Ep92: How to Improve the Accuracy of Your Intuitive Hits

Feb 7, 2022

As an intuitive, you will find yourself questioning some of your intuitive hits. You will feel the pressure and the fear of not getting it right, so how do you improve your intuitive accuracy? Where do you start and how should you approach each intuitive hit you get?

In this episode, Heather takes you to another amazing episode where she talks about intuition and having more accurate intuitive hits. She will share valuable questions that will help you access the truth behind each intuitive “blocks” you may experience. Heather will talk about fear and attachment and how each one affects your intuition. She will share her thoughts on obeying and letting your higher self lead your physical self. Heather will also talk about strategies and skills you need to learn and practice in order to have more accurate intuitive hits.

Make sure you listen till the end for Heather’s amazing words of wisdom, experiences with her own intuitive hits, and her spirit guides!

Soul Stirring Quotes

“You have to first understand that intuition is something that truly does permeate every moment of your life, every decision that you make, and everything that you do.”

“I view intuition as the mechanism by which human beings talk to God.”

“Practice the art of never separating yourself from intuition ever again.”

“It’s really hard to shift your perspective to truly walk and see yourself and everything from the higher self perspective, which does not view you as a human being, every single day.”

“The person who is truly sitting in that full embodiment has no need of those things because they understand that it’s an inner game.”

“I accept, witness, and see that everything I perceive to be blocking me from my own intuitive truth is a lie.”

“Attachment and fear. These are the two things that stop us from intuitive accuracy.”

“The higher self perspective understands that all behavior, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and perceptions are there to encourage growth at the level you’re at.”

“The operating system of intuition is imagination.”

“Begin the process by saying, ‘I don’t need to find the answer because the answer is already here.’”

“Recognize the attachment and then make a conscious choice to not let it dictate your answer.”

“It’s okay to have attachments. What’s not okay is letting our lower instinctual desires and needs drive our intuitive process.”

“Your human self and your divine self are equally valid, but your spirit self is driving the car.”

“You need to let spirit have the authority to lead and guide your life, to lead the physical aspect of self.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:27 Heather talks about improving your intuitive accuracy from two perspectives.

  • 02:17 Why it’s important to understand that intuition should be a part of your whole being.

  • 03:36 First step to intuitive accuracy – How do you see yourself?

  • 06:25 Heather shares her thoughts on what she observes is happening right now in the online world.

  • 09:14 Heather talks about intuitive blocks are lies and weaning yourself from the drama.

  • 14:04 The two main reasons why getting accurate intuitive hits is challenging – fear and attachment.

  • 18:14 Heather talks about intuition and imagination, and why imagination is a window to the spiritual world.

  • 19:54 Heather shares her personal experience of getting an intuitive hit and not being afraid of interpreting her intuitive hits.

  • 22:13 Heather shares important questions you can ask yourself as you try to get your own intuitive answers.

  • 24:10 How do you recognize attachments and prejudices, and not let these dictate your answers?

  • 28:16 How do you face the fear from the answer that you may get from your intuition?

  • 29:32 What is the work you need to do within yourself and the skill you need to learn and practice?

  • 32:51 Heather talks about the willingness to obey the answers that come from the spirit and the divine.

  • 35:59 Heather shares her thoughts on letting your higher self lead your physical self.

  • 37:19 Should you always share your intuitive hits?

  • 37:47 Heather shares a strategy for overthinking.

  • 42:11 Heather shares an analogy of overthinking, her personal experience with overthinking, and discovering her spirit guide Sebastian.

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather Alice Shea intuitive life coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Atmana Coaching Academy. Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone claim your self confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it.

Hello everyone. How are you doing? Okay. So today is on a couple of tips for you guys to use, to improve the intuitive accuracy of your hits. Okay. So a big question that we now, I want you to think about this from, we can think about it from two perspectives. We can think about it from the perspective of when we’re working with clients.

And we can also think about it. In general for yourself as a living, breathing, human being, you know, living your life, being an intuitive. So today I really want us to look at this from on the personal level. Let’s sort of look at it through the lens of just you as a whole person, as an intuitive living your life.

Let’s just take it from that perspective, because as we increase over here, then it becomes easier to apply it as a coach. So we’re processing this through just thinking about, you know, how we relate to our own intuitive knowing and how we can really walk on a daily basis. You’re probably gonna see me on this live, use some spiritual language, right?

I’m kind of gonna get a little esoteric. So here is how I’m gonna offer to you. Now you have to find your own way into this, but I wanna offer to you how I view. My own intuitive connection and how I walk with it and how I relate to it. I guess, every single day, as a person in the world, as a wife, a sister, a mom, a coach, all the things right as a business owner with all the various hats that I wear, I suppose the process is still the same.

So this really is when we talk about. Tapping into our intuition. When we talk about really having it be a part of our being versus something that we’re really doing, we have to first understand that it is something that truly does permeate every moment of your life, every decision you make in everything that you do.

And the reason why I’m emphasizing that and why that is so important is because. It isn’t something that we can really separate out from ourselves. And when we look at his intuition as, oh, okay, I’m gonna go tap in now and get this hit. Okay. Now I’m gonna go make dinner. Okay. Now I’m gonna go over here and live my life, but okay.

Wait, now I’m doing an intuitive hit. That is the single greatest barrier, I think, to walking in the full embodiment. And remembrance of what I believe to be our birthright, to live in communication with our own divinity. We could say communication with God. I view intuition is just the mechanism by which human beings talk to God.

