Ep127: The Empath’s Journey: Unleashing the Magic in Business with Avalon Starlight

Jul 18, 2023

In this captivating episode of our podcast, we dive deep into the enchanting world of empaths and highly sensitive people.

Join us as we explore the unique abilities, quirks, and extraordinary qualities that make empaths a force to be reckoned with, not just in their personal lives, but also in the business realm.

Our guest speaker, the remarkable Avalon Starlight, takes center stage as she shares her insightful experiences and profound wisdom. As a renowned empath and successful entrepreneur, Avalon embodies the magic that empaths possess and the power they hold to create and handle thriving businesses.

Through engaging conversations, we uncover the fascinating journey empaths embark upon, navigating the intricacies of their heightened sensitivity while harnessing their incredible strengths. From intuitive decision-making to deep empathy for customers and employees, we explore how empaths bring a unique touch to entrepreneurship.

Delve into the intricacies of Avalon’s personal story as she shares her own quirks as an empath, revealing the secrets behind her accomplishments and the challenges she has overcome. Discover how she has turned her empathy into an asset, propelling her business ventures to unprecedented heights.

This episode serves as an empowering resource for empaths and highly sensitive individuals, offering valuable insights and practical advice for unlocking their full potential in both their personal and professional lives. Tune in to be inspired, enlightened, and equipped with the tools to embrace the magical power of empathy.

Soul Stirring Quotes:

“Toxic is toxic, whether it’s your child, whether it’s your parent, whether it is somebody very near and dear to your heart.”

“You’ll never find your people if you don’t first self-identify and say I am raising my hand.”

“We live in a world where we became the women we needed when we were a kid and created the institutions and the opportunities for the next generation so that they don’t have to face all of this without having the tools.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • {00:28} Welcome to the show starring Avalon Starlight

  • {01:20} Avalon talks about her life’s work

  • {14:37} Heather discusses the science of intuitives and empaths

  • {19:18} The four types of empaths

  • {21:34} First type of empath

  • {22:42} Second type of empath

  • {23:47} Third type of empath

  • {24:46} Fourth type of empath

  • {40:47} How to connect with Avalon

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Episode Transcript:

Heather Alice: Avalon, I am so excited to have you on the podcast. We are gonna be diving into, I am actually really excited to dive into the new method that you’ve created, the book that you’re launching, and of course, this is centered all on the empaths journey through life and business.

So welcome to the pod. Thank you so much for being here.

Avalon: Oh man, am I ever excited to be here? This feels so ex just full of love, energy being in your presence, Heather. So thank you for inviting me today.

Heather Alice: Oh my God, no, thank you for being here. I appreciate that. It’s, we were just speaking before we hit record. We met years ago, right?

It’s been, gosh, probably three or four years, if that before maybe even four or five years. And we were just chatting about how different the world is now, in our, in chatting today than it was back then. We’ve got a lot to discuss for sure. Okay, so let’s, I guess just kick this off with, talk to us a little bit.

Let the listener learn a little bit about your work and how you help intuitives and empaths and through their journey and their business in life.

Avalon: I love that because as a child I was super sensitive to energy, but I didn’t have any recollection that was happening.

Like I grew up in a family where my mom and my sister, I also believe, is very sensitive to energy, but due to the fact that we live in Western culture, they took the route of being on medication. So when the world became overwhelming, or, their senses were being over overstimulated. The only way we know how to do the practice here is to go to the doctor and say oh, this is too much.

What would you do? And medicate. So because I grew up around mental illness, my life became focused on caregiving, right? I love the most remained safe, right? So I was an outward energy giver. And at some point, in your teenage years, that becomes a little bit like, no, thank you.

I’m gonna get a little rebellious here. I’m gonna say, fuck the system, fuck my parents, and I’m gonna, I’m gonna go, great. My version of that looked like having a baby. I was like, if this is love, this feels very conditional. So I’m gonna rock my own little NuGet in my belly, and I’m gonna give birth to this full of life little baby that I’m gonna love unconditionally.

And of course, my son then was diagnosed with mental illness, really young, right? So this is part of my journey here. And so then it became selfless service as a parent, right? Because when your child needs you, you will do anything that is possible to help them. Now, as somebody who is highly sensitive and an empath and didn’t know in order to make it through the world, I was Captain Numb pants.

If there was a substance or something that I could do to numb myself, so it wouldn’t be overwhelming. So I might not have used medication, but I absolutely used alcohol. I used, I used shopping. I loved using shopping. Let’s be real there, right? Whatever it,

Heather Alice: They literally call it retail therapy, like that’s a thing.

