Ep31: Get Out of The “Time for Money” Trap and Go High Ticket

Jul 28, 2020

Are you afraid to go high ticket with your coaching services or packages? Do you feel trapped by the “time for money” mindset? Then this episode is perfect for you!

When Heather began her coaching business, she dreamt of having a snazzy leather chair in her office that made her feel “legit” as a professional coach.  But as much as she loved building her business session by session, she was tied to the office and not really living the life she envisioned. 

In this episode, Heather shares her wisdom in going for high ticket and how it helps your clients and your business to transform. You will get some deep insights on why charging “per session” will never allow you the freedom and stability you need in your coaching business. Heather also shares simple yet powerful questions that will help you embrace getting out of the “time for money” mentality.

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If you are ready to finally go hight ticket and connect with the clients that need your services, then this podcast is perfect for you!

Soul Stirring Quotes

“Your clients will pay great money for solutions. They want an answer to their problem, not “session time” with you.”

“You deserve to live abundantly. You are not here to live in poverty and suffer as you help others.”

“Help your clients solve problems in a fun, creative way, as quickly and as effectively as possible is how you go high ticket.”

“Speak directly to what your clients truly want, and see them in their gift and already transformed.”

“Your high ticket packages are about your clients and the work that they are doing.”

“Your coaching business exists for one purpose only – to provide a sacred space for sacred transformation that the soul of your clients is calling them toward.”

“Going high ticket is about claiming out of your client’s right to become who they are born to be.”

“Money is the easiest thing to give you when you are in deep relationships with your clients and in the nitty-gritty of what is going on and why they want to transform.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 2:50 Heather shares her intention and what she aims for intuitives to learn at the end of the episode.

  • 5:00 Heather shares story and expectations when she first started in coaching career.

  • 10:00 What does your client really need from you?

  • 13:35 Providing solutions in a fun, creative, and easy way- why is this the secret to making money?

  • 17:40 The two important questions that you need to be asking: What do your clients want to move away from and what they want to move toward?

  • 18:40 Paying for your skills and expertise instead of your time.

  • 20:00 Going deeper into what your clients truly need rather than focusing on time.

  • 24:45 Why do we build high ticket packages or programs for our clients?

  • 27:00 Three questions you can ask yourself to shift your mindset that you are not selling solutions and not time.

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Episode Transcript:

You did not become an entrepreneur to sit and be broke and wonder how you are gonna pay your bills child. In this episode, we are jumping into how to get out of the time for money trap. And go high ticket. Let’s jump in. Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather Alice, she intuitive life coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Oona coaching academy.

Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone, claim yourself confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within. And get after it. Hey, AHANA what’s up. I am so excited to talk about getting out of the time for money trap and going high ticket.

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It’s a great way for you to get started. Plus, plus it will put you on our early bird access list. When we launch all of the awesome free trainings that we are gonna have coming down the road in September and October. So please run over to Heather Alice shade.com/become an intuitive coach. Get that free training pop over into our Facebook group and really get started today, answering the call of becoming a coach.

So I’m super excited to offer that to you. And now let’s dive into a topic that’s really near and dear to my heart. And I wanna tell you a quick story about how I really discovered a simple way to embrace getting out of the mentality that is in my opinion. one of the most detrimental, like unseen, detrimental and damaging things that the coaching industry still puts up with today that is sort of the silent killer of really all coaches, but particularly new coaches.

And that is the time for money trap. So I wanna dive into that today. We are gonna talk about, you know, some of the ways that we get stuck in the mentality of feeling like we always have to be around nurturing our clients, being there for their every need and really making it to where it’s impossible to have a true career as a heal.

So in this episode, we’re gonna cover really a secret to generating massive income that most coaches really never either figure out or accept. We’re gonna talk about why ideas are so important as an entrepreneur. I’m a big ideas person. Like most entrepreneurs are, but a lot of people call it shiny object syndrome.

I actually think shiny object syndrome is a good thing. It’s really what you do with those shiny objects that helps you create impact and income or not. So. We’re gonna learn a little bit about why ideas, ideas, ideas are a great thing. You’re gonna hear two cheddar producing questions that you should be asking yourself about your clients every single day, that makes enrolling easy.

