re about to learn here today is that it’s not you making it up. This really is at one of the truly most ancient systems of understanding and knowledge that humanity has.

It’s not like you know that somebody made this up. You know, 50 years ago, or even a hundred years ago, this is as deep as it goes into the fabric of our literal reality. So, you know, I, I didn’t know that you could look at a person’s previous, previous life path number. I had no clue that that was even a thing.

And when you told me I was an 11, I was like, so much of my life makes. Sense now. It’s why it’s so easy for me to do certain things that seem like insanely complicated to other people. But for me, I’m like, I was born knowing how to do this. And so yeah. It’s, it’s really, it’s, and I think a lot of intuitives that are listening to this, you know, are, are the same, right?

You, there’s so much about you that’s so different maybe from the norm and discovering what numerology is, and I think especially the bizology style that you bring to it is really powerful. So let’s step into what is bizology? What is bizology exactly?

Jo: So so, so just one thing there. Exactly. Like, you’ve got nine, it’s intuitive.

You’ve got two in your chart, it’s intuitive, but 11 is psychic, right? Mm-hmm. So that’s the difference. And that’s what you bring in. Yeah. Cause you just, you just know you’ve got a telephone line to spirit. Mm-hmm. And that, so what makes her that qualified to do what she’s here to do? 11 past life, not 11 past lives, but

Heather Alice: Right.

11 in a past life. In the last one, right? Yeah. In the last one, yeah.

Jo: Yeah. Mm-hmm. So what’s bizology? So we work in nine year cycles and there’s easy years to do things and I was. Which Heather’s in endings year and I went to an event and the keynote speakers gambit opening Gambit was Forget International Women’s Day.

It’s International Women’s Millennium. So he had me at, hello. Cause I worked with female heart centers, entrepreneurs. Everything he said that night, I was like, oh my God, oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my god. You know, it just made loads of sense and where there’s interest’s ability. But if I. My business in the nine year, like I had a business, but if I started a bizology business, it would’ve felt very old.

So I waited till my one year and I went to the London College of Psychic Studies twice, bought every book I could on the subject, which can be confusing cuz there’s different ways to do things. And really, really like learned and, and harnessed it, but it didn’t feel like work. Cuz you know when it’s your sole purpose, it doesn’t feel like work.

So bizology is blending numerology and business success. So you plus numerology equals business success. That’s bizology. There’s no cookie cookie cutter approach in business. What will work for you won’t work for me. And there might be, there’s people on the call of just you know, people listening.

They might have signed up to a course or read a book or watched a movie or a book set. And people are waxing lyrical about it, but other people, it messes them up, right? Mm-hmm. Cause we’re all different. We’re all here to do different things. You can do a job. I can’t do, I can do a job you can’t do.

Imagine how easy marketing our business would. Be if we knew that I need Heather. I do need Heather. And Heather needs me. She does need me. We all need each other cuz we’ve all got a unique gift. Now what bizology does is help you understand your unique gifts, but it is also very grounded. Like one thing I love about Heather is that she sees through the BS very quickly 11 link eight live.

And it’s not fluff, it’s not woo woo, it’s esoteric energy, but. Grounded, right? Mm-hmm. Life isn’t easy. We’re making it more difficult. We are the negative of our numbers. You’re not the number next to you. So what I do with my 25 years experience with business coaching is saying, okay, these are your set of numbers.

You’ve got four numbers. You’ve got your name, you’ve got. But we’ve got personal years. So the conversation we’d be having in a one year is very different to the conversation we’d be having in a nine year. Mm-hmm. Because there’s better years than easier years to do things. So in my nine year when I found numerology, I just kind of kept it there, kept it going, did some reading, did some research.

In my one year, I pray to God, I said to him, what do you want me to call my business? He’s the bizology. Then that’s when I got everything going in my 11 year I prayed again. What do you want me to do in my business? Stop drinking alcohol. Stop eating Sugar. Eleven’s intense. It’s mental, you know, so there’s Betty as easy to do bizology piece together, who you are.