Right? So it’s important. First of all, first and foremost, that if you wanna get really good at having intuitive accuracy, that you. Practice the art of never separating yourself from it ever again. And this is a mentality that you hold. It’s a worldview. You hold, it’s a perception. You hold. It’s a belief.

You hold about yourself, about who you are about what you are. Are you a human being? A physical little creature running around who has taxes to pay and someone who needs to put gas in her car today, or she’s not gonna be able to make it to target. Is that how you relate to yourself in the minutes of your day?

Is that how you see yourself? How do you see yourself? What do you believe to be true about yourself? So the first step to intuitive accuracy that nobody’s gonna tell you, because it’s not convenient in a social media post, and it doesn’t sell this. What I’m telling you doesn’t really sell. Does it, cuz it’s not simple.

It’s not effortless. It’s really hard to shift your perspective to the level I’m talking about every single day to truly walk and see yourself and everything. from the higher self perspective, which does not view you as a human being. First, it views you as a spiritual creature, an infinite child of God or peace of God, right?

Religious tradition would call you a child of God. The spiritual tradition would say a piece of the divine or one with a divine or an expression with a divine. I don’t care. I’m not attached to any of it. The point is, how do you see yourself? And the last part of you that’s true is that you’re a physical being a physical human being.

That’s the last part of you. That’s true. even though your five senses that you are living through every single day will tell you otherwise, as evidenced by if I put my hand on a hot stove right now, the physical part of me is gonna be the top most priority. Right? So it’s about understanding that the truth of who you are, the last part of you is what’s material.

And if you can embrace that and begin to understand that the spiritual world, the world of energy, which we know where all energetic and intuitive communication is derived. If your consciousness sits there in a place that is outside of this world, then it’s really easy to increase your intuitive accuracy, because you’re already in the realm where it’s true.

It’s just simple as just it’s sitting right next to you. You just grab it and pick it. Versus, oh my God, I’ve gotta go do an hour meditation and obsess about getting tapped in and go do an energy clearing. What I see happening right now, online. I’m gonna soap box for just a minute, and then I’m gonna get into some tips that are gonna help you out in a practical way.

As much as people want to talk about how they’re working on themselves. And as much as people wanna talk about how they’re walking a spiritual path and as much as people wanna talk about how they meditate every day, they journal every day, they pull their terror cards. Every day, they practice boundaries, they speak their truth.

They stand in their power. They’re visible. They are seen all this stuff. As much as people are talking about that, as much as that’s a priority, almost no one acts as if that is true. Because how would a person who knows that that’s true act? Where would you see the evidence of one embodying said beliefs or said knowing they wouldn’t do any of those things because that person who is truly sitting in that full embodiment has no need of those things, because they understand that it’s an inner game.

so journaling meditate, all of these things that people do, they’re all means to an end. And what I see happening is people are attached to the end. Oh, I’m gonna Sage my house. So all the badness goes away by all means Sage your house, but don’t believe for one second that anything’s gonna go away. If you’re still attached to the level of consciousness that brought it in, in the first place and you can’t journal and meditate and Sage it.

You have to sit with yourself, the disowned part of you, this is Arpita. Right? Come sit next to me. Your shadow is what has the shit in your house to begin with? So none of the doing is gonna help. It’s who am I? What part of me have I is sitting outside of the love and light of my own divinity and. That is the real answer on how you become a powerful, intuitive, right?

So that’s the first thing I want you to know. I want you to know that this is about you seeing yourself in truth, because from there there’s nothing to do, except for decide in this now moment on a January 31st at 12:44 PM. How would I like to express this truth in all my perfection in my imperfection, loving myself.

Exactly. What do I wanna do right now? And that’s where the physical comes in. That’s where aligned action comes in. That’s where the doing comes in. It comes after it comes secondary, all the stuff, it means nothing. You’re going around as my dad would say around your elbow to get to your ass. If we think that meditating and journaling.

So I bring all this up to say, now I know you guys don’t because that’s why you’re here. Cuz you already resonate with what I’m talking about. Right? You’re like, oh thank God. Something that actually isn’t, you know, hallmark card inspired, spiritual bullshit. But that’s the first thing you’re going for.

That’s the truth. And here’s what’s so cool. It’s just right here. It’s you don’t need to do anything except for sit down and say to yourself, how am I doing today? How am I doing today right now in this now moment, can I accept and witness and see that everything I perceive to be blocking me from my own intuitive truth is a lie.

And also, like, I see anything that blocks us from it. Like the drama of a 13 year old girl in the lunch, like cafeteria. Right? It’s like all the drama. Oh my God. Like, it’s fun. Isn’t it? Aren’t we having a good time acting like we’re not the divine, isn’t it entertaining to pretend that you don’t know?

Isn’t it entertaining? Isn’t it fun? It’s all a charade dude. We all know every last one of us know, of course I say that, cuz I see us. I view humanity from the perspective of we’re not human beings, we’re spiritual creature who chose to come down here and have the experience of limitation. And we certainly need to accept and acknowledge the fact that our conscious mind doesn’t know and that we feel very lost and we feel very hurt and we feel very all of these things, but what we can’t do.

And this is what the remembrance of the truth of who we are, is all about is think that that’s the ultimate reality. No, it isn’t. It’s a really fun drama we’re playing out in our mind right now, albeit a very convincing one. It’s about weaning yourself off of thinking and believing and feeling and perceiving that the physical reality of not knowing of all of this stuff, the drama.