That makes going high ticket, easy. That basically just. Takes the breaks off your practice helps you like your business again, and really helps your clients understand what the hell you do, because you’re able to speak clearly to them about really the intersection between their needs and what you are really incredible at.

And then at the end, we’re gonna talk about three questions that you can ask yourself to begin getting out of that time for money trap and going high tickets. when I was a budding professional helper, that was back in 2014. When I officially started my coaching practice, I would sit and do all of these visualizations about what my office was gonna look like.

And I was hell bent on getting a physical office at that time. God, it seems like so long ago, like that was like six years ago, but it feels like an eternity. I was determined to have a physical office, right. So I spent all kinds of money on really. Furniture I had the walls painted my couch, that my clients would sit on was from west Elm.

You know, like I spared no expense, but in my mind, and I guess this is just from coming into the healing profession from the mental health angle, I sort of envisioned myself sitting in my office in this lake. Lux brown leather chair, like Freudian esque, right? Like youngy and light. Like, I was so excited to have this gorgeous, you know, brown leather chair and all of my pillows had like butterfly flowers on them.

Like super like peacocks and butterfly wings, like super transformational, gorgeous colors. Like my office was so sick. I loved it. And I would sit there and just visualize like what this was gonna be like. Right. Finally doing this thing, I’m finally turning pro at what I do. And I really believe that if I just focused on doing incredible work with my clients.

Really giving them the best that I had, that my business would just like magically grow. I just thought, well, if I can just get in there and then be an incredible healer, the business part will take care of itself. The monetization part will take care of itself. Right. I’ll have my hourly rate. Um, my clients will pay it and it’s gonna be great.

And that is typically the business model we think of when we think about being in the helping profession, it’s some variant of. I, as the professional coach will spend time with you and you will give me X number of dollars for Y results, right? So you give me X number of dollars and I will spend a certain amount of time with you.

And that’s the coaching agreement and the truth is that it’s a nice idea. , it’s a nice theory, but in reality, it’s. You know, dead ass wrong. That’s actually not how it works. And you know, I’m talking about a physical office here, but the same thing is true, you know, in the online world, sitting on these zoom calls.

Right? So for me, you know, within eight months of opening my doors, the reality of what it really takes to run a cash fluid. Coaching practice was slapping me in the face. Like you’re hammered, best friend, trying to sober you up at three a am in the, from the bar girl. Like it was a cold, hard reality that even though I was averaging at that time, two referrals for every one paying client I had, so my business was grow.

and I was making money. This, I think we tend to think of, you know, coaching as like, oh gosh, where are the clients coming from? I was failing, cuz I didn’t have clients like no girl, you can fail having clients. Okay. I was me having clients was actually never an issue. It’s never been a real, an issue in my coaching practice.

So I was making money. But the thing is I couldn’t figure out why was I not able to build stability in my income and feel. In my business and why this hit me is my husband came to me and he said, Heather, I wanna take a vacation. I wanna go to The Bahamas. And I was like, hell no. Like I have this really strong reaction.

It was in 2015 that he came to me and said this. He said, Heather, I wanna go to The Bahamas. I said, no way, man, I can’t leave. I literally cannot leave. I have all of these, you know, my calendar is full and if I’m not in the chair, I don’t make. If I’m not sitting in that gorgeous brown leather chair, that I was so excited to finally put in my office, right.

That signified, Ooh, I’ve arrived. I’m a pro I’m not making money. And so. Even though my practice was growing like wildfire. I was chained to my office. I was chained to that chair. I was bone tired, worn out and really sick to death of my once beloved dream. Like I had only been in it for, you know, eight or nine months when I realized, like, I really am resentful of my business, even though I’m making money.

And so it really hit me then. I was supporting my business, my business wasn’t supporting me. And I knew that I had to find a way or a business structure of some kind to help me actually cultivate the life that I really wanted. And one of those answers that I found at that time was to go online and I’ve talked about that in, in previous podcasts.

But another thing that hit me at this time that really helped me grow a beautiful coaching practice that supports me, not me supporting. was to begin to understand what my clients actually wanted from me. And it hit me as I started working with my clients and I would just sort of naturally say things like, well, I’m here to get you out in as few sessions as possible.

