Ep41: What’s Required to Build Your Business that Marketers Don’t Tell You

Nov 23, 2020

So many of the marketing strategies that you’re being told to use are in reality, useless.

Yes, it looks so good when we see these “tips” in social media, in ads, and all over the internet. But are these business marketers really telling you what you should do to help your empire grow? In this podcast episode, Heather gets into the nitty-gritty of what is required to build your business. She dishes out nine points that will help you set up a business that is true to your highest purpose. You will hear her strong suggestions, tips, and the truth in a business. You will hear real-life examples, what goes behind her business, and what she creates in order to bring her business to a higher level.

Are you ready to bring more into your business and create a system that truly works for you? Then make sure you listen in and dive into this episode!

Heather’s Nine Points on What’s Required in Building Your Business

1. Funnels and fancy marketing tactics aren’t going to do the enrollment for you. Human interaction is still necessary for higher ticket offers.

2. You will have to create your own systems within your business that reflect the way you like to work. Someone else’s strategies aren’t going to hit the mark entirely for you. Therefore Document everything.

3. Sales and marketing are paramount after you create an effective offer. Learn to freaking love sales. 

4. Hire an assistant now. You will need help almost immediately.

5. Decide what type of business you want to run. Do this by asking yourself, “Do I want to have high 5 figure launches or high 5 figure months?

Depending on your answer, you will need to set up your business in different ways. Neither is wrong, it’s just a decision you need to make to be aware of how you get there.

6.  Low-end offers don’t create wealth  Or consistent income. 
 High ticket is the way to go if you want to make real money.   Here’s why.it takes as much energy to launch and enroll clients into a $500 offer as it does a $5,000 offer.

Here’s an example. What say you have a goal of making $20,000 on your next program offer. If you have a $500 product you are going to need to enroll 40 people, To hit that number, which means that you will need to have a minimum of two thousand people registered for your event! That is a ton of people!  Conversely, let’s say you have a $5,000 product and want to hit the same number and revenue, $20,000. You would need to convert 4 people which means you would need 200 people registered. 2000 or 200?  Which do you think you can pull off easier. The answer is clear. By having a low-end offer, you have 10X the number of people that you’re going to have to enroll in order to meet the same goal.   Launching is launching, you’re much better off focusing on creating a true body of work that you’re excited to sell for a higher premium ticket then you are offering a ton of smaller courses.

7. You only need one offer!!! A common mistake Coaches make is they have too many offers because they think that’s what they need to make money.  don’t understand how to Focus completely on and scale their core offer.

8. There’s no such thing as passive income.  There are two types of Investments that truly create passive income. The first is the stock market in the second is real estate. You sit on your ass and while you sleep hopefully you make money. But in the online world that is simply not the case. Even if you have the most dialed-in funnel in the world, at some point in time it’s going to break, it’s going to stop converting and you’re going to have to work on it. And this happens incredibly frequently. In other words, there are no prepay days. You’re going to have to work for it.

9. You will have to work your business every single day.   Consistency is King. Content is Queen. This is not a golden ticket to financial freedom.  within Atmana we have a saying, “I scrub the toilets around here.” Get over the idea. It’s glamorous or fun to be the head woman in charge. As a business owner, you are going to have to be willing to do the hard and dirty work that nobody else wants to do or is willing to do in order to see your company thrive.

Soul Stirring Quotes

“Fancy funnels and marketing tactics will not do the work and the enrollment for you.”

“We want human interaction, we want our clients to know us and us to know them.”

“No one person’s system is going to work for you. You are going to work it out, take it, and make it your own.”

“The systems and the strategies that are going to help catapult your business are the ones you make yourself.”

“It is honorable to offer people your work, to market authenticity and integrity. It is a service for you to step up and sell.”

“High ticket is the way to go.”

“Focus on creating a true transformational body of work, creating a real framework around the ideas, concept, and things that will really affect change in a person’s life.”

Episode Timecodes:

    • 0:40 What is today’s topic, what is the real deal behind building a business, and Heather’s own story.

