Ep87: 5 Characteristics Of The Higher Self

Dec 6, 2021

When people talk about the higher self, what comes first in your mind? How do you know if you are truly discovering, expressing, and aligning with your higher self?

In this episode, Heather shares her thoughts about being aligned with your higher self and the qualities or characteristics of your higher self. She will share a beautiful story of the village with the golden statue and how it relates to discovering your higher self. Heather will discuss five qualities that will let you know you are truly aligned with your higher self: Individuality, Unity, Sensitivity, Creativity, and Activity.

Heather will also drop some truth bombs and words of wisdom throughout the episode, so make sure you are ready for another amazing episode!

Soul Stirring Quotes


“There is a version of you that with every waking breath I really believe is waiting to be born.”

“I think aligning with our higher selves is actually expressing more of our uniqueness, our own individuality, allowing God, the universe intended us to be expressed in the world.”

“Your higher self is the part of you that is unblemished, unchangeable, unbreakable, unconquerable, all-knowing, all-loving, timeless, beautiful.”

“When we talk about higher self-alignment, it’s discovering or remembering and rediscovering that part of you.”

“Your higher self really gives you the feeling of being your own unique person.”

“Stop becoming an extension of somebody else’s life and begin living your own.“

“When you are really being the fullest expression of who you are, you are capable of recognizing that other people have the right to do that, too.”

“It is an illusion that we are separate.”

“You are not a carbon copy of something else. You are your own unique, distinct thing that adds to the whole.”

“Sensitivity yields for us this deep meaning in life. We begin to be able to see beyond the facade.”

“Creativity is being bold, being willing to try new things.”

“We really are the creators of this reality.”

“When you are aligned, when you are fully expressing yourself, you are very active.”

“When you are in alignment with your higher self, you really are a force of nature.”


Episode Timecodes:

  • 00:27 Heather gives a brief overview of what this episode is all about and what to expect by the end of the episode.

  • 03:47 Heather shares a story that encapsulates the beauty of discovering and embracing the higher self.

  • 10:05 Quality of Higher Self #1: Individuality.

  • 11:37 Quality of Higher Self #2: Unity.

  • 13:29 Quality of Higher Self #3: Sensitivity.

  • 15:02 Quality of Higher Self #4: Creativity.

  • 16:21 Quality of Higher Self #5: Activity.

  • 20:00 Heather’s exclusive invitation for you to join her amazing Facebook group – The Atmana Intuitive Coach Collective.


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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather Alice Shea intuitive life coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Atmana coaching academy. Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone claim your self confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it.

In today’s episode, we are gonna cover the five qualities of your higher self. We’re gonna talk a little bit about what the higher self is or who the higher self is. And then by the end of the episode, in understanding these qualities or characteristics, it will really help you. I think, in your daily life, help you to witness yourself and see yourself when you are functioning and feeling.

That you are truly in alignment with the truth of you, who you are right beyond the hustle and the bustle, the to-do lists, all of the responsibilities and the roles you play. There is a version of you that with every waking breath I really believe is waiting to be born. And what’s so cool about the higher self and connecting with it is.

There’s always something new to discover, but the question can be asked, how do we know when we’re discovering it? How do we really know when we are expressing and aligning with our higher self? And so I have discovered that there are five universal qualities of the higher self. So we all, of course, as individuals express.

Our own unique individuality and a big common myth that we have when we talk about higher self alignment is that somehow when we’re in alignment with our divinity, we are this, you know, joyful sort of all peaceful, all knowing, all loving, you know, to me, it almost feels like sort of this amorphous blob of just.

Being perpetually happy, almost like, you know, an angel floating on a cloud. Everything is fine. And in my experience, that’s actually not what it’s like. I think aligning with our higher selves is actually expressing more of our uniqueness, more of our own individuality, allowing who God universe intended us to be, to be expressed in the world.

And that actually makes us even more. Of an individual. So the irony of higher self alignment is when we are in it, when we are connected to all that is when we are connected to unity consciousness, right. Everything that is the more we express as the individual we were born to be, which I think is really, really beautiful.

So in the Christian tradition, in the Bible, there’s a scripture that Christ says, he says, uh, lose yourself, you know, and you’ll find yourself. And I think that that’s what this is about. That. Align to our, you know, the universal truth of the higher self and submit our will and who we are to spirit. The more we are given back the truth of who we are.