Avalon: Yeah, it’s totally right. So like I would find myself like finding ways so that I could be in crowds or I could be out with people so that I could be in this selfless service. Like I wore a badge as empaths normally do. Oh yeah. I’m the glue that holds the family together.

Heather Alice: Yeah. Yeah. I, let me focus on you and your shit. So nobody looks at mine, God forbid.

Avalon: Yeah. Oh, it’s not great until it’s not. Going really well until all of a sudden you’re like, shit. And that was what happened to me. Yeah. My son suffers from oppositional defiance disorder. Oh. And haven’t heard of that.

It’s a really hard thing for a parent and a child to, to navigate together. Yep. And so eventually our relationship became quite toxic. And at 16, I walked into my basement and my son had a chair and a cord in my laundry room. And I was like, oh my God, I can’t, I, I’m not equipped as a mother, as like a suicide prevention as a counselor, as a therapist to be able to support you in the way that you need right now.

And we found our way to a hospital where he was kept for a few days and they’re like, he’s gonna come home now. And I was like, stop the presses. You cannot send my child home. We don’t know what to do. We’re not actually helping. We’re not making things better and this is your job to support us and be able to give my son the opportunity and the chances to be able to find his own way and his path to get better.

And so they wouldn’t support. And so I gave my son a question and he was 16, and I said, you have to want this. You have to want to get better. You have to want to seek support for yourself, or you can’t come home because your three siblings were not sleeping. Things like that.

My son chose living on the streets and this is a pivotal moment in why I wanna cuz it is that. Fall to your knees, the first rupture kind of moment. For as women we go through, have, I don’t know if you’ve read Pussy By holy shit. That book should be picked up by every woman on the,

Heather Alice: if you have one, you have to read it.

Avalon: It’s so well written. But she, it’s our story. It is with a story of a woman and like this rupture that happens, this breaking point, this fall to your knees. And so I tried, of course, codependently to solve my son’s problems till he was 17. And then something happened and I was like, we’re done. It. Toxic is toxic, whether it’s your child, whether it’s your parent, whether it is, somebody very near and dear to your heart. And so my son and I took a break. At that time, I was willing to walk away and that’s when I had this moment of just falling to my knees. Depression. How do you function? Like how, what kind of parent am I? Like the stories and the voices and the conditioning comes rearing up.

I truly believed Heather, that this like hoard of mothers were gonna come down my street, knock on my door. Yeah. Pinch forks. You know what I mean? Because there’s no one talking about this. There’s no one talking about what we do on the other side of this. And it was, but it, go ahead. And I,

Heather Alice: I’ll just say this, I also don’t think people understand that men and women just humans understand what it is like to have a child that really struggles with the deeper forms of behavioral disorder.

I, myself, I don’t talk about this a lot, but I’ll just share this nugget here. I have a sister who is extremely bipolar. Now, she’s almost 60 now. But I grew up in a home with mental illness and of course this was in the like seventies and eighties when we didn’t even know, like my parents didn’t know anything about bipolar, much less bipolar psychotic.

My sister would become psychotic. So my point in sharing this I totally understand what you’re saying and I think that my parents did not give themselves permission to even consider exploring. The options that ultimately when they did implement these strategies, which was in her thirties, her late thirties, actually even in the last 10 years, my mother has changed behaviors.

That’s what actually helped her. I just wanna nugget that I think that it’s this is like the brutally honest truth about what it is like to parent. And if you don’t have a child or a sibling or like you yourself, have not experienced just how truly destructive, truly destruct.

This isn’t dysfunctional. This is destructive. This is like next level stuff that you just can’t even believe is possible unless you’ve experienced it. I hear you. I would, as a small child, I would say, as I’m listening to your story, I’m processing this like the sibling.

Yeah. Because this was my life. Yeah. As a child, and I would say to my mother all the time, and my father all the time, if you guys would just draw the line and give her an ultimatum, she would get better. But they were never willing to do it. And so it was just enablement and enablement. And they of course, like they thought they were helping.

Like I, I really loved what you just said about this isn’t helping. That’s, that takes so much courage as a parent, I think, because everything in you is screaming. Just compensate and make, try to make it better. Just compensate, but you can’t compensate and make it better, not when a person, their soul is in this state.

So I just wanna share that, like I hear you and I watched my own parents probably have their pitchfork moment. Yeah. And they never, and they wouldn’t, they didn’t let themselves draw a line to protect. And to be quite honest, like I, again, everything is great. No, I love my parents. They’re wonderful, but like I’m not, when I tell you that damaged me as a child, I would say that was probably the other than religious and sex.