    • 3:10 Why is your business not really growing even with all the strategies?

    • 6:00 Heather’s invitation to check out Atmana Become a Coach program.

    • 7:15 #1 Fancy Funnels and Marketing Tactics are NOT going to do the enrollment for you.

    • 10:20 #2 Create systems that reflect the way you work.

    • 11:47 #3 Fall in love with selling.

    • 14:12 #4 Hire an assistant now.

    • 15:10 #5 Decide what type of business you want to run.

    • 16:40 #6 Low-end offers do not create wealth.

    • 17:40 Heather gives a real-life example of why going high ticket is the way.

    • 21:30 #7 You only need ONE offer.

    • 24:15 #8 There is no such thing as passive income.

    • 28:00 #9 Work your business EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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Episode Transcript:

Waking up at 6:00 AM scrolling through Instagram, seeing all the coaches come down your feet and you are thinking to yourself, how the hell are they doing this? I’m about to tell you, welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather Alice Shea. Intuitive life, coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Atmana Coaching Academy.

Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone claim your self confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it. Hello. Intuitives welcome back to the show today. I am going to give you the behind the scenes, the real, real, the T teeth, the spill the hot tea all over your lap.

That doesn’t actually sound very fun, but it’s gonna be, because today we are talking about what is required to build your business, that marketers, Don. Tell you. So what is inspiring me to do this episode is I just finished recording my last episode on the podcast episode 40, which was that behind the scenes, look at the numbers and the lessons from my recent 100 K plus launch.

And it. Really put me in mind to share with you some of the things that I have learned along the way in building a business from scratch. And when, I mean from scratch, I don’t mean your mama went to the grocery store and bought a Duncan Hines, you know, cake biscuit box threw in an egg and some milk and made biscuits, honey, I’m talking about, she grew the damn.

You know, corn, she took it to the mill. She had it ground. She brought it home in a sack cloth. She let it curate for a bit. She bought the chicken, she grazed the chicken, the chicken had an egg. She went out and got the egg. I’m talking about from scratch girl. I’m talking about absolutely nothing from the moment you’re born bootstrapping to make it happen.

Really and truly from scratch. So I started my business seven years ago, really with absolutely zero interest in being a business owner. I wanted to be a healer. I wanted to sit in the room with individuals and help them. Fix the wounds that they walked through the world with on their soul. I wanted to help them restore themselves to the bright and beautiful human being that they were born to be.

That is what was on my heart. And in a way I’m glad, I didn’t know how hard it was gonna be to build Atmana because I think if I would’ve known, I actually wouldn’t have done it. But another thing that I find. You know, a little disconcerting right now is as I witness coaches who are entering the marketplace or coaches who have been in business for a couple of years, there’s a lot of disillusionment out there and a lot of self blame.

And so I wanna do this episode to try to dispel some of that. Okay. Because so much of the reasons. What you are doing in your business, isn’t working, it’s not your fault. It’s not that you’re doing it wrong. There’s just a lot of confusion about out there about what it really takes to make a full functioning business work.

So kind of the meta problem that’s happening in the industry. I mean, and I know that you know what I’m talking about, right? So you’re online, you know, you’re trying to figure out how to launch a business, you know, that you need to learn. Sell, even though you hate selling and you know that you need, you know, some type of a team, even if it’s just an assistant for 10 hours a week, but you don’t know how to hire one, you know, that you need operational systems on the back end so that you don’t drive yourself crazy having to do all the things in your business.

You have to learn how to market. You’ve gotta put together your core programming. You’ve gotta figure out how to create a course or a program. You’ve gotta figure out how to message to your clients. You’ve gotta figure out what your brand vibe is. There are so many things that are being thrown at you.

And so what is happening in the coaching industry is there are siloed niche professionals that are absolutely wonderful at what they do. You know, they’re great marketers, they’re great brand specialists. They’re great copywriters. They’re great at helping you hone in on your message. They’re great with helping you build systems.

You know, they’re great with social media. It isn’t that any of the experts out there aren’t great. They are, they’re good. And their strategies work. But the problem is that when you try to put them all together in your business as a new person in business, you don’t know how all of these pieces need to fit.

