Ep22: Find Your Soul’s Essence

Apr 14, 2020

This pandemic is creating a lot, and I mean A LOT, of negative vibes. So how does finding your essence in the midst of all this craziness help you become a better intuitive healer?

I know you might be thinking- finding my essence is the last thing on my mind because of the pandemic. But this is exactly why you have to find your creative spark. And I am stoked to have Anna Tsui in this podcast, to help you and me find out why finding your inner self is the key to making this pandemic a positive experience.

Anna is a coach, speaker, writer and serial entrepreneur who helps people get to know their unique essence so they don’t have to be like anyone else. She’s had her share of craziness, was able to navigate through crisis, and was able to find her spark to help other intuitives find their own. So ladies and gentlemen, get ready to be excited in this chaos and create stronger connections with your intuitive selves with this insanely fun podcast!

Soul Stirring Quotes


“Our intuition is heightened now and our internal voice is much stronger than it was before.”

“This is the time for intuitives to wake up to our gifts, stand behind our truths, and have stronger intuitive connections.”

“Recognize that the excitement you feel in this chaos is a part of your rising consciousness.”

“We are the leaders in bringing fort this new reality.”

“Our essence is our soul, it’s what our souls naturally seek.”

“You are creating this army of people who are leading us in a new consciousness, and that is powerful.”

“We really need to look at what is not working for us.”


Episode Timecodes:

  • 2:00 How this pandemic helps us have a stronger connection with our intuitive selves and inner voices.

  • 5:00 Why we need to be excited in the midst of this chaos. 8:40 Being a leader and owning that spark and creativity.

  • 9:44 Knowing the energy of “efforting” and the energy of pushing too hard.

  • 11:33 What is the essence and how does it help us get through this pandemic.

  • 20:00 What is blocking us from expressing ourselves fully?

  • 21:30 Anna’s insight on the connection between the core wound we experience in our lives and our essence.

  • 29:20 Why you need to acknowledge suffering to find that spark!

  • 34:19 Anna’s flirtation with the universe 😉

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