Ep51: Calling In Clients with Integrity & Authenticity

Jan 19, 2021

What does your messaging look like? Has it been effective in calling in clients for your coaching business? Or are you finding yourself busy looking for more clients?

In this second part of a special podcast series, Heather shares her wisdom and tips in calling in your people through true and effective messaging. She will give a brief overview of the top three flaws that most coaches omit in their messaging. She will also give the five qualities of “meh” messaging that are not helping you get connected with the right people to your business.

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Soul Stirring Quotes

“Stand in your truth, share your message, and allow your clients to find you.”

“You need to be in alignment with doing what it is you should be doing so that people can feel that magnetic attraction to you.”

“You are a healer first, then a coach.”

“Messaging is how you talk to your people.”

“Take the time to define to your people what your ‘buzz words’ mean.”

“You’re supposed to know what it is you don’t want, and it is okay to speak to the things that you don’t want.”

“There’s no point in being visible if you are not asking your people and inviting people into your world.”

“You need to help your people see what it is they are getting from your message.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:26 Heather’s introduction for the Live Your Purpose, Launch Your Practice Workshop and her invitation for you to listen to Episode 50: Claiming Your Intuitive Confidence & Calling.

  • 2:40 What this episode is all about and how it ties up with the workshop.

  • 4:49 The top concern of coaches when it comes to starting a business and what coaches should do.

  • 8:02 The three fundamental flaws of coaches on finding clients.

  • 13:00 What does messaging mean to you and what you should understand about it?

  • 14:39 The 5 messaging misnomers, the qualities of “meh” messaging.

  • 14:59 Is your messaging filled with buzz words?

  • 16:44 Are you watering down your message?

  • 17:20 Does your message stand for or against anything?

  • 20:09 Does your message call to action?

  • 21:44 Your message does not paint a picture of a happy ending.

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