Ep28: Recognizing Privilege & Forging a United Path Forward with Dr. Tes Tuason

Jun 16, 2020

Racism, Black lives matter, white privilege, White supremacy, protests, violence – these are the words that you will hear and read in the news and social media. How do these affect you personally? How do we find the right path of healing?

This podcast is so special, raw, and truly a heart and mind opener. In this episode, we have Dr. Tes Tuason, my mentor and close friend who has amazing stories about being a woman of color, an immigrant, white privilege, and what she believes we can do to heal and move forward. 

Dr. Tuason was born and raised in the Philippines and immigrated to the USA for her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. She is a Full Professor in the Mental Health Counseling program at the Brooks College of Health at the University of North Florida and is a licensed clinical psychologist. Through teaching, research, and practice, she continues to work to give the underserved a voice and to make the face of the poor and marginalized more concrete, palpable, and within reach of aiding efforts.

If you are looking for a peaceful and mindful conversation about what is happening in this space today and what you can do to make a change, then this podcast is perfect for you.

Soul Stirring Quotes

“When there’s no choice, you work harder to know and to discern what is right, what is good for yourself, and what is good for other people.”

“Nobody is better than any other.”

“A person who is in touch of your privilege can use it to truly listen, have compassion, and speak up for others.”

“When there is something unjust happening, whether it’s racism, sexism, or ageism, the one who is first affected are the ones most vulnerable.”

“People who know and who can get in touch with their own vulnerabilities are the ones who can have empathy.”

“Whenever we are able to speak up then we are accountable for each other’s lives.”

“We are not better, they are not worse.”

“We become better people because of each other.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:31 Introduction – Who is Dr. Tes Tuason and the intention of the podcast.

  • 6:15 Dr. Tes shares her immigration story and how she started her life in the USA.

  • 10:00 What are the fundamental differences in culture in the USA and the Philippines.

  • 16:05 The power of choice, our values, and the value of human life.

  • 19:00 Walk the talk – congruency, and integrity.

  • 24:45 Is there progress being made? Dr. Tuason shares why this time, during the pandemic, is the best time to reflect.

  • 26:00 Dr. Tuason shares her insights on the difference between white privilege and white supremacy.

  • 33:20 Dr. Tuason shares her stories of discrimination and the 5 things she discovers we need to do.

  • 35:00 The first thing to do- Get in touch with our vulnerability, because that promotes empathy.

  • 40:20 Second thing to do- Getting in touch with your privilege.

  • 42:00 Third thing to do – Speak up in protest, in private protest of conversations.

  • 43:42 Fourth thing to do – Challenge ourselves to get out of our comfort zone to speak to people who are different from ourselves.

  • 47:40 Fifth thing to do – Celebrate our differences, we get in deeper touch with our spiritual selves.

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