Ep54: How To Write High-ticket Copy That Converts

Mar 9, 2021

Have you read a copy so good you just can’t stop reading? Copy is one of the hardest things for a coach to master even if you are naturally good at it.

This special podcast is all about copywriting with Julie Cabezas. Julie is Heather’s favorite copywriter and the CEO of Copy Crimes. She is the Copywriter to the Stars and produces work that inspires and delights. Her clients often marvel at her ability to copy their voice just hours after meeting them, relieved that they finally have someone they can trust to “outsource” their writing – someone who gets the power of their message and the nuances of their style. Julie will share how to write copy the right way the first time and in a way that resonates and excites your audience, and ultimately converts. She will also share some of her insights on why coaches need to hire a professional writer and when to hire one.

Are you ready to be blown away by another awesome episode? Then listen in and enjoy!

Soul Stirring Quotes

“Once the product is made, the real work just begins.”

“Clarity is the foundation of all great copywriting.”

“When you are selling someone a high-ticket, they are more committed than the average bear.”

“The first step is deeply listening to your clients, and asking more and harder questions than most people ask.”

“Confident is always influential.”

“Who you are being is the foundation of all your copy.”

“You need to have very simple messaging and you’ll never lose yourself.”

“You will never lose yourself in messaging that sounds like other people because you are going to write it the way that only you can write it.”

“The essence of high-ticket copy is quality over quantity. Sometimes it means saying less, never having a convincing energy, holding that space that you are the best at what you do, and focusing on the deeper why.”

“Your copy does not have to be perfectly crafted or clever to convert, it just has to be real.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:35 Heather introduces Julie Cabezas and how she get to know Julie.

  • 2:57 How did Julie start with her copywriting career and what inspired her?

  • 7:35 What are the subtle copy differences that distinguish high-ticket service providers from the average bears?

  • 12:50 What are some super simple copy tweaks that make a coach’s services sound irresistible?

  • 19:12 Tips on how to sell high-ticket services with dangerously good copy!

  • 27:31 When should a coach hire a copywriter?

  • 28:54 The difference of content writing and copy writing, and what a copywriter can offer.

  • 33:14 Why it’s normal that you can be great in spoken voice and not in written words.

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