It helps you channel your strengths. It helps you find the missing piece in your business, but it helps you stop trying to put, push a car up. It stops you with the, it stops you with the imposter syndrome. It helps you go, oh yeah. Does that make sense?

Heather Alice: Yeah. To me, I think it’s like, it’s the difference between, I mean, I kind of put everything into gym analogies, but it’s like you can lift way more weight.

Like if I go to the gym with a friend who maybe they don’t lift weights, they think, oh my goodness, I could, no, I can’t lift, you know, 20 pounds. I couldn’t do a 20 pound bicep curl. And if I hand that person 20 pounds, of course, They can’t do a bicep curl with 20 pounds because they don’t know what they’re doing.

They think it’s because they’re not strong enough to do the bicep curl. But really what it is, is they don’t know how to do it properly. So the minute that I show them, wait, this is how you do it, then they can lift the weight or, oh, I’m not clairvoyant. Like when we do intuitive development, it’s like, no, you just, you just don’t.

You just don’t know how to go through the, it’s not that you can’t, it’s that you’re not taught what your strengths are. You’re not taught how to do it your way, which I think is what, which I think, like you’re saying, nobody teaches us this stuff. That’s what I really love about your approach is in working with you, I’ve learned that it’s not, like you say, it’s not the never next to you.

For those of you that are new to Jo’s work, what she means by that is you aren’t supposed to go be something you’re not. You’re supposed to be what you are. So you know, you’re not supposed to go be another version if you don’t, if if something is against the grain for you you need to not try to build your business that way.

You know? And I think we’re, we’re told like hustle culture, but you gotta grind, you gotta get out there. You know, there’s a difference between working diligently towards something and working against yourself to get something. So I really, I really have appreciate that, appreciated that about.

Understanding my own numbers but also how you approach it. It’s like, you know, I’m just the way that I am and I need to learn how to harness the right way to be me. And when I do that, then things get easier, right? It’s not, like you said, it’s not a better roses, but at least I don’t feel like Sisyphus, you know, pushing the, pushing the, the boulder up the hill only to wake up tomorrow and do the same thing, because I hate my life because I’m operating outside of my zone of genius.

So, Yeah, AB, I totally, absolutely get that. And I wish more people would study esoteric things like numerology so they could get what they need to be able to stop, you know, to, to really step into who they are. So talk to us a little bit now, let’s move into the karma conversation. So what exactly. Is karma.

I know we’re gonna, if we had a hundred people lined him up, asked them that question, we’d probably get a hundred different answers. What, what is karma from a nu from the bizology numerology perspective? And then we’ll jump into the, the how we find, like look at the karma and then what the karma numbers mean.

Jo: Yeah. Cool. So the definition of karma is the sum of a person’s action in this and previous states of existence viewed as deciding their fate in future existence, right? So there’s consequences. So you’ve got this life karma, but numerology helps you look at past life karma. Wow. So these karmic debt, so you say the word karmic debt, people freak out.

So I didn’t use to talk about karmic debt. Apart from inside my membership and inside my client sessions, I’m talking about it a little bit more. I’ve written my book up. There’s a chapter on it, right? They’re called as well, testing numbers. Or I call them tricky numbers. Okay, okay. Struggling karmic debt, but let’s be grown up.

Like you’re saying, they, they have challenges. Okay. But when you know that you’ve got a karmic number in your chart, wherever it is, then you kind of go, oh yeah, because you know, On some level that you’ve got a monkey on your back. Okay. You know that life hasn’t been easy, you know, you are here to, to pay back in some way, to be selfless in some way.

Does that make sense?

Heather Alice: Yeah. So it’s, it’s the, so to nutshell it, it’s the accumulation. It’s kind of like the sum of the end result of decisions and actions. In past ex in past lives in this one not, it’s not really a punishment per se, it’s just what we’re here to do, to learn from right, to continue to grow from those actions and decisions.

You know, in a way that helps us. I, I really see it as like, I don’t wanna say correcting, but kind of Right. I grew up in the country and when the, a tree hurricanes would come through and they’d pull the little saplings to the left or to the right, and my dad would come by with a a, a, like a rope and he would pull the little tree straight and he’d say, it’s easier to fix a sapling than it, than it is.