Is the superseding reality. It is not the superseding reality. So anytime I’m out of alignment, anytime I’m scared, anytime I’m like, okay, Heather, this is a lovely drama. Let’s come back into sanity. Let’s come back into sanity, the sanity of the truth, which is that I’m gonna be Heather Alice Shea for about 80 years.

And then I will go back to that, which I have always been. And so will you, so you can choose to just live my life. I’m living as Heather Alice Shea for a little while, knowing that, and from that place, I know the answer. And from that place, I know the truth. And from that place, I am connected effortlessly.

That’s how you do it. That’s how you really do. Now I gotta buy groceries at 3:00 PM and I gotta get my kid registered for college and I got a lot of shit to do today. Y’all so guess what? I am probably gonna need some practical tools to help me as I’m moving through my life. Right. So again, We live in the, and I’m not saying that we don’t have strategies, tips, tricks, all of these things to help us do it because we do cuz we are human and we accept that.

And we know that while we are infinite creatures, we do live in a finite reality and finite bodies with temporal time. That absolutely restrict and limit us. So yeah, I’m gonna give you some tips on how to increase your intuitive accuracy, right? , but what I don’t want you to do is see them as the end, because they’re not the end.

They’re just strategies that I know work that I’m gonna offer you in hope that they work for you too. Also encouraging you to find your own. Okay. But everything that you need. It’s already right there inside you, you just have to remind yourself that everything else that tell when you’re sitting there.

And you’re like, I don’t know. I don’t, I can’t, I’m confused. It’s foggy. I can’t get to it. I want you to remember that at worst. It’s a lie that your shadow self, the deceiver, right. The darkness is telling you it’s either that, or it’s just a fun drama and we’re having fun. Like we’re pretending like it ISN.

you know, we’re somehow having a good time over here, you know, being caught up in the drama of it. Okay. So you’re sovereign and you’re knowing, and you have everything you need. There are two main reasons why, and really it’s one reason. But I do think it’s important to distinguish them too. Okay. So here we go.

You ready for the practical stuff? And this is actually really simple. because, oh my gosh. It’s like a bomb is going off in your head when you’re trying to figure out intuitive stuff. Anyway, it’s multidimensional. You’ve got so much information coming in. So we do need a way to simplify this. So here are two reasons why getting accurate, intuitive information is challenging.

Okay. Cuz it is challenging. The first two is this attachment and fear attachment is born out of fear. Attachment and fear. These are the two things that stop us from intuitive accuracy. Okay. Attachment and fear. We’re gonna go through ’em really quick. Fear is really the catchall. It’s the root of everything we’re putting over here in the comments.

Self-doubt trying too hard. Lost, unsure doubt. Is it my imagination overthinking? Here’s what I want you to ask yourself. What is the fear or the concern behind the overthinking? What is the fear or concern behind why you’re trying too hard? What is the fear or concern? What is behind it? What’s behind that.

Okay. So you can think of your overthinking or your self doubt is like, The representative and the real culprit is like hiding behind the self doubt, hiding behind the trying hard, cuz it doesn’t want you to see it. Right. So you gotta get no, no, no. You’re not trying too hard. What’s really going on. Well, that’s really going on.

So you’re trying too hard because of what, because of why, what, what, what is that? What is the trying too hard buying you? How is that? How is that, uh, how is that helping you increase your intuitive accuracy? Because you’re not doing that for no reason. I’m gonna say this really quick. This is a side note.

So let’s sidebar. Do you notice how I said, how is it helping you? That is a higher self perspective thing. Your higher self does not see things you are doing as wrong, bad, or any factual. From the higher self perspective. We understand that all behavior, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and perceptions are there to encourage growth at the level you’re at.

So you’ve gotta train your human mind to see those things as positive things, which is counterintuitive to the human conscious brain. Are you guys following me? How I say everything in your life you see from here, that’s a fundamental aspect of higher self alignment, by the way, your higher self never bifurcates.

It never looks at what you’re doing and goes well, that’s shits. I don’t, there’s no utility in that spirit understands that everything in life has utility. Our job is to figure out what that utility is and then decide if we would like to evolve and change and expand into a more elegant, higher vibrational strategy.

Okay. Pressure forcing it to happen. Absolutely. Fear, rejection, not being loved. Fear of your own power. That’s such a good one. Oh, because like deep down, you know, you do know. And then what happens when we accept the fact that we do know well, isn’t that an awesome responsibility we carry. This is Bodhi sofa stuff.

You guys, because when you realize you do know to who much is given much is required. My little brother I’ve shared this many times wrote me a letter. When I graduated from graduate school, he said, Heather, what was once your passion is now your responsibility. And I know that you will bear it well. So yeah, it’s scary to be one who knows, which is why you have all these beautiful.

Boundless, infinite souls running around acting like they don’t, because it’s terrifying to realize you actually do have the answers because then you’ll have to get up and go do something about it now won’t you. And if you don’t, you’ll be heartily disappointed in yourself for not doing it. So it’s much better to act like we don’t know, see the collective experience.

Like we all really can relate to these. That’s great. What’s great is yes, it is your imagination. The operating system of intuition is imagination. So it is your imagination. But what if our imagination is our intuition? What if our imagination is a window into the spiritual world? What if everything we’ve ever thought and ever could ever imagine?

Is a relationship with the divine. And is it that not true because everything that you see here in your physical reality was once a part of someone’s imagination. It was a thought they thought up that they actioned via inspired action into this reality. So yeah, it is your imagination. It’s the beginning of the manifestation of the ethereal world into the physical.