And I noticed that I wanted to work with my clients actually in the least amount of time. I didn’t understand why, you know, a lot of coaches or even the mental health world, they’ll say, oh, you know, it’s a year commitment. I’m like, why, why is it a year commit? What if we can move you through this faster?

You know what people are looking for isn’t to come and sit on a call with me or come and sit in a room with me. Right? Like fundamentally what your clients want from. Isn’t your time. And so this is the thing that dawned on me. And at the time I didn’t realize what a massive game changer, having that thought pop into my head, what my clients really need from me.

Isn’t my time. They need something else. but as a coach, we’re taught to think of it that way. Right. You’re still like, even if you are high ticket, you’re still like busting out your calculator and going, okay. Well, my rate’s, you know, 6,500 and if I have 12 sessions that equals whatever, right. We’re still thinking about our service.

In that way, and I really wanna encourage you to never, ever, ever, ever, ever do that again, because you’re offering your client, you’re literally asking your client to pay for something that they don’t even care about, which is time with you. That is not why they’re there. Okay. So if they aren’t there for your time, what are they after?

Right. Well, here is what your clients are after your clients are after solutions. what they want is an answer to a problem. They have, they wanna move away from the pain they’re experiencing and they wanna move toward pleasure, right. Toward a goal. That is why every human being on earth. Goes to seek any kind of professional service, but I would say even more so for a person in the healing profession.

So let’s just put a pin in that successful coaches know one thing about generating income. And I would say also impact, right? Because this is not all about making. It is about making money because you deserve to live abundantly like period. End of story. Right? Gone are the days where as healers, we’re supposed to forsake the material world and live as poppers.

Like I’m just gonna say this right now and use a big square word here. Fuck that you are not here to live in poverty and suffer for your healing, right. To suffer for your art. That is bullshit. Okay. You’re here to live abundantly giving your gifts fully and free. To the world. Okay. But the fundamental mindset shift that we have to make here is to know that we do not make money in this world.

No one makes money in this world by doing anything other than solving problems. That is why people will pay you money. It’s to make a problem, go away and to embrace what it is. They are really want. So the secret to making money, this is just in the world in general is how many problems can you help your, your clients solve in a fun, creative, and easy way.

That is what you need to be asking yourself. So it isn’t time that your clients will pay you high ticket money for what they will pay you. High ticket money for our solutions solutions. and they, I would strongly argue. They will pay you more money if you can do it as quickly as possible. Okay. So we’re flipping the script on this thing, right?

It’s not, I’m gonna give you a, oh, it’s even more value if I keep you for six months. Wait, wait. No, it’s even more value if I keep you for eight months. Oh wait. No, it’s even more value if it’s a. Like, why is that better? It’s actually not better. Okay. It’s 2020. We need to get shit done. so I always tell my coaches as I take them through the program.

When we get into the business development piece, I say you should be creating coaching programs. That again, you should be asking yourself based off the, you know, my framework and the principles I teach in my coaching practice. What is the least amount of time that I need to help my clients attain their most desired.

Okay. Right. So it’s actually the least amount of time to get to the solution. Okay. There’s no one on earth. Here’s a fun mindset shift. There’s no one on earth that makes money. People don’t actually make money. The only people who make money are the federal government, right. That’s who actually makes money.

We don’t make money. What we make is solutions and then people pay us. money for those solutions and the better the solution in a fun, creative, easy way. The more money you are going to make. So making money in your coaching practice is a byproduct. of having the ability to move your client from a to B quickly, effectively and easily.

Okay. That is how we make money. And in my program, the Ahman intuitive coach certification program. We create, I teach all of my coaches how to create, uh, really, really beautiful, streamlined coaching packages that make it super clear for the you, the coach to be able to communicate here is exactly what we, the framework we are going to use to move you from a to B.

Okay. So yes, learning how to. Really become proficient as a coach. And what is a coach? Right? I’ve said this a thousand times a coach is a mass, a person who has mastered the art of helping another human being transform their life. Okay. That is what you are. As a coach, you are a master, you are a, a professional, you are a professional who has mastered how to help a human being transform their life.