So what’s happening is there’s a lot of crossfire. There’s a lot of information that conflicts and we’re putting together kind of these piecemeal patchwork businesses. Using strategies that on their own work, but then when you put them into your business together, they cancel each other out. They contradict each other.

And it, what it really ends up doing is just having you either spin your wheels or feel broke and burned out side note. This is the reason why our mono certification program is cradle to grave soup, to nuts, everything you need to start a coaching progress without having. Do any of that. So if you wanna learn more about, you know, just looking at the core components of what a business development training program looks like for a new or, or an emerging coach, and also what coach training looks like.

You can go to my website, Heatheraliceshea.com and just click the button in the nav that says. Become a coach and look at our 14 modules. Okay. The program is way more than those 14 modules, but I do want you to look specifically from a business perspective at modules nine through 14, because that is what our core programming.

Those are the main components that you need. I don’t have time to go over. ’em in this podcast right now, but I really want you to go to that page and look at, become a coach and look at our programming to help you at least see the major things you need to be focusing on that you need to have in place.

As a new coach, and you’re gonna notice that it’s almost nothing that you’re hearing about online. Okay. So that’s the first thing. I want you to step outta self judgment. I want you to stop beating yourself up. Okay. You’re just simply not being told. the behind the scenes of what it’s like to put all of these things together to make a cohesive business.

Okay. So I have been there pulling my hair out, you know, crying the, you know, the mascara down my face, too. Sister. I want you to know, I see you. You can do this. Do not give up. And here are nine things that I hope are going to help illuminate your journey into soulful entrepreneurship, bringing your soul’s mission to the world, because I know without a shadow of a doubt, you are here to help elevate other people.

Believe it don’t ever give up on it. Not in a thousand years, you are a warrior of light. You can do this. Oh my God. I’m gonna get off my soapbox. and start with number one. So here is. The number well, these aren’t in order of significance, but this is a big one, fancy funnels and marketing tactics. Aren’t going to do the job of enrollment for you.

Okay. I’m gonna say that again. Fancy funnels and marketing tactics. Aren’t going to do the job of enrollment for you. Gone are the days where you throw up a click funnel and just miraculously have 200 people or 300 people enroll in your offer. It’s not gonna happen. The market is evolving and I would even hotly contest.

When I went online in 2015, it was hard to still get that to happen much less five years later. Okay. So human interaction is still necessary. It’s still necessary. What is really missing in the coaching industry right now is true. Genuine support. and connect. That’s what’s missing in the market right now.

We got all these funnels and these bells and whistles and these automated webinars. And, you know, you buy this high ticket program and, you know, you might talk to the coach, you just hired for an hour more than likely not even getting access to them. At all in Oana, I still teach, you know, our classes, right.

We’re training instructors for 2021. But you know, my clients actually to this day still have access to me. Yeah. You know, cuz it’s my job to train them. so. Human interaction is still necessary. If you are thinking that if I just nailed this funnel, if I could just get ads connected, I would start making money.

That’s not true. It’s not true. You have to find a way to build a relationship with your audience. So in Atmana we do this in our free Facebook group, the Atmana intuitive coach collective. Are you in that group yet? Why not? Girl? Over there when you do we offer for everybody who comes into our group, we have a free, minicourse called the intuitive coach toolkit, where we start walking people for free.

This is absolutely for free. We’re not asking for any money, right? We’re just building a relationship with the people we’re called to serve. Okay. No fancy funnel needed Sharon, our director of operations and lead support coach and also instructor. The woman has like four jobs in Mont. She still, you know, it’s a manual process.

We ask for an email address and we manually go and put them on our list. Yes. And we are a six figure business. We’re still doing manual work like that. Why? Because there’s a true human interaction. We want to have this beautiful free community where people can come in, where they can receive free training, where they can receive free courses.

They’re the first to know about everything we roll out. They get to beta all of our classes with every class we bring on. We typically we be it for a super, super low price, or even just do it for free. Everybody in that group just gets free. It’s just free training, right? Because why? Because we want that human interaction.