This was once somebody’s imagination. So is this, I was once someone, my physical body, Heather Alice Booth was once my mother and father’s imagination. They imagined having a child. You were the imagination of someone, everything you see in the physical reality. This is dream space of a higher realm made physical.

So your imagination’s awesome. That’s like, yay, let’s go there. What we’re really afraid of is am I wrong? Was I wrong? That’s why we’re afraid to rely on imagination because we’re taught that there’s a right and there’s a wrong, we can’t ever say an intuitive. It is wrong because it comes from, first of all, intuitive hits are often in the future to which we will never have access.

We’re not gonna be with the people and the places that we might not ever find out. Two, it might be just dead ass. Right. But you haven’t figured out the way in which it’s right. so a lot of it is like, you’ll realize like two years later. Oh, that really was right. I just didn’t catch the way that it was.

Right. Cuz spirit uses double Tundras and multidimensional meanings. I’ll give you an example. I was doing a live reading. I’m gonna give you some questions to ask here in a second attachment and fear were staying there. I’m gonna digress into a story really quick. I was doing a live reading once with this lady, I kept seeing her in a mold, in a mold.

She was like in this like plaster Paris mold. And I kept saying, I see you just in a mold, you wanna break free out of this mold. Like you’re tired of living your life in accordance with other people’s standards, wishes and desires, and you just wanna live your own life and you feel so restricted and she kept going.

Nope. Doesn’t resonate. Absolutely not perfectly happy in my life, like whatever. And I was like, okay, well, I guess that’s wrong. You win, right. I’m not gonna argue with you, but I just keep seeing you in this mold. The lady who was hosting me in this live was friends. It was a friend of hers. I was at a metaphysical shop doing a live reading.

And the lady who was hosting the shop said to her friend, honey, you’re missing her point. You have a mold outbreak in your house. This lady had a mold outbreak in her physical home at that time, and they were having to have everything fumigate and cleaned out and she didn’t connect it with the mold that I was literally seeing her in a mold.

Her house was being fumigate. The physical house she was in was being fumigate and treated for mold. But because she didn’t connect to what I was saying. She was telling me it was inaccurate. That was the most accurate, intuitive hit ever. What I was picking up on is the reason why she had manifested a poisonous mold outbreak in her house, which is, she was absolutely stifle.

And then of course she starts losing her shit and crying and like, you’re right. It, you know, but here’s my point. I would’ve walked away, had my friend not spoken up. I would’ve walked away. I could have been like, oh, I guess I got that one. No, no, no. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong and I’m not really interested in it being right or wrong.

I’m interested in stepping forward and doing the best I can right now to bring through whatever is coming through, knowing I’m probably gonna interpret some of it wrong. Like I’m definitely, probably gonna get some of it wrong. Because like who isn’t, who doesn’t get it wrong. The freaking weatherman has scientific instruments to get the weather.

Right. And his ass is wrong. 90% of the damn time. So like how much more should we cut ourselves slack. Right. So attachment and fear. So how do we move through these two things? Okay. So here are some questions I want that you can ask yourself as you’re trying to get answers your own intuitive answers.

Okay. Cuz these are the major impediments to. Sifting through and trying to make an actual intuitive decision. Right? So like when you have a choice to make, when you are searching for answers, when you’re actually sitting down to truly try to come to a conclusion that will move the needle in your daily life, should I launch this week or not?

I’m about to make this big pivot. This is how I do it with Atmana right. I got a lot of big decisions. We’re changing a lot of stuff in the company right now. And I have a lot of really freaking big decisions that I need to make. And they will absolutely irrevocably change the trajectory and the growth of the company.

And I want to make them intuitively. So how do we make those decisions? Now? Here is the philosophy we make them under. We begin the process by saying, I don’t need to find the answer because the answer is already here, so it’s not lost. We’re not grasping for it. We begin our inquiry understanding that it’s sitting right here and I’m like, it’s sitting rock hill, the right answer’s already here.

The path is already laid. The outcome is already. My job right now is to work with what’s going on inside of me right now, so that I can align to that reality that my higher self knows I’m here to experience. Okay. So we first have to accept that we’re scared shitless and that there are certain things that we want that we want.

Right. So an example of this, when we get intuitive, when we sit down to get intuitive information is, you know, dear spirit, should I eat the broccoli? Or should I eat the chocolate cake? Please help me figure out the answer to this question, girl, you know, you want that chocolate cake, your energy system is gonna be wanting you your mind.

Your conscious mind is gonna be pushing for the answer to be chocolate cake you’re attached. You’re not. Your ego self, our ego self isn’t neutral. There’s an attachment to one of these answers. Now we can’t help the fact that we have attachments that we have desires. Okay. So we’re talking about, these are now we’re moving into the Ock principles here.

All of life is suffering because of attachment. Yes. Now what most people do is they’re like, I don’t have any attachments. Okay. I’ll wait, I’m gonna wait for you to grow the fuck up and realize you got attachments. Girl, everybody has attachments. I have attachments. You have attachments. But what we have to do is recognize the attachment and then make a conscious choice to not let it dictate our answer.

Don’t try to get rid of the attachment. You’re gonna have it. So, okay. So you realize you have an attachment. Well, that’s a lovely distraction. Now you get to go spend three months working on your attachment. It’s okay to have attachments. It’s okay. To have preferences. It’s okay. To have desires. It’s okay.