And I think that these five qualities that I’m gonna go over here in this episode will help you recognize that in the middle of hitting that Chick-fil-A drive through line for lunch or helping your kids with do the homework or cooking dinner or stubbing your toe on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, what , whatever it is you’re doing in your mundane life.

The goal is to be able to see yourself as you truly are in any one given moment, despite. The experience of having this mundane human experience, right. To always be connected to our own divinity. Okay. So I’m gonna tell you a quick story to help encapsulate this notion of the higher self. If you’re not familiar with it.

I think this is a beautiful way to think about it. So there once was a little village that sat situated perfectly on a river bank. And all of the people in this village were in remembrance of the truth of who they are. They lived in peace and harmony and in the center of their village, sort of their crown jewel of their village, their pride and joy of their village was this beautiful golden statue.

Now they didn’t worship the statue. It wasn’t their God, but it reminded them. It was a token of it, right? It was a symbol for their ultimate truth in knowing that they were all children of, you know, God, the one spirit universe, whatever higher power you would like to insert here, right? The statue, this golden solid gold statue would remind them of their divinity within.

And one day they got word that a neighboring village had caught wind of this golden statue and they were coming to invade to make war, to destroy them and to take from them, everything they held, dear their lives, their possessions, their freedom. And of course this golden statue. And so of course upon hearing this, they became mortified and started shoring up their village and.

Of course, they wanted to protect their beautiful statues. So they took to making cement and mud packets, right? Little pockets, you know, barrels and barrels of mud and cement. And they began to cover up their Buddha, their golden statue for fear of it being taken from them for fear of it being assaulted or harmed in some way.

So they covered it up. They splashed dirt on it and twigs and mud and all the things until it just looked like. Regular mucky kind of dirty statue. And when the army made it to their village, of course, they charged into the center slaughtering and killing everyone along the way. Looking for this statue while they found in the center was this worthless piece of junk.

There was no golden statue to be had. Well, The army, of course occupied the village for many, many years. And the myths and the legend of a golden statue ever having been there became just that myth and a legend. And pretty soon there wasn’t any generation of original people in that village who knew that the statue was real and true were alive to tell the real story they were all gone.

It was just a whisper on the wind and in the minds of their grandchildren. until one day, a little boy was sitting by the little mucky concrete statue and he was playing and throwing a stick around like little boys knew, and he chipped a piece of this concrete off of the statue to reveal the gold underneath.

And he became absolutely enamored by the fact that there was gold underneath. He couldn’t believe it. The legends were true. There is a golden statue. There is this treasure right here sitting right here, all along underneath our noses this whole time, the golden statue was real. It wasn’t a wive’s tale.

My gosh, he runs out and he tells everybody in the village. You’re never gonna believe it. You’re never gonna believe. There’s a golden statue. It’s real. It’s real. Everybody told him he was crazy. Of course there isn’t, that’s just your grandmother’s old fairy tales. They told him. And so he set at, he ran back to the center and he set to taking off more of that concrete.

So people could begin to catch the glimpse of it themselves. And after he had a hand free, just a hand of the statue, people could see the sunshine hit it and they could see the light. And they said, oh my gosh, he’s not kidding. It’s real. And so of course the entire village runs to the center and starts working on taking off the mud until the truth of that statue was revealed that it wasn’t this muddy, worthless piece of garbage that it was in fact, a priceless, priceless gem that they had forgotten in their fear.

As they were being attacked as they were being murdered and slaughtered, they had to cover up that, which was most precious in order to preserve their lives. But as soon as the mud was taken off, they could remember, they could see that golden part of them beneath. And so the question that we can ask ourselves as we hear this story is what part of ourselves have we had to cover up with mud and gunk?

When we felt the invading army come in order to preserve ourselves, to preserve our heart, our mind, even our physical bodies. What part of you have you forgotten is golden. Because it’s still there. It’s just covered up waiting for you to discover it. And that part of you that’s golden. This is your higher self.

It’s the part of you that is unblemished, unchangeable, unbreakable, uncomfortable, all knowing all loving, timeless. Beautiful. They’re real. You. So when we talk about higher self alignment, it’s discovering or remembering rediscovering that part of you. And as you do that, it’s a very individual journey for you.

It’s different strokes for different folks, right? What works for you, isn’t gonna work for other people. So the initiation into this spiritual journey is one that you will have to walk alone and it can be quite lonely. But there are hints that we all experience. There are qualities that we all have as we align, and we can think of them like bread crumbs that you can pick up to know that you’re on the right path.