First is child sexual abuse. Second is religious trauma. That’s probably my third biggest trauma is the relationship my parents had with my big sister. And, so the ramifications of this are deep. So anyway I just, I feel I wanna nugget that for the listener trust me, unless you’ve experienced it, maybe you know, someone who’s been through it, like it’s a big deal.

And ultimately, I think, beneficial for people to say, okay, you know what? We gotta have. We gotta have some boundaries in a hard line here somewhere or else we’re all gonna go down with this ship. Yeah.

Avalon: And it’s super helpful for me to hear your perspective from the sibling, right? Yeah. Cause I’m blessed enough that I knew that I needed to be in therapy, like because of childhood sexual trauma.

Sure. Younger I was placed in therapy like at 12, left it, back and forth into the therapy world. But it was actually my therapist who had told me like, he, he’s gonna continue this, right? Sure. And everybody starts their own journey at some point, whether it’s 16, whether it’s 20, whether it’s 24, who are we to say when that journey’s meant to come?

But if you keep enabling him, which was the word that she used, this will be your story when he’s 35. Do you want to do this now or do you wanna continue? And I was like, Ooh, fuck. I swear sometimes. Yeah. Like I do not want this to be my reality for the next X amount of years and put my other three children through that process.

And even though Ethan and I didn’t talk for six months, we are, we came back together. Sometimes it’s just like putting a cog into a behavioral pattern and changing things and being willing to go off and do our own personal healing that allows us to come together with like a new energy and a new form of relationship, which did happen.

But I didn’t know that was gonna happen, right? But it’s one of the most, as a parent, like your parents did, one of the most challenging things to go through Sure. Is when you can’t be there or fix or save or make things better for a child. And that this is my fault.

I have done something wrong and there was nothing I could do, kind of thing. You go through and that’s grief, right? Which we don’t talk about really fully either. And the grief that I went through in that moment. It was the deepest I can remember. That was the first grief, like that was the first time I allowed myself to experience grief at that level.

Not naming it that. I started to like just. Because the depression took on pretty quickly, but I’m also, I don’t know if you’ve done like your strength finders test. Yeah. My number one strength is positivity.

Heather Alice: Oh, that’s great.

Avalon: It’s it is till you’re like, how do you have a job with positivity? I’ve figured it out. Being a personal trainer and then a life coach, just yeah, this is the highest version of my service. But at that time, when I was in that lowest of the low, I learned to say this one thing. And I think it’s really pivotal. Cause sometimes when we’re really dark, we wanna feel better and there’s no way to go from where we are to where we wanna be.

And so I would say things like, what is one thing that I can do today to feel just a little bit better than yesterday. And then that one thing that I was, I would hear in my head, I would do and call the day a success, right? And that might be shower, because that was like work in that moment, right?

Sure. It could be go for a walk, make a therapy appointment so your hair something right. And slowly I started to bring my energy back to its natural state. And then I saw, like I heard in my head, meditate. And I’d never done meditation before. I didn’t know what meditation was. I was like, what is this thing you speak of?

But of course, Facebook heard me and right as always, sponsored ad was Carrie Samuel’s, 30 days, meditate with the Angels. And in that moment, I started meditating. And I slept through every single one, but I called it meta napping and my, and I started to change cuz I believe that if we can’t consciously do the work with ourselves, then subconsciously something is happening.

Heather Alice: Sure. Yeah. Yeah.

Avalon: And I came out of those 30 days and continued meditating and this is where it started was I started to receive messaging. I would receive my grandfather coming to me in meditation or I would receive, an angel or just these like signs and guidance and support.

And I was like, cool. That’s so awesome. I saw my poppy in this castle and he told me that he’s been carrying me the whole time and this was amazing. And then one day I was like, oh shit, this is real. This is actually happening. My poppy came to me and told me he was actually, and the minute I accepted it in my unconscious, I became conscious.

And then I started to receive guidance and support while I was awake. While I was blind drying my hair, while I was in the shower. While I was doing all that and because you guys have heard my story of where I came from though, I did make an appointment with my therapist at that point and I was like, so I’m hearing some voices in my head.

And she’s what are they saying? Oh, they’re telling me to create things and like to do these really powerful things and it makes me uncomfortable. And she’s this is great. This is great and I’m gonna introduce you to something. And this is a woman I had been seeing for 15, 20 years, and she’s now you’re ready.

For what? And she’s you’re ready for a course in miracles. And she became like, I always, I truly believe that the mentor appears when you’re ready to receive the medicine. And even though I’d been seeing her whole role in my life shifted. And all of a sudden the world of energy and light and like spirituality exploded for me.