To wanna eat the chocolate cake. What’s not okay. Is letting our lower instinctual desires and needs drive our intuitive process. Okay. So the first thing we have to do is say, okay, I recognize. That I would prefer my intuitive answer to be this thing over here. Like, Ooh, I hate to admit it. I really hate to admit it.

I don’t like it that I’m like this, but I am like this and this is what I want. So the first step is you gotta get really clear on what your prejudices are, what you actually want, what you’re secretly hoping it, the answer, the intuitive answer is gonna be. So on one side, what is it you’re over here wanting it to be, you see people do this with pendulums, they got their pendulum in the hand, you look at their micro and they’re like, moving it to the, yes.

That’s why I’m not big into Dow saying I don’t really trust pendulums. I think it’s actually not very few people have the skill to not micro adjust to make it what they wanna make it. But you have to recognize that piece of it. And how you neutralize. This is just by saying, okay, I’m aware of this. I’m aware that this is the way I want it.

And I make a conscious choice to not allow this to trip me up. I accept an answer that isn’t this. I will accept an answer that is not this. I am open to an answer that is not this. I will not let this energy control me. I am absolutely not gonna be a slave to that. Absolutely not. I am open to another desire, please.

God, help me have the courage to see something beyond my own attachment and my own fear. I see this. I recognize it. I accept it. It’s okay. And I’m open. I don’t need to go work on it. I don’t need to make it go away. I love myself enough to let myself be where I’m at. And I understand why I want this, because I think it’s going to keep me safe, loved, and in connection with that, which I cherish.

There’s a part of me that thinks this is necessary, but I know that it isn’t because I know that higher self has a higher plan for me. God has a higher plan for me. So I’m willing to let this sit here and not let it dictate the process. So desire attachment over here, pull two, pull two. You’re being pulled two.

You’re being pulled toward it like a magnet’s pulling you now. Conversely, over here, we have fear. Now this is repellent. It’s push away. It’s push away. Oh my God. I don’t wanna get it into hit because what if I found out I really do need to get a divorce or leave my job or tell my friend to fuck off that I’ve known for 20 years.

That’s ruining my life. What if that’s the answer and I don’t wanna do it, I’m scared. Let me get over here and pretend like, I don’t know. Right? So fear it’s repellent. So you have to ask yourself, what am I afraid of finding out? So attachment is what is the answer that I secretly want it to be? Am I willing?

To let it go to set it down. Fear is what am I secretly afraid that the answer is that I don’t want. And am I willing to trust spirit enough to know that this will not annihilate me, that this will not harm me, that this will not hurt me? It’s medicine. It’s gonna taste like crap, but it’s gonna help you.

These are the two reasons why people don’t get accurate, intuitive information. This is why, because of what we want and what we don’t want. So when you sit down to get intuitive information, before you ask, before you ask your spirit, your spirit, before you go within. The work that you have to do so that you will just know when you ask it’s there.

Boom. You’ll just know because it is right here. So it’s sitting right in front of you to clear the fog that stops you from seeing it. It’s for us to do the inner work of what do I really want it to be? And what am I afraid of? And am I willing to say yes to both of these things and no, to both of these things.

Am I willing to accept this? And am I willing to hear, see and know the truth anyway, despite what I want, despite what I’m afraid of, despite what I think it should be. Am I willing to table that? Am I humble enough to hear the truth? Am I brave enough to face it? And when you do that, you’ll never be wrong.

Now this is a skill you learn, right? The skill of letting go of attachment the skill of facing fear. Now this is where the strategy comes in, right? Where we just get the reps in. We practice this, we practice this every day and you’ll, learn how your mind lies to you. My mind is a really great liar. Like it really loves to rationalize.

That’s actually one of our ego defenses mechanisms. I have a very powerful, analytical, linear, logical mind, and boy does it know how to bullshit me into believing all of the lovely stuff. It wants me to believe. so, like, I know that that’s one of my strategies. Blocking myself. So now that I know that about my mind, I’m like, oh God, here we go.

You know, Heather you’ll find a way to rationalize it. You’ll find a way to make what you want, perfectly logical and reasonable. Right. You’ll build a great case for it. You know, come on, you know, you know what you’re doing, you know, so you’ll learn how your mind works. And over here on the fear side, you’ll learn like the common themes your fear tells you, and you’ll start to see your strategies for sabotage.

So that you can get just really quick and really good at setting those down too, of loving those parts of yourself. And that is when you increase your intuitive accuracy. You increase not only the quality of your intuitive hits, but the quantity of your intuitive hits. So you’re walking every day with higher self perspective.

You’re living life from this expanded space you’re oriented in spirit first, the physical second, and then in your now moment, right? Holding higher self perspective, you engage in. Letting go of attachment and fear that blocks you from seeing the answer, which is right in front of you. So from here, all you have to do is just ask your question and you really do need to ask, right?

What is that scripture asking you shall receive, right? You have to ask from a place of truly, truly wanting to know from a place of humble reverence and obeyance. because if we’re going to ask and God, we will receive, we have to be willing to obey. Now that’s an old school word. Isn’t it? Obey. Whew. I gotta tell you the modern woman in me, when I hear the word obey, I’m like somebody about to get throat punched.

When Brandon and I sat down for our wedding vows, our, um, pastor who’s also our father-in-law it’s my sister-in-law’s father-in-law right. So he married us and really conservative guy. And he was like, okay, going through like honor and obey. I’m like I obey and shit. How about that? We ain’t putting that in my vows.

