AtmanaTM Certified Intuitive Life Coach

As a Certified Intuitive Life Coach and Shamanic Practitioner I lead and empower clients to have rigorous honesty with themselves in order to create more joy, soul alignment and peace in their lives.

I am an Intuitive Life Coach who has a passion for working with clients who struggle with being stuck, who cannot see their way forward, and who are pretending to be less than their truly great selves! As a patient and calm presence, I am able to assist you in discovering what your soul is craving and lead YOU in creating a plan, a roadmap that aligns you with that vision for your life, and to take ACTION in moving forward.

My clients experience more clarity, a sense of purpose and a more peaceful experience of life. They are able to better navigate communication in relationships, set boundaries where necessary, and commit to more consistent and loving self care.

As a Shamanic Practitioner I am able to integrate healing practices with clients, accelerating and deepening the coaching process.


Reiki 1 and 2, Shamanic Practitioner, RN.

Vero Beach FL USA