Ep71: Untethering Your Worth From Your Work

Aug 2, 2021

Have you ever heard these words – “I’ll pay you your rate because you are worth it!” Do these words affect how you see your self-worth and self concept in your practice?

As coaches, it may come natural for you to help your clients heal or achieve their own goals and feel guilty about charging high rates. You may experience the feeling of being rejected when a person does not see the value you are offering. In this episode, Heather will help you break through the mindset of self worth tied up to your work. She will talk about why it’s so challenging for coaches, healers and lightworkers to feel priceless and only value themselves according to external standards. Heather talks about the number one solution to help you value yourself more. She will also give valuable tips, mindsets and heartset shifts, and three important resources for you.

If you are ready to untether your worth from your work and claim your God-given worth, then this podcast is for you!

Soul Stirring Quotes


“Our work as intuitive feels so incredibly personal. We don’t sell a commodity.”

“As a coach we dive deep into that challenging space with our clients and we give our whole-hearted self in that process.”

“I am priceless.”

“When we attach a dollar figure to our work, we are reducing ourselves to a position that is a sacrilege in comparison with the true worth of who we are.”

“I invite you to forever banish this language around ‘Well, you’re worth it.’”

“There’s no rate in the world you could ever charge that will encapsulate the true value of you.”

 “Raise your rates because you finally reach a place in your life where you recognize what you deserve to receive.”

“We need to adopt that mentality that it is demeaning to say ‘you’re worth it.’”

“Your worth is given to you by God, by the Divine. It cannot be diminished or taken away by any power on this planet.”

“You are not your work, and work is not you. Your business is an expression of your creativity not of who you are.”

“Your clients are investing in an experience of transformation.”

“You cannot be bought. You are priceless and so is your client.”

“You are not here to serve every person, you are here to serve a special person destined  to work with you.”


Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:29 What this topic is all about and what inspired Heather to share this episode.

  • 2:00 Why it’s so challenging to feel “worth it”.

  • 4:41 Three ways self-work and self concept being tied-up in your work shows up in your practice.

  • 5:50 Heather shares her personal experience on breaking the addiction of valuing herself according to external standards.

  • 8:34 Heather shares her thoughts on raising your rates and when you should raise your rate.

  • 9:42 Heather talks about the number one solution when you find yourself not valuing yourself.

  • 15:56 Mindset and heartset shifts that can help you value yourself.

  • 16:12 Mindset & Heartset Shift #1: You are not your work, and work is not you.

  • 16:44 Mindset & Heartset Shift #2: The money your clients pay you is an investment in their own personal desires, wants, and wishes, not you.

  • 17:42 Mindset & Heartset Shift #3: You cannot be bought.

  • 18:26 Mindset & Heartset Shift #4: You are here to serve a specific  person who needs you.

  • 19:19 Heather shares 3 important resources you can use to help you with your coaching career.

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather Alice Shea intuitive life coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Atmana Coaching Academy. Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone claim your self confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it.

Today on the show, we are talking about untethering your worth from your work. Ugh. This is a doozy. Just go ahead and Fasten your seatbelts because I think this is one of the most important conversations we can have as intuitives and healers in the world. We have all been there. We want to step up and serve in a meaningful and big way.

If you’re like most professional coaches, you would like to coach full time. And that means that you have to have a business that makes enough money for you to not treat it like a side hustle, but to do this work in your coaching practice full time. And one of the biggest impediments we have. Really becoming the professional.

Change agents that we are called to be in our practices is this whole notion that we’re not worthy and that we’re not quote unquote worth it. So the goal of this episode is to help you. Unie. Your self concept and who you are as an individual to what you’re doing in your business, the value of your offers, or really anything that you create in your life.

But we’re definitely going to focus in and zero in on your business, the offers you have in your business, and anything that you are bringing forward in your business. Now, one of the reasons why this is so challenging is that our work as intuitives feels so incredibly personal, we aren’t making widgets.

We’re not, uh, doing transactional or technical things, right. Your client gives you X number of dollars. You go back in a corner room somewhere. You make said, widget said, iPhone said, you know, basket weaving project, whatever it is that people sell and then hand it to your client. Right? In other words, we don’t sell a commodity.

we deeply partner with our clients at a soul level to walk this path of their lives with them. Right? Whatever tragedy or challenge they’re up against as a coach, we dive deep into. That challenging space with our clients and we give our whole hearted self in that process. And so in order to be a really good coach, you have to give of yourself.

And in order to give of yourself, it has to mean something to you. You know, your heart really has to be in it. And so it makes sense that we would feel ourselves in our work, right. That we would somehow get confused or mixed. in believing that your coaching offers or even each, and every session you do is affiliated or associated with you as a divine, intrinsically worthy human being.