I’ll obey him if he obeys me. How about that? , you know, I don’t jam with that word, but when it comes to. When it comes to spirit, when it comes to the Divi, you’re absolutely right. I’m going to obey. I am going to obey. I am going to do what I was told to do because I asked, I asked and now I’m not gonna go obey.

Why? Because it wasn’t the answer I wanted. Why? Because I’m scared. Why? Because I want it to be easier. Why? Because it’s inconvenient. No, I I’m gonna get up right now and I’m gonna go do it terrified. It’s always scary. It’s never not scary. It’s always scary. Right? So I’m gonna obey and I’m gonna obey because I know that no matter what it’s going to be right, and that if I’m wrong, I’m not really wrong.

I’m really not. And what does wrong mean? Well, I tell you what I would rather be wrong. Factually inaccurate, right? The hit wasn’t right. Or the decision was bad. I would rather be factually inaccurate or wrong every single day of my life while endeavoring to live in accordance with the divine will inside of me.

I’d rather get that wrong every day and live every day, messing that up then being right, technically right over here. Living life by conventional rules or what somebody else says is the right thing to do. Even if this thing over here maybe would even give me a better life, a better physical life, with more comfort, with more money, with more friends, with more, whatever.

I rebuke that shit. I’m not living that life. I refuse. I was not put on this earth to do that. I get fiery. When I think about it, you guys, because that’s what we’re here. We’re here to create a world where this is made, manifest and known, but here’s the truth of this life over here. It’s not, it’s not what everyone says it is.

It’s so liberating. It’s so freeing everything you’ve ever wanted comes from walking this path. And guess what? We can do all of this over here. Betraying the truth of our own soul and fail. so you ain’t even guaranteed a good life over here that ain’t even a guarantee you can sell your soul of the devil and still hate your life.

So it begins with the orientation that we are spiritual creatures, first spiritual beings. First that both parts are equally valid. Our human self and our divine self are equally valid. It’s. Spirit is driving the car. Okay. That spirit has the say so, right. It’s kind of like being a parent. My daughter is a independent, she’s a equally powerful, beautiful human being, even though she’s a kid, but like I pay the mortgage and make the decisions.

I’m her mother. I’m the one who has that authority. So it’s not about spirit beating the physical. It’s more like just, we need to let spirit have the authority to lead and guide our life to lead. The physical aspect of self, which your physical, your ego mind, once it learns that your higher self isn’t trying to hurt you is actually quite happy to relax and let your higher self and your spirit lead.

So I wanna talk really quick about, okay. Pressure forcing it to make it happen. Ask yourself what is going on behind you, that you feel that you need to force it. Why is that a strategy that you think will be helpful? Remember, these are all things that a part of you feels will be helpful. It’s okay. It’s just getting in touch with that part of you.

That feels that might be helpful. Another thing I wanna say about intuitive hits, just because you get a hit doesn’t mean you have to tell other people, like, just let it come in and you can choose to be silent. You don’t have to speak it. So I think a big reason why we’re afraid to hear the intuitive impressions and to really know the truth is.

Oh my gosh. What if I have to tell my mother that you ain’t gotta tell her. You don’t have to tell anybody that’s a separate decision. Okay. So some of that is that okay. I want to go back to overthinking. Okay. I’m gonna you a strategy on overthinking. You ready? Now, this is a tactical one. This is tactical.

When we’re overthinking. I think this is true of just like any decision we’re trying to make, but particularly with intuitive decisions. So when you are trying to make an intuitive decision, if you ever find yourself, your conscious mind looking for the answer, like which decision is right, right. Like which one should I do?

Apples or oranges. Right. When you find yourself like. Trying to figure it out when you’re in that space of figuring out, first of all, you’re no longer in the intuitive state. You’re no longer in the intuitive mind you’re using your rational mind. So first let’s just note that, that we’re actually using a different operating system, not our intuitive one.

Okay. So you can continue to try to think your way through it. That’s fine. But if you wanna make an intuitive decision, we, we need to kind of get back over here in this operating system, right? Our intuitive operating system. So no judgment over thinking about things is not a bad thing. It’s just, that’s not the operating system we’re wanting to use.

Okay. So when we’re trying to think about an answer, what are we actually doing? Where is our attention? Where’s our focus? Well, our focus is on the exterior thing that we’re trying to find. It’s out here looking around. Okay. Which one is right? Which one should I do? Which presupposes one is wrong. So straight outta the gate, we’re screwed because you can’t know.

So this is why we just sit in a decision because you can’t know. So you’re looking for an answer that you fundamentally can’t know because you can’t know the future because there’s nothing as certain. So you’re asking a question. That’s gonna keep you spinning your wheels, which is why so many people spin their wheels.

The answer is, I don’t know which one is right. Which one should I take is, I don’t know. Let’s just make a decision and see which one, what happens. let’s just throw some shit on the wall and see what sticks, right. So far better off just picking one and seeing if it works. And if not now, you know that one, that doesn’t work.

So then you can come over here to this one. Apart from that, just realizing the insanity of overthinking is apart from this is we’re focused on trying to find out we’re focusing on the wrong voice within ourselves. You’re focusing on. Trying to decide between this or that. You’re actually no longer attending to the part of yourself that has the ability to provide you with the accurate answer to begin with.

Now that’s really weird. So let me back it up and explain what I’m saying. You’re not trying to figure out which answer’s right. You’re trying as an intuitive to orient yourself, to listening only to the higher self, which will be telling you which one is right. So it’s kind of like this. When your mom calls you on the phone, you know your mother’s voice.

