Ep130: Design a Signature Program That Leads & Lasts with Megan Huber

Aug 22, 2023

Today’s episode is a masterclass in program design for education-based entrepreneurs. Our guest is Megan Huber, a true expert in creating transformative client experiences and guiding 7-figure CEOs to escape the daily grind of their businesses. Tune in as we explore Megan’s insights on crafting a signature program that not only leads but lasts. Get ready to unlock the secrets to sustainable success in education-focused ventures. Let’s dive in!

Episode Timecodes:

    • {00:00:28} Get to know our guest, Megan Huber
    • {00:12:47} How Megan shows up in her work
    • {00:31:50} The difference between building a community and building connections in a program
    • {00:55:35} Shifting from a marketing and sales mindset to a client-driven program
    • {01:12:21} Giving your customers and clients the best possible experience
    • {01:27:26} Megan’s parting words of wisdom
    • {01:29:08} How to find and connect with Megan

Links Mentioned:

Connect with Megan

Website: meganjohnsonhuber.com

Facebook: Megan J Huber

Instagram: @meganjhuber


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