Okay. So that’s one thing I want to highlight that you come by this notion that you have to. be worthy of it, or somehow do something extra in order to be quote unquote worth it. I’ve had clients say to me, well, I believe a coaching session that I would hold is 60 bucks an hour, or that I could charge, you know, $500 for a coaching package of, you know, eight sessions.

But I could never charge 5,000. for eight sessions. I could never charge 10,000. I mean, it’s just absolutely beyond their comprehension. That that is something that’s available to them, but I am telling you that it is, and the secret to seeing the value that you have to offer in the world, ironically comes when you stop being self-identified with.

okay. So I wanna talk a little bit about how this shows up in your practice. And as I go over this, I want you to think about if you do this too, if you catch yourself doing this. Okay. So having our self worth. Be tied up with and tethered to our work in the world shows up in three main ways. The first is in your offer, your pricing, your packaging, it’s hard for you to think of raising your rates in that way.

The second is just in your business in general, how relevant you feel your business is? Do you feel like your message is worthy for people to listen to, you know, how important or not you view just generally speaking what it is you do. Right. And then the third is getting tied up in your client outcomes, wanting your client to hit every single goal.

So you can feel valid as a coach when in truth, none of these things have anything to do with your personal value as a unique individual in the world. And so I wanna share with you a story on how I broke the addiction. Of valuing myself, according to these external standards that have absolutely nothing to do with the truth of what my value is.

So I had a client, I was in business maybe for, oh, I don’t know, probably two or three years. Maybe it was year two going into year three. I was doing an enrollment call with this lady. And I was really exhausted in my practice. At this point. I knew that I needed to. Charging more. It was really hard for me to do it.

I wanted to be available to people. I wanted people to have access to me and, but yet I knew I needed to raise my rate. So I finally just got into a place where I said, I don’t care. The rate’s gonna be two 50 an hour. And if people wanna pay it great. And if not, that’s okay too. So I was on an enrollment call this lady and she says, well, how much are your sessions?

I said, well, they’re two 50 an hour. And she goes, wow. Wow. I mean, that’s a little bit more than what I thought it was going to be, but you. I know that you’re worth it. So I’m in and the moment she said that to me, it was like something inside of me snapped. And I just, you know, took a deep breath in and said, you know what?

I’m gonna stop you right there. There’s something I wanna make very clear. I am not worth this at all. This money that you are paying is not an investment in me. It’s not an investment in my business. This money is an investment in your progress in your life. So I am not worth $250. I am priceless. I am going to let you pay me two 50.

If you would like to receive these services. That is the end of it. It’s $250 for you to receive coaching services. And guess what? That two 50 isn’t tied into her worth. She’s not worth $250, right. So, you know, it’s kind of crazy when you really stop and think about it. Like, what are we high dollar hookers working on the corner, or am I a well qualified professional life coach?

You know, when we attach. A dollar figure to our work. We are reducing ourselves to a position that is a sacri in comparison with the true worth of who we are, which is we are priceless. You are a priceless, divine being, okay. So I want to invite you to forever banish this language around. Well, you know, you’re worth it.

Or what are you worth? You should raise your rates because you’re worth it. No, you should not raise your rates because you’re worth it. There’s no rate in the world you could ever charge that would encapsulate the true value of you. So no do not raise your rates because you’re worth it. You raise your rates because you finally reach a place in your life where you recognize what you deserve to receive.

So that you can be supported in the work and do it in earnest and full time so that more people can receive the help and the support and the healing that they would like to experience. Should they choose to invest in it in their life period? That is it. Okay. So we need to adopt that mentality that it is demeaning to say that you’re worth it.

You’re not worth it. Priceless. So, how do we get there? How do we get there? Cuz that’s easier said than done. Well, the number one solution here is understanding and accepting that your work isn’t about you now is it, as we are saying, well, my rates are high, but I’m worth it. Well, isn’t that all about you?

Isn’t that all about your ego? Aren’t we making that all about us, right? So when we’re making it all about our. then it’s easy to feel rejected when a person doesn’t wanna enroll with you when they don’t see the value in your coaching package or the amazing outcomes that they could get. If they were to embark on this journey of coaching with you, it’s easy to feel rejected and hurt and sned by that when it’s all about you.

So the number one shift that you can make is to realize this is not about. it’s about providing people an opportunity to walk their own path of Ascension with a guide, which is you, right. Someone who is going to hold their hand and shepherd them through this journey. Okay. So that is what it’s about.