And so I’m gonna run through some of those right now to help you take off that mud and see yourself in your divinity. So the first universal quality I’ve already hit on in a little bit in this episode is individuality. Your higher self really gives you the feeling of being your own person, your own unique person.

You begin to truly understand who you are and who you were born to be in this world. There’s a certain you that you’re supposed to express, and you begin to understand the special contribution that you’re here to make, and that it can only be given through you in the world. And you begin to understand that there are a lot of people who are definitely gonna have a problem with that.

it’s a very dangerous thing to be oneself in a world that would have you conform all the time. Just like it’s a very dangerous thing to be a golden statue shining for the whole world to see right. People either want to take it. They covet it, right. They want to take it for themselves or they want to destroy it.

It’s quite takes a lot of courage to be who you really are. Doesn’t it. And so individuality is equality. Do you feel your own uniqueness? Do you feel your own distinctness in the world? And are you okay if some people might not align with that, they might not resonate and that’s alright. So how we know we’re out of touch with our higher self is when we’re triggered or bothered when people don’t like us, because when you like you and you know what your value is, it doesn’t bother you.

You stop becoming an extension of somebody else’s life and you begin living your own. The second quality is unity. When you are really being the fullest expression of who you are, you are capable of recognizing that other people have the right to do that too. And what’s really neat about this is despite how different you might be with.

Another person or toward another person, right? You could be polar opposite in personality, right? Or qualities or characteristics, likes, dislikes, all of that. When you’re aligned with your higher self, you really can touch a part of them in you. You can see yourself in them despite. in the 3d reality being very, very different because you’re viewing them and yourself, not from the human perspective, but from that higher self perspective where wholeness and unity kind of flows from.

Right. So you can witness people and say, okay, what, even though we’re so different, what part of myself is touched by them? Or do I see in them. Because truly it is an illusion that we are separate, right? We’re all so much more similar than we think we are. And when we can approach it from that perspective, it’s easy for us to see ourselves and other people.

Right. Even if it’s just as simple as, Hey man, you’re living your life authentically and I am too. There’s your unity for you, right? So in achieving true individuality, you understand unity because in fully expressing who you are, that is the contribution that only you can make, right. That you’re here to make.

It’s that one thing that you have to give to unity, you’re not a carbon copy of something else. You are your own unique, distinct thing that adds to the whole. That adds to the whole, right? So you will begin to see life through that lens of unity. The third is sensitivity, really the capacity to sense and feel things that when we’re sort of just operating in our mundane day to day, we really miss sensitivity.

It’s a very nuanced characteristic of the higher self. It is having an alertness. I think alertness is a good word. An alertness to others, to the physical world around you. It’s being aware. Of the present moment of yourself in that field, and then other people as yourself in that field, seeing their individuality, also your connection, right?

Your unity to them, your sensitive to that. And one of the neat things about sensitivity is I think what it yields for us is this deep meaning in life, we begin to be able to see beyond the facades. And you begin to see that everybody has their own golden inner nature, right? You become sensitized to their inner golden nature as well.

You begin to orient and understand that that is the real version of them, even if they might. That individual person still be believing that they are the mud, the concrete version of themselves deep, deep, deep down, you know, that’s not true. You know, there’s a golden part of them inside and you are sensitive and see that person as that golden creature, not the muddy version that they might still believe themselves to be the fourth quality is creativity.

So a great way to say creativity is just not always having to behave or act in the same old way of doing things. You’re. To doing new things, your autopilot is turned off and you’ll ask yourself, well, what if, what if I did things differently? Or why not? Right. Why not do something differently? So being bold, being willing to try new things.

Also, I think with creativity comes this sort of Maverick, Maverick energy, right? Like being willing to go against the grain of habit to be open to other possibilities. it could be in solving a problem. It could be just, you know, you decided to wear your hair differently, right. It just always being willing to experiment with life in any one, given moment, not getting trapped in this idea that you’re somehow stuck or blocked you really, when you’re operating from your higher self, you realize all of that’s really nonsense.

It’s just, what would I like to experience today? What would I like to create today? Looking at change through the lens of excitement and understanding that it’s really not something to be feared. It’s something to be embraced. And actually it’s something that you do too with, for yourself and others, right?