She doesn’t have to go. Hey Heather, it’s mom. No, I know it’s mom. I know your voice. And I know that my mom is gonna tell me mom things when I get my mom on the phone. Right. And it’s the same with your higher self, your higher self is gonna tell you higher self things. I eat the most, right. Most in line, most amazing things for you.

And that’s the voice you wanna attend to. So if you ever find yourself trying to find the right answer, trying to figure out, you’re not trying to figure out the right. The skill is I refuse to listen to any other part of me right now, except for the one that’s going to naturally tell me the truth. And from this place, the answer is obvious.

I am listening to hire self now. Thank you, devil on the shoulder. Thank you. Scared ego self. Thank you. Five year old. Me who has problems. Thank you. You’re so sweet. I love you. I hear you. Mm. Yes, boy. You are. Mm that’s. Right. But you know what? I’m not listening to you. I’m listening to higher self right now.

And when you’re listening to your higher self, the answer is obvious. So get out of the, trying to figure out and say to yourself, my job right now is to sit and listen to spirit. And from that place, the answer’s right here. It will be made manifest. It will be made obvious. So overthinking is a function of actually you just trying to figure it out.

You’re not even using, we’re not even using the intuitive faculty. So the answer is to reorient center and then listen to just like, you know, your mother’s voice or, you know, your friend’s voice on the phone. You’re becoming familiar with the voice of your higher self, with the feeling, with the energy of your higher self IM I’ll give you an analogy to this really.

So all of the guides that I use in my life, and I know I don’t talk about this a lot, but here with you guys, I can. So I have, you know, obviously I have my higher self and we all have our spirit guides. We have our spiritual team. Okay. And you have more than one spirit guide by the way. Many of us have a lot of them, some of us have a handful, but you have more than just one part of you that helps lead and guide your life.

Okay. So, and then you also have your ancestors, right? So if you were close with any of your family, that’s passed. So you can get to know just like your fr when my friend Stacy calls me and I don’t confuse her with Leona, my other friend who calls me that I have in my life, you get to know how these energies feel, how they sound, what it’s like to talk into them, interacting with them.

Okay. And your clarity on that can become so clear that any time any other. Energy or intelligence. However you wanna say it comes into the room, you pick it up. Just like if a stranger walked into my office, I’d be like, who the hell are you? How did you get in here? I didn’t tell you, you know, what’s up right?

Just like that I was sitting in. This was when I was in graduate school. I was talking to my dad. I’m cuz he’s one of my guides. Now that he’s on the other side. Well, he is like a guide, but ancestor, I don’t know what he is. He’s just like here and that’s really the end of it, like forever until I get back on the other side.

I don’t know what his official title is, but you know, somebody who looks over me, you know, that’s has the same mission that I do. I think that’s actually what he’s telling me right now. So I’m sitting, talking to him, we’re having this awesome conversation. And all of a sudden I felt this other person talk to me.

It was like, they interjected like my dad and I were talking and then this. Like, and he was like, really like funny, like made like a joke. He was like, yeah, sweet cheeks, like said something really silly. And I was like, who the hell are you? Cuz I don’t just let anybody into my space. Like who the hell are you?

Like, I am actually very bothered by the fact that you’re here and that I’m hearing you so clearly. So you need to tell me who the hell you are. And he said to me, I’m here with your dad. Oh, I get emotional. He said, I’m here with your dad and I love you as much as he does. And I said, well, I don’t love you as much as I love him, cuz I don’t know you.

So, you know, I was really like, who just came into my space cuz I’m very clear on that space. And so I calmed down cuz my dad was like, you’re all. You’re all right. And so I was like, all right, okay, we’re good. I’ll talk to you. And I had this really long conversation and I said, well, if you’re gonna be here, then I wanna know your name because I’m in a space now where I really just wanna know who I’m talking to.

If, if you’re gonna make your presence known like that, then you need to tell me who you are. And in my mind, I heard. From the movie to little mermaid. Now spirit will speak to you. Spirit uses your own mind to send communication to you. It will use song lyrics, movie quotes, inside jokes. It will use any and all means necessary inside of your own mind to facilitate conversation.

So the little mermaid I used to love it, it was one of my favorite movies when I was little. And then also when Ava was little, we’d watched a little mermaid all the time. And I heard in my mind from the movie little mermaid when Ariel. We talked to the little crab whose name was Sebastian. So I heard the little more may go Sebastian like that.

I heard the name Sebastian really loud Sebastian. And I was like, is your name Sebastian? And then nothing, you know? And then the voice said to me, I’m gonna leave now. I just wanted to make contact with you. I can tell you’re uncomfortable and I’m not gonna be here if you are, but nice to meet you. I said, okay, you can come back, but I wanna confirm, you know, what’s up.

I just need a minute. So I then said to my dad, Okay. I think this energy’s name is Sebastian. If he’s not supposed to be here, then you get rid of him. If he is, he can come back. And I would like a confirmation. If his name is Sebastian, I know I’m making a long story longer. I’m telling this so that you can understand how clear this gets, how clear it can get for you, or maybe it is that clear for you.

And also, so I was in grad school at that time, so, oh my God. I was in my play prac. I had to drive in every day, eight to five, just eight hours a day in the chair doing sessions. So I’m like driving in like, Ugh. And I had to park in this cement con concrete, you know, three story like parking garage. And I was listening to the CEL esteem prophecies from the nineties.