It’s about serving a purpose higher than yourself. And when you remove yourself out of it. And when you start looking at your business and your coaching programs, as a means, and a mechanism through which people are able to get the help, they need to ascend into their higher self. Well, then it becomes easy if you wanna enroll.

Great. If not, that’s okay too. It’s got nothing to do with me. I’m just here being of service to a purpose higher than. . So in other words, we stop identifying with what we’re creating in the world. Okay. Your business is not you, your coaching programs are not you. There is absolutely zero correlation between you and what your coaching offers are.

You are an intrinsic unique piece of the divine endowed by our creator. You have infinite value. Okay. Your coaching business is just one really good idea. You had that you are bringing into the world and you are going to have more. Okay. It’s not you. And I want you to remember this. Now this is a really intense statement.

I’m about to make, but I’m gonna say it. Anything you identify with, you make your God. Now that is a big statement. Let’s unpack it. Here’s what I mean, your worth is given to you by God creator, universe, whatever word you’re comfortable. it is given to you by the divine. It cannot be diminished or taken away by any power on this planet because that intrinsic worth comes from a power and a place beyond this world.

The only way you lose it is if you give it away. And so when you buy in to this idea that you are less than, or that you aren’t worth it, or that, you know, you can’t raise your rates because X, Y, Z, because nobody sees the value or my parents will be mad, or my friends will think, who does she think she is?

Or people will think I’m arrogant. If you diminish your value because of any of those reasons whatsoever, then you are making that thing that reason above God, above creator above the universe, because you are saying that that thing supersedes seeds, what creation has said, what God has said about you and you make it your God and that.

Is, you know, quite literally to use kind of biblical old school language here. I’m sorry. The only way to talk about this stuff is to use sort of the, you know, pseudo religious Le terminology, but that is the epitome of blasphemy. That is the epitome of, you know, idol worship, right? Making something that isn’t divine to treating something that is not divine, that is not, you know, ascending that above that, which is holy.

okay. So you remember that when you catch yourself, not valuing yourself for the beautiful, beautiful, unique creation you are, that we couldn’t even begin to possibly articulate your value. This is what. People for eons have tried to capture in poetry and in song, right? This human experience of love and connection and creation to the divine, other to self.

This is what we literally don’t have language for it. This is your worth. Do you see that? Do you see how valuable you are now? Your coaching programs and the work that you bring forward in the world is so valuable and it is so powerful and it is so important. And I want you to charge a rate that allows you to be supported and seen.

I recommend an atmana 6,500 minimum for your signature program. We have coaches that pull that off every single day, every single day, we get messages from people who are finally finally making money so that they can, you know, coach full time. They’re moving the needle in that direction. Right. But even with that being.

I don’t care how much money you make in your coaching business, or even in a corporate job. I don’t give a crap. If you are a seven figure eight, figure nine, figure 10 figure tri best gillionaire right through however many fricking zeros on the back of that number you want, it has nothing to do with your value.

Absolutely nothing. It pales in comparison to the beautiful creature you are. So let’s start by untethering. Worth from the work. And once you do that, you are going to be able to really step into this work in earnest and your heart will feel whole, and you’ll develop a thick skin. And it won’t sting so much when people say no, because you won’t be taking it personally.

Okay. So I’m gonna give you some mindset and heartset shifts right now. That are gonna help you adopt this shift. And then I’m gonna have two steps that you can follow to start getting the help you need to get your practice off the ground. Some resources for you based on right where you are. So the first mindset shift is you are not your work and your work is not you.

Your business is an expression of your creativity. Not of who you are, it’s just ideas in your head. Okay. That’s it, it has nothing to do with you intrinsically. They’re just ideas. They don’t belong to you. They come from the ether you channel ’em in, you create ’em sometimes you like ’em sometimes you don’t , but they are not, you, you are not your work.

And your work is not you. Your business is an expression of your creativity, not your work, not your value. Okay. The second one is the money your clients pay you. is an investment in their own personal desires, wants and wishes. Not you. Okay. The money they pay for your coaching services has to do with what they wanna get out of their life.

It has nothing to do with what you’re worth and also. Understand that it also doesn’t have anything to do with your client’s value either. Right? So I frequently hear coaches say, well, they’re not investing in you. They’re investing in themselves. Well, that’s true. But you know, your client isn’t worth $250 either or 65.

A hundred dollars either. Right. They’re priceless as well. So what are they investing in? They’re investing in an experience of transformation. Okay. They’re saying I’m willing to spend some of my resources in the form of time and money to hire this person to help me go on this journey of transformation.

Okay. That’s it. That’s what the money’s for. It has nothing to do with your value or your client’s value. The third is that you cannot be bought period. You’re not for sale. you’re not for sale. You’re selling a product, right? It’s it might be a service based product, but that is what it is. It is a service that you are selling nothing more just as if you were selling shoes, right.