That is your skillset. That is what you do. And you can be the best freaking coach in the world. At doing that. But if you can’t communicate that to your client in your marketing and in your sales process and in just even in, as a microcosm in your session, if you’re still tying everything to, well, you’re gonna give me money and I’m, we’re gonna sit in session for 60 minutes, 12 times and, you know, hope for the best cross our fingers and hope you get there.

You know, that is not enticing, right. People, if that is how we are still offering. Our intuitive work to the world. No wonder enrollment is hard because that isn’t what your clients want. Right? What they want is to be able to get out of the pain that they are in and embrace the life that they really want.

To create for themselves. And so smart heart centered entrepreneurs really learn how to speak to, you know, what does a client wanna move away from? what do they want to move toward? So if you can ask yourself those two questions, what is it? My client fundamentally wants to move away from what do they wanna get rid of?

What does my client want to move toward? If you will always be asking yourself that que those two questions, you will be able to pop yourself out of trading time for money so quick, because you’re no longer focusing on the means to the end. The means is just the time they spend in session with you, the end is the transf.

Okay. So if you can ask yourself those two questions, you are going to be in such a better place to be able to get out of this whole idea that somehow spending eight months in a coaching program with you is like what your client wants. another thing to remember with this too, is your clients are also sort of in brainwashed into this mindset, that more is better.

And so, you know, if a client and maybe a client would ask you this, oh wow. That’s a high hourly rate. And I would say, well, I know you’re not, you’re not paying for my time. You’re paying for my expertise. Right. You’re paying for the skill that I have cultivated that helps you move easier. More effectively and in a fun, comforting way being supported.

That’s what you’re getting. So, and here’s kind of an example of this. You can sort of, let’s do a little thought experiment on how it’s not the time you’re selling. It’s the transformation. It’s the solution. Let’s look at someone who let’s say you’re an empowerment coach. And you specialize in helping move people out of imposter syndrome and self doubt into spiritual alignment and confidence.

Like that’s kind of the core of your work and you have a client and they come in and they say I’ve been in a, a, you know, an emotionally damaging marriage for the last 10 years. And I also am up for a promotion at work and I just, I need self-confidence and I want to reconnect with my inner truth. Again, I know that now is my time.

You know, I really wanna do this. I’ve never put myself first in my life, but I just suffer from these terrible debilitating, you know, negative emotions and negative self-talk and you know, the program from my, you know, ex-partners running in my head. , you know, my relationship with my kids are strained because I’m pulled in a thousand different directions and you say to the client, okay, well, you know, my coaching program is six months and it’s 12 sessions.

And, you know, I absolutely help people with, you know, their emotional empowerment, with a empowerment and confidence and all that. And it’s gonna be 65. , you know, that’s not really enticing, right? Because you’re selling the coaching package right. When you put the emphasis on the package. Well, of course she doesn’t want the coaching package, you know?

So I think that’s what we do in our sales calls. We say, oh yeah, man, this is my coaching package. Here’s my framework. This, you can even present all of that. Right. You can run ’em through the framework. You do, even if the framework is awesome and you’re still quote unquote selling. Something that they fundamentally aren’t after.

So it’s, you have to go deeper than that and say to this woman, how would it feel? How would it feel for you to finally have a little voice inside your head then instead of, oh my God, what the hell are you thinking? Every time you envision your dream. The voice says, honey, you can do it, go for it, girl, go for it.

I’ve got your back. What would you give to have the voice say that? And what would you give to think about your ex-partner in that relationship and be able to see with crystal clear clarity, all of the lessons. That it gave you and they are lessons. They’re not traumas, they’re lessons, they’re gifts. And what would you give to be able to see all of it that way?

And how would it feel to have bandwidth for your kids again, because you’re not so internally stressed. And what if you could March into your boss’s office and say, dammit, I want 15% on my salary. Or here’s my resignation and I’m gonna go finally have the confidence to start my own thing anyway, cuz that’s what I want to do.

What is that worth to you? How would it feel? How would you change? How would your life change if that became your inner world? Do you think that they care how much money that is at that point? They don’t even know this is how I sell. It’s how I teach my coaches to sell and by sell, I just mean offer our beautiful, wonderful healing.