You know, a, a pine, like you’re not, once it’s grown, it’s almost impossible to straighten it. So he would say, it’s so important to straighten it before it gets big. And that’s kind of how I view this. It’s not about punishing, it’s more like, let’s get into better alignment. And knowing your karma numbers helps you do that.

Amazing. Okay. So, so how do you figure this out for somebody? Like what, what does that, how does that work? Like that this is like sorcery to me. So like how, how is it that you figured out.

Jo: Yeah, so when we, so life just makes a bit more sense when we understand that. For balance and to readdress the karma, basically.

So these four numbers are about the need to be selfless. So if you are acting selflessly, selfly, and manifestation manifestation, I want this, I want this, I want this. Mm-hmm. And you’ve got a lot of karmic debt in your chart. Well, guess what? Life is not gonna be very good. If you’re aware of the karmic debt numbers in your chart, it doesn’t mean life’s gonna be rubbish.

It can be amazing, but you will need to just be mindful to pay back in some way. All right? Mm-hmm. So balance. If you took in a previous life, you’ve gotta give back this time because you’ve got your inherited lessons, you’ve got burdens, you’ve got weaknesses, you’ve got areas to look at, and the numbers show you where they are.

Cool. So if you don’t resolve it, these lessons are gonna repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat until you work it out. So one way to work, see what’s going on. Why is there a pattern, why is it repeating itself? Is to check and see if we’ve got any karma. So the, then we shed a light on the places we need to pay attention to, and then when we learn, we lessen the energy because then four.

10, one is one, right? So it’s 19. 10, 1, 13, 4, 6, 14, 5 and 16. 7, 19, 10, 1, 13, 4, 14, 5 and 16, seven. So Heather just said, where can it be found? So in your life path number it can be found. So that’s the strongest energy where it can be found Madam. He’s working with nineteen ten one. Right? How was life before I found that out?

Not brilliant, right? Massive things happened, but now I know that I can just balance it out a bit. Okay? It doesn’t need to be as dramatic as I was making it.

Heather Alice: So nineteen ten one, and that’s, that’s found in our life path, which is our birth date. For those in our birthday.

Jo: So the last past number is your whole date of birth.

Heather Alice: So you’re to nineteen ten one. So how, so what is your birthday? So people can just get kind of an idea of

Jo: so, so if they go to josoley.com, scroll down a bit and there’s a free app. Mm-hmm. Oh, it doesn’t tell them no. Right. Okay. So. Take your date of birth. If not, message me later and I’ll double check. But you, so I do four plus four plus 1973.

That gives me 1 9 81. One plus nine plus eight plus one is 19. I see. Okay. So if that ends up being 13 or 16 or 14, I see. Okay then yeah. Yeah. If it’s a two or a. Or a four or a five or a six? No, sorry. If it’s say two or a three or a six, an eight, a nine 11 or a 22, it isn’t right. Like Heather’s eight. She hasn’t got it.

We just have to check. Mm-hmm. Okay. So I’ve worked with 4 54 people. I’ve only worked with a handful. So it’s not that common in the life path now, but okay. It’s more common if you are born on the 19th or the see 16th. Ok. Or the 14th. Or the 16th. Now, again, not, we’re not gonna panic, we’re not gonna like freak out.

It’s just. Loads of famous people are born on those dates. We just wanna manage it. We just wanna work with it. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. If you’re in a personal year, four year, but it’s a 13 four year, you’ll feel it. Or a 14 five year, or 16, seven year or 19 10, 1 year, you’ll feel it. You might have it in your expression, your.

Et cetera. Okay. If you wanna find out more, you can always reach out to me. Mm-hmm. That’s what I do, one to one, but top line, it’s in the life number, the day of the on and your business. Okay. It’s can be in the house you are in. So I know in the US you have like buildings and they’re like 1, 4, 29 or four, three, whereas we, we are more, you live at number 19, or you live at number 13, or you live at 14.

But if you are 4, 2, 1, 9 then adds up to 19, then that’s, you’re, you are in that energy. So it’s just, you’ll have to do some things in that home. When you were 13. When you were 14. When you were 16. When you were 19. These are tricky years. Mm.