And this is when I started to connect the dots that I was an empath, which made sense. Because before that I was just like a loose cannon. Didn’t quite understand. Knew I influenced a room and that whatever mood I was experiencing, the room would experience. I knew that if I went to the grocery store, if I went places, I would feel heavy.

I would need to put my groceries down, go have a nap, didn’t have any idea. There was no information back then about what being an empath was about and so I was just navigating that. So when I heard the term of empath and I learned what that was, it was like that whole body recognition.

Oh, thank God, somebody just told me what I’ve been experiencing. Thank you so much. Yeah, totally. That was the moment for me.

Heather Alice: That’s amazing. And I think that there are way more of us who fall into this category than we realize, I think for cases such as yours, because of its intensity, it’s.

You can see the fingerprints of it all over your life, but I think there’s actually the vast majority of us have this sensitivity in one form or another. We just aren’t taught to look at it. So from how I think about it is like we know that human beings are one part energetic. There’s an energetic being in addition to your physical body, right?

Like human beings quite literally are one part energetic, one part physical. This is what every, what I love about living in 2023 is it’s not just the esoteric or religious traditions that talk about this, like science now proves this. Your body is made of atoms, which is made up of photons, which is electromagnetic energy like you, whether you like it or not, or believe it or not, every human being on earth is an energetic creature.

So from that perspective, we can say every last damn one of us have this experience of being an energetic being. Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, it doesn’t matter.

You are that, and I just see for me, intuitives and empaths are people who, for whom, that aspect of their beingness is a 51%. And their physical reality is a 49. Whereas other human beings, like they don’t, they’re just not aware. They’re not even known. Yeah. But for people who are sensitive I’m half in the, I mean I’m 80% energy 20 per, I don’t even, I’m at the point where like obviously I know I’m a human and I know that this is the body that I exist in.

Yes. But I do not identify like this is a, the body I’m in and I love this body, but this body is not me. I can’t even refer to it as my body. It’s the body I’m in. You like that’s how I relate to the physical. Like all of this shit is just, it’s just not how I orient. So I hear you totally. And I think the reality is a lot of us have these experiences, but there’s just no language for it.

They just think, oh, I got tired. I get tired every time I go to the grocery store. I must need a nap. They don’t understand. That’s why I think your work is so cool and so fascinating. I. Because, we’ve, there’s a lot of road to ho in terms of helping people understand or Yeah. Map it onto their regular life. Yeah.

Avalon: It’s and to that, right? Even right now, we’re just starting to separate between what a highly sensitive person is and an empath, right? So we have Alene Erin, who is the grandmother of the high coining, the highly sensitive person.

Which is actually, brain chemistry, right? There’s a certain gene that has supports, like it’s proven that we deeply process information, right? So if you’re highly sensitive, you walk into a room and you know what the mood of the room is and you’re, if I go here, this is gonna happen.

That’s what that person’s gonna think. And you’ve planned out, mapped out the entire experience, and it happens instantaneously. That’s depth of processing, that’s proven. That’s what a highly sensitive person is, right? I was thinking about this in the shower, and I’m glad you brought it up like the, that we all have this innate gift as an empath, it comes to me a lot where people are like, yeah, but everybody says that empaths come from trauma.

Right? And it’s funny because you and I were talking before this and you’re like, yeah, we didn’t have cell phones till we were 24 right later. We lived in a different world, and in that world, nobody talked about trauma. Nobody talked about working through emotions or nervous systems or any of this stuff.

And our parents were doing the best that they could. And in some way it’s I believe that the rainbow children right now are going to, crystallize the earth and bring a new earth bring us back to the earth. Like tending the earth, loving the earth. And yet that’s our children. We were born from the parents who couldn’t deal with their own trauma to become the empaths, to begin to lift humanity and to lift this, like this way of being energetically right.

And the way that I define empaths is that we are the ones who are the receivers of energy. Aware that we are the receivers. Sure, yeah. Yeah. That we manipulate it in the nicest way that it is flowing to us and through us at all times. There are dark impacts. Don’t kid yourself that exists.

Sure. Leon. Yeah. Yeah. Totally. Like all that kinda stuff. But when you empower yourself with it, it becomes so fucking cool to recognize that you are influencing energy and that you have the capacity to change things based on the fact that you have a superpower.

Heather Alice: So let’s get into this. I’m so excited to ask you this question.

You’re right. Your new book is called The Magical Business Method. And this is about helping empathic people, helping empaths develop and build a business from the inside out, right? So to use and harness this ability. And in the book you have four, I think you said it’s four buckets, right? Four types of empath.

Let’s go. Do you, would you mind sharing that with us really quick?

The descriptions, the book.