We want our clients to be able to get to know us and us to get to know them, no money exchange. The second one is that you are going to have to create systems within your business that reflect the way you like to work. Okay. So you’re out there, you’re downloading the PDFs and the free trainings and all of that.

But what I wish new entrepreneurs understood is those are jumping off places. Those are just starting points. No one person system is going to entirely work for you. So in other words, you gotta understand that you have to iterate and work that, work it out and make it work for you. You’re gonna have to take it and make it your own.

Okay. That is true of anything in your business, whether it’s on the sales and marketing side. Whether it’s on the operational side, you know, whether it’s an intuitive development strategy that you’re trying to use, whether it’s a coaching skill that you are trying to master, you’re going to have to learn how to make that your own.

When a we’re doing coach training in our core program, I always say, take everything I’m saying to you and throw it out the window. I want you to absorb it. And then I want you to take it and put it out of your mind and make it your own. Okay. I want you to know that. Give yourself permission. To make it your own because the systems and the strategies that are going to really help catapult your business are going to be the ones you make yourself after receiving help from people who can get you started in the right direction.

So use their system, but then you need to tweak it and make it your own. The third is this. Ooh, sister, are you ready? Mm, Ooh. I’m about to trap some shit about to trap some shit in your lap. You might not like this, but it’s the truth, SIS. Okay. You are going to have to fall in love with selling. You’re just gonna have to, okay.

And yeah, I’m gonna use that word selling. I know it’s triggering. I know we hate it. I know it’s like nails down a chalkboard. Ooh, Ooh. We have a bad reaction to it, but I’m using that word purpose. Because there’s nothing honorable about you shying away from giving your sacred offer to the people who desperately need your work.

And yes, you are going to have to fall in love with sales and marketing in order to do it. Mindset shift. It is honorable to offer people your work. It is honorable to market in authenticity and integrity. That is honorable. It is service for you to step up and sell. Okay. And a lot of people say selling is service and I am totally in alignment with that.

I absolutely believe that with every fiber of my being, I tell you what I have never felt like I was selling a day in my life in my business. I don’t feel like I’m selling anyone, but at the same time, I really believe we’ve got to stop shying. From the word we’ve got to stop shying away from the process.

We have to stop trying to anesthetize the response. We have to the idea of selling because we are here to be savvy and smart business women. And yes, and men, if you’re listening boys, we love you too. So you have to learn to love it. There’s nothing dishonorable about it. The thing that makes sales and marketing feel sleazy is if you’re doing it out of integrity.

So I want you to ask. Are you doing it out of integrity? The answer is no girl. No, you are in integrity in giving these people an opportunity to hear your offer. Okay. Don’t apologize for it. Get excited. Understand you are offering people a way forward, a way forward. They are in pain. They are struggling with a problem.

You have a solution. Oh my gosh. You have a sacred. And I would even argue moral and ethical responsibility to tell these people about your work. Okay. So fall in love with selling. That is what you’re gonna have to do to have a successful business. The fourth is hire an assistant now. Man. This was a big mistake I made, I tried to do all the things by myself all the time.

You are going to need help almost immediately in your business. Here’s another reason why you should just consider hiring right now. When you onboard a person into your business, it’s not like you’re gonna throw 40 hours a week at him anyway. So one of the big mistakes I think I made when I started was I just didn’t bring on help soon enough.

And then what happened was I was so entrenched in doing everything by myself. Felt almost impossible to delegate. So I don’t want that for you. If you have been in business for, I would even say maybe more than six months, you need to get an assistant. Even if you’re sitting back and thinking to yourself, I have no idea what I would delegate to them.

It doesn’t matter. You just need to hire, ’em start them at five hours a week, figure out the rest. And I promise you that five hours you give them, there’s gonna be so much stuff that you offload. It’s not even. Okay, the next one is this. I want you to realize, and this one is also a little bit hot, hot, hot, controversial is you need to decide what type of business you want to run.