We really are the creators of this reality and the fifth quality of your higher self is activity. Now this one is counterintuitive because a lot of people have this idea. When we’re in alignment with spirit, we’re somehow like in this effortless state of flow where we’re not, you know, it can almost feel a little passive in my experience.

That is actually not true when we are aligned, when we are fully expressing ourselves, when we are. Seeing our divinity, when we are seeing the divinity of others, when we are being creative, we’re actually very active. It’s just an aligned action that we take. So it’s purposeful, inspired action towards goals, towards a vision and acting from that place of inspiration.

We’re not pushing, we’re being pulled. Right. We’re not forcing ourselves forward. We are compelled forward. So in other words, the wind is at our back, not in our face, right? We are compelled forward. There is a lot of action and movement, but it’s aligned action and movement. It’s in flow with the energy of where life is taking us.

So you have a lot of power in this activity. There’s a lot of power here when people are really aligned. When they’re firing on all cylinders, we experience them as. Really, really influential, really powerful doors open for them, opportunities open for them because they are a force of nature. And the more aligned you are, the more active you become, the more active you become and understand that this type of activity I am talking about is the opposite of busy.

It is the exact opposite of busy it’s right. Action in the world. It is action at the right moment in the right direction at the right time, according to universal will and law. And when you are in alignment with your higher self, you really are a force of nature. Have you ever had someone tell you that you’re intimidating?

This is a manifestation of that energy except for the person, because they are believing themselves to not be the golden statue to, they are believing themselves to. That muddy version of themselves when they experience you in your glory and your boldness, they interpret this as to be something scary, something a little, you know, it’s a little intimidating, you know, it’s a little bit, oh, it’s noticeable when we’re in that alignment.

So if you’ve ever been told that if you’ve ever been told you’re too much or you’re intimidating or you’re too direct or you’re too. all that person is really saying to you is, well, you’re packing some heat there. Right? You’re packing some heat. And so the best way I think to approach that is to realize, oh, okay, you know, this person is enabled to touch or to stay in connection with their own golden nature yet, quite yet, when they’re in their presence of someone who is right, they’re having a little bit of hard time.

So it’s really a call for compassion. It’s an opportunity for you to say, oh, oh my goodness. I don’t, you know, I’m certainly, uh, make a joke, crack a joke. When people tell me I’m intimidating, I’m like, oh, you gotta be kidding me, man. I can’t get outta bed before 10:00 AM in the morning and get my crap together.

I, you know, I’ll say something self deprecating to help people see that, you know, Hey, I struggle too. Right. I struggle to. So activity makes you very, very powerful. So I want you to take a moment, right. And think about these five qualities and see if you can see yourself embodying them each day, individuality, unity, sensitivity, creativity, and activity.

These are all signs that your golden nature. Is shining through. And if you would like to come hang out with us in our Facebook group, the app intuitive coach collective, I would love to have you over there. We are doing some incredible work on helping everyone in that group, whether you’re a coach, a healer, or just, you know, an intuitive who is wanting to unlock your gifts and expresses your higher self each day.

We’ve got, I don’t know. I think over 6,000 people in that group, right. Where we are all linking hands, moving forward, really expressing our golden nature. And so you are invited to do so with us. There is a link in the show notes for you to do that. No matter what I want you to remember that you never, ever, ever, ever, ever have to cover yourself.

Over and mud again, because you feel scared or threatened that energy is gone. Your time is now. And the answer is not to hide or to cover up. The answer is to shine brighter, to step forward and to say, actually, I am the one who is in command and we’re going to do it my way, because my way is in alignment.

With this unity consciousness and I am not going to submit to COER to change myself or to come out of alignment with my. To protect myself or to make you happy with me. I love you so much, but lovingly, I will say no to that. Right? I am allowed to shine brightly. I want you to shine brightly with me. Will you come with me please?

We can do this together, right? It’s a lovingly saying no to anything that would ask you to step out of alignment and also an opportunity for you to invite that person into alignment with you. Right? You invite them in. How about that? Isn’t that neat. We can take that energy that tells us we have to change and we can say, um, no, and actually, Hey, do you wanna get into alignment with me?

Let’s do this together. This is gonna be super fun. Okay. So spend some time thinking about these five qualities. I’d love to hear from you over in our Facebook group, which one resonated the most with you. And until next. Together we rise. That is a wrap for today’s show. Thank you from the bottom of my feels for showing up today in your power and in your willingness to let your intuitive self lead.

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