Avalon: This will be in the next book, but Oh, okay. But yeah, so like I’m really lucky cuz the day that I started to listen to Spirits Messages or my Higher Self or Angels Guides, however you wanna think about it.

They would guide me into things like, I was in 2017 leaving my bathroom and they were like, the voice was like, you can read chakras. And I was like, Sorry, wrong human, please move on. And they’re like, no, you can read chakras. And when you become really attuned to your intuition, which you speak about all the time, the potency of your intuition’s always gonna guide you, right?

It’s just trusting that voice and trusting. So I was like, all right, so I went to, Facebook. I’m like, Hey, apparently I can read chakras and poor people said that they would let me practice on them. This began this like journey of going into hundred and hundreds of human bodies reading energy to find patterns that like we all carry in each of the chakras.

But from that level and that layer, I was still nervous to say I worked with empaths and highly sensitive people because of the stigma that’s attached to working with empaths and highly sensitive people. Which I’m over now. Age. It’s a magical thing. It really doesn’t.

Heather Alice: Like you get your fish or perle your fish first official. I don’t give a fuck card when you turn 40. It’s fantastic. Yes. It’s so great.

Avalon: It’s so good. I always am on the doorstep of my crone years and they’re the greatest years that I am experiencing. Yep. Because spirits like now begin to notice this, right? That there are different forms and ways that empaths work with energy.

And so I was like, oh, tell me more kind of thing. And they’re like, look at this, right? And then we hammered out like nine different forms of empaths, and then they fell into the four elements. Because each one does an over umbrella, and yes, we can be all of them. Like I call that sure, you are super open.

If you are all four elements, it exists. But we tend to be dominant in one of the, in one of the categories. One of the elements. And do you wanna hear them?

Heather Alice: Yes. Heck yeah, man.

Avalon: Okay, so in earth empath. And I believe that we can nurture these. So where I’m moving into my new house is like on a forest and like I believe I’m, this is my next, like I wanna turn the dial up on this radio station to have higher access to this.

But in earth empath, you’ll know you’re an earth empath, right? Because you gravitate towards working with plants, working with animals, you understand what’s happening in the earth. There’s something called a geomantic empath. And this is where like you literally can feel the vibration of what happened in spaces and places, right?

Yeah. I always laugh as I knew somebody who would be hired by real estate agents to walk in around and tour with their clients to say what had happened in the house. So that people wouldn’t know whether they felt comfortable buying it or not. That’s a job you guys, like being an empath is really freaking cool.

Earth empaths. Everything that has to do with the earth is your dominant gift, right? So animal chiropractic, animal reiki, animal communication, veterinarian, all of that. Plant medicine for the plants, greenhouses, that’s your natural state. Like you just that’s how you wanna wake up and be involved every single day.

That’s your service. Then there’s air, and air is the most common, I think, because for me no, not air. Sorry. Air is the least common that people will openly talk about because that’s psychic empath, right? But that is also dream empath. And dream empaths have a hard time like talking about what’s happening to them, because oftentimes that’s not something that you can say, oh yeah, I asked a question before bed and I received an answer in my dream.

Or I was brought to, a certain location, or I astro traveled, or, a light being from pilates came and told me, whatever, right? So error empaths are really powerful because they have the higher vision. They are capable of receiving information that hasn’t occurred yet and being able to guide and support with that.

Great for leadership, right? If you have a higher perspective and can see something that nobody else can see. Whether it’s like you’re working with companies to look at like the frameworks or to forecast things, superpower. Superpower. But that one I find is the hardest for air empaths to be like, yes, totally.

Yeah. Totally information in my dreams. Yeah. Then there is the water empath, which is the most common, which is your physical empath and your emotional empath and physical empaths are able to understand, like I think of the medical medium cuz he is the most popular physical empath that we know that his story is like he touched his grandmother when he was like seven or eight years old and knew she had cancer, right? Just knew.

And so physical empath can feel the physicality of the body, what is working, what isn’t working. Whereas an emotional empath, and I think this is really important cuz we are all capable of feeling emotion as empaths. It’s. Emotion is one of the most like highly charged energies. And so it’s really easy for us to pick up.

But an emotional empath can go deeper than that. They can find the root cause of where the emotion came from. And so their work is great in therapy and being able to support with like coaching and guidance on the flow of energy through the body. I think of a lot of Reiki practitioners in this way.

As a right. Of getting that flow of energy through the body as a water empath. And then there’s me. Nice. Bring on the fire. That’s why I have a phoenix behind me here. And a fire empath is here to mirror where you are on your spiritual path, right? And you have intuitive, like we’re all intuitive, but an intuitive empath can actually see into your subconscious mind and see where the blocks are hidden that you can’t access yourself, as well as a heyoka empath, which isn’t very much talked about, but this is a really powerful form of empath that is literally able to see you at your highest level and to be the exact, like when I say mirror, it’s like you can see your highest version reflected back to you in these moments, and so we burn away the shit that is your obstacle or blocking you in your path.