You’re just selling a pair of shoes. Right. You would never think that pair of shoes. Commiserate with your value, unless you were ego identified with those shoes, in which case you’re making it your God. Right. Which we just went through that. We’re not doing that anymore. Okay. So you cannot be bought, you are priceless.

And so is your client. And the fourth mindset shift is, remember this, you are here to serve a specific and special person. Who needs you, you are not here to serve every single person. Okay. You are here to serve a very specific type of person and a special person who I really believe with every client you’re gonna work with is destined their soul, wants to work with you.

Your soul wants to work with them. Okay. So there’s a lot of trust, I think, in that universal matchup between coach and client. And so I want you to remember that, that you’re not here for everyone, right? It’s just the people that you’re really called to serve. That really helps with the whole notion of like, if somebody doesn’t enroll or if somebody doesn’t see the value that’s okay.

They’re just in the, the pile of people that you’re not. Really here for. Okay. So that really helps take the sting out of the fear of the rejection as well. Now, if you wanna get started in your coaching practice, I’ve got three resources for you. We’ve put this together here in to help you get started, right where you are at.

Getting your practice off the ground. Okay. So whether you’re a new coach, whether you’re a seasoned coach, it doesn’t really matter. You can always double down on the fundamentals that will help you create consistent income in your business now. Okay. And at man, we are all about consistent income. This isn’t about hitting 10 and 20 K months, and then not making another dime for the next six months.

Right. You didn’t make $10,000. Okay. If you’re not consistently, you made $2,000 each month, if you’re not making money each month. Right? So this is about consistent income. You creating that. Okay. So there are fundamental strategies that work with every single type of coaching practice, and we have resources for you.

So what I want you to do is join our Facebook group. It’s the Atmana intuitive. Coach collective, go look at it on Facebook. If you’re an IG fan, you can find us at OPM academy or you can go to Facebook and find us in the search bar, Atmana intuitive coach collective join our Facebook group, or you can find me on Insta if you hate Facebook group, or if you hate Facebook.

I know a lot of people aren’t on Facebook anymore. You can find me over on Instagram at Atmana academy, A T M A N A academy, either send us a message. DMS over on IG, or you can DM me in the Facebook group or post in the Facebook group. Hey, I’d like some free resources to get my coaching practice off the ground.

And we’re gonna send you one of three things, our intuition, uh, kickstart kit, our emerging coach kickstart kit, or our professional coach kickstart kit. So if you’re new, we’ve got resources for you. If you’ve been coaching for a while, we’ve got resources for you. And if you’re interested in just kind of the intuitive development piece of this right now, We have those resources for you.

So you’re gonna DM us and then we’re gonna go, Hey, where are you at in your business right now? We’ll ask you a couple questions and then we’re gonna just send you like. These free resources, pretty easy, right? No strings attached. We are very committed. I am very committed. We want to see you thrive. Okay.

Everybody here in Mont, that is our big give it’s the greatest thing in the world to help you get that practice off the ground. But no matter what, what I want you to know is you are priceless. Don’t you ever doubt it in the history of forever and all of eternity, there is never gonna be another, you isn’t that cool.

So I want you to walk into your day to day in that truth and in that knowing, okay. Join us over at our Facebook group. The at monitor intuitive coach collective, or find me on IG where I am doing reels and postvis all the time serving with soul helping you do the same until next time together, we rise.

That is a wrap for today’s show. Thank you from the bottom of my feels for showing up today in your power and in your willingness to let your intuitive self lead. And if you are still working your way to your first 50 to 100 K in your coaching practice, I have two incredible free resources to help you fast pass.

This process, the first is to join our free and fun Facebook group. The Atmana intuitive coach collective, where myself and our M instructors do free trainings every week. To help you turn your obstacles into opportunities with each and every step you take. So that you can begin to achieve success on your own terms and finally make the money that you know, you deserve.

So if you’re interested in joining our group, just pop onto Facebook and you can search bar Atmana intuitive coach collective, and we will pop up or you can check our show notes. For a link. And the second resource is a V I P ticket to our next upcoming five day workshop experience. Live your purpose, launch your practice, where you are going to learn four keys to claiming your intuitive confidence calling in clients with authenticity and integrity.

And then you’re gonna create your very first or one of many. Signature programs that help you sell your services with ease and grace. That also helps you go high ticket. So head on over to Heatheraliceshea.com/intuitive coach launch to get your V I P ticket, or you can check the show notes where you can get your hot little hands on a link to both the Facebook group and the five day work.

Until next time I see you. I love you together. We rise.