Okay. And I want you to do this by asking yourself, do I wanna have five figure launches or do I wanna have five figure months? Do I wanna have five figure launches or do I wanna have five figure months? Okay. That is a powerful question. And here is why, because depending on your answer to that, you are going to need to set your business up in different ways.

Neither way is wrong. It’s just a decision that you need to make, but you need to be aware that if you say, well, I just wanna use a launch model. Right then that is a very up and down roller coaster style business. Yeah. You might have a five figure launch. You might have a multiple five figure launch, but what’s happened next month.

What’s happened the month after. Right. So you have to think about true financial freedom and stability in your business comes from the second one, that five having consistent predictable income every month. So my strong suggestion to you is to start opening up your mindset, opening up your heart to the idea that five figure.

Consistent stable income are possible for you. In other words, I want you to go beyond just, Ooh, I just rocked this launch. Okay. You’ve gotta learn to get beyond that, which brings me to the next point, which is, this is also pretty controversial cuz you know, a lot of people have offers like this. So when I say it, they get a little testy with me.

Low end offers do not create wealth. They just don’t. I am gonna give you an example here to make my. But if you have low end offers, you are always going to find yourself. Struggling are low end offers a quick and easy win. Yes. Are they seemingly seemingly easier to enroll? Yes, but a lot of that is a myth and here is what I mean.

If you want to create true, consistent income. If your goal is to hit five figure months, not just have five figure launches, you are going to have to go high. You are going to have to go high ticket. This is just a law of the universe. Okay. And there are so many reasons why I could tell you that high ticket is the way to go.

And I won’t, you know, jump on that soapbox or ride that horse right now. Instead, I’m just gonna give you some examples using real life figures. So you can see what I’m talking about here is a truth. It takes as much. To create and launch and enroll clients in a $500 offer as it does a $5,000. If you have a really great offer, if it is touching on your client’s pain points, if you are solving a real world problem for them, if you know how to articulate the value of it, if you are boldly stepping out there and offering it, if your marketing is dialed in and you’re just ready to rock your firing on all cylinders, which is going to have to be true, to create a $500 offer, then you can.

Add a zero onto it, because that is exactly the pathway to a $5,000 offer. It’s all the same thing. So here is an example. Let’s say you have a goal of making $20,000 on your next program offering. If you have a $500 product, you’re gonna need 40 people. Okay. So using our 2% rule, which if you listen to episode 40, I talk to you about the 2% rule.

What is the 2% rule it’s you can count on enrolling two. Well, anywhere between two and 3% of the total number of people who were registered for your free event on your. Okay. So let’s look at the math. If you have a $500 product, you are going to need to enroll 40 people to hit that 20,000. Okay. That means that you are going to have to have a minimum of 2000 people registered for your event.

Okay. So you need 2000 people registered for your free event. That you offer your program from right? That you, this free event is where you present your offer. Right? You’re gonna have to have 2000 people registered for that, which means, you know, I don’t know if 30 to 40% of your list opted in. Okay. So now you’re gonna need, I don’t know, a 10,000, 20,000 person list.

To really start just to make $20,000. Are you kidding me? That’s insane. Right? That’s ridiculous. So that is a lot of work for just 20 grand, right? Conversely, let’s say you have a $5,000 product and you wanna hit the same number. You want 20,000. You will need to convert four people four, which means you would need 200 people.

right. So you pick, do you wanna have to work to get 2000 people on? Do you know what your Facebook ad budget’s gonna be? You’re gonna spend $10,000 just getting just getting them registered maybe more, right. Or 200, which do you think you can pull off easier? So I think you’re tracking with me here. The answer is clear, low end offers create so much work for you during the launch in sales process.

That it is completely ridiculous. Okay. And the truth is launching is launch. You’re better off on spending your time and energy, focusing on creating a true transformational body of work, creating a real framework around the ideas and the concepts and the things that you know, really affect change in a person’s life and give them that spiral up feeling.