I don’t know if you guys have ever read that book, but it’s really fascinating, but I was a friended rare, recommended. So I was listening to the CEL esteem, prophecies on audiobook and in the CEL esteem prophecies, there is a Cardinal, a priest, right in the book that they just refer to as the Cardinal or something like that, like the Bishop or the Cardinal, but you never knew his.

And I was always like, dude, yo, I guess this guy’s just called like the Cardinal whatever. So I’m driving in, it’s like eight 30 in the morning. I’m exhausted this wasn’t the next day. It was the day after. So I’m listening to the thing. I’m pulling up praying to God, I get a parking spot and I’m really into the book listening to it.

And as I was pulling into the parking garage, I said to my dad, and then I’m, I always just like, generally talk to my guides. Because I had been thinking for a long time that I really needed to stop asking for external validation. Like I really just need to start trusting my own intuitive hits. Like the fact that I’m even asking for a reality check at this point is ridiculous.

Like, I don’t need to reality check anymore. I should just believe, right. Like get that level of faith. So I was driving and, and I said to myself was I was pulling into the parking garage. You know what spirit I’m. I don’t need an external validation anymore. I know that the name is Sebastian, and I’m going to accept that because I trust you and I trust myself.

And if I’m gonna walk and do this work to the level that I know that I am called, I don’t have time for this. I don’t have time to wait hours and days to figure out I just need to be able to shoot and move. So, you know, I trust. I know it’s Sebastian and I’m not going to doubt ever again. It’s all right.

I’m okay. So I, I was like, it’s okay. You don’t have to do it. And I was parking my car at that time when I stopped the conversation in my head. Grabbed my bag. Literally, I’m listening to the auto audio tape. I said, it’s okay. I got it. I gotta go do my day now grabbed my bag, got outta my car. And it was like five seconds, like 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 from me getting outta my car and shutting the door and on the audio tape it said, and that moment, his name is Cardinal Sebastian.

Sebastian just like that. And within five seconds I was tripping. So I knew that the minute I gave up my attachment to needing all of these things, you get it all back. Felt, and I was like, you guys are just playing with me now. Aren’t you? Like, you’re just playing with me. So from there I developed this relationship with my main spirit guide, whose name is Sebastian.

And I know Sebastian’s voice. I know when it’s him. I know when he’s closer, distant. I know when he’s letting my dad take the lead. I know when it’s him, when he’s directing things and what he feels like when he pops in, just like, I know the difference when it’s my grandmother on my mother’s side. Right.

So when I talk about living from the space where all of that is there for you, understanding that that is actually where you are too. Cuz that’s where the real youit the real me is sitting right next to Sebastian. Probably. I don’t even know what dimension who knows. Right. Heaven, whatever. However, we wanna conceptualize the higher realms.

Right? I’m not really here. I mean, I’m. But also I’m there irrevocably connected, leading and guiding my own self. Like my higher self and Sebastian are having a really good time right now, wherever they are really getting a kick out of both of them having to limp my ass over the finish line of this thing called life.

And then, and what’s funny is I have zero. Okay. Here’s another thing that’s funny. I have zero connection to that name. I’ve never like, had any, nothing in my life. Nothing. It wasn’t like, oh yeah. Like zero have no clue. Never seen it. Never had any resonant pattern with it. I’ve never had any coincidences or synchronicities with it.

Yeah. It’s just some name and I heard it and now I see Sebastian over the place. I’ll see his name once a day. It pops up and I’ll be like, Hey buddy, what’s. And I also say his name out loud. I’ll speak it sometimes, sometimes just sitting, I’ll speak his name into existence. And I think he gets a kick out of that too.

To know that a part of him gets to be here in the physical world, you know, with me speaking him into existence and letting him be a part of this realm, just like he lets me be a part of his right. I get all the great ideas and he gets to be. acting through and implementing, you know, things and creating things here through me.

So it’s a beautiful relationship, right? So it’s so much more than just an intuitive hit. Yeah. It’s the recognition of the truth of who we are. And if we can be courageous and humble, brave, courageous, and humble, it’s ours for the taking and the making isn’t. Okay, so attachment and fear. What are you drawn to?

What are you pushed away from? Both of these things need to be accepted and loved so that we can allow spirit to guide us. And from this place, we ask our question, knowing that the answer is already right here. It’s not separate from you. It’s already right here. You already know you already know a mantra.

I’ll give you for this is may I accept all that? I see. An experience, even though I do not yet understand, even though I do not yet understand your conscious mind often will not understand why your intuition is asking you to do things while your why. Spirit’s asking you to do things you don’t need to understand.

You need to obey. That even if the thing you’re actioning on, isn’t accurate that the grace and benevolence of almighty God will protect you while you seek and walk the path back to living from your own divine, knowing that you will be protected in it. You’re held, man. You’re not gonna fail. You’re held everything else is an illusion from this place, you know, from this place of, of living our lives.

Stop and think for a moment about what will happen for your clients and for the people that you serve when you show up like this pretty wild, huh? Totally different energy. Isn’t it? Well then you’re really able to give your clients something wonderful, something out literally out of this world. Okay. So that was what was on my heart this morning.

You guys have got this. Love you guys that is a wrap for today’s show. Thank you from the bottom of my feels for showing up today in your power and in your willingness to let your intuitive self lead. And if you are still working your way to your first 52, 100 K in your coaching practice, I have two incredible free resources to help you fast pass.

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