Heather Alice: Yeah, this is really, I love this system.

I think it really maps onto as I’m just thinking about the intuitives I’ve trained and the coaches I’ve brought through Atmana, and I’m like, yeah, I can see all of these manifested. I really do think it’s fascinating that you have the physical body and the water category. And then I’m like, oh, that makes sense.

Like the human body’s 70% water. So that actually does that actually does make sense for sure. And then also on the, yeah. Oh my gosh, I’m just nerding out with this, like the feeling part, the body, there’s clear sentience, right? Which is the clear feeling, but the human humans feel in two different ways.

We feel with the body and then we feel with emotions. So it’s cool that you have them both in that category. I think your system. That’s really I wouldn’t have spitballed it that way, but I think you’re absolutely right. That’s, that is how it works for sure. So the mental one is the least, right?

Or the one least talked about the error one.

Avalon: The least one. Least talked about, yeah. Because I don’t think that we have created the conversation enough around premonition, prophecy, oracle, seership. There’s

Heather Alice: I think people are really, I, to me, I think the reason why that is, is one, people are scared of it, but two, that is also the area, the domain or the genre of the energetic realm that has been the most abused, manipulated.

And used to take advantage of people. I think that’s why people are afraid of it, because honestly, like if I’m like just completely keeping it real, I have people, and I know you experienced this too, Avalon, almost no one disagrees with the things I say. They just don’t want people to know they believe it.

Yes. And like you’re, like, you’re saying like I’ve very few people like think what my message is and not monitor or think that this stuff is actually bullshit. Like very few people can really come. What it is they’ve been, they’ve had bad experiences or they have seen in the world where this stuff is abused.

And I think it’s not that it’s fake or that it’s not real. It’s that it very much is. And nobody really knows what to do with that. And then, like you said, the dark empath, the dark intuitive, that like that is no shit. That is legit. And we have way more, I think one of the lessons I’ve learned, I’m sure I’m not alone in this, is the, over the last three or four years is these dark sorcerers, how whatever it is you want to, like whatever label we give it, People who wield the dark, right?

They are black magic physicians or whatever. Boy, are they out? I feel like it’s cockroaches. They’re just like, they are coming out of the woodwork. They are. Yeah. And so it’s. I get it. I get why people don’t want to talk about it. I get why people are scared of it.

I get why people run from it. I get why people run back to the religious pastor and expect him to have, or her to have some type of a, I get it, right? Which is why it’s, I think okay, so what’s the solution? The fucking solution is more people becoming educated and harnessing their power.

That’s the solution. The solution isn’t like good people go run for the hills and hunker down and don’t fucking do anything. The solution is no, you draw a line and refuse to move, man. That’s how we move the needle. Yeah I don’t know. I think like giving yourself permission to wave your freak flag too is really important.

I don’t give a shit if you think I’m weird that a being from pilates came and talked to me. I know, I don’t give a shit what you think. I don’t care if you think it’s stupid, like you’re allowed to think it’s stupid. I support you in thinking it’s stupid. Like it’s okay that you think it’s stupid.

Avalon: Yes. Yeah. But I think there’s levels to the awakening too, right? So when we have been conditioned for thousands and thousands of years that this is something to be afraid of or to be shameful of, or that this is evil or wrong, right? The first has to be built a relationship that you are being of love, right?

That’s the key of everything, right? Like you have to understand that the work you are here to do, no matter what it is, if Spirit has given you a gift, there’s that first that sense of this is safe for me. And then you’ll be, yeah. Is this love? Does this feel like love? Am I giving and gifting love to the people that I am coming in contact with through what is working through me?

And when you get to that space of knowing that, then yeah, then it becomes a little bit easier to be like, okay, this is who I am. But we are taught also to see the mirror of what it is, right? So when we’re, we haven’t done any work within ourselves, right? And we have the condition that this is scary and this is wrong.

Or that people aren’t going to accept us or understand. Then when you begin to share what you’re doing, you’re gonna get reflected back that this is like devil’s work or that Sure, that’s true. Yeah. You’re gonna hurt people. And so there’s just this place that, this thing that has to happen within yourself that is no.

Heather Alice: I love what you said about the burning off. I think that’s very true. And very much a part of the process giving yourself permission to speak your truth and then allow that which is not a part of your true self to manifest, right? This in 2023, shit’s probably gonna look like a shitty comment on your Facebook post, right?