If have had clients enroll with me, they don’t even know what they’re getting. they don’t even know how many sessions it is. And they’re just like, I just know you’re the one I know that this is at you and I are supposed to be in relationship together. Right. Because I speak directly. To what it is. They want what it is they’re after I see, I see them, I see them in their gift and I see them already transformed.

And that’s the secret of being able to have high ticket coaching packages that serve your clients in a greater way, because you are being compensated at a level that allows you to be nurtured, to be. all while showing up bigger in your practice. So you can hold the space for that person. When you go high ticket.

You are able to hold a transformative space larger than when you’re still trading your time for money. It is. I would humbly submit to you that one of the greatest gifts you can give your client is to ask them to invest in themselves at that level. Because essentially when you say, yeah, you know what?

My coaching package is five grand that is basically looking at them saying, and I know you’re worth it, man. Like you’re worth $5,000, man. When you sit there and low ball your services and say, oh, well, you know, it’ll be 2000. Oh, you know, when you do that, all you’re saying is one. I don’t believe. That the transformation we could create together is worth it.

And I don’t believe you are worth yourself investing in. Right. And I think erroneous people also think, and I’m not worth investing in, but I’m here to tell you this, my friend, this is not about you. Your high ticket packages are not about you. The time that your clients spend with you, it is not about you.

None of this is about you. None of. It is about our clients. It is about the work that they are about doing our businesses exist. Your coaching packages exist for one purpose only, and that is to provide sacred, sacred space for a human being to come in, feel safe, fall apart, turn to. Turn right around rebuild themselves.

And like a caterpillar that goes into a cocoon and becomes the butterfly. That is what your coaching services are. That is what these coaching sessions are. That’s what your coaching programs are. It is nothing but a space holder for sacred transformation that the soul of your client is calling them.

And I really believe that if we create a bigger container and say to our clients, I believe in you, we’re gonna do something major right now. Like I’m hearing you tell me that you are ready to be done with that voice, telling you who the hell do you think you are, that you are ready to be done with the emotional abuse and baggage from your past.

I’m hearing you tell me you are done putting up with your boss’ shit. Well, guess what? Let’s do it. Cuz I, as a coach, I am also. Undervaluing myself, my services, the transformational work that I know is coming through me. So guess what, baby girl let’s lock and load. My price is 6,500 let’s roll, right. Or whatever it is, but you see how much more powerful that is then like, oh, well, you know, I’m gonna make it as, as inexpensive as I can.

Cuz you know, we’re all just, eh, like going high ticket is about claiming the shit out of your client’s. to become who they’re born to be. And yeah, you are going to ask them to invest. You are going to, you are absolutely gonna look at these people and say, you know what? Let’s go. We’re not playing small time anymore.

It’s the best gift you can give them. And they’ll thank you for it. They will. Thank you for it. So I wanna leave you with three questions that you can ask yourself to really start shifting into this mindset that you’re not selling time. You’re selling that solution, that transformation, um, and that as you do that, you are not only honoring yourself in the work that’s coming through you, but you really truly are honoring your clients and you are telling them that they are also worth it and that the transformation is worth it.

So the first question I want you to ask yourself is what is it worth? And by that, I don’t mean your packages. Okay. But what is it worth to your client to say goodbye forever to the pain and to embrace prosperity and to embrace their purpose? What is that worth? The answer is it’s priceless. But, you know, you’ll slap five grand on there or whatever , whatever your at ticket price is.

And I really recommend high ticket at five grand or up, I teach my coaches to price their signature program at 65, which is why I keep saying that number. But the first one is what is it worth? The second one you can ask is, and you can ask yourself this, as you think about your coaching, how do I move the needle?

How does the coaching services I provide? Move the needle. What is it that’s, you know, if you can kind of just conceptualize it and you don’t have to, you know, be super, super specific with it, but what is the thing, right? Like the of what your coaching programs are really about. If you can wrap your head around that, it also makes it easier to go high ticket, because you’re able to see in asking yourself that you’re focusing on the solution, you’re focusing on the potential, the possibility and not the problem, you know, and how they’re stuck and not even the process.