Heather Alice: Just generally. Right, because it’s ta attached to, right,

Jo: because they’re karma years.

So thirteens nightmare. Cause you leave, you, you know, going into teenage years, 14, divorced like me, 16 exams. And what am I gonna do with my life? 19, you have a mini crisis. These are karmic energies. Back in the day they were like resetting years and, and, but now like we haven’t got a chance to reset cause of life.

Heather Alice: They’re also years as I kind of look at this, interestingly, to sort of spitball it. If we, if we go back into sort of more of the agrarian or tribal way of living for humans, these were also rights of initiation years. Like big pivotal. Right? Right. I mean, in the modern world, we don’t think of 19 13 4.

We think that’s, but the truth is like human beings are really, like back in the day 15, you were grown, you were getting married. Yeah. Like even, even as, as recent as the 18 hundreds. People were getting married at 16, like you were, you were a grown ass woman back then. So, you know, in our mind it’s like, oh, that’s little kid energy.

I don’t know if that’s necessarily true. You know, I think it is. That’s, that’s really, really neat that there’s, there’s various places to find it and of course we’re not gonna be able to cover exactly. Where in a podcast episode. But it’s interesting to note that there are various places it’s found in your name, the day, the day you were born on your life path, which is, you know, a, a specific way of adding up your birth date.

So you know, it is possible to identify it when you know what you’re doing. So, okay, so we’ve got the nineteen ten one, the 13 four, the 14 five, and the 16 seven. Question. Do these numbers hold different energies or is it all just where you find it and it’s all kind of the same

Jo: thing? No, they’re all very specific and different.

Okay. Okay. So sh before, I’m gonna go through each number if we’ve got time, and yeah, relate it to a tarot card and show you how it plays out. But let’s just have a look at some famous people. The queen, our queen who’s just recently passed last year she was a 16 seven. That’s about Judy. She did that. And then some.

Angela Landsbury recently passed, 16 seven. She did a lot for the industry. Entertainment industry. Mm-hmm. Winston Churchill, 16 seven. You know, towards the end he got a bit cocky, but he gave Rupert Murdoch. Do you know him? Mm-hmm. I think he’s more of a, a UK British mogul, bit of a character. Nineteen ten one Jose Marino, football manager.

Can have a temper. Nineteen ten one. Heather Mills McCartney. Ok. Married to Paul McCartney, nineteen ten one. So we can start to see. So Oscar Wild was born on the 16th. Albert Einstein was born on the, I think it was. The

14th. Madonna was born on the 16th. Dolly Parton’s, born on the 19th, right? Mm-hmm. So you can just start to get a little bit of who’s working what way, without saying out loud, right? Who’s working what way with the numbers? Okay. So 19 one in the Tarot, Suan. What happens if you are outside in the sun without any spf?

Heather Alice: You get burned.

Jo: Yeah, so this is my nineteen ten one. I am working with this number, the sun. So it’s the number of taxes, it’s Saturn as an energy and it measure for measure. So I always have to pay in life, in time and money. Okay, so now I know that I don’t fall at the feet. I just appreciate that I need to apply myself in life, okay?

Mm-hmm. And, and so will Heather McCartney. So will, so will some people rebel about this with it and then it gets worse. I can get frustrated due to my inability to try and control everything in everyone. So that’s a lesson I’ve had to learn. Codependency is a lot easier than than independency, which has been another lesson I’ve had to learn.

I’m 50, never married, no children. Nineteen ten one doesn’t mean that I can’t. Right, right. But now I’m not no kids, but it’s part of my path and I, I did have huge issues standing on my own two feet. Now I love doing that because I’ve learned how to. Mm-hmm. So this doesn’t mean that it’s like a nightmare and I’m curse.

Because I can, but my gift, I think, is to show other people who are working with these energies, how to manage it, because I’ve managed mine.

Heather Alice: And that’s your giving back? That’s the give back, right?

Jo: Yeah. Mm-hmm. So I don’t charge a lot. You know, I charge medium amount, nineteen ten one. I give a lot to my clients.