That’s what you’re here to do. Anyway, you’re here to bring this work forward. So. At the minimum, it’s worth $5,000, right? So you’re much better off focusing on doing the hard yards to dig deep within yourself, bring that work forward, take it high ticket, and then work with a small group of people who are delighted to pay you, you know, those higher ticket rates to see the beautiful transformation that you’re here to create with them through the coaching process.

Which brings me to number seven, you only need one offer. You only need one offer. Can you feel the heavens parting and the angels singing. You only need one offer a common mistakes. Most coach makes when they start out is they have too many offers because they think that they’ve gotta have all these courses and these programs to make.

Okay. So what we have to start understanding is that focus, focus, and clarity and consistency. That is what generates awareness with our clients on what are our, what exactly we do. With them, what our coaching offer actually is. We have to double down on that one thing over and over again, it helps your clients understand who you are, what you do, that you do it for them, why you do it, and the insane results they’re going to get when they take the leap and enroll.

So you don’t need all of these old. Oh, and I got another, I got, I got a $200 course over here. Ooh, Ooh. And then I have my a thousand dollars course over here. Girl, you have to bring all those products, all those programs to market. And then, because you’re exhausted and it doesn’t work. What do you do? You throw up some $37, you know, water down version of the work that you’re really here to create.

So what I want you to do is focus on your one core offer. Okay. I have a podcast episode called the three core offers you need in your coaching practice. Here’s a hint. It’s actually just one offer presented in three different ways. Okay. So what you wanna do is create a body of work and then scale that one offer.

While you’re doing private sessions with clients until you flip it to group. And then once you’re in group, you just run that offer. Okay. If you attend our live your purpose launch or practice workshop, check it out. It’s coming up. Look at the Lincoln show notes to get it on day five, we take you through a roadmap of how you scale to a half a million dollar business using.

Huh you guessed it. One offer. I’m gonna say it again. Hey, did you know that your coaching practice, you only need one offer? You just need a core coaching program. Okay. So spend some time today thinking about the work that you really wanna bring forward. And I really, really, really recommend that you go get registered for live your purpose, launch your practice.

You can do that at Heatheraliceshea.com/intuitive. Coach launch, or just go to my website. We’ve got popups all over the place and I will leave a link in the show notes. So guess what? SIS? No excuses. Okay. Number eight is there’s no such thing as passive income. There’s no such thing as passive income. Here’s what I mean.

There are two types of investments in this world that are truly, truly, truly passive. The first is investing in the stock market where you just, you kind of sit there , you’re not really doing anything, right. You’re just kind of like, all right, unless you’re, you know, doing day trading or whatever, you’re just, you’re putting money in.

And you know, you’re kind of, you’re not really doing anything. You’re just kind of keeping your eye on it. The second is real estate, right? So your investment appreciates this whole notion in the coaching industry that you’re gonna sit on your ass and make money in your sleep without doing anything is complete bullshit.

It is absolute, absolute, total. As my father would say ho horse. Cookie. Okay. So it might be true in other industries that you get passive income, but it sure as shit isn’t in ours. Okay. So even if you have the most dialed in funnel in the world, even if you have the greatest pre-recorded webinar in the world at some point, and let’s say it’s convert, like it’s freaking, you know, I don’t know, just like it’s going outta style.

At some point, it’s gonna break down, you know, your Facebook ADSS gonna go off. People just are gonna, right. It’s just gonna get old. Right. The offer just gets stale and you’re gonna have to figure something else out. And that’s the best case scenario. Right. Okay. So what do you do now? Why hustle for this gimmicky?

Kind of like I’m making passive income. That’s not a sustainable business, so. The reason why I get really fired up about this passive income thing is I really think it misleads people away from what they need to be focusing on to do, to achieve true soul guided success. You’re not just here to like, get a big payday.

You’re here to serve. You’re here to bring forward a work. You’re here to connect to people. So if we keep thinking about passive income, as some type of like, you know, holy grail in our businesses, I just think it’s counterintuitive to, you know, the work that we’re really here to do. So don’t get me wrong.