So it manifests, right? Some apple jumping in your DM telling you are a shithead. It’s alright bitch, go ahead. You can just go Bye bitch. Bye. I, but that’s what it’s gonna look like. Yeah. Yeah. I think I think that, I love what you just said. I think the overarching message is, You’re not alone.

We’ve all gone through it and it’s the stuff I’m posting right now online or the messaging that I’ve, I’m really speaking out against, child sexual abuse and the predation that’s happening today. And it’s so crazy. Like every, like there’s, I don’t really receive anybody that’s in opposition and I’m like, yeah, cuz I’ve spent years speaking my truth.

So everybody who that needed to leave is gone. And the only people who come and stay are people who resonate with the truth of what I’m expressing for myself. Absolutely. So I think that’s, it’s, it takes so much courage though, it’s so scary.

Avalon: It does, especially cuz as we’re just accepting and then we move into the next phase, which is you’re gonna lose people.

Like even, I was in that, that, that place where I was awakening, my fam, my, my direct husband and kids were like, we support you. But in that moment you look up and there’s nobody in any of your, that’s right. Social circles that, that does this or talks about it or that part. That part.

Yep. And then you’re like, I’m so alone like nobody knows. And then you understand like the reticular activation system in the brain. When you begin to focus on something and you know that by of information will come in, you’ll start to have conversations or people will be brought to you that are like, I think at the Celestine prophecy, right?

Oh, going through the different levels and the next person in your level will come into your life.

Heather Alice: The Celestine Prophecy. I have a story about that book. That’s crazy. But here’s a key point to what you’re saying though. I wanna nugget this. If we don’t speak, raise our hand and say, yeah, I’m into chakras.

Sure. I love essential oil. Yeah. I meditate. Yeah. I’m into, and I, for me, I still drink bourbon and live my fucking life. I’m the first person out on the gun range. Okay. I’m a Southern girl. I don’t give one shit. I don’t fit into the stereotypical spiritual person I. Not even a little bit. Not even close, actually.

I, a lot of this new age shit I’m not into. Not into, not even a little bit. And then other parts of it I think are the coolest thing ever. But my point of bringing this up is if I think what I see a lot of newly awakened individuals, and by the way, if you are in the, a newly awakened state, I want you to know something.

Brothers and sisters, my hat is off to you. I could not imagine waking up in this. I woke up over a decade ago. I could not imagine waking up in this. You are a warrior. Just God bless you, man. Yes, God bless you. God bless you. You’re stronger than yeah. But the pivotal thing here is you’ll never find your people if you don’t.

If you don’t first self-identify and say I am raising my hand. You don’t have to be into all the stuff the spiritual community is into. I think most of this stuff is just not for me. I don’t wanna say it’s bs. It’s just not for me. I don’t resonate with it. It’s still great stuff. It’s just not something like I resonate with.

Avalon: Yep. Yeah. Like almost every from inside out, everybody. Yeah. We need to learn everything from me inside.

Heather Alice: So it’s but I, what I see a lot of people doing is they’re waiting, they’re saying I like you said cuz when you first wake up, you’re all alone. There is nobody in your life.

Because you’re in the shedding phase. Yep. So what they do is they sit in that phase and they, but how you get out of that phase is you raise your hand and you start speaking your truth. You start leading. You start saying what you’re into, despite the fact that nobody’s there. And then like you said, then you call to yourself.

The people. And what I noticed in that is, and I just, give this as a line of hope. And unlike you, positivity is not one of my core traits. Okay. But I am like, am I a pessimist? I’m a, am I an optimist? No bitch, I’m a realist. And unfortunately, we live in a crazy ass world. So the lot of the shit I have to say is not pleasant.

But but I, I offer this as oh something that totally surprised me mo Almost everyone was like, oh, that’s so cool.

That’s cool. Like they thought it was cool. You probably have the most amazing best friends sitting right outside your door who are into the same shit, but are just waiting for you, somebody else to claim it so that they can go, oh, I agree.

Avalon: This is the premise of the magical business method, right? Because there comes, if you’re super, like I think of highly sensi, like high sensitivity as a scale of one to 10. Like one just is the depth of processing and like 10 is like easily overstimulated by light, smells, textures, things like that, right?

Like I can’t be out and about very long, like I’ve got a three hour window before I get over stimulated. Like every smell, every sight , everything is like 10 x for me. So it’s pretty extreme, right? So you know, you’re talking about that where your next person is right outside your door. What happened for me is I quickly recognized the community wasn’t there, and it was like, okay, if the community isn’t there that I can see, then I’m gonna build it.