Nineteen ten one, I give a lot to my friends. 19 10, 1 I give to charity. Nineteen ten one. Mm-hmm.

Heather Alice: Right. And yet you have a, you have a viable, thriving business. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You know, it’s, yeah. Yeah. So I think there’s that. Yeah, there’s that the breaking of that dualistic mindset. Yeah. You know, if you’re gonna serve and give, you have to be broken.

Broken. No you don’t. No, you don’t. No, no. You don’t. Even, your karma doesn’t want you doing that. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jo: Right. Okay. So it’s boundaries as well. Cause in a previous life I was a nine, so it’s boundaries with me. Mm-hmm. But I would, so I’ve learned, I have to admit my mistakes take more than anyone else take.

Assistance from others. See other people’s point of view, even if I think they’re wrong, get involved in charity work. Stop being hyper-focused. I even call myself out and say, stop being nineteen ten one Jo. And life was really difficult for a long time, but now it’s not cuz I know this number, so would I prefer to know it.

Of course. Yeah. So it’s a delicate balance. I’ve paid back a lot of it. You’ll never know if you’re done or not, you know, until the final reckoning day. Right? Yeah. But I’m pretty confident in the way I run my life now that That I’ve got a, a balance. Mm-hmm.

Heather Alice: Mm-hmm. Yeah. And I love what you’re saying.

It’s not about eradicating it, it’s not about conquering, it’s just about being in balance with that energy. It’s about having a balanced relationship with that energy. Yeah. Yeah. Cool. Yeah.

Jo: Yeah. Okay. 13. Let’s talk 13 four. If you pull this death card, 13th death card. Everyone freaks out to me. I like,

Heather Alice: that’s my favorite.

I love that card.

Jo: And what does it mean to you?

Heather Alice: Oh, death is the thing that has to happen before new life can come into the world. So I see it as a regenerative card. I. It’s just, it’s just a step in the process of growth. It’s not as, it’s good. It’s good. It’s letting go of what needs to leave. It’s, yeah. Letting that witches Needing to exit to exit. Yeah.

Jo: So it’s change in transformation. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Yeah. So if 13 used to be a very, very, very holy revered number. Mm-hmm. And it was so holy, like most things, then it got feared. And we have other connotations with 13. At the last supper, there was 13 disciples.

Judas betrayed Jesus. Jesus died, right? You get in a lift in Italy it’s 12, 12 a 14. They say, I’m lucky for Sam. If you’re born on the 13th, you’ll tell me cuz I’ve heard it. Lucky for right? Yep. So, For me, it’s change in transformation. If you’re born on the 13th, if your life path is 13 for if you’ve got 13 anywhere, so like the 19 is more about giving and service and balance and independence, and standing on your own two feet.

This is not being lazy. Because one is independence and three is having a good time. And four like so one and the three and the four doesn’t really gel. So in a previous life you would’ve been a lazy, naughty tortoise, and this lifetime you’ve got work that extra hard and you have to avoid short. Cuts. Mm.

And step away from triviality into constructive work and have to be responsible and face challenges. So if you are born on the 13th and you’re listening to this, or you know somebody who is, you’ll go, yeah, hell yeah. So it’s not a curse. It’s like, oh, yes.

Heather Alice: Yeah. I have a friend who was born on the 13th and she said, oh, She thought it was so lucky, but definitely a, a woman who has had to work very hard to get where she’s at and not cut corners, but is doing, I think she’s really doing it well.

Yeah, yeah.

Jo: Yeah. So if they’re honest, if they’re patient, if they persevere, if they develop the ability to work hard, then like you’ve just alluded to. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Then that’s gonna be. The best way for them. Avoiding shortcuts, avoiding fast tracks, avoiding risks, cuz shortcuts don’t exist, especially not for 13 four are too much speculation.

But then if you know that, then

Heather Alice: right, then you, then it, you actually can harness it to help elevate you versus it being an obstacle.

Jo: Yeah. Even if you, if it’s the 13th of the month, it’s like, okay, what can we do? Mm-hmm.

Heather Alice: Okay. 14 five. Is that the next one?

