AtmanaTM Certified Intuitive Life Coach

My passions are to bring holistic services to people that serves their highest good and empowers them to be Masters of self. I know what it’s like to feel oppressed and then transmute to freedom, to be disempowered and transmute to empowered, to be voiceless and transmute to speaking my truths fearlessly, invisible to being seen, caught up in facades and then see the truths, to be in harmful relationships and then break free and discover autonomy, to have lack of motivation and drive to living my purpose and passions. I cannot help the lack of supports for my past ancestors but I can help others now to reach their aspirations in life, work, business, and relationships. I offer what my relations before me never had and what I never had. I am someone who can sit with another’s shadows and not be afraid, but offer compassion, wisdom from life experiences, and non-judgemental intuitive insights that allow a person to feel safe and to see things from a different fresh perspective that inspires renewed motivation, clarity, and positivity.