Yeah, that’s what you were talking about. It’s that leadership, right? That’s it’s and I’m going to be the one to say, Hey, are you experiencing these things too? You’re not alone. Come and join me as we navigate what this looks like and what this feels like. And so that’s that space of at least being willing.

And it’s hard because it’s vulnerable. Like you, you do have to understand that you know there’s gonna be rejection and until you’ve done your inner healing, you’re gonna be projecting your fear and people are gonna respond and mirror that back to you. And the quicker you understand that, that’s just like an opportunity to see what you are feeling about yourself.

Not that they’re feeling it, but that’s truly, like if you were to think about it, you’re so for instance, I find this very funny. I just to give you a little example of this. My teeth came in the center and I’m like, oh, I wonder if people noticed this about my teeth. Like it’s cuz it’s this little tiny volume in the back of my head that are like, I should have straight teeth and white teeth accepted by this world. Yeah. And so it’s such a small voice, but I haven’t received any negative comments in so long until a recent video probably a week ago was like, And can I just say I can’t get over her teeth?

And I was like, thank you. Thank you. I know. I feel that about Oh wow. Yeah. Totally. Totally. And it’s like our social media is sacreds. And I’m like, see you later. I don’t need to like be in this conversation. Sure. And I was like, but that was me.

Heather Alice: And that’s the power, I think. The power in owning your abilities, owning your gifts, owning your sensitivity, taking responsibility for your life path. That’s very powerful what you just said. That’s very powerful being stuff because somebody’s over here. What a, first of all, what an unkind statement. How is this helping the world for you to be throwing shade on somebody’s teeth?

Okay, so very unkind statement for a person to offer, but how cool is it that you can go. Yeah, it’s fine that you can literally transmute all of this stuff that’s thrown at you from this place of understanding. Everything is an opportunity for me to look within or, and also say, yeah, you know what I like?

Lots of times for me it’s, yeah, thank you for that reflection, cuz now I know I don’t believe that about myself. True. Yeah. So I think it works in the opposite, I had a, it’s like you can’t be upset or insecure about things you know aren’t true. It’s just, you don’t even you laugh at it.

It’s funny. Or you can say, you know what? Thank you for saying that about my teeth, because you know what? I’m okay with it now. Like I know that I have that thought and I know that I’m more powerful than that thought. So it’s in this way that we get to, to really reclaim our power. It’s not about being accepted by everyone. It’s about not minding that you aren’t.

Avalon: It’s exactly that, right? Yeah. And I do think that comes with healing. It comes with age. And I just wanna touch on, cuz I do believe, and I, this is why I love ab, why Atmana exists as well. Like when you’re sensitive to energy and you try to create or to learn from people who do not understand that you are an energetic being, living in an energetic world, and this is how pro you process life, you process information, you process everything in your world, really finding spaces and places where you’re aligning with people who do what you do. Yeah. I did not follow that path. I went right to, I did it all so that I could come back home to say you have to know yourself inside and have discernment before you, you begin to accept external stuff in to support you wherever you are in your path.

Yeah. The business.

Heather Alice: That’s so true. And the, and what a great, how exciting is it? I think right now that we live in a world where we became the women we needed when we were a kid and created the institutions and the opportunities for the next generation so that they don’t have to face all of this without having the tools, right?

Yes. That’s what’s so brilliant about it. So tell us where we can find you online for anyone who is interested in getting your book and also discovering more about these, our the buckets that you had talked about and just in general working with you.

Avalon: If you go to Avalon Starlight, so this is a very spirit given name, which took me like a year and a half to accept. But once I did like it just now, this is all I have. I am Avalon Starlight, which is very helpful. Cause if you Google Avalon Starlight, like there’s no other Avalon Starlight. Yeah, that’s great.

Also makes it really easy to find me. And then if you go to any social media, I’m at the empath healer. Across the board. Okay. Either Avalon Starlight or at the empath. And come and join me right now because you’re gonna see all the behind the scenes as I’m getting ready to launch the book and get the book out and all the fun things that are gonna be happening with the book and some surprises and giveaways and all that.

Heather Alice: Amazing. And we’ll put in, we’ll put in the show notes, links to everything as well. Yeah, I’m gonna get it. I can’t wait. It’s so good. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing to help empathic people in the world.

Avalon: Same with you, right? Like for being pioneering the intuitive coaching. That’s a big deal.

So thank you.

Heather Alice: Yeah. I feel like on our graves, it’s gonna be like we went through this shit, so you don’t have to. I feel like that’s gonna be on our graves.

Avalon: I’m gonna do it again and I’m gonna keep doing it.

Heather Alice: Exactly, thank you, sister.

Avalon: Thank you.