Jo: Yeah. I’ve just lost, I lo I just lost one of my tarots.

Oh no, it’s there. 14 five is temperance. What does temperance mean to you,

Heather Alice: Heather? Oh, this one is a, i, it’s, to me it means balance. Mm-hmm. And it means temperance. But for me it means understanding that there is a more of a reserved. Bridled loving, thoughtful approach to things and there’s more than one way to do things and you know, sort of like the cups going back and forth.

It’s just sort of take into consideration. I actually struggle with, not that I have this karmic number, I don’t, but this one is a very, I’m have a lot of fire energy. So temperance, it’s such a nice card, but I’d rather pull the freaking death card all day long than this one. Cuz I think this one is really, temperance is is really challenging.

So to me it means balance and harmony. Through peace, love, compassion, trying to see the bigger picture and then making thoughtful decisions and moving forward. Yeah.

Jo: Exactly. Moderation, right? Yeah. So previous life, if you’ve got 14, five, you would’ve misused cuz five is about freedom. So in a previous life, you would’ve misused freedom and you would’ve.

Been into everything involving the senses in extreme addiction, okay? Mm. So this lifetime, we’ve got rise above temptation and look for responsibility. So it’s about balance. Of course, you can have freedom and adventure, but you’ve gotta work as well. You’ve got to honor your commitments. Again, not taking shortcuts.

Kick diaries and lists, not forget things. Tolerance and kindness. Avoiding crazies, avoiding sensory overload, avoiding distractions and extremes. But again, if you’ve got 14, five anywhere, born on the 14th, et cetera, et cetera, in a 14 house on the 14th, you’ll know that.

Heather Alice: What if you got married on the 14th?

Jo: Did, did you? Yeah. So it’s just I would say if you got married, it’s about moderation. Like balance. So it’s not all about you. It’s not all about Brandon. Both.

Heather Alice: Yeah. Sure. So we have that so completely and totally. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay. That’s cool though.

Jo: Okay. Zuckerberg is born on the 14th, and so is Trump.

So then we can see it play out.

Heather Alice: Totally. It’s just neat to see where you can find it in your, you know, you sort of can like all the cool little spots in your life. It’s like, it, I feel like it’s like a game, like a scavenger hunt. To find it in your own life. Yeah,

Jo: that’s cool. The people born on the 14th that I find either the nicest people in the world or the trickiest people in the world.

They’re one or the other.

Heather Alice: Right, right, right, right. Because of that extreme. Cool. Yeah. Cool.

Jo: So then we’ve got 16, seven, right? So this is the MA major card that a lot of people, if you pull it, you’d wanna put it back. Okay. Right. So what does six, what does the tower mean to you?

Heather Alice: Oh God, I love it. The tower to me means the dropping of all faults, personas, and facades.

It’s dropping the, the part of yourself that you think you have to have in order to be accepted, loved, or successful in this world, it is the involuntary destruction of the fault self. It’s the universe coming in and going, oh, fuck that. We are taking this away. That’s the tower. It’s like, You know the death card, you get to choose to get in alignment, and if you don’t, that shit’s gonna pop you.

Right, right. Where you need to be popped. Yeah. To be able to get back in. But ultimately, I love this card because it’s showing you and taking from you everything that is not the essence of you. And so I used to be terrified of this card, but I love it now. I think it’s such a brilliant card. And in the major arcana, the tarot is the only manmade structure in there.

Cool. It’s the only manmade structure of that tarot that you’ll find in the major arcana. So I think that’s really telling that it’s being it’s being destroyed, but yeah. So, so that to me is what it means. That’s to me what it means.

Jo: Yeah. I love that. So if somebody’s working with six, sixteen seven, or born on the 16th, it’s identity crisis as well.

Mm-hmm. They will experience tests of faith. They will have broken dreams. They will need to. And lose and hold on to let go. You know? It’s the whole thing. Mm-hmm. And it does, again, it doesn’t need to be difficult. They have to reevaluate their core values. They have to eliminate anything superficial. They have to be responsible and face their challenges, and they have to rise above ego and pride.