I’m all for working in a streamlined way. I’m all for working easy. I’m all for, for working smart. It’s not that I’m saying you have to grind her hustle. That’s not. What I’m saying is we’ve gotta break up with this idea that we don’t have to attend to our revenue streams. Okay. Because we do right. We’re like gardeners.

I want you to think of everything that you’re doing to generate money in your life as if you are a gardener. And the money that you’re making is your little plants. Right. You have to take care of them. You gotta love up on. And it’s true of your clients. It’s true of the offers that you have. You always have to be tending to, you know, what’s bringing in income for you.

So for instance, in my company, we have one core offer. It’s our certification program, and I am constantly thinking about ways to improve it. We literally add content to this. Every week, this week I added like four new pieces to it. We are always always training. We are always adding more. It is always, always more value.

Add. It is always another special guest training. It is always another something that we’re doing to make our offer even better. Okay. And then I double down on that one core offer and make it even better. So even though I do have a very high ticket offer and I’m running a six figure business and it sounds really great.

The point is girl, I’m still over here, hustling. I’m not over here thinking that I’m, you know, I’m gonna hook up some, you know, magical revenue stream that, you know, pays me while I’m sleeping. Right. That’s just not how it works. You’re gonna have to attend. Which brings me to number nine, which is you’re going to have to work your business every single.

it’s a job. You’re just employing yourself right now. The beautiful thing about being an entrepreneur is that you get to set the terms. You get to decide when you work, you get to decide where you work, but the point is grow. You gotta work. I think it was Brittany who said. You wanna drive a bugatti, you better work, bitch.

That is what you’re gonna have to do. Okay. So you have to work your business every single day, the most successful people I know. And by success, I don’t mean just money. I mean, happy. I mean, in flow, I mean aligned, I mean, in love with their work in love, with what they’re doing, they are consistent. They wake up every day.

And they show up in their business to serve, okay. They are serving their purpose. They are serving their clients. Consistency is king. Consistency is king content is queen right? People say content is king. No, it isn’t. Consistency is king. Content is coin. I would even say consistency and connection, a king, and then content comes after that.

Right? You’ve gotta connect and you’ve gotta be consistent. Otherwise it doesn’t matter how much content you produce. So in we have a saying in our company, we say, Hey, I scrub the toilets around here. When we are on team meetings, we always talk about. We are showing up in our business every day, we are willing to do the hard yards.

We are willing to do what we have to do to reach our goals. You know, we have a very flat hierarchical structure here in and I am the first person to get in this company and scrub the toilets, right. To do what we need to do in order to serve our clients with soul. And, you know, with. Fire and the ferocity that I wanna to bring forward, right?

It is a privilege to get up every day and be an entrepreneur. It is a privilege to get up every day and say, I am creating this business that is going to help me achieve my goals and dreams. There are people around the world who. Do not even have a shot at being able to do what lights them up. Okay. So set the terms that work for you.

That’s what’s so great about it. No, you don’t have to be in an office at eight. No, you don’t have to clock out at five. Thank goodness. Those shackles are off of us, but you also can’t sit down and not show up. You can’t take three days off. You can’t do that, right. You’ve gotta be a pro. You have to. So these are our tips on how you can absolutely build the business that, you know, you’re called to create.

These things really are what are required to build that we just don’t hear a lot of conversation about in the marketplace, but now that you have heard these, you can do. Because, you know, better. I would love it if you head over to our Facebook group and let me know what you think of this episode, which one of these key points I’ve listed here, do you feel you’re doing well?

Which one surprised you most? Did any of them trigger you? Right. Let me know over in our Facebook group, the app intuitive coach collective. When you sign up, you get our free intuitive coach toolkit. My favorite part of that, as you get to learn the six steps along our intuitive development pathway, people just eat this little thing, this little course up.

I know you’re gonna love it. So head over to our Facebook group and let me know how these nine keys resonate with you. That is a wrap for today’s show. Thank you from the bottom of my feels for showing up today in your power and in your willingness to let your intuitive self lead. And if you are still working your way to your first 50 to 100 K in your coaching practice, I have two incredible free resources to help you fast pass.

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I love you together. We rise.