Right. You’re focusing on, you know, kind of the end result, right? Like really holding space for that dream. And the third is what would you give. So asking your client, what would you give to be over this? What would you give? And usually the answer is if you really listen to your clients, the answer is they’d give just about anything.

If you spend enough time with them, if you really listen to ’em on your enrollment calls, if you’re doing your enrollment calls, right. Which maybe I should do a podcast on enrollment calls, but if you’re doing that. The answer is just about anything. That’s the answer to, what would you give the answer is, eh, I would give just about anything and I will tell you money is the least is like the least valuable thing for a person to offer you.

When you are talking about a person’s sole purpose, when you are really deeply in relationship with your potential clients and you are in the nitty gritty of what is going on with these people and why they are seeking this transformation, money is the easiest thing for them to give you. Okay. It is convenient.

It’s like here, it’s a bank transaction. It’s like, it’s just the material part of the transaction. When I onboard my clients, when I say, you know, what are you willing to give? And I don’t mean money. Like, that’s obvious that you’re going to pay me, but like, what are you willing to give for you to honor this transformation?

What are you willing to give another question you could ask? I suppose we could, you know, throw a fourth to piggyback off. What would you give is what would you give up too? You know, are you prepared to give up some stuff and by give up stuff, I mean, your limitations, the notions that you can’t do it your past and limiting self.

And are you willing to give yourself a chance? So looking at it from the perspective of radically believing in your clients and knowing that the solution they are seeking in the transformation they are called to embody absolutely does exist. It is unequivocable. There is absolutely no question that you are on this enrollment call with this person because they are destined to embrace that future.

Asking them to pay five grand for it is just not a big deal. It’s just not, it’s just really not right. It’s only a big deal when we’re making it about ourselves when we’re making it about us. And when we’re selling our time for money. Ugh. I can think of nothing more egotistical. Like I know my clients don’t wanna sit in a fr on a call with me.

I mean, I love my clients and I think my clients love me and we have a frigging blast on our calls. I mean, my clients are just, I mean, I get tears in my eyes. I look forward to every session and it is truly an honor. It is so much fun. You know, don’t get me wrong, but I also know that they’re there for help.

They’re there for me to facilitate. Their own greatness to come forward. And I never forget that for them. I’m always holding space for that. And I really think it’s why I’ve been in business for, you know, six or seven years now. And I still have people that I started my practice with clients that I worked with in 2014.

They still call me to this day when they want somebody to bounce an idea off of, or even to become a coach. Many of them I’ve taken through the certification program. I’m still the person that they wanna call. And I don’t think it’s because I’m such an awesome coach. I think it’s because. I see them where they know they’re called to go and they trust that I will hold that vision.

And they, I really feel like my clients want me to get paid. What I deserve. I feel like my clients are super jazzed to pay me. The rates that I ask for, I feel like they want to support me in that. Just like I wanna support them in their big radical transformation. Right. So, you know, if we can just look at it from that perspective as healers, I think it makes creating a coaching practice that nurtures you, and that allows you to one to me, I think it’s just about embracing our birthright to live abundant.

You have a right to live abundant. Right. You really do. I think it’s just about embracing that birthright. And then after that, really just being in a position to create bigger impact in the world, as you have the means and sort of the leverage to do so in your business. So. I want you to ask yourself these three questions and really challenge yourself on how you can go high ticket in your practice, and really give yourself an opportunity to give your coaching practice a chance to be born into the world in a bigger way.

By getting at a time for money. And again, I’m gonna give you the website. It’s Heather che.com/become an intuitive coach. If you would like to get our free masterclass. And where I talk about, you know, I do talk about packaging and our pricing and how we as intuitive practitioners really. Feel have a sacred obligation to creating these businesses that are allowing people to embrace their spiritual transformation.

So go check that out over there and I will catch you in the next podcast. Okay, let’s wrap up with three quick things. So my intention for this podcast is to be of impactful service to you. And one of the ways that I can tell how well I’m doing that is by reading honest reviews of the pod. So the reviews really allow me to see the topics and the ideas that are resonating with you.

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Or both. So that is it for this episode. My lovely, remember, you are more powerful than you can possibly imagine. So step into your greatness and stay after it.