And treat others with respect. And if they make life, me, me, me, like any of them, any of these karmic debt cards, then life. If it’s selfish instead of selfless within reason, you know? Mm-hmm. Boundaries still, but then, There will be issues. Faithful in love, honest in love, develop spiritual and psychic ability, resilience in the face of shocks, avoiding focus on wealth status and titles which is the 16 seven.

Heather Alice: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Man, that’s a, that’s a big one. I feel, I don’t know if this is true or not, but I feel like collectively for humanity right now, this is a big part of our process. Intrapersonally, you know, intra process inside of ourselves, and also how we’re dealing with each other right now. I feel like this is a really powerful, powerful card or powerful energy.

The 16 seven? Yeah,

Jo: Definitely. Mm-hmm. So like at the moment we are in 2023 and two and two and three is seven. So we’re going through seven energy, which is the chariot. So if we’ve got an inner this year, 2023, if we’ve got inner poise, then we can drive our chariot. So then it would be. 24, 6 20. So yes.

Then it’ll all like sorry. Then it would be eight strength, then it would be nine, hermit. Then it, so we’ll get to this point.

Heather Alice: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. As we move through it, as, as we move forward. Yeah. So what would you say are some overarching strategies or kind of the approach that a person could use no matter where it falls in their chart.

And no matter what, you know, of the numbers are, what would you say is some things they can do or, or believe or think or say that that can help them get excited about this? Because, you know, we really could see this as an opportunity. Mm-hmm. What, what would you say helps the most that you’ve seen with your clients in working with this?

Jo: Well, personally, so awareness is the key to change, right? If you’ve got karmic debt in your life path, it wouldn’t have been easy. Like I said, people know they’ve got a monkey on their back. Right. Some of the stuff that has happened to me, bombs and Egypt and you know, you know quite a bit of it, but like you couldn’t write this stuff.

Right. So people know, you know, I think deep down and. And then it’s just really understanding the energy. That’s why I showed you the cards today. Cause when we can understand the cards, it helps a bit. And I know that you love your tarot as much as I do. Mm-hmm. Like you appreciate the, the wisdom with the tarot.

Mm-hmm. But I think. When, you know, know the number. So, 13 is four. Four is about structure, control, routine in the system. That’s what you need to do in your life. 14 5, 5 is about change, freedom, expansion, and growth. But the negative of that is being too scattered, being too addictive, making it all about you.

So don’t do that. Mm-hmm. 16 seven. Seven is. Can a bit private and selfish and inwards procrastination. So don’t do that. Nineteen ten one, the negative of one is selfishness speed, so don’t do that. So it’s like appreciating the energy of the number and the card and then just showing up. We don’t want you to not have a good life.

We don’t want you to like fall at the feet. It’s not a fatalistic number, but we’ve gotta watch these numbers cuz you could have been one of these numbers in a previous life then. Then this life won’t be a bit of roses it, it might be this time. Mm-hmm. So it’s just wherever it shows there is, it’s either a big thing or a smaller thing, or a very small thing, but it’s still a thing that we need to work with.

But evaluating values, looking at your behaviors, looking at the things that trip you up. So with me, It was the codependency I had to work on the speed getting hyper focused, getting fixated, and some of these things people might not pick up with, with you, you know, because it’s, it’s there, it’s a personality trait, but other things would be very easy for people to spot like a nightmare in relationships.

If they wanted me. I didn’t wanna know the other way around. I wanna know. So it’s like the behavior.

Heather Alice: Yeah, I think that’s, I think that more than anything is I. Where we, where you really focus because it’s, that’s where you can actually see what’s being manifested. You know, the best, what do they say? The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Like at the end of the day, it’s what, it’s the behaviors that we’re looking at. That’s a big thing. I think as I’ve gotten older that I’ve learned to look at. It’s your character is really demonstrated and ma and. Another way to say behavior is just what is manifesting, right? What is actually coming into this three dimensional reality via what you’re choosing to do in behavior.

I think that’s really sobering to think about. You know, and I, I’ve looked at myself, so we went through my karma numbers. I guess maybe I just found karma numbers in my marriage, cuz I’m married, I got married on the 14th, but I don’t have any in my, yeah, that’s not as strong. But yeah. But I don’t have any, or I guess I don’t have any in the rest of my chart.

Jo: So, so no. So no. However, you’ve got a master number in a previous life and master numbers 1122 and 33 are huge energy. Mm-hmm. Okay? And you need grit and you need stamina and. Like they’re massive and you can see more, be more and do more. But they are a blessing, but they’re a burden. So we could say that Master numbers a little bit.

Comic as well. Sure. So you haven’t got any karma? In your chart, which is very rare. I rarely see it, but when I see it, the person’s working with a master number energy in some way. Yeah.

Heather Alice: And I’m married to a 22 in this life. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like no pressure. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Brandon’s a 22 in this life, and then I was an 11 in the, the last. Crazy. Absolutely crazy. Well, this is just so fascinating. I want to tell everyone where they can find you. You can, is it your website is Jo j o sole, s o l e y. Dot. What’s the ending?

Jo: J O S O L E Y.com.

Heather Alice: Dot com, okay. So josoley.com. We will have, if you’re listening on the pod, we will have all of the show notes with your Instagram links.

But I cannot recommend, you know, just book a book, a book, a session with her, right? Just book a session with her. It’ll change your life. I cannot recommend working with Jo more, whether it’s you just wanna do some interpersonal work, or you want, I, to me, I really don’t think you can be a business owner.

Without understanding who the hell you are. Like, to me, there’s no difference, right? Like, if I’m working on myself, I’m working on my business. So you know, I, I just can’t recommend the numerology system as created and presented in Jo’s bizology you know, in her business bizology. It’s just been, Jo, I wanna thank you.

It’s been such a game changer and I really love. All of our sessions together and how you’ve helped me in ways that nobody can, and also you’re just a rad check dude. You’re just a rad check. Yeah. I love, you’re just an awesome person and I love you.

Jo: I love too, and I, I think we should just say one more thing.

If you don’t have karmic numbers, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t got any challenges. You’ll still have challenges. Sure. But the challenges will be shown in your other numbers. Mm-hmm. Cause we’re the negative of our numbers. But having karmic numbers, you’ve still got the other challenges, but then you’ve just got a little bit of work to do.

But then what you know, I think if you were naughty last time, you know you’ve gotta be better this time. We know, don’t we?

Heather Alice: Yes, totally. It’s so true. And I, and I, I like the, the playfulness with it, right? We, it’s okay, we’re here to learn. Like if we Yeah. If we approach the idea of karma, we get, it’s such a, we have been brainwashed into this like horrible.

Paradigm where we’re being punished for things. Ooh. It’s like you’re not being punished for anything. You’re here to learn, okay? Mm-hmm. So sometimes learning sucks. You’re not being punished. So, you know that that whole religious stick where people feel like, oh God, you’ve got karma, you’re a bad person.

No, you’re just a person who is learning. It’s like getting pissed off that a toddler, like a, a newborn baby that’s learning how to walk. Are you mad at the baby? Because they keep falling down. It’s like, No, you’re not mad at the baby cuz the baby doesn’t know how to fricking walk. That’s how I approach anything in my life that I’m trying to learn.

Right. It’s just a lot for me because I’m not developed in that area and that’s not a crime and I’m not a bad person. I think it only goes negative when we just don’t give a shit when we’re aware. And we don’t care. Mm-hmm. Which I think is why a lot of people wanna stay in ignorance because then when you do know you’re responsible.

But for people that are on the path, you know, for intuitive individuals, for conscious beings, like we’re, we are, we are craving to have this awareness and this knowledge, and I really think that your work is giving people a tangible system. To be able to understand these things about self in a way that provides them a map to be able to start changing those behaviors and really, really creating for themselves the life that they desire.

So thank you so much.

Jo: Yeah, thank you. Thanks for the opportunity.

Heather Alice: Yeah. I always have, I’ll have you back on, this is your second episode with us, so we’ll, we’ll do it again. We’ll do it again. For sure. Thank you, Jo.

Jo: Thank you very much. Bye Bye.

Heather Alice: Until next time. Together, we rise.